Burn Boost Reviews: Do NOT Buy Fat Burn Boost Until Reading This!

You will be quite baffled by loads of options available in the market for weight loss supplements and pills. It seems like a new brand comes out every day with a “highly effective” rapid fat loss blueprint. But in reality, not all of them are as effective as the brands state them to be.

The Burn Boost reviews do claim that the weight loss formula works. But like this weight loss supplement, there are loads of others backed by hundreds of reviews out there. So, when there was a lot of hype regarding Burn Boost, we were pretty skeptical.

For that reason, we took the matter into our own hands. Our research and editorial team has dug deep into the Burn Boost formula to uncover all of the truths it might be hiding. And we can assure you that you will be pretty amazed by learning what we found!

What Is Burn Boost?

Before giving in-depth details regarding the Burn Boost formula, we would like to familiarize you with the dietary supplement.

So, according to the manufacturer, the Burn Boost weight loss supplement contains plants, herbs, minerals, and vitamins. All ingredients act together to activate the body’s natural fat-burning capabilities.

Unlike any other daily weight loss supplement, this formula is for people of all ages. That also includes people of different physical conditions and weights. As the manufacturer states, you need to have the will to make your body a fat-burning machine to get all of the benefits of the Burn Boost formula.

Unlike a regular weight loss supplement designed for just increasing energy levels, Burn Boost offers loads of benefits. It will purportedly lead to rapid weight loss. And the most important thing to note here is that the formula can purportedly make you lose weight without putting in too much effort.

The manufacturer states that one can effortlessly lose weight without exercising and changing the diet. Now, that is a bold claim! It even sounds a lot familiar, like an average dietary supplement that promises to make you lose weight fast but eventually increases your body weight.

However, we will not conclude before letting you know all about the weight loss formula. Nonetheless, the brand states that you will convert your body into a natural fat-burning machine if you take Burn Boost daily. In other words, your body will burn more calories than usual.

According to the claims made on the official Burn Boost website, one can burn an extra 6000 calories in just one month. And this burning of more calories will make it possible to lose up to 21.7 lbs or more in just one month. Because of all of these promises, the fat-burning supplement has drawn much attention.

How Does Burn Boost Work?

The question of how Burn Boost works is pretty standard among the customers that stumble upon this healthy weight loss supplement. And that is understandable because the market will see an addition of a new dietary supplement that claims to offer significant weight loss in just months.

To answer this question, Burn Boost has given people a rough idea regarding the weight loss benefits that the formula can offer. Each scoop of Fat Burn Boost is full of the Amazon weight loss formula’s ingredients to make people lose weight faster; individuals also get more energy, hydration, and improvements in cognition. The blend is based on an “Amazon Ritual.”

The manufacturer of the unique Amazonian formula, Burn Boost, had stumbled upon these ingredients after speaking with his wife’s grandmother and studying the specific village of the Amazon. Residents of this village maintained a healthy weight without restricting themselves to a strict healthy diet.

The villagers used glutamine, guarana, green coffee beans, and other specific ingredients. The villagers also made a particular type of tea that had superpowers to eliminate excess body fat. Many claim that the tea was ten times more effective than green tea.

That particular tea has been passed down generations. For that reason, people looked thin and did not have any belly fat, even though none of them had to follow any particular exercise that promotes weight loss.

Nonetheless, the manufacturers of Burn Boost made their way to the specific village and convinced one of the villagers to give up their particular recipe that promotes weight loss.

Afterward, they huddled all of the ingredients and put them in a powder form that would be easy to consume. That is how the Burn Boost formula emerged.

Burn Boost Ingredients

As we mentioned earlier, there are loads of weight loss supplements out there that will claim to make you lose weight in just weeks. But the thing that sets the effective ones apart from others is the ingredients. Not all of the ingredients have fat-burning properties. By taking the recommended serving of one scoop each day, customers will be ingesting the superpower blend contained in the Burn Boost formula.

Bun Boost advertises it contains:

  • 2600mg cognitive blend
  • 2905mg recovery blend
  • 2510mg energy blend
  • 800mg hydration blend
  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Niacin

While others will fill their formula up with ingredients that will increase the quantity of the scoop, Burn Boost found a blend of herbal extracts and other natural ingredients that will make the body burn more calories with zero effort. And here is a brief description of each:


One of the most popular herbs abundantly present in the jungles of the Amazon is guarana. And it is one of the go-to options for the villagers who want to boost their energy levels. You will also find different energy drinks, teas, and superfood beverages.

That said, the manufacturer of Burn Boost utilized guarana to increase the levels of catechins in the blend. It is an antioxidant that has a solid link to fat loss. You will also find this antioxidant in green tea, promoting weight loss.

However, according to the manufacturer of Burn Boost, Guarana is more affluent in catechins than green tea. The levels of catechins are ten times higher in comparison. And this ingredient alone can help the body burn more calories than usual.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

You will find green coffee bean extract in almost all of the weight loss formulas present in the market. It is this popular for a reason! Like guarana and green tea, this ingredient holds the ability to make your body lose weight fast. It is rich in antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid.

