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Online Tarot Reading Sites For Trusted Tarot & Psychic Readings | Accurate Psychic Predictions About Career & Love Life From Tarot Cards Readers Of 2021

What if I tell you that there is a way to find out the answers to the questions that keep bothering you? Yes, you read well. And not just that. You’ll have the chance to hear what your future holds for you.

No one said life is easy. So, this means we are all caught up in our own worries and problems. Hence comes the tendency to find the answers and to act with common sense. Nowadays, it has become trendy to turn ourselves into and seek life questions from the best online tarot card reading sites & psychics advisors.

As always, our priority is to satisfy our clients’ needs. Therefore, we dedicated this article to one of the means that might help you and your beloved search for the answers to everything that has been bothering you.

This article will provide you with an overview of each of the sites, and the customers’ reviews which you can find beneficial in the search for the best online tarot reading sites for you.

Top 5 Online Tarot Reading Sites:

Based on our research, these are the sites that raised a good voice, and that proves if you read the customers’ reviews for each of the sites’:

  1. Kasamba – Overall Best Tarot Reading Website Online With Top Psychics
  2. Keen – Reliable Tarot Card Readers For Life Reading
  3. AskNow – Most Preferred Tarot Spreads For Beginners
  4. Oranum – Tarot Online With Initial Free Sessions
  5. MysticSense – Trusted Tarot For Psychic Reading Online

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Tarot Reading Website Online With Top Psychics


Kasamba has satisfied the customers’ needs for more than 20 years now. They have been in business since 1999 and have provided more than three million people with answers regarding their personal matters. Kasamba has at its disposal gifted psychics advisors to give you life and love forecasts, interpret your dreams, tell your career path, past lives, etc. and has others that use the ancient systems and reliable tools for the same means.

Kasamba advisors are available to you 24/7, regardless of your timezone or whether you are unavailable to make a call during the daytime. This way, you get the flexibility to call for reading whenever you feel it’s the perfect timing for you.

Yes, Kasamba offers a handful of psychics readers and, guess what? They offer different pricing. This way, you can choose the reader based on your budget. The website offers and does daily, weekly, and monthly updates on the horoscope charts with an annual love forecast for each zodiac sign separately.


There are plenty of reading types that Kasamba offers. From online tarot readings through interpretations of your dreams, Astrology, Fortune Telling, Love and Relationships Forecasts, Numerology, Career, and many more. Kasamba’s advisors are specialized in the field with years of experience who will provide you with unbelievable insights regarding your life. Whatever your life holds, they will undoubtedly tell you.

You will also encounter amazing deals once you open up their page. But, what’s the most eye-catching about Kasamba, is that they have an incredible offer you should not miss. You are instantly rewarded with a 3- minute brief reading for free once you sign up to their webpage. Plus, you will get those 3-minutes of free reading with any other psychic advisor that you will afterward try out. So, the offer qualifies every time you choose a different psychic. This way you can search and then choose the advisors that exclusively align with your needs. How incredible is that?!

Tarot Card Reading

Do you desire to find out a little bit about everything that is happening in your life? A tarot card reading is a perfect suit for you and Kasamba provides the best tarot card reading that you may find. Therefore, we will familiarize you with this type of reading in case you weren’t quite sure what it covers.

You’ll be given insight into various aspects of your life since each card provides a different meaning. It requires the unique ability of the advisors to be able to read the tarot cards. Since it is not a simple reading and can be done by many variations of card spreads and reading with or without reading tarot decks. It depends on the advisor whether they use a tarot deck during their readings.

Tarot cards are arranged in spreads depending on the type of reading the customers’ requests (ex. Three-cards spread). You may show interest to find out what the future holds for you, or if you’ve found your life partner, or whether your business will be growing. Depending on the pressing questions you have, you are allowed to use different spreads of cards. However, if the advisor considers, he may choose to explore within the area more deeply.

You can find two types of tarot card readings at Kasamba:

  • Angel card reading – It brings in many questions and answers guided by the recipient’s spirits. They usually find the answers to the questions by using their spiritual guides or the loved ones who are deceased, as well as their guardian angels.
  • Cartomancy – Gives you answers regarding your health, love and relationships, money, and more, without using a specific type of cards.


  • Wide range of talented and experienced psychics
  • A 70% discount coupon for your first reading
  • 3 minutes free reading for a first try out
  • Refunds are doable if you are unpleased with the service
  • Readings are flexible and its value would not exceed more than $50
  • Several types of readings are available
  • Phone app available
  • Holds an option to transfer files between the end-user and the advisor


  • Top-rated psychics are pricey
  • Video calls are still not an option to choose

Customer Experience

We must say that the positive comments and reviews by Kasamba users have outweighed the shortcomings we have come across in our research. Since being ranked as the best psychic reading site, its offerings are not comparable with any others. Excellent deals and offers are coming around all the time which keep you more intrigued and makes you keen to do psychic readings more often. Thanks to Kasamba, many people’s lives were saved and were brought back on track. Kasamba helps you to not lose the trail of your life track.

