Best Zinc Supplements Reviewed: Top Brand Product Comparison

Zinc is an essential mineral that the body cannot produce independently. A healthy body requires zinc to function at its best. Zinc is crucial to every aspect of overall health. A zinc deficiency diminishes appetite, low immunity, hair loss, skin rashes, wrinkles, poor sexual performance, low energy, and other negative effects.

To promote overall wellness, zinc intake is essential. Compared to zinc supplements, natural homemade remedies are less effective at improving zinc levels.

Getting zinc from the diet alone may not be sufficient for the body to function properly. This is why people take zinc supplements. Zinc supplements have proven benefits, but one needs to choose how they will deal with low zinc levels.

Many zinc supplements are available online, so choosing the best zinc supplement can be challenging. Our research and editorial team has tested various zinc supplements and listed the best zinc supplements for 2022.

The Best Zinc Supplements in 2022

Zinc supplements that contain a sufficient dose of Zinc have been considered and listed on this page, along with top-rated Zinc supplements.

True Cellular Zinc7 Zinc7 is one supplement that contains all essential seven types of zinc that make it a perfect combination to boost immunity and overall health.
Cymbiotika Zinc Complex Cymbiotika Zinc Complex is responsible for enhanced immunity, proper growth of reproductive function, and better digestion and offers many other health benefits.
Advanced BioNutritionals Zinc Acetate Zinc Acetate is an important zinc form responsible for supporting overall health by enhancing immune function and skin and eye health.
Bionutrition Ageless Immunity While older people face many health ailments, Ageless Immunity is the right pick with multiple anti-aging properties and helps users fight against various diseases.
Performance Labs NutriGenesis NutriGenesis is a dietary supplement formulated for men to support better immune function, testosterone production, eye health, etc.
Elm & Rye Zinc This Zinc supplement is one of the best, with proven and amazing health benefits to promote overall health and wellness.
Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges This dietary supplement is well used to boost an individual’s immune function and growth.
Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc It is a perfect blend of 23 essential vitamins and minerals that boost immunity. It is a whole food nutrition supplement.
Thorne Zinc Picolinate Zinc Picolinate enhances the immune system and helps users fight against various viral and bacterial infections.
MaryRuth’s Liquid Ionic Zinc This supplement comes in liquid form, making it easier for the body to absorb zinc and support better immune function.

True Cellular Zinc7


True Cellular Zinc7 is one of the best Zinc supplements that use seven types of Zinc to support the daily intake of zinc dosage. By taking two Zinc7 supplements a day, you give your body the most critical seven forms of Zinc in one formula.

Each type of Zinc added in this best Zinc supplement works differently, and all of them together support the immune system and promote overall health. If you are taking only one type of zinc supplement, you would be targeting only a specific aspect of the health, but by taking a zinc supplement like Zinc7, you are focusing on multiple areas of the body.

The manufacturer of Zinc7 uses a special capsule technology that makes it different from other zinc supplements present on this list. All-natural and purple carrot coloring is added to the supplement to give it a unique appearance.

Ingredients Zinc citrate, zinc glycinate, zinc picolinate, zinc ascorbate, zinc methionate, zinc orotate, and zinc acetate
Key Highlights
  • Improve immune function and fight against common cold symptoms
  • Help you sleep faster and wake up fresh the next day
  • Transform your gums and boost dental health
  • Improve skin health and hormone balance
  • Money-Back Guarantee 15 days
    Price $59

    Cymbiotika Zinc Complex


    Zinc is an essential mineral required for optimal health. It is responsible for multiple metabolic processes from cellular function to sexual development. To prevent zinc deficiency, Cymbiotika Zinc Complex is the right formula. It is a perfect blend of three forms of Zinc, backed by clinical data that provides maximum zinc absorption and utilization.

    Copper and Selenium are also added to this Zinc supplement to optimize the formula results; these two essential elements work effectively to support multiple body functions, including immune function, nervous system function, and cellular function, among many others. According to the manufacturer of Zinc Complex states, when copper is added to zinc supplements, it helps in maximum zinc and copper absorption.

    Ingredients Zinc Picolinate, OptiZinc®, Sucrosomial® Zinc, SelenoExcell® Selenium, Copper Sebacate, Copper Gluconate, Vegetable Capsule, Bamboo Stem Extract, and L-Leucine
    Key Highlights
  • Help to maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Enhance healthy immune function
  • Promote mental clarity and brain health
  • Act as an anti-aging and support skin health
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $32

    Advanced BioNutritionals Zinc Acetate


    Advanced Bionutritionals Zinc Acetate is one of the dietary supplements that have been shown to improve immunity and support the body’s natural defense system to fight against various bacterial and viral infections.

    This supplement contains only one form of zinc; it is still potent and high-quality and offers multiple health benefits. Zinc Acetate plays a vital role in the overall body, and many studies have shown Zinc Acetate to be the most effective form of zinc.

    This zinc supplement contains sweetened flavors and sugar, making it easier to intake. When thinking about how much zinc you should consume each day, keep in mind that the body can tolerate a certain amount. Keeping a zinc supplement intake at a tolerable upper limit is important, so the manufacturer of this supplement made sure to add 15 mg of zinc per serving.

