The Best Hemp Gummies Brands in 2022

Looking for the best hemp gummies brands in 2022? You’ve come to the right place!

Hemp gummies have become increasingly popular in recent years. Though low concentration CBD, or cannabidiol, gummies held the largest share (90.2%) in 2020, the highly potent CBD gummies and other hemp gummies are projected to rise and compete in terms of sales from 2021 to 2028. For good reasons, hemp gummies are indeed a delicious and healthy way to enjoy the benefits of hemp cannabinoids. So, what sets these brands apart? And more importantly, why are other up-and-coming hemp gummies worth trying? Keep reading to find out!

The Rise of the Best CBD Gummies and Other Hemp Gummies

As we said, it’s not just CBD you should be trying. Might not be on your radar yet, but other minor cannabinoids may benefit your health and wellness; and if you scour enough, you may even find something that specially targets any of your health needs. Here are the five hemp gummy brands—that we can lobby behind after meticulous research—that new and experienced CBD users should keep on their shortlist!

  • Cornbread Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies – Best Overall Hemp Gummies
  • Neurogan CBG Gummies Squares – Best Hemp Gummies for Focus
  • VIIA Hemp Delta 9 Gummies – Best Hemp Gummies for All-out Entourage Effect
  • MJ CBD Delta 8 Gummies – Best Hemp Gummies for Relaxation
  • Diamond CBD Chill Plus Delta 8 Gummies – Best THC-free Hemp Gummies with CBD Isolate and Delta 8

The Exceptionality in These Top Hemp Gummies Brands…

The cannabis Sativa plant is not a new marvel at all. It was already used 5000 years ago. Up in the 19th and 20th centuries, cannabis was used for medicinal purposes. It was only after the cannabis ban that the taboo started. So now that the Farm Bill has given it another chance to be in the spotlight, does the hemp plant and all the components—the cannabinoids, the terpenes, the flavonoids, etc.—that are packed in it deserve the hype? The ultimate answer is yes. To give you an overview, here’s what you need to know: what different goodness you may get from various hemp gummies.

CBD, CBG, Delta-8, Delta-9 THC, and Other Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). These phytocannabinoids are helpful since the ECS regulates a variety of physiological processes, including appetite, pain sensation, mood, and memory.

The two most well-known and studied are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), but not everyone knows there are over 100 cannabinoids that may be extracted from hemp. Here are the following cannabinoids you may take advantage of when improving your health:

  • THC – THC, or the delta-9 THC, is what’s mostly found on hemp gummies. It’s the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. THC binds with your cannabinoid receptors. The THC-receptor connection is why cannabis can have such different effects. It can make you feel relaxed and happy or anxious and paranoid, depending on how your body reacts to it. The over-the-counter hemp gummies sold legally in the US should not exceed 0.3%.
  • CBD – Unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive. That means it doesn’t change your state of mind when you use it. People use CBD for different reasons. Some say it helps with anxiety, sleep, and pain. Others use it to treat conditions like epilepsy. CBD is available in different forms. You can take it as an oil, in an edible product, or as hemp gummies.
  • CBG – CBG, or cannabigerol, is known as the mother cannabinoid because it’s a precursor to CBD and THC and other cannabinoids. CBG converts to cannabinoids when certain enzymes interact with the CBGA as the hemp matures. CBG is mostly sourced from young hemp. In terms of hemp gummies’ benefits, CBG-infused ones may help in inflammation, cancer cell growth, neurodegeneration, and many more.
  • CBN – CBN, or cannabinol, is another cannabinoid that isn’t as popular as CBD and THC—but regardless, still offers a lot for one’s health and wellness. CBN is gaining attention because of its potential benefits for pain alleviation. Though a few clinical trials have confirmed its potential for sleep and relaxation, further scientific pieces of evidence are still needed.
  • Delta-8 THC – Before we talk about this on-the-rise ‘legal’ variation of THC, you should know upfront that federal authorities have issued health safety warnings on hemp products that have delta-8 THC. Delta-8 provides the same benefits as the delta-9 THC but is milder. This is since delta-8 is an isomer of THC and has a lower affinity with the CB1 receptor in the ECS.

