Green Roads CBD Review (2021) Ultimate CBD Products Guide

Green Roads CBD strives to create revolutionary CBD products with the ultimate intention of becoming established as the gold standard for any CBD enthusiast seeking perfect CBD products. Green Roads CBD has distinguished itself by delivering clean and effective products that provide actual results.

The team at Green Roads shares a common goal of excellence. Green Roads CBD offers every branch of CBD product, including beverages, oils and edibles, topicals, supplements, and many more.

What is Green Roads CBD?

Led by leading certified pharmacist and entrepreneur Laura Fuentes and family friend Arby Barroso, Green Roads CBD was founded in 2013 on the belief that CBD contained the answers to many health-related issues. Green Roads CBD started as a weekend project and quickly found its way to becoming a leading business with outstanding CBD products and a great mission in mind.

Flash forward to 2021, and Green Roads CBD products are currently sold in over 10,000 retail locations worldwide and continue to grow. Green Roads CBD has maintained its vision throughout the process – empowering others with effective CBD products in the most transparent way possible. Green Roads CBD has set the gold standard for quality control and was one of the firsts to permit independent, full-panel lab testing on every Green Roads CBD product that leaves the manufacturing site.

Green Roads CBD Supplements

All product lines from Green Roads CBD products are either broad-spectrum or full spectrum. Broad-spectrum products are made with a varying range of cannabinoids and other compounds found within hemp products that contain essentially zero THC. In contrast, full-spectrum products include a full range of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds derived from hemp plants. Full-spectrum products contain 0.3% THC, which is far below any significant levels that would alter your mental state.

Green Roads CBD recommends a broad-spectrum product if you seek the hemp plant’s benefits without consuming THC. For users who are comfortable with 0.3% THC, full-spectrum products permit the whole wellness experience from the hemp plant.

Sweet Sleep CBD Oil

This 30ml bottle of blueberry-flavored Sweet Sleep Oil is infused with melatonin and two types of cannabinoids that work together to deliver a consistent and deep sleep. Sweet Sleep CBD Oil is a broad-spectrum product that has essentially zero THC.

Sweet Sleep CBD Oil is perfect for those who are uncomfortable with pills or topical gels. Sweet Sleep stands out because it is formulated using a team of in-house pharmacists to deliver the optimal amounts of CBD, melatonin, and vitamin E.

For the best results possible, the recommended dose is 1mL before bed. This is done simply using the Green Roads CBD measuring system included with every purchase.


One bottle: $89.99

CBD Nightly Dose, Sweet Sleep


CBD Nightly Dose (12 pack) 25mg contains a single serving of Sweet Sleep CBD oil within an on-the-go package. This packaged design includes two types of cannabinoids as well as melatonin. Nightly Dose is a broad-spectrum product that delivers essentially zero THC.

Nightly Dose comes in the form of a “rip n’ sip” design, making it the best solution for those who travel or are looking to reduce the clean-up of other products.

Each packet contains 25 mg, which is the recommended dose to provide the best results.


  • 12 Packets (25mg) – $35.99
  • 1 Packet (25mg) – $2.99

Sleepy ZS CBD Gummies


If you are seeking a quick and easy edible form of CBD, look no further. These blackberry flavored gummies are infused with optimal levels of CBD and melatonin to provide a more convenient CBD experience that supports healthy sleep and immune response function.

Sleepy ZS Gummies are a broad-spectrum product. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and 5mg of melatonin. Sleepy ZS comes in either two count or 16 count packages. The recommended dose is two gummies taken before bed.


  • 2 Count Package (50mg total CBD) – $6.49
  • 16 Count Package (50mg total CBD) – $49.99

CBD Sleep Capsules


CBD Sleep capsules are perfect for those who don’t mind pill format supplements. Green Roads has equipped its Sleep capsules with a vegan-friendly coating that promotes CBD release in the proper areas of the body.

Green Roads’ Sleep capsules are an isolate product meaning that they have gone through a proper filtering process to only include selected ingredients from the hemp plant. Every package contains 30 CBD capsules containing 25mg of CBD, which equates to 750mg total CBD within every jar. Green Roads recommends one capsule before bed to increase sleep quality and overall well-being.


