Noom Reviews – What Results Can Customers Expect on the Noom Diet?

So, you’ve been trying to lose weight in 2021, but you failed, is that correct? We guess it is most probably true because that’s why you’re here today, reading this article on Noom.

Before we tell you the lengths and depths of Noom, we want to make certain things clear. We don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations from this app, so it’s important.

Firstly, how many calories you lose does not just depend on exercising; it takes a significantly different approach than what is displayed in various click-baited YouTube videos. Secondly, it requires you to focus on your inner well-being by keeping track of your eating habits. Thirdly, you need to understand that your behavior does matter. It directs your physical well-being by maintaining close contact with internal health. Lastly, every weight loss journey takes much longer than you think. There should be no “5 easy ways to lose body weight overnight” in your Google search history.

We know that all these points must be difficult for you to digest at the moment. But that’s completely okay! We’ve got a platform that helps people tick-mark all these pointers in one place.

It is none other than the famous health and wellness diet app- Noom.

If you don’t know much about this weight loss app, fret not! In this Noom reviews article, we will answer questions such as ‘What is Noom?’, ‘how much does Noom cost?’, ‘What is the scientific evidence behind Noom?’ and many more about this sustained weight loss app.

Let’s get started with the basics!

Important Information
Compatible with The Noom programs are compatible and work well on both iOS, Android devices.
Official website https://www.noom.com/ is the official website link of Noom.
Ratings of the app
  • Reduces weight without forbidding red food system
  • Focuses on other areas of your life as well such as mental health and cognitive functions
  • Helps shed fat in an easy and fun manner that does not give room to monotony
  • Improves your lifestyle habits and adds peace and order into your life
  • Diabetes prevention becomes effortless with the Noom diet
  • Includes an in-app pedometer to monitor blood sugar
  • The programs at Noom work to cure bad eating habits and disordered eating
  • Its fat reduction programs provide healthy nutrients to all those who want to lose weight.
  • Advertised benefits Offers a 7-day trial period for $0.50-$18
    Trial period The pricing is $129 for the 3-month fat reduction program
    Pricing $129 for the 3-month weight reduction program
  • Requires you to fill in a quiz at the very beginning
  • Has personal Fitness trainers that guide you at every step of your journey
  • Targets primarily on cognitive behavior and tracking food intake to reduce fat
  • Is for a total duration of 16 weeks where you eat food and not calories
  • Comes with a food-logging algorithm to track down calorie density and calorie budget
  • Prepares customized diet plans with fewer calories for every individual.
  • Number of downloads Has over 10 million users

    What Is Noom Weight Loss App?

    Noom weight loss app is a health and wellness weight reduction program designed for those struggling to lose weight forever. It works by making behavioral changes to your daily life to deliver optimum weight loss results.

    It is not new to the health and fitness realm; it debuted long ago in 2008 as a diet and calorie tracking app. The model was much similar to what most free health apps adopt in today’s time.

    After analyzing and researching more about healthy weight loss, the makers of the Noom app added a twist to its ‘then’ working model. They understood the interconnection between weight loss, healthy eating habits, and behavioral changes in humans.

    Today, the Noom diet and health app address the issue of unexplained weight gain by focussing on healthy eating habits and psychological behavioral changes through brilliant support from personal health and wellness coaches and health groups.

    The app boasts a team of behavioral health and wellness experts that have acquired in-depth knowledge about oncology, diabetes prevention, management, and hypertension. Their expertise in the health field has helped design the perfect weight loss plan, or weight reduction program, as you may call it, to help you lose weight without starving yourself to death.

    With the Noom app, Noom dieters learn to master their minds before they solve their relationship with food.

    The philosophy of this app is pretty simple: “once you determine what you want to change in yourself, your mindset will assist in the formation of new neural patterns over time to alter your habits.”

    In the simplest terms, losing weight with the Noom weight loss program involves identifying the rough patches of your lifestyle, making a mindset to alter them, taking necessary and actionable steps to overcome those rough patches, and getting sustained weight loss results.

    Now that you’ve got an overview of the Noom weight loss program, let’s move on to understanding the working of this healthy weight program.

    Working Methodology Of The App

    There are a plethora of weight loss apps in the health and fitness market. So, how does Noom stand apart? What makes it different from other costly programs like weight watchers? What is unique about this app? Why should you trust this app to achieve your weight loss goals?