Terpenes and Flavonoids

There are other more important parts found in the hemp plant that you should note. The terpenes and flavonoids which are mostly responsible for the aroma and flavors of the hemp plant contribute also to the hemp gummies’ benefits. Though, should they be considered when looking for the best hemp gummies? Well, according to a study, terpenes coupled with cannabinoids produce the ‘entourage effect’ and enhance the cannabinoid benefits.

How To Choose the Right Hemp Gummies Variety?

After knowing how much you can get with any hemp gummies, it’s time to choose what works best for you and your needs! Here’s a checklist to help you when deciding what to purchase:

  • Type of CBD Extract: You may choose between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. As much as possible, to get the optimal effect of the cannabinoids, the full-spectrum variant is suggested. However, for those who are wary about failing a random drug test (because of THC), it’s best to opt for CBG isolate or CBD isolate the type of hemp extract.
  • Health Target: Though hemp gummies are great overall in improving health, most brands identify firsthand on their label or advertisements what type of health issues the gummies may target. It should be easy to find what may be useful for you. Top brands who innovate and prioritize the community’s needs put forward special concoctions that may target the following, but are not limited to.
    • Pain
    • Inflammation
    • Sleep
    • Anxiety
    • Focus
    • Sooth and Relaxation
  • Brand Reputation: As a consumer, you’d want a hemp gummies brand you can trust and stick with throughout time. Top hemp manufacturers should be able to show the Certificate of Analysis (COA) of their hemp products and also give you the most comfortable service possible. Some offer free returns, trial packs, discounts, etc.—perfect for those who are just dipping their toes into hemp oil gummies.
  • Other preferences: Flavor preferences, budget restrictions, and even dietary regimens are some factors that should be considered. With how wide the hemp and CBD gummies market is, you’ll surely find something that you can insert into your routine, no matter what.

Top Hemp Gummies Brands of 2022 You Should Put on Your List

With everything in our checklist put into consideration, we move to our carefully selected top five hemp gummies. Fact-checking everything on their hemp gummies ads, investigating hemp gummies reviews and scrutinizing the gummies themselves helped us in our decision making, so let’s start!

The Best Hemp Gummies of 2022: Overview

MJ DELTA-8 GUMMIES 25MG 10CT $2.49 per serving Delta 8 25 mg View More
Neurogan CBG Gummies $1.99 per serving CBG 45 mg View More
Diamond CBD Chill Plus Delta 8 Gummies $0.8 per serving Delta 8 20 mg View More
Delta 9 Gummies VIIA Hemp $2.33 per serving Delta 9 50 mg View More
Cornbread Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Gummies $3.63 per serving CBD + THC 50 mg View More

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary proves that they’re one of the leading hemp companies by providing again a top-notch product—the MJ CBDD Delta 8 Gummies. These delicious hemp-infused gummies are perfect for anyone looking for all the benefits of CBD and the new delta-8 THC without having to worry about any drug tests.

With a focus on clean and all-natural ingredients, Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary provides top-quality products that improve the health and everyday lifestyle of every customer—especially the professionals and athletes.

Should I Choose MJ CBD Delta 8 Gummies?


  • Physical stores are available.
  • Travel-sized packs are available for purchase.
  • Third-party lab-tested.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • No artificial flavoring.
  • Great for relaxation.


  • Sugar-coated gummies.
  • Not suitable for those who are leaning away from the psychoactive effects of THC.


Neurogan offers the highest quality and extreme potency CBG Gummies on the market today. Using a clean CO2 extraction, they make sure you get the highest concentration of CBD and CBG, on top of the outstanding cannabinoid profile. Nuerogan never overheats or over processes their raw crops.

Their Danish-born co-founder, Jan Brandrup, has always been keen on providing the best hemp products for many Americans—and in the future, they plan to do so for most of the people in the world. He believes that the magic of hemp will help in securing their healthy and happy future.