Glowing reviews have not stopped coming around ever since Kasamba went into business. Their tarot card reading services are widely used around the world by millions of people and their readings have been considered as the most legit and reliable.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#2. Keen – Reliable Tarot Card Readers For Life Reading


Keen has been ranked as the world’s largest psychic online site with more than 1700 psychics advisors at its disposal for more than two decades now. Keen has a wide range of psychics advisors who practice in different fields of readings, starting from love and relationship forecasts, mediums, astrology, tarot card reading, horoscopes, and spiritual readings. Do you still have any outstanding life questions you seek guidance into a solution? Then you’re headed in the right place.

To ease up choosing the most compatible psychic advisor corresponding to your needs, Keen adopted an in-build tool. This way, it sorts out your search and finds the match of advisor you need. You just have to select the respective topic you need insight into (ex. Love & Relationships; Psychics Reading; Life Questions, etc), whether you will use the chat option or a call, and the price you can afford.

Keen also has the cheapest readings in the industry. For just $1.99, you can get a 10 minute reading with the psychic of your choice.


Feeling insecure about disclosing your identity or any other personal information? Well, don’t. Keen manages the users’ personal information and provides total discretion regarding this information. When you make the call, neither your phone number nor the caller ID will be disclosed.

If you feel disappointed and displeased by the service provided, you are given a chance to submit a request for a Satisfaction Guarantee credit. The form for the request must be submitted no longer than 72h from the time of the conversation. Otherwise, your request will be deemed ineligible, and would not even appear as the deadline for submission was not met.

Another thing to know is that if you used any promotional funds or free minutes for your conversation, then those funds would not qualify for the Satisfaction Guarantee credit. The reimbursement is in US dollars only and would be on your Keen’s account until you use it in total. Only one application will be selected for the Satisfaction Guarantee credit for the period of 30 days. If your application has been selected, then you will be rewarded.


  • Trust-worthy readings for more than 20 years with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • User friendly
  • With availability 24/7
  • Signing up in just three steps
  • Cheapest readings in the industry with an exclusive offer of $1.99 for 10 minutes reading
  • 3 minutes of free reading
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • Offer various types of readings
  • Readings 101- a free guide that gives you answers to general questions about psychic readings


  • Video calls are yet not available
  • Communications are only in English

Customer Experience

Apart from being the world’s largest psychs online reading site, it is the cheapest psychs site in the industry, as well. It is a little bit contradictory to be the cheapest site, and yet awards you with the best psychics advisors, all gathered in one place. Of course, when there are too many people/products engaged, we watch more over their quality. Based on the product/service ratings and reviews, we respectively make our choice.

The reviews showed that the customers liked the Keen mobile app since you have it handy. This way, you can make a list of all psychics that have drawn your attention, and connect with them when is the most convenient time for you.

We haven’t come across any bad ratings for any of the psychics that Keen offers. So go ahead, and schedule your call.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#3. AskNow – Most Preferred Tarot Spreads For Beginners


AskNow has been serving its customers since 2005 by providing phone psychics readings and chat readings. It has been ranked as one of the most used psychic reading sites ever since its beginnings. It is also one of the best reading sites when love is in question. Therefore, open up your mind, set it free from all of the pressing questions that you have had. Don’t let any doubts torture you, as AskNow’s psychics will guide you toward the path.

AskNow’s psychics are experts that will assist you with direction on your career path, money, or any other life questions you may have.

The advantage that you have when you search your corresponding psychic advisor on AskNow is that you can look up at each of AskNow’s advisors’ profiles. That way you can see their expertise, ratings and reviews given by previous customers, and even their astrological signs.

You may be amazed by the fact that you don’t have to disclose your identity to get your life wanting answers.


As we have previously mentioned, AskNow is the perfect site for you to give you advice on your love matters. Just by using different types of readings such as tarot card reading, astrology interpretations, dream analysis, and many more, the psychics will guide you toward your right answer. They will provide you directions, but it is on you whether you will opt to follow those or not.

AskNow gives new customers several introductory packages, starting with low rates of $1 a minute. Depending on the length of your conversation with your chosen advisor, the charging price will align respectively. However, don’t forget that you are given 5 FREE minutes with any of the master advisors of your choice. It may not be that long, but it can help you whether you choose the perfect advisor for you.

If you are in the search of the best phone readings that will help you address all questions that bother you, you are at the right place.


