BitIRA Reviews – What to Know Before Using BitIRA Bitcoin IRA Services

With the pandemic arising out of nowhere, it has changed the dynamics of the market. It has also impacted the financial planning may it be retirement planning or any future investment plan of every individual and has made them apprehensive to liquidate assets. In such a case, a retirement account is one of the viable options available.

There are other alternative assets like gold IRAs and precious metals which can be a part of your investment journey. But if you are looking to start small and test the waters first, then BitIRA is the way to go to fill your retirement accounts. This BitIRA review shall walk you through all the aspects of bitcoin IRAs.

Overview of Bitcoin IRAs

Bitcoin IRA is a type of self-directed IRA. A self-directed IRA allows you to invest in alternative asset classes, like real estate, precious metals, and cryptocurrency IRA which are a bit more exclusive as compared to the more traditional type of assets. Despite being launched in 2009, bitcoins are now gaining momentum and play a key role in devising an investment strategy.

The advantage of a cryptocurrency IRA is being able to start a minimum retirement investment from your personal hardware devices. This along with tax-deferred gains and the ability to view extensive real-time values of each investment makes the digital currency IRA the most viable and safer option than other alternative assets.

A digital currency IRA is a type of retirement account that can help you park your retirement savings. This is made easy by the BitIRA platform through which you have a greater chance to multiply your retirement funds. Our BitIRA review will help you through the various aspects and gain better clarity on the subject.

What/Who is BitIRA?

Digital currency investors are always on the lookout to diversify their own investment through other alternative assets. A digital currency IRA is thus a novel way of buying crypto assets. While there is still a class of people who wish to steer away from digital assets and do not consider it a safer way of alternative investments.

A BitIRA account is a self-directed ira and thus requires a custodian. The custodian is the one who holds your new bitcoinIRA and is responsible for its safekeeping. The custodian can also give you investment advice along with ensuring your BitIRA digital currency IRA adheres to regulations set by both the IRS and the government.

BitIRA Overview

BitIRA was founded in 2017 by Birch Gold Group to allow investors and licensed trust custodians to hold various cryptocurrencies in self-directed IRAs designed specifically to meet the needs of digital asset investing.

Birch Gold Group is a preferred trust company and preferred trust vendor in both traditional IRA investments and bitcoin investments alike. Our gold ira company reviews also recommend this group.

Types of IRA Offered by BitIRA

There are a variety of digital currencies in the market today that offer clear tax advantages over more traditional kinds of assets. This extends to the existing IRA as well. Once you set up a BitIRA account, you are free to invest in Ethereum, Stellar Lumens, ZCash, Litecoin, Chainlink, and any other bitcoin IRA of your choice.

You can withdraw the bitcoin cash whenever you wish. This is thus more advantageous than more traditional assets like real estate in which it becomes a cumbersome process to get your funds back. Apart from clear tax advantages and tax-deferred gains, bitcoin investment can be initiated with the minimum amount of funds.

How Does BitIRA Account Work?

Setting up a new BitIRA account is easy when you work with a preferred trust company. Being one of the self-directed IRA accounts, cryptocurrency ira requires a custodian to hold your assets and ensure adherence to regulations.

Once a trust company is appointed, everything is handled by them right from setting up the individual retirement account to timely guidance on investments and periodic reports.


As discussed earlier, a cryptocurrency ira is a self-directed one, an IRA custodian is appointed for you. This IRA custodian forms the backbone of your retirement account. The custodian offers you suggestions relating to investments and gives you a constant walkthrough of regulations involved in cryptocurrencies.

Though some people wish to avoid having a middleman deal with their investment choices, any ira investment isn’t possible without a custodian. It is a part of the mandate led by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and thus instead of looking at it as a con, it is an advantage to have a constant favorable hand-holding in transactions of your retirement accounts.

Exchange Services

Exchange Services involve chargeable fees every time a transaction is made. If you’re working with a crypto custodian to buy or sell digital currency IRA, for instance, there will still be a fee from the exchange.

BitIRA’s cryptocurrency exchange partners take care of this exchange. They have a set of digital currency specialists that are on par with the exchange rates and fluctuations in the same. Your current custodian transfers the funds whenever a transaction is made. This makes a crypto IRA a secure digital currency IRA despite being a digital asset.

Wallet Management

BitIRA cryptocurrency ira has a digital wallet that holds all the funds of your individual retirement account. It is a prime responsibility of an equity trust company to manage a current retirement account efficiently and securely.

Despite being a relatively new asset class, BitIRA reviews on the BitIRA website give encouraging feedback on the bitcoin wallet management and the security of the funds.