    Ingredients Zinc Acetate, Fructose, citric acid, vegetable stearine, etc.
    Key Highlights
  • Provide enough zinc to the body to support the immune system
  • Reduce the symptoms of severe acne and promote skin cell functioning
  • It is a gluten-free and vegan-friendly daily supplement
  • Promote overall wellness
  • Money-Back Guarantee 90 days
    Price $9.95

    BioTrust Ageless Immunity


    BioTrust Ageless Immunity is an all-natural and four-in-one nutritional supplement that claims to support your immune system. It is specially designed for older people who face a decline in their immune function.

    This is one of the high-quality supplements which contains a perfect combination of vital immunity boosters in one formula. Every ingredient added in BioTrust Ageless immunity benefits overall health and has amazing immune-boosting characteristics.

    While you may be wondering why we have added this supplement under the category of zinc supplements, it is because the main ingredient of Ageless immunity is zinc acetate. This form of zinc is added with other clinically proven ingredients.

    Ageless immunity works in two approaches: first, it strengthens your body’s defense system by improving its action against invaders, and second, it prevents free radical damage to various body parts.

    Ingredients Zinc Acetate, Vitamin C, Echinacea Purpurea, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)
    Key Highlights
  • Boost your immune system response
  • It makes the body resilient against the common cold and other diseases
  • Support the body against external infections
  • It improves the body’s ability to combat various infections and diseases
  • Money-Back Guarantee 60 days
    Price $24

    Performance Lab NutriGenesis


    Performance Lab NutriGenesis is specially formulated for men; it is an ultra-modern multivitamin pack that contains all essential minerals and vitamins. This supplement supports overall health and peak performance.

    This dietary supplement contains 17 essential daily nutrients to support healthy cell performance. NutriGenesis for men helps restore nutrients that may be missing in their daily diet. The vitamins and minerals are bioengineered with cofactors to boost absorption and maximize the benefits.

    It is delivered in convenient and easy-to-swallow Nutri-caps and 100% plant-based capsules. The beauty of this supplement contains 15 mg of zinc, which provides a great amount of this essential mineral to enhance the working of other ingredients.

    Ingredients Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, iodine, Magnesium, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Boron, Vanadium and Inositol
    Key Highlights
  • Customized for men to support hormones and sexual performance
  • Support daily vitality and long-range overall health
  • Support male health by providing optimal intake of essential nutrients
  • Promote the immune system and help the body to fight against various infections and diseases
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $49

    Elm & Rye Zinc


    Zinc is an important mineral that the body needs to stay healthy. Zinc supplements are dietary supplements made up of different forms of Zinc. A world-class research team developed Elm & Rye Zinc, and it is the most effective zinc supplement that helps with immune function, metabolic function, and reducing inflammation.

    This Elm & Rye Zinc supplement adds only pure and high-quality ingredients. No fillers or additives are added to the formula. The manufacturer of this zinc supplement regularly sends its supplements to third-party labs to analyze and test.

    The best part of the Elm & Rye Zinc supplement is that it comes in two forms, gummies and capsules, making it easier for the user to choose between the two as per their requirement.

    Ingredients Zinc sulfate, essential vitamins, and minerals
    Key Highlights
  • This Zinc supplementation help to boost immunity
  • Help to deal with respiratory infections
  • It acts as a perfect supplement for blood sugar control
  • Fight against various viral and bacterial infections
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $44.99

    Thorne Zinc Picolinate


    Thorne Zinc Picolinate offers two absorbable forms of Zinc, Picolinate and Zinc bisglycinate. Both forms support optimal wellness, promote healthy connective tissues and maintain healthy reproductive health.

    When we say the supplement contains the two major forms of zinc, it clearly states that the supplement supports the immune function of reproductive health. When available in supplement form, Zinc picolinate makes it easier and helps the body absorb zinc.

    Thorne Zinc Picolinate is backed with thousands of positive reviews and is considered one of the best online zinc supplements.

    Ingredients Zinc Picolinate and Zinc Bisglycinate
    Key Highlights
  • Help in the development of cells related to immune response
  • Activate a certain group of white blood cells
  • Promotes healthy skin and eyes
  • Support the body’s natural production of testosterones
  • Money-Back Guarantee 60 days
    Price $33

    Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges


    The Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges come in orange flavor and positively charged zinc ions for immune support throughout the year. Zinc is highly supportive of the human immune system and actively supports hundreds of the body’s supportive enzymes.

    This life extension enhanced Zinc Lozenges offers a special ionic formula with 18.75 mg of Zinc with a delicious orange flavor that offers powerful support to immune health and function.

    The positively charged zinc ions are easier for the body to absorb and better affect overall health. With the proven benefits of zinc to boost immunity, it is a great dietary supplement that helps faster recovery from the common cold, flu, and other illnesses.

    Life extension offers complimentary and personalized solutions with Zinc Lozenges offered by healthcare professionals to help you achieve optimal health.

