Bellevue breast cancer patients offered free dental screening after study links gum disease to breast cancer risk

Women with gum disease are 14 percent more likely to develop cancer, according to a study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. The study inspired a Bellevue dentist to offer a free high-tech dental screening for breast cancer patients in recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Dental Hygiene Month in October.

“Studies linking gum disease to an increased risk for breast cancer and other diseases imply that a biological dentist should be a part of every cancer patient’s medical care team,” Dr. Alireza Panahpour with Factoria-based Systemic Dentist said.“There is a strong connection between disease of the mouth and disease in the rest of the body.”

Local naturopaths have referred patients fighting chronic diseases, such as breast cancer, to dentists equipped with special 3-D Cone Scan technology to detect dental factors that could be contributing to the disease. The strategy is to remove any burdens on the body’s immune system.

The technology used for this test is a 3-D cone beam scan, regularly used by prosthodontists and biological dentists in placement of dental implants. It offers a three dimensional view of bone and soft tissue that is better able to detect infection of any kind, including gum disease, that is ordinarily missed during a regular dental exam. Patients may not even be aware that they have gum disease when it doesn’t hurt because the bacteria is hiding deep inside of old root canals or tooth extraction site, where the nerve of the tooth has been removed.

Breast cancer patients who come in for the dental screening during National Breast Cancer Awareness month will also receive a copy of Dr. Panahpour’s book, “The Good Dentist,” which includes case studies from cancer survivors that could provide a source of inspiration and hope for patients with the disease. The 3-D Cone Beam Scan and evaluation will be offered at half price for those who are not breast cancer patients, but who would like to become informed of any hidden gum disease in October.

This is the second test being offered to the community by Systemic Dentist; the practice also produces a Dental Culture for Healthy Hearts screening each month for the bacteria associated with both gum disease and heart disease as a public service in the fight against the No. 1 killer in America, and to increase awareness of the relationship between oral health and the health of the rest of the body.

For a complimentary screening, anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer can call for an appointment at Systemic Dentist at 888-338-6336 or email