Bellevue Council to consider amendments to Comprehensive Plan, zoning map on Nov. 13

Ammendments would reflect vision of East Main Station Area Plan

At its Nov. 13 meeting, the Bellevue City Council will consider initiating amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Code and official zoning map to reflect the vision of the approved East Main Station Area Plan.

The plan, which the council approved in 2016, contains recommendations for development of the area east of 112th Avenue Southeast and the East Main light rail station. The recommendations were developed by a citizen advisory committee appointed by the City Council.

The light rail station will serve the southeast portion of downtown, hotels and businesses east of 112th Avenue Southeast and the Surrey Downs residential neighborhood. Although the area east of 112th Avenue Southeast has redevelopment potential, redevelopment is not under consideration for the area on the west side of the street.

If the council gives direction to initiate these amendments, the Planning Commission will be developing policy and code changes to recommend to council by the end of 2018. All of the commission’s meetings and discussions are open to the public and there will be opportunities throughout the process for public input, including public hearings, prior to the commission’s recommendation to council.

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