    To answer all of the above-mentioned questions, we have described the working methodology of this app. We are sure you would get appropriate answers to all your questions by going through the work process once.


    Unlike other apps in the market, the Noom app, as mentioned before, focused on your behavioral changes and mindset to cause weight loss.

    Experts believe that weight loss begins at the very moment you make up your mind to reduce weight. When a physically unfit person looks at her body, she is bound to feel bad and depressed about her looks. Noom tries to solve exactly this issue.

    The initial days are hard to jumpstart with, this is why Noom has taken a different yet unique approach to solve the initial blues. It uses its CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) strategies to motivate those struggling to move out of their comfort zone in the beginning.

    Apart from the CBT (Control Behavioral Therapy), the app also fills its users with some nuggets of wisdom with 2-3 minutes health articles written by talented and trusted writers.

    Reading these articles makes the users well-informed about various healthy habits that keep the weight loss game in the winning direction.


    With the best health practices come the best technological tools. This is very much true in the case of Noom. The app is well-equipped with various up-to-date health and wellness tools.

    The calorie tracker, food logging software, and step counter are some health tools to mention.

    The impeccable calorie tracker makes counting calories a trouble-free task by setting the daily calorie budget range for the day.

    The food-logging software helps an unfit person get familiarized with various food groups. It is the best software to manage your food cravings and lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Lastly, the step counter is a device that counts the total number of steps you walk per day. It works by analyzing your movement from place to place.

    Human Coaching

    Artificial intelligence is dominating the world in today’s time. However, it can’t beat human touch and feel ever in the future.

    The Noom program has a team of personal coaches and experts that guide the users in the best way possible.

    They help you lose weight and accomplish your weight loss goals by learning about your weight history, previous workout regimes, and calorie budget. Based on this data, they prepare a customized meal and workout plan for you that wins over all the highs and lows in your journey.

    All in all, the human touch to Noom doesn’t offer you a chance to think that you’re dealing with just an artificial intelligence app and not real-life human beings.

    image 1

    The 16-Week Program To Lose Weight

    In the span of 16 weeks, you get to try a couple of new things. Some of them include a new diet and exercise program, healthy habits, and stress-free living techniques. The primary motive of this weight program is to motivate you to shed the fat that has been troubling you and your self-esteem for years.

    It gathers information from the quiz that you attempted in the initial phase. According to your responses, it prepares a well-strategized plan for you to lose pounds. When you onboard the 16-week program, you start with the very basics.

    At first, you are taught to choose the best foods for yourself. In the Noom program, the food is distributed among three categories. These are known as the green, yellow and red systems. The green, yellow and red systems comprise various food items necessary to reduce fat. The green category, as it might seem obvious, includes all sorts of healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. They are high in water content and low in fat. The yellow food contains all the low-fat dairy foods. Lastly, the red category includes the junk that you have been enjoying in your life so far.

    Secondly, the 16-week program acquaints you with high-value healthy habits, interactive challenges, food, and weight logging that you can inculcate in your daily life. Week after week, it tries to solve your eating disorders to help you achieve your desired goal weight.

    Thirdly, the plan keeps you up-to-date with all the new exercises every single day so that you do not get stuck in the monotonous cycle of eating, sleeping, and repeating. The exercises, apart from helping you solve the weight gain issue, help you stay active and agile at all times of the day. This is a win-win situation if you are a working professional because it puts your body in a fresh and working atmosphere.

    Fourthly, the massive, value-bomb nuggets of wisdom that you gain from this program enlighten you with various chronic diseases- how they take birth in your system, what prevents them, and how they can be solved. You also learn about various controlling methods for illnesses like diabetes, depression, and sugar.

    Last but not the least, the weight program also tells you about your position in the hierarchy of reducing fat. It tells you exactly where you stand, where you should go, and how you should reach your final healthy living destination.

    In the next section of this Noom review article, let’s learn about food groups and items that you can consume during the Noom diet plan.

    Scientific Backing Behind The Effectiveness Of Noom Program

    The experts at Noom help users from different walks of life lose fat in the most effective manner. From hypertension prevention to oncology, Noom solves it all. The trusted professionals of this app work day and night to find optimal solutions for weight gain.

    Along with their consistent efforts, we do have many more case studies that describe the effectiveness and result-oriented approach of this app.

    One such case study is the 2016 case study. It became such a strong sensation in the health slave that the results of this exemplary study were published in the Natural Research Magazine as well. This case study contains around 35 thousand subjects and the experiences of 80% of people who lost weight with the effective and impressive guidance of the Noom program.