However, this antioxidant is not present in a significant amount in roasted ground green coffee. The heat takes away most of the antioxidants from green coffee beans. That is why Burn Boost opts for green coffee bean extract. It packs almost all of the chlorogenic acid that element has to offer.

For that reason, the manufacturer of the Burn Boost can claim that if you take just one scoop of Burn Boost daily, losing weight will not be a struggle.


Another ingredient widely present in the available weight loss formulas is glutamine. It is one of the natural ingredients that is found throughout the body. This amino acid is present in the ligaments, organs, bones, muscles, and tendons.

To illustrate the effect of this amino acid, the manufacturers of Burn Boost cite one study where people took glutamine. The group that took the real deal lost a few pounds in just four weeks. And they lost weight without doing any exercises, nor did they follow a strict diet.

Other than that, glutamine is well-known as a recovery component. It is present in most post-workout supplements. And many who carry out a strenuous exercise program to get rid of the heart-clogging fat and increase muscle mass will rely on these supplements.

Coconut Water Powder

If you have visited any Asian countries, you might have noticed how popular coconut water is. It is a go-to beverage for many. Although coconut water is pretty well-known, coconut water powder is not.

That said, coconut water is pretty much packed with sugar. And as you know, sugar does the opposite for weight loss. It makes your body weight increase. That is precisely where the powdered version of the ingredient comes into play. It will let you enjoy the overall health benefits without sugar.

Besides, coconut water powder is in the Burn Boost formula to enhance the metabolic rate. You will enjoy a better metabolic function and burn fat even while resting.

Besides improving and reviving the body’s metabolism function, this ingredient acts as a hydration blend inside the formula. The hydration blend contains all of the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes of coconut water and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

Burn Boost is vegan-friendly and contains no GMOs, no gluten, soy, or dairy.

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Burn Boost and Lipolysis Switch

If you have come across one of the adverts for Burn Boost, you might have noticed that it is claiming to activate the lipolysis switch. And if you are wondering what that means, it is a fancy word for “fat-burning.” Lipolysis switch, according to studies, translates to targets explicitly the metabolic process causing triacylglycerols (TAGs) to break down through hydrolysis into their constituent molecules: which are glycerol and free fatty acids (FFAs). Fat storage in the body is through adipose TAGs and is utilized for heat, energy, and insulation in the body.

The formula of Burn Boost can purportedly activate the body’s lipolysis switch and start the fat-burning process. The burnt calories will naturally melt away, and your energy levels will be at the top. And when the switch is on, you can lose weight faster than usual.

Natural caffeine, glutamine, guarana, and other natural ingredients activate the switch! And for being capable of activating the switch, Burn Boost goes a step ahead and claims that their weight loss formula can burn belly fat without the need to exercise or restrict to a strict diet. Different studies agree with the statement.

How Much Weight Can You Lose by Taking Burn Boost?

The Fat Burn Boost works on different levels to make you lose weight. It will first focus on metabolic rate and improve metabolic function. Then, it will turn the body into a fat-burning machine. Its energy blend also offers a boost in energy. For that reason, Burn Boost can make a load of claims, and they are doing precisely that.

According to the official website of Fat Burn Boost, one can lose a good amount of body fat storage by taking Burn Boost regularly. And the manufacturer of Burn Boost even states that there will be no need to do exercise and follow a diet plan if you can take a scoop of Burn Boost regularly.

That said, according to the test conducted by the team of Burn Boost, people lost anywhere from three to eleven pounds of weight in just four days. The clinical trials also monitored the fat loss amount, and it was pretty stellar as well.

When the studied group took Fat Burn Boost for a more extended period, the weight loss margin was 22 pounds to 56 pounds. A collective group of the clinical trial lost a combined weight of 4.732 pounds without following any diet plan or exercising.

Overall, the team of Burn Boost is pretty confident at stating that your Burn Boost cost will not seem that much when you start seeing the results. It is not like any other supplement that claims to make you lose weight and then eventually makes you gain weight.

Furthermore, as the total formula has gone through research and contains nothing but natural ingredients, you will not face any severe side effects. The team even states that your licensed healthcare provider will agree with their claims.

What Does Science Say Regarding Burn Boost

Most weight loss supplement brands will not put in the effort to make their formula go through clinical trials. However, the manufacturer of Fat Burn Boost is not one of them. The brand has conducted a proper clinical trial with a small group of people. And they have published a sneak peek of the trial on their website.

The trial’s main goal was to make the group lose at least a good chunk of their belly fat. And they did obtain that benefit by adding Burn Boost to their daily routine. Nonetheless, here are the key highlights of the clinical trial:

  • The participants lost 3 to 11 pounds in just four days
  • Some lost more than the weight they have gained in the last ten years
  • A couple of the participants has lost more than 22 pounds of weight
  • Some lost up to 56 pounds
  • Many could cut their body fat percentage to half
  • Some enjoyed higher energy levels, thanks to the energy blend of Burn Boost
  • Most enjoyed smaller waistline
  • Some enjoyed an improvement in brain function, thanks to the cognitive blend.