  • 1 Jar (30 Capsules) (750mg total CBD) – $49.99

Full Spectrum & Broad-spectrum CBD Oil


As one of Green Roads’ most potent and best-selling products, their full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD does not disappoint. Starting from the processing, all oils are manufactured in-house by award-winning certified pharmacists.

Green Roads CBD oil stands out because, unlike any other CBD company, Green Roads infuses every CBD oil with six active ingredients that work together to enhance your overall experience with a subtle hint of caramel flavoring.

Where these CBD oils stand out is regarding their versatility. The CBD oil is available in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options with various potencies, making them highly versatile for any CBD enthusiast.


  • 1 bottle (10mg/ml) (300mg total CBD) – $44.99
  • 1 bottle (25mg/ml) (750mg total CBD) – $89.99
  • 1 bottle (50mg/ml) (1500mg total CBD) – $149.99

Broad-spectrum CBD oil (Flavored)


Green Roads has perfected flavored oils by creating subtle but meaningful tastes within their CBD oils. These broad-spectrum CBD oils were designed to enhance the CBD oil experience by increasing their flavor and texture and varying potency and flavors.

Apple Kiwi Bliss is your best option for those looking for a CBD oil with a green-apple and kiwi flavored twist. The bitter-sweet taste of green-apple and kiwi go together so well with the natural CBD oil tones.

Mint Breeze offers a refreshing and impactful taste that provides a cooling taste making it perfect to use during the day. The hints of spearmint also add a fresh flavor for those taking it before bed or early mornings.


  • 1 bottle (10mg/ml) (300mg total CBD) – $44.99
  • 1 bottle (25mg/ml) (750mg total CBD) – $89.99
  • 1 bottle (50mg/ml) (1500mg total CBD) – $149.99

CBD Daily Dose


CBD Daily Dose is the perfect solution for CBD enthusiasts who are looking for an on-the-go CBD supplement. The Green Roads’ “rip n’ sip” sachets make it extremely easy to get your recommended dose of CBD.

Each sachet contains 2ml of CBD oil, which is packed with 25mg of CBD and can be bought in a variety pack that includes both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum sachets. Daily Dose sachets come in original, apple-kiwi bliss or mint breeze flavoring, adding a great taste to each sachet.


  • Single (1 Sachet) (25mg total CBD) – $2.99
  • 12 Pack (12 Sachets) (mg total CBD) – $35.99
  • 4 Pack (4 Sachets) (100mg total CBD) – $9.99

Cool Relief CBD Roll-on

This topical CBD is perfect for maximum cooling and calming relief from aching joints, muscles, and bones. Cool Relief CBD Roll-on is Green Roads’ top-rated topical, and it is no surprise why. This product is straightforward to use and works immediately to provide relief.

Cool Relief is perfect for treating specific areas with CBD oil benefits and comes in various strengths depending on your needs. Cool Relief includes a variety of natural ingredients and CBD to be used daily in the desired area. Use the rolling head to apply on the desired location for instant calming effects.


  • 1 bottle (150mg total CBD) – $29.99
  • 1 bottle (350mg total CBD) – $54.99
  • 1 bottle (750mg total CBD) – $69.99

Heat Relief CBD Roll-on


Provide a selected area with the warming effects of Heat Relief CBD roll-on to increase blood flow and healing. The Heat Relief CBD roll-on includes essential botanicals derived from the hemp plant, which quickly help against stiff muscles and joints.

Using Heat Relief is extremely easy and effective. Use the rolling head on a selected area for the best results. Heat Relief CBD comes in a variety of strengths which makes it highly adaptable to your needs.


  • 1 bottle (150mg total CBD) – $29.99
  • 1 bottle (350mg total CBD) – $54.99
  • 1 bottle (750mg total CBD) – $69.99

Skin Relief CBD Cream


Skin Relief CBD Cream is best for quick spot relief for irritated, inflamed, and dry skin. The fast-acting CBD botanicals and other essential oils such as sunflower, avocado, and lavender work quickly deep within the skin to provide relief.

Skin Relief CBD Cream is an isolate product and maintains a subtle clean, and refreshing scent that comes in various strengths and sizes, making it best for your needs. For optimal results, it is best to use Skin Relief CBD cream around selected areas.