    In addition to the 2016 study, there is one more study that was mentioned in the British Medical Journal. This study tells that people who used Noom on a regular basis managed to lose around 5-7% of their total body fat.

    Many other weight reduction apps and programs like weight watchers depend on the ‘yo-yo’ effect to cause weight loss. Although this effect has its benefits, it is usually avoided by health experts. Noom, unlike the apps and programs like weight watchers, does not function on the yo-yo effect to chase a weight reduction. Instead, it avoids the above-mentioned effect.

    After considering all of the above factors and case studies, we can draw a positive conclusion on the effectiveness of Noom in reducing pounds of weight from unfit and unhealthy bodies.

    How To Get Started With The Noom Weight Loss Program?

    The Noom diet plan has opted for a unique way to understand the health status of its clients. This is surely different from previous diets you might have tried in the past.

    We have made a list of steps to illustrate the enrolment process of the Noom diet plan for better understanding.

    Step 1- Attempting a quiz that prepares a customized diet plan

    The Noom diet and health app require you to attempt an online 10-minute quiz before giving you any suggestions to lose weight. This quiz includes basic questions about your name, age, gender, weight, and height.

    Apart from the basic personal information, it also asks you for your reason to lose weight. This reason will provide the basis for one of those customized Noom weight loss programs that help in losing weight.

    Other questions like “did you face unexplained weight gain in the last five years?”, “Do you smoke?”, and “Do you suffer from any heart or cardiovascular disease?” are asked to learn about your habits, behaviors, and medical history. So, providing them is completely safe.

    Step 2- Making the payment, downloading the Noom diet app, and logging in

    Once you answer all the questions in the quiz and press submit, you are directed towards the payment gateway. After successfully paying for the subscription, the next step is to download the app.

    Currently, the app is only available on IOS (12.4 or later) and Android (version 6 or later) smartphones. You can also use it on iPad and Android tablets, but the functionality will be limited as tablets don’t typically come with motion sensors such as step counters.

    To use the app after successful download, you need to sign in with the same email and password you used to enroll in the weight loss program in the first place.

    Step 3- Familiarizing with health and wellness coaches, diets plans, and lessons

    Once you enter the Noom space, you have to watch short lessons on psychology and behavioral changes to prepare your mind for the journey. These continue for a total of 16 weeks. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to watch 5 minutes a day or to the maximum of 16 minutes a day.

    When you set in, your personal goal coach will contact you in 2 days at the max. She is responsible for checking in on you by analyzing your progress, listening to your difficulties, and sending you motivational messages to keep the pump alive throughout. She will contact you twice a week to help you lose weight.

    Some days after this, you’ll be added to a health and peer group to further boost your weight loss process. The group coach moderates the group to give you various tips and strategies to lose weight. Both- the goal coach and the group coach handle your body fat issues. They have marvelous experience in handling various areas of the Noom app. This is because they hold a graduate or an associate degree and 2000 hours plus time experience in the health and wellness space.

    As far as your customized health program is concerned, the Noom diet app prepares them based on your calorie tracking. For example: if you’re obese or diabetic, then the app will most probably recommend a customized diabetes prevention program- the first Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approved program to assist the diabetic to lose weight.

    Your very customized program decides your calorie budget and exercise habits for the day. In addition to this, It also requires you to record your meals, physical activity, and calorie budget for every day in its system.

    The best and the most obvious feature that comes with almost every fitness app is the step counter. The Noon diet app also has a step counting calories feature that tracks your daily walking patterns and steps.

    On top of this, the app encourages you to log daily blood pressure readings, blood glucose levels, and water intake.

    These were the 3 steps that you need to follow to get started with the Noom all. Trust us, they’re not as hard as they seem to be. All you need to get started is a quiz, a 10-minute quiz, and the required money in your pocket. Rest, your weight loss goals are in safe hands to be fulfilled.

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    Noom Quiz In-Depth Insights

    By now, you must have understood that the primary aim of the Noom Quiz is to learn about your eating habits, lifestyle, medical history, and past behaviors.

    The foundation of this app is based on your standard lifestyle. By asking questions about your life in general, the app tries to connect the dots to find out why you haven’t been able to lose weight with your old practices so far. This way, it is easier for the app to prepare a whole new set of healthy habits and practices that are highly effective in reducing fat.