Other than that, the manufacturer of Fat Burn Boost has conducted a test to ensure safety and efficacy. And that test included more than 1250 men and women. All of them lost weight at a rapid pace. However, to understand whether Fat Burn Boost works or not, you need to look at other studies.


There are not that many large-scale studies available that offer accurate results of guarana. However, the studies that offer insight regarding the ingredient tell us how much it can help you lose weight. Take this 2011 study, for example.

Researchers have found that a mixture of guarana and ma huang could make people lose weight in a short amount of time. However, note that the test included 72mg of ephedrine and 240mg of caffeine. Both of these elements are also well-known for making people lose weight.

Other studies have found guarana could lower the pace of fat cell production. Combined with a cognitive blend, it could also offer loads of other health and wellness benefits.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Burn Boost contains a good amount of green coffee bean extract. The ingredient has been under researchers’ radar for quite an extended amount of time. You will find information regarding loads of trials that included this element. However, we will take a look at this study from 2011.

There, researchers have analyzed the different trials that were already present regarding green coffee beans. After carrying out a meta-analysis and systematic review of those randomized trials, the researchers concluded that the element could indeed make you lose weight.

Besides, green coffee beans contain natural caffeine. And caffeine works wonders when it comes to increasing the metabolic rate and improving the body’s metabolic function. It will help keep the body temperature at the right amount to ensure that it burns calories even when you are resting.

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Coconut Water Powder

As you know, Burn Boost contains the powdered form of coconut water. Different studies have already confirmed its effects in making people lose weight. However, some of the trials looked into the element more profoundly.

The researchers have found that when the coconut water powder is mixed with pink Himalayan sea salt, it can work as a hydrating agent. As a result, your body will see a massive boost in energy levels and will be capable of staying highly active throughout the day.

Even though Burn Boost does not have pink Himalayan sea salt, it does contain a good amount of coconut water powder. So, you will enjoy most of the benefits that the ingredient has to offer.

Superfood Powders

Apart from the ingredients that we have just mentioned, Burn Boost contains many vitamins, minerals, and superfood powders. However, Burn Boost did not disclose information regarding the names of the same components.

But, we can guess it would be safe to say that it does contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals, considering the size of the dose. Usually, an average diet pill would contain 600 mg of active ingredients. In comparison, Burn Boost has more than 8 grams of active ingredients. And that is a lot!

Purchase Gold Vida Fat Burn Boost

Consumers ready to lose weight can purchase the Burn Boost formula from the official website. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, three free bonuses, and pricing options for everyone:

  • One Bottle $59.00 + Shipping Cost
  • Three Bottles $49.00 Each + Shipping Costs
  • Six Bottles $39.00 Each + Shipping Costs

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Bonuses That Come with Gold Vida’s Fat Burn Boost

The brand holds promotional campaigns from time to time. And usually, they will offer a couple of bonuses with the Fat Burn Boost. Depending on when you are getting the Burn Boost, you can get these with the supplement:

14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint

With the Burn Boost, you can get this eBook that will go through the process of losing body weight in just fourteen days. And the techniques that the book goes through require little to no change in exercise habits and diets.

Even though Burn Boost works without making any change in your lifestyle and habits, you can enhance the supplement’s effects by following the strategies that this eBook goes through.

2-Day Belly Fat Blaster

The 2-Day Belly Fat Blaster is pretty unique. However, you will not be completely getting rid of the belly in just two days. What you will be doing is reducing the amount by a little.

That said, by taking Burn Boost powder daily and following the methods that the 2-Day Belly Fat Blaster goes through, you can significantly enhance the effect of the supplement.

Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook

Wouldn’t it be great if you could burn fat and enjoy desserts simultaneously? Well, by following the fat-burning dessert recipes that the Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook goes through, you will be capable of doing precisely that! And yes, it does come bundled with the Burn Boost.

The Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook has some unique but easy-to-follow recipes. You will not even need special ingredients to prepare all of the recipes it goes through. Again, you can enhance the effect of Burn Boost by following and eating the recipes that this eBook goes through.

Contact Fat Burn Boost

Customers can reach out to Gold Vida by sending an email to customer service at:

  • support@goldvida.com
  • Company Address: Gold Vida, LLC 2283 Yellowbirch Way London, ON, Canada N6G ON3

Final Words

According to World Health Organization, more than 60 percent of adults worldwide are either on the verge of being overweight or are obese. And it goes without saying that with effective fat loss supplements such as Burn Boost, percentages can go down significantly.

Nonetheless, to wrap things up, the Burn Boost reviews you have been reading are accurate. This formula holds the secret to effortless fat loss.

And we believe that Burn Boost will be worthy of the purchase.

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