Neurogan constantly fine-tunes the art of handcrafted hemp goods in their private cGMP & Kosher certified manufacturing facility. The Neurogan CBG Focus Gummies are never synthetic and always produced with care. Besides their high-quality products, Neurogan is also committed to providing education about the benefits of CBD and hemp! You’re free to ask them about their watermelon-flavored CBG gummies through their site anytime.

Should I Choose Neurogan CBG Gummies Squares?


  • One of the most reviewed CBG-infused gummies out there.
  • Targeted to improve your focus and concentration.
  • Choices of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.
  • Still highly concentrated CBD composition.


  • One flavor is available only.
  • Might be too chewy and firm for some.
  • Earthy aftertaste may still be apparent.

Diamond CBD

The Diamond CBD Chill Plus Delta 8 Gummies offer the world-class—as described on their website—benefits of CBD with an added buzz. These delicious gummies are perfect for any occasion, as they’re completely legal. Aside from the CBD and THC, the delta-8 THC, a close cousin of delta-9 THC, in the Delta Force Squares, is a perfect primary ingredient. According to Diamond CBD, their delta 8 gummies might relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and other more. With the kick, there are indeed a lot of health benefits the blend can offer.

Should I Choose Diamond CBD Chill Plus Delta 8 Gummies?


  • Available in full-spectrum hemp extract.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • Helps with pain, anxiety, and sleep.
  • Uses CO2 method for exquisite cannabinoid profile.
  • Accessible Certificate of Analysis for every batch of hemp gummies.


  • Still with THC.
  • Not newbie-friendly.


At VIIA Hemp, you can always ensure you’re getting the newest and most preppy hemp gummies like the Delta 9 Gummies VIIA Hemp is always innovating and looking for new ways to improve its hemp products. The sough-after, the Cloud 9 High Spectrum Delta 9 Gummies, is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. The Delta-9 gummy contains the right amount of delta-9 THC that works synergistically with CBD to provide a more holistic approach to wellness. These Delta 9 gummies are made with CBD isolate, THC, and other cannabinoids, making them the perfect choice for those looking for high-quality hemp gummy. VIIA Hemp is proud to offer this product and hopes that it will help people achieve their health goals.

Should I Choose VIIA Hemp Cloud 9 High Spectrum Delta 9 Gummies?


  • Available in 3 flavors: snozzberry, watermelon, and pink lemonade.
  • Has the highest (legal) concentration of delta-9 THC.
  • Instant relaxed feeling.
  • Available in trial packs and bundles.
  • Lab-certified.


  • Can’t be THC-free.
  • With sugar.
  • Not newbie-friendly.

Cornbread Hemp

The Cornbread Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are the most commended addition to the company’s line of flower-only full-spectrum CBD products. Eric and Jim, cousins and co-founders of Cornbread Hemp, created these hemp gummies after realizing that no existing CBD companies were making high-quality hemp products.

The Cornbread Hemp CBD gummies are made with Kentucky-grown hemp and are available in three different sizes-small, medium, and large. Each gummy contains 10mg or 50mg of CBD—depending on your preference—and only 2mg of THC. It’s perfect for those who want the most from hemp’s cannabinoids! The berry-flavored Cornbread Hemp gummies are sourced only from the flowers of the hemp and are approved USDA-organic. Like all of Cornbread Hemp’s products, the CBD gummies are gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and vegan.

Should I Choose Cornbread Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies?


  • Sourced from the mature hemp flowers only.
  • Non-GMO and vegan-friendly.
  • Newbie-friendly; available in low and high CBD concentrations.
  • Hemp is grown on the healthy soil of Kentucky.


  • May be pricey for some.
  • Uses the distillation method instead of the CO2 method.
  • Only available in full-spectrum type.

There’s perfect hemp gummy for every health need.

Hemp gummies are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD, CBG, delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC—or any powerful minor cannabinoid! With so many hemp gummies brands on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the five best hemp gummy brands, based on our research and a lot of customer reviews. However, you shouldn’t just take our word for it—use our checklist to find the perfect brand for you. Soon enough, you’ll find something perfect for your routine. Thanks for reading, and happy hemp-gummy eating!

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