Bellevue man arrested for making racist remarks, threatening roommate with sword

The defendent has a history of harassment and threatening to kill.

King County prosecutors recently charged a Bellevue man for threatening another man with a Samurai sword and making racist remarks.

Anthony Thomas Stromdahl, 29, is being held on $100,000 bail at King County jail. He faces one felony harassment charge.

Bellevue police first learned of Stromdahl after he called 911 on March 13. Stromdahl was calling to complain that his roommate was threatening to kick him out of an apartment they’d shared in the 12700 block of SE 42nd St. in Bellevue.

But instead of police launching an investigation against his roommate, they interviewed him and discovered Stromdahl had allegedly been causing problems for months.

Stromdahl’s roommate manages a janitorial company at Factoria Mall and leases apartments to his employees to help them with housing.

Stromdahl was one of his employees and lived with two other men he worked with.

In January, according to court documents, Stromdahl allegedly threatened to kill one of his roommates with a Samurai sword and threatened to get him deported. His roommate, who is from Egypt, told police through a translator he never called 911 because “he was in fear that he would be in trouble due to his work visa and immigration status.”

Charging documents state Stromdahl was upset with his roommate for taking his coffee and called out “[Expletives], Arabs, go back to Egypt” and “I will kill you and your people.”

A second roommate also experienced similar threats. Stromdahl allegedly went up from behind the man and put him in a chokehold, asking for a ride and that he’d pay him. The second roommate said the suspect had previously “forced” him to give Stromdahl the keys to his vehicle and then caused damage to it. One of Stromdahl’s neighbor also told police that he has threatened to poison the second roommate by saying he would put sugar in the man’s coffee because he is diabetic, in addition to other death threats and racist remarks.

Police arrested Stromdahl after he completed a janitorial job and informed him of his Miranda rights. He denied the allegations and told police that his roommate he threatened with a sword had grabbed him and pushed him into a wall at work two months ago.

When an officer asked why he hadn’t called police, he responded that he “was trying to help these guys out and not cause any trouble for them due to them being from a different country.”

Stromdahl has a criminal history that includes harassment, stalking, harassment, threats to kill, and third-degree assault, all of which occurred in 2015.