    The questions contained in the quiz are written by the top-most health experts to bring out information about your health and lifestyle.

    Let us see what all questions help the experts bring out the relevant data from users online.

    First of all, the quiz asks you the most basic questions. These include your name, age, height, weight, body mass index, basic metabolic index.

    Secondly, the quiz tries to know about the events lined up in your life. It asks you about near-future events to predict and record your commitment to the program. If you mention any event at this stage, it helps the app to find alternative ways for fat reduction for you. This way, learning about time commitment way before the journey starts assists in better fat reduction planning on the app’s part.

    Next, you need to share your ongoing habits and behaviors in life. Mentioning these in the first place helps the app know you better.

    Next in the queue of questions are your reasons. The quiz tries to enquire about your personal reason for losing weight. The app understands that everybody’s weight reduction journey is different and that to boost the weight reduction process of individuals, it is important to have a solid reason from them in the beginning. Once you fill in your personal reason for wanting to shed weight, the app quickly registers it in its system and notifies you with relevant content and short reads to keep you motivated throughout.

    After this, you are asked about your fitness goal. There are various goals that people want to achieve. Some of them to mention are weight reduction, bodybuilding, and muscle gain. Write your specific goal in the answer and this will help them all pick up the apt program for you.

    The next part of the quiz is extremely important as it asks you about your medical history and past injuries. Usually, fitness freaks and gym enthusiasts suffer from backaches and serious injuries due to heavy exercise habits and workout routines. Even mid-aged people deal with pre-existent pains and aches in today’s time. In such a situation, it becomes important to ask questions about physical fitness and health in general in the first place. Diseases like depression, asthma, and high cholesterol levels should be immediately reported.

    After this, the quick focus on your demographics. It tries to learn about your residential area, Street no. Etc. In addition to this, you are also required to provide details about your current profession and job and other lifestyle habits that you have been sticking to so far.

    Next, some light is shed on your fitness levels through sports participation. By inquiring about this, the app tries to learn about your cardiovascular strengths and capabilities.

    Also, the quiz asks you about the previous weight reduction programs. Alongside, it also tries to extract information about your past endeavors and efforts to reduce weight. Most importantly, the quiz asks how long you haven’t felt the best version of yourself.

    Next, it asks about whether you’re enrolled in a gym or not. It also asks about any fitness gear that you might be using. Furthermore, it collects information about expectations from this app. By gathering all of this data in one place, the quiz tries to provide the basis for a complete and natural weight reduction program.

    As we already know, the app uses cognitive behaviors to cause a reduction in weight. This is the primary reason why the quiz attempts to seek information on your past behaviors, lifestyle, and responses to certain situations.

    Don’t worry, your responses and personal information won’t be shared with any third parties. Therefore, you can be completely sure of your privacy and safety online.

    Introduction To Noom Foods’ Plan

    As mentioned before, the Noom diet plan differs a lot from the traditional dieting plans and methods. It doesn’t starve you the whole week to reduce the bare minimum. Instead, it provides you with healthy and ample food to help Noom dieters lose weight.

    The diet includes a chart of three food groups that contain several food items. We can visualize these groups as green, yellow, and red. Visualization helps in understanding what you will be eating and from which food group you will be deriving the most healthy calories for the day.

    Some of the foods that you can expect to eat on the Noom diet plan are :

    Green Foods

    As the color green is- all-natural and earthy, the meaning of these foods becomes very obvious to a layman who does not know anything about health and nutrition. Green foods are the top-most priority of the Noom diet. As a Noom dieter, you can eat low-calorie dense foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Green foods such as these are high in water content and contain a high concentration of nutrients that help shed weight.

    Yellow Foods

    Yellow foods are those that help the body to retain the exact amount of calories and fewer nutrients as conspired to green foods. To name them, they are specifically lean meat, legumes, and other low-fat dairy foods. In simple terms, they are low-fat dairy products and not full-fat dairy products that add more calories to your diet.

    Red Foods

    In layman’s terms, red foods are junk or processed foods that you love to order from outside. Red foods are calorie-dense foods that contain the least amount of healthy nutrients. These are red meat, processed foods, and other full-fat cheese products.

    Numerically, these foods make up 1/4rth-1/2 cup servings of your total calorie intake.

    The best part about the Noom diet plan is— it never really stops you from eating red foods that include your sizzlers, pizzas, pasta and the list goes on.

