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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Solution Review (Julissa Clay)

The number of folks succumbing to liver complications increases by the year. Globally, thousands of individuals get diagnosed with liver disease or cirrhosis daily. Additionally, liver conditions put you at risk of developing serious health complications such as cardiac disease, diabetes and kidney failure.

After being diagnosed with the fatty liver ailment, patients are advised to make lifestyle and dietary changes to manage the condition. According to a health specialist, there is no proven treatment for a fatty liver condition. However, patients have to take some food supplements and quit alcohol to alleviate some of the symptoms linked with fat deposits around the liver.

NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) solution by Julissa Clay? What is it?

Julissa Clay is the maker of the NAFLD e-book. The e-book from Blue Heron Health News contains a step-by-step guide to help beat fatty liver conditions and prevent further liver deterioration. It can be daunting to comb the internet and books for healthy habits to improve your liver health.

However, Julissa Clay provides you with comprehensive details on melting away the fat on your liver and restoring the crucial organ’s health. According to the maker, she could restore the health of her failing liver using this program. Also, the contents of the Julissa Clay liver health e-book are detailed and straightforward, making it easy for users to reinvigorate their livers quickly.

How does Julissa Clay’s program work?

The function of the second largest organ in the human body (liver) is usually overlooked. However, it is impossible to enjoy life without a fully- functioning liver. The liver functions by turning food into absorbable nutrients that enhance cellular metabolism. Additionally, the liver ensures each cell in your system is free from toxins by:

  • converting poisons into less harmful particles that can be egested from your system
  • detoxifying (cleaning) each drop of your blood by safely excreting the toxins through sweat and urine

However, when your liver stops the cleansing process, toxins start to build up in your blood, leading to severe medical complications. According to the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease e-book, this condition occurs in four stages, namely:

Simple fatty liver- at this stage, your liver starts to accumulate fat. During the initial phase, the fat buildup may be harmless.

Non-Alcoholic Steato Hepatitis (NASH) – inflammation occurs if you do not heed and stop the fat buildup on your liver.

Fibrosis- chronic liver inflammation causes painful scarring to the liver tissue.

Cirrhosis- Persistent scarring leads to a reduction in the size of the liver, and it can also appear lumpy. Once you get cirrhosis, your liver gets damaged permanently and the chances of developing liver cancer or failure increase.

Therefore, the progression of fatty liver disease does not occur overnight. Instead, it progresses until it gets to fatal levels. Some doctors recommend high doses of Vitamin E to manage the symptoms of NAFLD.

Julissa Clay’s solution NAFLD is practical and candid. It does not involve restrictive practices that seem impossible, like ‘eating healthily’ and ‘stop alcohol intake’. Instead, you follow three fundamentals which she coined as the ‘The Three Pillars of Liver Health’. According to Julissa, the three pillars give you effective and permanent results quickly. While looking for a liver health solution, most people do not know where to start or which is a more effective regimen. However, the Julissa Clay program provides users with exactly what is needed to revive their liver.

1. Pillar Number One- Detox

If you look for the word detox on the internet, you will be surprised to find weird diets, foods and servings which can discourage you. However, Julissa Clay’s detox program is simple, and when followed to the latter, you can significantly improve your liver health. Today, chemicals find their way inside our systems in various ways. For example, through the foods we consume, water, detergents, skin and hair products, air we breathe etc.

As a result of toxin influx in your system, the liver cannot effectively carry out detoxification. Therefore, when you detox, you give the liver time to recuperate and remove all toxins. Julissa Clay’s detox method needs you to follow four easy steps:

  • Find out which foods and products cause the liver to overwork and swapping them for healthy alternatives.
  • Opt for a liver-friendly diet that can improve its function.
  • Consume detoxifying diet for seven days straight.
  • Incorporate detoxification into your normal routine.

2. Pillar Number Two- Diet

According to Julissa, there are hundreds of foods that are great for the liver. However, she advises you to go for foods that can naturally melt body, liver and body fat.

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3. Pillar Number Three-Movement

With most people busy with their lives, it can not be easy to get exercise. However, Julissa describes exercises that you can do in under 21 minutes daily. Also, Julissa provides a simple 24-minute or 7-minute long fat-burning exercise that can improve your liver health.

What makes Julissa Clay’s program viable?

Julissa Clay’s program is divided into four weeks. Each week you learn something new, which builds on the next week. Anyone can follow this program, including people who hate working out and those who hate the kitchen.

Advantages of Julissa Clay’s Program

According to Julissa, this program can completely get rid of fatty liver disease and reduce the chances of it returning.

The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease program improves cellular metabolism, thus giving you the energy to remain active for extended hours.

Following Julissa, the Clay program can help you relax, uplift your moods and enhance sleep quality for optimal health.

The three pillars by Julissa can boost your immunity and reduce the chances of getting chronic diseases.

You can lose significant weight by following this liver health solution. The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease program allows you to burn fat without following a restrictive portion or exercise routine.

How to buy Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Program

You can only purchase the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Program from the official website. After making the payment, Julissa Clay sends you a link where you download the e-book. Additionally, Julissa offers customers a 60-day money-back guarantee as a mark of quality.

Final Thoughts

The liver is a special organ that gets rids of toxins in your system. However, the liver can suffer from poor health, putting you at risk of developing cancer or liver failure. However, Julissa Clay’s liver health program claims to follow a safe and natural method to restore your liver health. Additionally, the NAFLD Program is candid and easy to follow. Julissa Clay claims that following the right diet, detoxing and performing simple exercises can get rid of fatty liver disease.

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