Bellevue Council tables vote to replace Vandana Slatter

After six rounds of voting on Monday night, the Bellevue City Council decided to table its vote to fill council Position 5 until next week’s meeting.

With six voting councilmembers and eight candidates, only four votes were needed for one candidate to fill the interim position until November, when Positions 2, 6 and 4 are also up for election.

City Clerk Kyle Stannert said the staff had only printed out six rounds of ballots, and the council decided — after several rounds with very little changing in the way of votes — that another week to decide wouldn’t be detrimental to the city’s governance.

“We don’t have a lot coming up which needs seven councilmembers to weigh in on,” said councilmember Kevin Wallace.

The eight candidates for the City Council were Grant Degginger, John deVadoss, Aaron Laing, Scott Lampe, Jared Nieuwenhuis, Ernie Simas, Stephanie Walter and Janice Zahn.

Each councilmember was allowed to vote for one candidate per round of voting, and — because no secret ballots were allowed — each member of the council voted publicly for a candidate.

Voting began with three votes for Laing, two for Zahn and one for Degginger, and ended with three for deVadoss, two for Zahn and one for Degginger.

All the finalists are currently serving on boards or commissions in the city of Bellevue or have previously served. Candidates include a former mayor, a Port of Seattle employee, business owners, immigrants, a software engineer, a lawyer, a church elder and a marketer.

Weather played a factor in the voting being tabled as well, with several councilmembers hoping to head home before the snowy weather outside worsened.