    As per the diet, you are completely allowed to eat red foods in a day. The only catch is that you have to monitor how much you’re eating ie. counting calories that you gain through red foods.

    You have to be mindful about how many calories you’re gaining through each food category. Once you eat an item and log food into the app, it automatically classifies it to the right group according to the color-coded food system d

    This color-coded food system helps you lose weight by visualizing which areas of your diet need instant improvement.

    If you’re getting confused by this way of eating, then consider this example:

    You enrolled in the weight loss program, got your coach, and personalized weight loss plan that displays a total of 1400 calorie budget for the day.

    Out of this 1400 calorie budget, there is a breakdown of 300 on red foods, 700 on green foods, and 400 on yellow foods. Suppose, you consume a pastry of 250 caloric density, there should be no problem at all. This is because you consumed within the specified amount of red food.

    Now, you’re just left with 1100 calories for the day. You can easily do this by introducing green leafy vegetables, lean meat, and other dairy foods which should, of course, be low-fat.

    With this system in place, you ensure that your body matches the desired calorie counting mentioned by your plan. Also, this way, you wouldn’t have to confront the guilt of that one pastry that you ate during the day.

    Isn’t that a cherry on top? Eating red food and still losing weight!

    Pricing Of The Noom Weight Loss App

    We know you have waited impatiently to find out how much does Noom cost in today’s time. Well, you’d be surprised to know that your pocket wouldn’t burn a hole with the Noom cost.

    Unlike other expensive weight loss programs like weight watchers etc, Noom offers a 3-month subscription at just $129 to all those who want to lose weight through a healthier lifestyle.

    If you are still unsure about whether to go with Noom or not, you can take the free 7-day trial before swiping your digital card.

    The 7-day free trial would help you taste the recipe of this wonderful weight loss app before you invest your hard-earned money.

    Are you curious to know how much weight you can lose with this app? Yes, aren’t you? Let’s move to the next section and learn about the result’s part.

    How Much Weight Can One Lose With The Noom App?

    By continuously using the Noom app, you can expect to lose around 15-20lbs during the first 6 weeks after enrolling.

    You can lose this much weight during the first 6 weeks by diligently following your customized weight loss program. If you skip exercises, stop performing healthy habits, and do not follow the recommended diet plan, we are afraid to inform you that you will not get desired results.

    So, make sure that you follow everything by keeping a track record of your journey.

    Everything under this blue sky has both negatives and positives. And same is the case with the Noom program. Let us find out how the positives of this app outweigh the negatives.

    Noom Reviews: What People Say?

    Customer testimonials and reviews are the best way to judge a product. Following the same, we have gathered some real-life experiences of people who have been using the Noom program for a long time now.

    Let’s have a look at how Noom threw the ball in the courts of these people.

    Laura, a lady in her mid 20’s was fed up with her looks. She often felt under-confident and ugly about herself in her friends’ group of lean girls. Her misery increased in leaps and bounds when she heard some strangers gossip about her weight and body structure in public transportation. It was at that very moment, she decided to go for the weight reduction program. The Noom health app came to her rescue in this situation. She enrolled in the 16-week program in total despair and left with a smile on her face. The strategies, food log, and customized food plans helped her lose around 17 pounds in weeks. Today, she feels much more confident and comfortable in her own skin and extends a hearty thanks to the Noom health app.

    Rachel Levitan, another sufferer who could not focus on her mental and physical well-being, felt bad about her looks. She tells that her busy corporate job and responsibility of handling her twins sucked the time allotted for working out in the gym. But now the case is different. She follows a proper diet and workout routine with the help of Noom that doesn’t demand much of her time. Moreover, she is able to keep a check on both her mental and physical well-being.

    Marcus, a single father from California shares his life condition before starting the Noom diet program in her late 20’s. With two toddler sons and a hectic work schedule, he couldn’t move a bit from his desk and kitchen. There was nothing at all that he could do to get right back on the fitness tracking. After he came to know about Noom, his life state changed immensely. He understood how his body functions and what all is needed to get back on track. Apart from losing around 20lbs in just weeks, he has also managed to make some great connections over the app.

    All the reviews highlight the success stories of various individuals who felt lost at first, just like you feel today. Their commitment and dedication toward losing weight are what separated them from the crowd. If you also want to jump in your best shape, make sure to follow each and everything mentioned in your schedule properly and diligently.

