Blast Auxiliary HeatCore [Review] Blaux Portable Space Heater That Works?

Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux is a heater that users can set up anywhere in their home, moving it at their leisure to improve the heat in their personal space. This device costs very little to run, and it saves users on the cost of running their main heating unit.

What is Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux?

As temperatures across the country start to drop, the price to run an adequate heater becomes more costly than over. Preparing for the winter means getting maintenance performed on these units, which is an entirely separate bill. According to experts, the cost to heat a home is rising by up to 50% in the coming season, totaling up to $1,000 in bills that no one wants to stack up against them. To make matters worse, the winter season is expected to have lower temperatures than the years before, but the use of a portable heater like the Blast HeatCore could work.

The Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux might be small, but it packs a mighty punch with a lot of power directly where users want it. The Blaux HeatCore heater from Blast Auxiliary is a portable space heater but does require to be plugged in to an outlet as it is not battery powered, yet is portable because of its ease of carrying around wherever it is needed most. Once the device it activated, it only takes about 3-5 seconds to heat up the space, ensuring that users won’t have to remain in the cold for long. The air becomes toasty and warm, offering comfort to the user that a standard heating system takes much longer to accomplish. It is the ideal solution for consumers that want to heat up right away when they get inside, especially with chilly weather around the corner.

To ensure that consumers are completely safe with the open design, the heater will automatically turn off if it is knocked over. Since the mechanism won’t be running, user’s don’t have to worry about anything flammable (though they should not set it up near anything that could catch fire). Luckily, the device is made with high-quality construction that is durable against general wear and tear.

How Does Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux Work?

To give this device all the power it packs into such a small unit, the creators use convection ceramic heating technology. Convection ceramic heating is a process that generates heat from the air circulation around the device. It works much like a radiator because both involve heating the element with electricity. However, instead of a coil that continues to heat up, the fan continues to blow the heating element to keep the air circulating in the user’s space.

This type of technology is more energy efficient than other options on the market today, and it is ideal for personal spaces like a bedroom or an office. As long as the surface is flat, this small device can safely be set up. Tables, desks, countertops, and many other flat surfaces make the perfect spots to place this device wherever the user ends up.

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To run the Blast HeatCore, users just need to plug it into a nearby electrical outlet. The heat begins within seconds to give users the warmth that they need. While other heaters can take upwards of an hour to make a difference, but the small unit from Blaux doesn’t need that kind of time. Users can just press the On button to activate it.

Whenever the user needs to leave their space, they just have to press the Off button. The device will continue to run for another 30 seconds, which is normal. As the fan runs, the remaining heat is released from the unit to reduce the risk of the fire hazard. The heater cools off quickly every single time, which is something that other heaters simply don’t possess.


Purchasing Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux

The official website is the only place that users can purchase the Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux. Luckily, the company offers a few different packages, saving money as the user purchases multiple units at once. To make the deal even better for consumers, the company currently offers a 50% discount on the purchase. The discount is only offered for a limited time, though users are not told when the sale might end.

Currently, the website offers the following options:

  • One Blast HeatCore unit for $59.99
  • Two Blast HeatCore units for $119.99
  • Three Blast HeatCore units for $134.99
  • Four Blast HeatCore units for $164.99

If the user finds that they aren’t happy with the results that the Blast HeatCore device provides, they have up to 30 days to request a refund.


Frequently Asked Questions About Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux

Is the Blast HeatCore safe?

Yes. In fact, if the device ends up getting knocked over, it is equipped with automatic shutoff technology to eliminate the risk of a fire.

Will using the Blast HeatCore save the user money?

Yes. Users won’t have to run their own heating system as high because the immediate space around them already gets the heat that it needs. The device doesn’t use nearly as much energy, even though it requires access to an electrical outlet.

Is it difficult to carry around the Blast HeatCore?

No. This device is relatively lightweight. It can be moved from place to place with ease.

Does the Blast HeatCore device make a lot of noise?

No. Most customers compare the nose output to that of a fan.

What is the best place to set up the Blast HeatCore?

Due to the intense heat that comes from the Blast HeatCore, the company recommends not placing the heater near anything flammable. It should only be used while resting on a flat surface, like the floor or a desk.

The customer service team can address any other questions via phone call (866-335-1618).


The Blast Auxiliary HeatCore by Blaux provides users with a powerful heating mechanism that can warm up a small space without having to spend a lot of time or energy to do so. It is much more affordable than running a whole heating system in a home, concentrating the heat in the area that the user sets up. Plus, the effect on the user’s electric bill is barely a blip on the radar. With automatic shut off to prevent damage and potential fire, this device is one of the safest ways to stay warm through the wintertime.

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