  • Best experts on love matters
  • Pricing starts from $1 a minute and increases proportionally to the length of the communication with the advisor
  • New registrants get 5 minutes for free with the Master and Elite advisors
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Mobile friendly
  • English and Spanish readings
  • Daily horoscopes


  • Master and Elite advisors are quite pricey
  • Payment details are requested to use the free 5 minutes

Customer Experience

All professional psychics have tested their spiritual abilities several times a year. So, if you are on the hook for a good psychics website for you, stop looking any further. Many lives have been turned on better due to the accurate tarot readings and guides provided by the advisors. Customers have expressed a great appreciation to the psychics as they helped them overcome their fears and problems, resolve love issues, and, more importantly, find peace within themselves.

With their total discretion and level of confidentiality AskNow provides, it draws your attention. What made the customers very satisfied is that the readers are straightforward to the point and very clear. The readings are very precise. That’s why many of the users have already made recommendations for and brought new customers to AskNow psychic readers.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow

#4. Oranum – Tarot Online With Initial Free Sessions


Oranum is one of the world’s largest spiritual communities with availability 24/7 and with a broad array of talented and experienced psychics who specialize in fulfilling their psychics’ tasks when you’re in the biggest need. They will certainly provide you with guidance in the required field. Only people with 18+ years are allowed with the use of Oranum services.

The great thing is that Oranum has the option to live video chat with the available psychics, so you get that sensation of face-to-face conversation. Psychics are located all over the world, so regardless of your location or time zone, you will always have available psychics to whom you can turn into.

Take advantage of their free tarot reading sessions offering, which may be taken without the need to sign up to the page. This way, you confirm the service quality and can choose if they are worth the money. Then, if you are satisfied with the service, you may continue and register to the Oranium website.


Aside from the fact that Oranum has a vast amount of spiritual and psychics reading advisors on hand, they stand out from the other online psychics reading sites with their live video chat readings.

Have you been looking for insightful reading all this time? Well, Oranum is here for you. Moreover, the tarot card reading has been their biggest expertise, so if you are in the search for a tarot card reading don’t hesitate and make the right call. You won’t regret it.

The website itself is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems. Not many sites give the choice to choose a language, Oranum has it all! You can choose your language of convenience from French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, and Chinese.

However, the pricing system is different from any other website. The site doesn’t charge per minute of communication, but rather you buy credits to get your reading. Once your credit is over, you buy another to do the reading.


  • Online video chats with your favorite advisor
  • Broad array of experienced spiritual advisors
  • Several methods of payment
  • 10 minutes of free personal readings for new registrants
  • Video chat readings
  • A credit-based system for payments with buying credits; charging is not per minute
  • For first-time customers, a $150 bonus is provided
  • Mobile app available


  • Phone calls are not an option
  • Master and elite level psychics are pricey

Customer Experience

If you feel like you are over the chats and phone readings, with the live video chats Oranum is the perfect reading site for you. Since Oranum provides a piece of very detailed information regarding its advisors, it eases up your process in the search for the corresponding psychics to your needs.

Oranum psychic readers are very caring, kind and make sure to create a real connection with their customers. Sometimes that’s all you need so you can overcome being ashamed and trust your reading. Only then can you have a pleasant reading.

Additionally, what makes Oranum more attractive to users is their $9.99 credit for any signing up to the page. Customers are really satisfied with this offer. They went to recommend Oranum to their close friends and family.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum

#5. MysticSense – Trusted Tarot For Psychic Reading Online


If you’re in the running for spiritual reading, MysticSense is the perfect match for you. However, apart from the spiritual readings, MysticSense has a broad array of psychics who specialize in different topics, whilst at the same time using various techniques to give you a new meaning and perspective to your life.

The psychics must undergo a screening process for them to qualify as a MysticSense psychic reader. They are obliged to follow strict standards and requirements.

The platform has incorporated filtering tools that make your search much easier. The filtering option provides you with choices to select the psychic advisors. You can look up an advisor based on their expertise and experience, the type of reading that they offer (chat, phone, and face-to-face videos), and the topics you need guidance into. The advisors are 24/7 at your convenience.

Apart from the life readings, the platform provides a different section as ‘’Articles’’. It presents you with blogs and articles relevant to the different psychic readings that the MysticSenses’ advisors practice.


Based on the issues you need to address, you can choose the corresponding type of psychic reading, which includes astrology, reiki, tarot, and love. However, this site has gotten a high reputation regarding its astrology readings. The stars’ positioning will present your life’s roadmap which allows the psychic to read your life chart and the energy floating in and around you. Isn’t this amazing?!

Plus, in the ‘’Articles’’ section you can find many blogs and articles regarding psychic readings. So, you can further explore the topics.