    Every coin has two sides and the same is the case with Noom. Although Noom offers face-t0-face coaches, easy-to-carry plans, and routines, it still lacks in certain areas such as affordability and focussed holistic development of the human body. So, before you jump to any conclusion, it is important to give a quick read to the various pros and cons of Noom.

    We are sure these negatives and positives will help you make a wise judgment and the best purchase decision.

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    Pros Of Noom

    Addresses multiple areas than just weight loss

    Noom does not only focus on shedding weight but also tries to improve your overall well-being with a holistic approach. The holistic approach includes positive psychological changes, healthy eating habits, and effective exercises to enhance your lifestyle.

    It also provides small chunks of 3-4 minute reads that enlighten the users with various tricks and tips to lose weight naturally and lead a healthy and meaningful life.

    Seamless accountability and support system

    The app encourages you to be accountable for not only what you put in your mouth but also what you feed your mind with. It has an effective accountability and support system that guides you at every difficult step.

    In addition to this, you also get your coach and health and wellness trainer that contact you twice every week to learn about your progress. This way, you bond and seek assistance whenever you feel stuck or demotivated.

    Lastly, there are various peer groups that you can join to clear your queries and doubts on any health-related topic.

    Targets long-term weight loss

    Losing weight for a short duration is futile. It’s almost like getting lean but for a day in the month. If you are a Noom user, you don’t have to worry about losing weight temporarily.

    Do you know why?

    Because this weight loss program promises to deliver long-term results over short-term results that offer you happiness for a few months. It tries to create a long-lasting impact on your body with its natural and safe-to-follow approach. The best part of its long-lasting effect is that you can flaunt your toned body without any guilt of taking any artificial pills from the market.

    Does not restrict red foods

    It feels bad when someone stops you from eating your favorite flavor of pastry, doesn’t it? Honestly, we get the ‘Why do you care so much, it is my belly, my rules’ kind of feeling. Well, you won’t get the chance to repeat that phrase in your mind again after jump-starting the weight reduction program with Noom.

    This weight loss program does not forbid any red foods such as nuts, pancakes, doughnuts that are usually high in calories. It believes that restricting red foods would cause more harm than good. This is because when people are stopped from doing certain things, they usually crave more for those particular things.

    By enrolling in this weight loss program, you learn to establish a balance between all three categories of foods: red, green, and yellow foods. This way, you get to enjoy your favorite pastries and pancakes without the guilt of supplying bundles of calories to your body.

    Adds a humanistic feel to your journey

    Do you agree that human connections are better than artificial intelligence? Well, who would not agree on this after the outbreak of COVID-19? Next to nobody! We have realized the importance of being more social and interactive in our surroundings. Because that is how you keep your sanity and mental health intact for the rest of your life.

    Noom has a verified team of trusted health experts and coaches who make your weight reduction journey extremely humanistic. The coaches contact you twice every week to learn about your progress and health-related issues. This way, you never feel that you are interacting with only artificial intelligence, but humans too.

    Apart from coaches, you get a chance to get involved in various peer groups that have healthy conversations going on at every moment of the day. You can interact and make some great connections and even friends sharing the same journey by participating in these peer groups.

    Easy-to-learn lessons

    The start of everything is indeed daunting, but that’s exactly what determines your success rate. Many people back out in the very beginning in the fear of not getting desired results and failure. This self-doubting pattern shakes their confidence levels and makes it hard for them to take up exciting opportunities in the future.

    In such a situation, when people get easy tasks and full support from the other side, they are likely to win faster over their fears and self-doubts

    When you use this app for the very first time, you are required to complete lessons. These lessons are easy-to-navigate and perform. There is no way you will feel confused and lost. This is because your coach contacts you the moment you start with your lessons. So, any discrepancy or difficulty with the lesson is managed peacefully and on the spot.

    Cons Of Noom

    Limited focus on holistic development

    While it’s true that Noom helps the body to develop holistically, it is to a certain extent. You can’t rely entirely on this app to improve other areas of your life such as sleeping patterns, mental health, and stress levels that impact weight loss directly. This is because the Noom weight loss program is designed with calorie intake levels in mind.

    It does offer advice on other areas but they are just a part of its functioning system, not the main forte.

    Limitation of a health coach

    The health coach as well as the group coach present on the app have experience of over 2000+ hours in the health and wellness space. They have even helped lakhs of people shed weight naturally. But still, they can’t replace the trust that comes after seeing a registered doctor or physician.