Dedicated IRA Partners

Digital currency is a vast domain and with various currencies available to invest in, there was a need of regulating them. The Better Business Bureau is thus tasked with regulating all the platforms. A good equity trust company has dedicated IRA specialists that are experts on the subject matter and have the ability to manage any BitIRA retirement account with ease. Your preferred trust company must thus have the necessary expertise to handle your portfolio.

Advantages of a BitIRA Rollover Account

When looking to set up a retirement account, the goal is to multiply money but with a reduced risk of loss. A self-directed type of IRA thus has a variety of safeguards in place that make individual retirement accounts more appealing than investing in other assets.

Following are the advantages of the BitIRA Rollover Account:

Flexible IRA options

Retirement investments are your dream funds. Thus digital currencies make for an ideal choice of alternative assets and other alternative investments. The IRA specialists provide you with flexible options and types of IRA to choose from namely; Traditional and Roth IRAs. The best part of a rollover account is that you can not only choose one type of account but can also opt for both traditional and Roth IRA at once.

Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrency ira is a whole new asset class open to investment. Investor education and BitIRA review combined paint a very favorable picture for crypto assets. With minimum custodial fees, you can step into the world of cryptocurrency to reap its benefits.

Traditional Assets

Bitcoin ira believes that investors shouldn’t be restricted to buy and sell digital currency. Thus there is a flexibility to invest in traditional assets all from your BitIRA account itself. You can then begin with a minimum amount of investment and buy and sell digital currency at your own pace. This ensures that all your future transactions are secured and your funds grow on a single platform rather than getting overwhelmed by the different options.

All Kinds of Assets

The best advantage of a rollover account is that your prior accounts can be transferred onto the newly created cryptocurrency account. Our own personal circumstances can lead to fluctuating funds and might leave us disheartened. But a transfer of assets to this account offers a greater advantage of starting over with a minimum amount of investment which is as good as an insured cold storage solution.

World Class Bitcoin IRA Platform

BitIRA platform is an ideal choice to begin your cryptocurrency baby steps. There are a vast number of digital currency specialists that are connected to this platform. The history of fluctuations is well charted and forecasted by them. The boom in investor numbers has led to digital asset inflation and shows no sign of stopping. This makes it an ideal time to invest in crypto.

Advanced Security Features

Digital Assets are ultimately stored on the world wide web. This makes security a prime concern. But BitIRA reviews from specialists and IT experts have nothing but glowing reviews. Digital currency is guarded securely by advanced encryption techniques. With technology being ever-evolving and market volatility affecting the rates, trust companies use custodial fees to combat the variables and keep your funds safe.

No Complicated Tracking

Your retirement investment is always an important part of your financial future. The digital currency being an online asset, tracking your profile can be a daunting task for non-tech-savvy individuals at first. But the custodians and specialists of the trust companies are always helpful in guiding you through the investment journey and keeping your profile secured at all times.

Low Custodial Fees

Based on our BitIRA review, it is safe to say that the custodial fees involved are always lower and nominal. Cryptocurrency ira involves a dedicated custodian who monitors and advises you on retirement investment options. In case you have a prior IRA account, your current custodian transfers funds to the new bitcoin ira. In exchange for this guidance, the amount charged is quite low and worth it in the long run.

Low Minimum Investment

Existing ira don’t demand a high sum for beginning your crypto investment. BitIRA requires a minimum investment of $5,000 to start an IRA. With this minimum investment, it requires customers to work with licensed trust custodians to open an account.

List of Supported Digital Currency Options

Digital Currency comes in various options. But based on multiple BitIRA reviews, the following are some of the supported currency options:

  • AAVE

Set Up Fees

Digital Currency IRA or individual retirement accounts both involve a certain amount of setting up fees. BitIRA digital currency charges a nominal $50 setup fee, a $195 annual maintenance fee, and 0.05% on a monthly basis as cryptocurrency storage. These are all the confirmed fees BitIRA charges based on our extensive analysis.


Digital currencies have become an integral part of the investment universe. With digital cash being preferred over physical ones, bitcoin cash is the way of the future and is here to stay. You are the master of our own investment. So the choice of mediums to invest your retirement funds rest entirely on you.

But making an educated and well-informed decision is also critical if one is looking to diversify their investments which ultimately reduces the risk of losses. Based on investor education and multiple BitIRA reviews, it has been inferred that Bitcoin IRA is a viable choice of investment apart from real estate, stocks, bonds, and other tangible ones available in the market. This BitIRA review isn’t aimed at giving our point of view but is an extensive reflection of facts.

To learn more about BitIRA, be sure to visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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