Another thing that encourages new customers to register to the MysticSense website, is their offer of 5 minutes of free reading after you sign up. All you have to do is fill out the form and you are good to go.

If you feel disappointed or unsatisfied with any of the services, you may request a total refund. You can do it either after you end up calling or within the 20 minutes following the call.


  • 5 minutes of free reading for you registrants
  • Charge of $1 per minute
  • Option to select the type of reading (phone, web chat or SMS, or video call)
  • Super handy filtering tool to find your advisor more quickly
  • The ‘’Love & Relationship’’ section allows filtered search based on the type of relationship issue that you may have
  • A dedicated section for LGBTQ relationships only
  • Total refund within the first 20 min following the call
  • Subscribe to get their newsletters


  • The payment method they offer is PayPal only
  • Lacks of horoscopes

Customer Experience

Apart from the huge list of experienced and qualified psychic readers that MysticSence provides, they have great deals and offers. Sometimes, even those 5 minutes of free reading can tell so much of the psychic advisor that you have chosen and started the psychic reading with. Not always the first pick is the perfect match, right?

Customers were happy that they had all options of communication (phone, web chat or SMS, and video call). The psychic advisors are very dedicated and are available 24.7. That way, you can make your call at your preferred time. Plus, if you report any issues with the service itself, the customer service representatives were right on the call. Mainly, the customers’ reviews were positive, without any big complaints. You can trust MysticSense psychics.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MysticSense

Factors To Consider Before Choosing an Online Tarot Reading Site

  • Precise and trustworthy readings

Nowadays, we are spoiled with plenty of information thanks to the internet. However, not every website that we open provides us with accurate information. We shouldn’t open the very first page that pops up when we press the ‘’search’’ button on our browsers. It requires deeper searching if we want to get trustfull and valid information. With that said, we propose you to read the customers’ given reviews to familiarize yourself with the benefits and disadvantages the site possesses.

  • Qualified and experienced psychics

In general, every time you hop on a psychics reading website, we propose you to review the customers’ reviews given to the psychics. Not that you will get just a picture for their work but you will find the perfect match advisor that will suit your needs. But to put the puzzle together, many sites host profiles for each of the psychics. This way they present their qualification and expertise. You just need to choose the advisor that does the reading of your preference.

  • Customers’ reviews

As we mentioned above, the best way to get the best online psychic reading sites is to read the customers’ reviews. Overall, they will provide you with information whether they were satisfied with the service or not. You will also be able to see the rate that they give to the expert tarot card reader. This way you can select the right site for you, that will provide you with accurate readings.

  • Price

We are delighted to inform you that all psychic reading sites from above provide readings for affordable prices. And not just that. They give great deals and offers all the time. Each of the sites above gives three to five minutes of free reading. Plus, you may be rewarded additional discount coupons. This way they encourage their customers to keep using their services. Some sites provide you with a credit that will be linked to your account once you sign up on their website.

FAQs – Online Tarot Card Reading

Q1. What is a psychic reader?

A psychic reader is a person that either possesses a spiritual ability or uses ancient tools and systems to foresee your future and give you solutions for your concerns. The psychic reader has the ability to see the information that is not visible to us, either by clairvoyance or telepathy. Depending on their long-time experience and years of practice, they provide various types of psychic readings.

Q2. What should I ask the psychic advisor?

I’m sure you have decided to try a psychic reading because you desperately need a solution for your issues. The psychics will give you insights into your life and guidance to follow to resolve or improve your current concerns. It is up to you whether to listen up and follow the instructions that the psychic will give you or not.

Does tarot readings provide accurate information?

The tarot reading is one of the most requested types of psychic reading since it deeply analyzes each card from the spread. Tarot readings are easy to use, cheap and convenient to you. It doesn’t matter if the tarot card readers uses a deck or not. Either way, you will get accurate information.

Moreover, we can assure you that the sites we have mentioned provide accurate readings. And they do it for an affordable price.

What is cartomancy?

Cartomancy is a divination that uses a standard deck of cards to provide you insights regarding your present and future. It provides you more with answers to any question that you may have rather than any outcomes.

Conclusion – Tarot Card Reading

Based on our research, the customers’ positive comments and reviews for all of the psychic reading sites have outweighed the shortcomings. We provided you with legit online tarot card reading sites, and not that they offer just accurate tarot card reading, but at the same time, they do it for an affordable price. I feel you have already decided to seek psychic advice to see your future path. We gave our best to save you time by chasing down the top five sites for you.

Each of the sites has given their best of the best qualified and specialized advisors in the field. So you shouldn’t feel insecure and in doubt, whichever you choose. Whichever of the sites you chose, it wouldn’t be a bad decision. You just have to make a clever selection by choosing the site that provides the type of reading you are the most interested in.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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