Cinderella Solution Reviews – What to Know Before Buying!

The Cinderella Solution is a program that helps consumers lose weight every day by breaking down the tricks that modern medicine has ignored and passed by. The program is easy to follow, and it is designed for women of all ages and shapes.

What is The Cinderella Solution?

Obesity impacts millions of Americans, automatically putting them at risk for a multitude of diseases with only their weight. Illnesses can cause obesity, but the majority of people don’t even realize that they’ve reached this level of obesity until it is far too late. Finding in the right program to restore health is a lofty task, but it is one that every person must go through at some point. Rather than taking on a weight training program that only addresses a fraction of the issues, there’s the Cinderella Solution.

The Cinderella Solution has already been proven to be effective in customers, even allegedly helping one woman to lose 84 lbs. of fat and cellulite. This same woman had been struggling against many different health issues, including hypertension, depression, and pre-diabetes. However, by addressing her weight issues, she was able to overcome the damage in the body’s molecules that previously caused an array of other issues.

Developed by Carly Donovan, this program is the result of her eventually stumbling upon the secrets that she needed to use to release yourself from nearing diabetes. It focuses on reactivating a certain effect that helps to trigger the release of fat. It doesn’t matter if the user has held onto the weight for years or if it is a recent development. Either way, this program requires no diet, but it helps the body continue to burn through fat for 22 hours a day.

Unlike other programs, users don’t have to sit there and count every calorie or macronutrient that they consume. Instead, the materials they have available will show everything that they need to eat during this time to correct the hormones that should be active in the body, like leptin and ghrelin. Carly made this program to be heavily influenced by nutritional planning of the Japanese. The purpose is to create effective food pairings to keep the internal balance in the body.


What’s Included?

Ultimately, the Cinderella Solution includes multiple components help to reset the hormones in the body that control hunger and appetite. The ritual is rather easy to follow along with the quick start guide, the main manual, and other content that is backed up by 60 years of evidence. By following along, users should be able to make a difference in their body in the matter of three weeks.

In the quick start guide, users can get familiar with the program before they begin at a rapid pace. This guide is particularly meant for people who want to get started now and learn the rest along the way. It is ideal for individuals that want to go shopping and get all of the supplies they need before they know exactly what they’re in for.

In the main manual, The Cinderella Solution is fully explained. Even though there is limited information online about the user’s commitment, the manual explains any routines that users will need to incorporate for the next three weeks. The manual starts off by explaining how weight loss works with this program, followed by a chapter on the rituals they will take on during the program. Some of these rituals include food couplings, flavor pairings, and the importance of a well-timed meal. Users won’t learn about the phases that they will endure until the third chapter, though the 4th chapter will show all of the meal plans and bonus recipes that they need to integrate.

Among the other chapters, the manual comes with a separate four-chapter section that teaches users how to prepare meals ahead of time to create their own concoctions. It educates users on the appropriate food portions, putting everything in a three-step sequence that is easy to follow. This section – DIY Meal Creator – includes guidance on the Ignite and Launch phases.

Along with the main contents, users currently are eligible to receive the Cinderella Accelerator program as well. The accelerator collection includes the 21-day Kickstart Nutrition Guide, as well as the Movement Sequencing Activity Guide. The nutrition guide provides users with all of the details on the right foods to eat during the three weeks, while the activity guide outlines different exercises that will make the user lose weight faster than ever. This program typically costs $147. However, users will get it as a thank-you for participating in the Cinderella Solution at no extra cost.

Why Is the Cinderella Solution Effective?

The Cinderella Solution helps consumers to learn about the proper way to pair different foods, ensuring that they can promote more fat loss. It may seem like this is a quite simple fix, and it is. Still, there are so many people that don’t even know about it. By focusing on women from age 20 to age 65, the program is able to deal with many of the common health issues and roadblocks that women face during adulthood.


To make this program effective, women go through just two main phases.

Those phases include:

  1. Ignite, which covers the first 14 days of the program, explains nutritional needs and hormone regulation. Users will have to eat three meals daily during the Ignite phase.
  2. Launch, which brings in all of the new foods that users will become familiar with. They will also increase to four meals per day, triggering better fat burning and increased immunity.

While other programs start off by focusing on the fat, the Cinderella Solution deals with the reason that the body starts to store fat at all. Other programs may start off with quick results and fast loss from the waistline. However, when consumers think about alternative in the last few decades, they all are strikingly similar. They trigger quick calorie deficit to help with the weight loss, but none of these programs are actually sustainable. In fact, Carly suggests these groups are doing much more damage to the immune system and metabolism than anyone suspects.

The main reason that the Cinderella Solution is so effective it’s because it is different. It doesn’t put the body in danger, and it doesn’t reduce the strength of the immune system or metabolism. With the methods described in the main content and the quick start manual, users will find that they lose we did a rapid pace, especially in comparison with other diets on the market today. Even though users are able to continue eating comfort foods, they’ll start to feel up to two decades younger than they actually are. There’s even a chance that they will live longer.

Each of the food pairings in this program has a different effect. For instance, there is a carb pairing ritual that simulates weight loss. Weight loss can also be stimulated by pairing the right movements, wine, or spices. Some of the food combinations introduced during the Launch phase include fish with garlic, Greek yogurt with sweet potatoes, and green tea with mint.

Purchasing The Cinderella Solution

Available as an entirely digital program, consumers will be able to purchase access to the Cinderella Solution from the official website with a payment of $37. Once the payment is made, users will easily access all of the content without a moment to lose.

If the user finds that they are not able to shed the weight like they want while participating in the Cinderella Solution, they can give up the access they have to the program for a full refund within 60 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit on how effective the Cinderella Solution might be?

No. There are people as young as their 30s and as old as their 60s who have seen an impressive change in their bodies by using the Cinderella Solution. All of the movements are relatively low-impact, and users can modify the program to work with their abilities.

Will users need to stock up on diet foods or purchase a gym membership to participate?

Not at all. In fact, the creators specifically say that users can totally eliminate their current membership to the gym because everything can be done in the comfort of the user’s home. The program has all of the exercises detailed within the guide, which also include the recipes that could promote even further loss.

Will this program work for individuals with a metabolism issue or heart disease?

Even though the Cinderella Solution isn’t meant to act as a remedy for any medical condition, many people who shed the weight and follow the recipes will be able to heal from different conditions.

What kind of diet are consumers in for?

While most people expect to engage in a rather strict diet to experience weight loss in a matter of three weeks, that is not the case here. Instead, users have to make a few changes to the combinations of food they eat. In fact, they may already be familiar with the foods outside of the combinations. Even though there is a little exercise needed, it won’t take up much of the user’s day. Most consumers are able to enjoy foods that are rich in fat without adding a single pound to their body.

The customer service team can deal with any other questions or concerns via email at help@joincinderellasolution.com.

Final Thoughts

The Cinderella Solution provides women with an opportunity to shed the extra weight without putting themselves through stress and extreme pain to do so. Even though other programs have a strict diet or workout program that users have to figure out a way they fit into their schedule, this program is about making fitness and opportunity for any person at any age. There is no need to put the body through more stress, especially since stress can cause weight to increase. It doesn’t matter if users have a family history of obesity or have struggled with lifestyle and dietary changes in the past – this regimen is made to work for anyone.

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