  • 1oz Full Bottle (210mg total CBD) – $24.99
  • Travel-Size (70mg total CBD) – $24.99

Pain Relief CBD Cream


This CBD topical is one of the most potent and most effective CBD topicals on the market. Green Roads’ most recent over-the-counter topical to help support inflammation, joint health, strains, sprains, arthritis, and overall wellness. Pain Relief CBD cream is a potent broad-spectrum product with 750mg per bottle.

It is highly recommended to use only a small amount on select areas because of the fast-acting and potent effect of Pain Relief CBD Cream. Pain Relief CBD Cream is highly regarded as one of the best on the market.


  • 1 bottle (750mg total CBD) – $49.99

Muscle and Joint Relief CBD Cream


With extremely overwhelming positive reviews, this topical will support physical stressors on muscle and joints alike. The Muscle and Joint Relief CBD Cream contains potent botanicals and other natural ingredients to solve muscle and joint pain.

This topical is available in various intensities, making it perfect for anyone looking for a variety. For the best results, it is recommended to use the desired amount on a select muscle group or joint every 4-6 hours.


  • 1 bottle (50mg total CBD) – $8.99
  • 1 bottle (150mg total CBD) – $21.99
  • 1 bottle (350mg total CBD) – $37.99

Rise n’ Shine Immune Support


Rise n’ Shine Immune Support is a vitamin and CBD-rich elderberry gummy to start your day right while supporting a healthy immune system. To start your day, Rise n’ Shine contains 25mg of CBD, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and many more immune-boosting ingredients. Rise n’ Shine also acts as a potent antioxidant to fight off free radicals within the body.

Rise n’ Shine is a full-spectrum CBD product and comes in various packages up to 750mg total CBD in every purchase. Each gummy includes a custom CBD formula that will effectively provide the immune-boosting effects of CBD. Take one per day for the best impact.


  • 2 Pack (2 Gummies) (50mg total CBD) – $6.49
  • 30 Pack (30 Gummies) (750mg total CBD) – $49.99

CBD Relax Bears


The most highly rated and awarded CBD gummy on the market goes to CBD Relax Bears because of the top-tier quality and effectiveness contained within every deliciously flavored gummy. Each jar contains isolated CBD gummies from pure U.S.A-grown hemp.

Relax Bears offers a wide variety of flavors that include some of the best apple, orange, lemon, cherry, and raspberry’s that we have ever tasted. Relax Bears contains 10mg per gummy and comes in an Extra Strength variant packed with over 25mg per gummy for those extra stressful days.


  • 5 Pack (5 10mg Gummies) (50mg total CBD) – $6.49
  • 30 Pack (30 10mg Gummies) (300mg total CBD) – $37.99
  • 30 Pack (30 25mg Gummies) (750mg total CBD) – $49.99

CBD Softgels


Beginning each morning with an effective CBD dose is so easy, thanks to Green Roads CBD Softgels. Take one 25mg CBD soft gel each morning to reap the rewards of the best quality CBD oil on the market.

We love these CBD softgels because not only do they offer the perfect amount of CBD within each soft gel, but Green Road’s also has a variety of soft gels that specialize in everyday immune support, relaxation, and sleep.


  • 1 Jar (30 Capsules) (750mg total CBD) – $49.99

CBD Relax Capsules


Relax gummies provide you with the calming and relaxation you deserve without the jitters or crash afterward. CBD Relax Capsules is highly regarded because of their tailored relax formula that includes 25mg of CBD and GABA and 5-HTP – ingredients that calm the nervous system.

With 25mg CBD in each gummy, it is best to take one capsule daily. To completely unwind, it is best to take one gummy daily when you need it most. The protective coating breaks down quickly to provide quick-release within the body.

Pet CBD Drops


If your dog has ever been stressed before the vet or thunderstorms, then CBD Drops might be the best option to help you alleviate some of your companions’ worries. There is no better way to provide instant relief during stressful times than by offering CBD Drops to your dog. Each drop contains the perfect amount of CBD oil as well as potent and effective hemp cannabinoids.

All dogs come in various sizes; it is vital to provide the optimal amount of CBD to each dog. Green Roads has made this simple by offering three distinct types of CBD drops- large, medium, and small.


  • 1 bottle (Small Dog & Cats) (2mg/ml CBD) – $19.99
  • 1 bottle (Medium Dog) (7mg/ml CBD) – $39.99
  • 1 bottle (Large Dog) (20mg/ml CBD) – $59.99

CBD Chocolate Bar


A sweet and silky dark chocolate bar infused with CBD oil as well as additional natural hemp extracts. CBD Chocolate bar from Green Roads CBD chocolate bar and coffee is the perfect way to start your day while also providing you with the benefits of CBD oil and other hemp extracts.