    A registered doctor is much more qualified than the health coaches at Noom. Therefore, it is always advised to visit your registered doctor in situations where there is an underlying health issue.

    Possibility of weight regain

    Noom promises to offer long-lasting results to those who want to lose weight. However, this is only true if you follow each and every step mentioned in your diet plan diligently. If you lose track, then you may regain all that you managed to lose in the initial days of the program.

    Furthermore, if you deal with any medical or health condition, the program might take you longer to shed extra calories off your body. So, be prepared for that.

    In the latter case, it is always advisable to consult a registered health doctor to understand your underlying health issue better.

    Is not very affordable

    Although this app is a lot more affordable than other weight loss programs that exist in the market, it is still on the expensive side for many income sections. It costs around $129 for a three-month subscription that many people can’t afford to pay from their own pockets.

    However, some people’s craze for this app still might influence them to get a short credit to buy the plan. According to us, this is not very desirable as it puts you in a situation of paying back the amount with mounting interests in the future.

    Does not mention specific items

    If you haven’t walked in the kitchen ever in your life, then following the food plan on this app might be a little tough for you. It happens because you may need certain specific items to carry on with your weight loss journey.

    For instance, you are not at all savvy about nutrition delivered by a specific item. In that case, it will become extremely demotivating and difficult for you to find what’s right and what’s not right for your diet plan.

    Side Effects Of Noom Diet

    As of now, no side effects have been reported. You can begin the program with full trust and faith. However, if you have any pre-existing medical condition, it is advisable to consult your doctor. Getting a checkup helps you gather information about your medical history that is required at the very initial stage of the program ie. while filling the quiz answers.

    Also, if you suffer from high cholesterol levels and extreme diabetic conditions, make sure to get accurate readings before starting the program.

    How Is Noom Different Than Weight Watchers?

    Weight watchers and Noom both are popular weight reduction programs in the fitness market. However, the latter one has gained much more popularity than the former one. Noom impresses the world with its competitive psychological factors. It focuses more on the cognitive behaviors of individuals than their workout routines. According to the makers of Noom, the behavior and stress levels of users have a direct impact on the fat-burning body mechanism.

    On the other hand, weight watchers is a food tracking system that focuses more on the diet of a user. It uses a system of food ranking to estimate the calorie budget for a person. Unlike Noom, it does not rely on the psychological factors of an individual. But still, this program boasts a large community of fitness freaks who just can’t wait to reduce fat and become the best versions of themselves.

    If we were to choose between the two programs, we would land up in a fix. This is because both these programs are great at handling weight issues in their way.

    As far as you are concerned, you can give any one of the above a try depending upon your budget, goals, and other priorities in life.

    Is Noom Diet App Really Worth The Money?

    Yes, we know that Noom is not very affordable, but for all those of you who can purchase this subscription-based application, it will definitely be worth it. It offers a lot more than basic health apps provide. In addition to this, you can be sure of getting great results in a short time, only if you follow the processes and routines mentioned by the app with pure dedication.

    If you doubt the effectiveness of this app, you would be surprised to know the statistics.

    The online figures tell us that around 78% of people lost weight using Noom for 16 whole weeks. Moreover, 23% of people lost weight which was more than 10% of their body weight.

    Additionally, you may read the above sections again and learn the experiences of some real-life people. This way, you will gain confidence and be able to make the best decision for yourself.

    Noom Review: Final Words

    As you start using this app, you will be able to solve your disordered eating patterns, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and laziness. Within weeks, you will notice a significant change in your body structure and energy levels too. On the mental wellbeing front, you will feel a lot more positive and comfortable with your body type. Furthermore, you will develop an excellent understanding of what is good and what is not desirable for your mental and physical well being.

    In a nutshell, Noom is a great way to lose all the weight you have gained so far. It doesn’t matter if you’re 40 or still in your 20’s, this app works for everyone who lies between 18-65. You just have to be young at heart and desire, the fat-burning process will follow.

    So are you excited to lose those extra pounds that drown your self-confidence deep under the water? Yes? Then you should definitely try your hands on this app. We are sure you would love it.

    We hope you learned how Noom works and how you can use it to stop adding more calories to your diet. So, grab the Noom subscription and start shedding fat with your personalized plan of red, yellow, and green foods.

    Lastly, if you have any other queries, or if you feel that we missed out on something in this review article, please feel free to drop it in the comment section below. We would get back to you with relevant answers as soon as possible.

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