The CBD Chocolate bar offers the most effective CBD amounts embedded within. Each bar contains 180mg of total CBD and should be broken into 12 pieces that contain 15mg per break-away piece. If you can resist the temptation for more, one break-away piece should be the perfect daily amount.


  • 1 Bar (180mg total CBD) – $24.99

Founders’ Blend Hemp Flower Coffee


If you enjoy top-tier quality coffee, then keep reading. Founders’ Blend Hemp Flower Coffee contains CBD extracts combined with pure 100% Colombian roast coffee beans with subtle but powerful hints of warm nectar flavoring. The mountain-grown Colombian coffee beans provide an additional energy boost without any jitters or crashes.

Each batch of coffee contains various total CBD and is made in small batch sizes to provide a unique experience within each bag that offers different cannabinoid profiles.


  • 1 Bag (2.5 oz) – $9.99
  • 1 Large Bag (12 oz) – $29.99

CBD Bath Bomb


CBD aromatherapy offers a new way to obtain the benefits of CBD. Packed with over 150mg CBD in the large option, this floral extract and CBD-infused bath bomb deliver an incredibly relaxing sensation to help you de-stress. Green Roads bath bombs are the perfect addition to your nightly routine.

The CBD Bath Bombs come in various scents and florals, including lavender, orange & lavender & lemon, peppermint & lemon, and eucalyptus & lavender. The scents are not overwhelming but rather a perfect mix of aromas to support relaxation.


  • 1 Bath Bomb (150mg total CBD) – $12.49
  • 1 Ylang Ylang Bath Bomb (150mg total CBD) – $6.97

Green Roads CBD: What Do Customers Have To Say?

The foundation of Green Roads CBD is made up of its core values: excellence, personability, transparency, and leading by example. Green Roads CBD offers award-winning CBD products that have made a name for themselves over their ten years in business. With over 30,000 5-star reviews, Green Roads CBD has taken the market by storm with nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback from loyal customers.

Some would say that Green Roads have set the gold standard for CBD products simply because of the CBD oil product line. Green Roads CBD oils are by far the most popular and highly regarded product. Their full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils have won numerous awards and have received many overwhelmingly positive reviews.


  • Overwhelmingly positive 4+ star ratings
  • Independent lab testing protocols
  • Green earth and sustainability initiatives
  • Subscribe & Save payment plans


  • Limited product marketing sales duration
  • Hand-picked testimonials on Green Roads website
  • Limited product available on Amazon & other e-commerce platforms

Green Roads CBD Refund Policy

All unopened products come with a 30-day; money-back guarantee based on the delivery date. To receive a refund or for further information regarding returns, contact Green Roads independently.

Contact Green Roads

  • Located at 601 Fairway Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, U.S.A
  • Contact via email: support@greenroads.com
  • Phone: 1 (833) 462-8922: Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm EST

Green Roads CBD Recap

Embedded within the core of every Green Roads CBD product is a mission statement that promises to deliver a product that can help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of CBD and other plants from our earth.

Green Roads CBD products contain only the best quality ingredients derived from years of investigation and analysis. The commitment to create a transparent and safe experience for first-time CBD users is one of many ways Green Roads CBD goes above and beyond.

Green Roads offers a plethora of CBD products for conditioned CBD enthusiastic or first-time users. All products from Green Roads are created with strict cGMP certification protocols and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their product lines.

Green Roads CBD Final Thoughts

Green Roads CBD truly understands that within the CBD market, products can vary tremendously in quality. Green Roads CBD demonstrates this by implementing only the best lab-tested CBD oils and topicals. Green Roads CBD goes above and beyond in this regard by using high-quality hemp and utilizing independent labs to conduct full-panel tests and screening before product launch. This type of care is not exclusive to CBD oils; the importance of a high-quality, effective, and reliant product is captured within every Green Roads CBD product line.

Green Roads CBD promises a unique and distinguished experience for first-time users. Laura Fuentes, a licensed pharmacist and co-founder of Green Roads, explained that you could taste and feel the impact of having leadership and natural pharmaceutical ingredients embedded within every product.

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