    Ingredients Zinc Acetate, dextrose, orange flavor, stearic acid, vegetable stearate, and silica
    Key Highlights
  • Maintain and encourage your body’s defenses
  • Provide widespread support for immune health
  • Help in faster recovery from certain health diseases
  • The Zinc lozenges are delicious and easier to intake
  • Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
    Price $3.37

    Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc


    Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc is an organic whole food nutrition supplement that has been specially formulated to contain 30mg of zinc plus 60mg of vitamin C. A blend of 23 organic fruits and vegetables and 75 alkalizing trace minerals provide antioxidants, vitamins, and cofactor support.

    Raw contains no high heat, binders or fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or additives common to tablets. Vitamin Code Raw Zinc supports immune health, skin and eye health, and prostate health and has live probiotics and enzymes to support healthy digestion.

    It is the right pick for people willing to buy a perfect, high-potency zinc supplement. And it is a great value supplement.

    Ingredients Vitamin C, Zinc, Organic Apple, Organic beetroot, Organic broccoli, organic carrot, organic spinach, organic tomato, organic strawberry, organic blackberry, organic green bell pepper, organic garlic, organic cauliflower, organic onion, organic raspberry, organic red cabbage, organic cucumber, organic celery, and organic asparagus
    Key Highlights
  • Promote healthy eyes and skin
  • Support immune health
  • Help in better digestion and better gut health
  • Gluten-free and Non-GMO supplement
  • Money-Back Guarantee 60 days
    Price $11

    MaryRuth’s Liquid Ionic Zinc


    While looking for a perfect liquid form of zinc, MaryRuth’s Liquid Ionic Zinc is the right pick. It is a great liquid supplement for kids and adults. Every tincture of this liquid zinc supplement contains 40 servings.

    This formula offers 11.25 mg of zinc sulfate in each serving. The easy-to-take liquid zinc supplement is cheaper than most zinc supplements, and the drops are easier for the body to absorb. It is a multivitamin that tastes amazing and ensures your body gets the essential nutrients needed for overall health.

    Ingredients Zinc Sulfate
    Key Highlights
  • Unlike many zinc supplements, Mary ruth comes in liquid form, which makes it easier to take
  • Supports cellular metabolism and skin integrity
  • Support healthy immunity
  • Do not offer too much zinc; only the required amount of zinc is offered in each serving
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% Refund Policy
    Price $20

    Scientific Evidence For Zinc Supplements

    Zinc is a crucial mineral for overall wellness. If one is facing zinc deficiency, one can experience various health effects. Here we list some of the benefits of Zinc supplements and scientific research about them.

    Zinc supplements have gained popularity in recent days due to their immune-boosting properties. Many dietary supplements formulated to support immune health contain zinc as a major ingredient.

    According to a 1998 study, 10 mg of zinc given to children reduces the risk of various health diseases. Researchers also found that children taking zinc have lower chances of catching various viral and bacterial infections.

    Researchers also found that zinc supplements drastically increase zinc and offer multiple health benefits.

    Zinc supplements effectively reduce the symptoms of respiratory infections, which is why many people take zinc supplements to reduce upper respiratory ailments.

    Many men prefer taking zinc supplements to improve testosterone levels. Many studies stated there is a direct connection between zinc and testosterone levels. In a 1996 study, researchers found that low zinc people tend to have low testosterone levels. The researchers tried zinc supplements on people with low testosterone levels and saw a double increase in the testosterone level within six months of consuming zinc supplements.

    Another study states that zinc supplements also allow an individual to have better digestion. People who are facing stomach issues, or digestion problems, can take zinc daily. Zinc helps boost the gut lining to reduce the problem of leakage and flush out all toxins from the body.

    The most extensive study on zinc supplements was published in 2013. And because of this study, the dosage, benefits, and side effects of zinc supplements were known.

    Zinc deficiency is directly linked to poor body growth. People who fail to get enough zinc are more likely to face growth issues, like the poor central nervous system, low immunity, and reproductive health.

    Studies also suggest zinc deficiency with high blood pressure. Many people prefer taking blood pressure medications, but many doctors recommend taking zinc supplements to deal with zinc deficiency and control blood pressure.

    If you have poor skin or eye health, a zinc supplement will help. When you get older, zinc supplements help promote skin and eye health. It also helps in reducing the risk of age-related eye disorder and macular degeneration.

    Other studies have shown a direct connection between zinc supplements and blood sugar levels. Researchers found that people who have high sugar levels have low zinc levels. People zinc-deficient have a higher risk of developing diabetes and experience poor control over blood sugar levels. So taking a zinc supplement would help in managing sugar levels.

    Overall, zinc is a well-studied nutrient connected to many health benefits.

    FAQs About Zinc Supplements

    We have received multiple questions regarding zinc supplements, so we have answered many questions in the below content.

    Q: How much Zinc is enough?

    A: According to experts, the daily intake is 11 mg of zinc for boys, and for girls, 8 mg of zinc is enough. It is not recommended to take too much zinc as it could lead to toxicity. Also, larger doses of zinc could lead to copper deficiency, so it is always better to intake as advised.

    Q: What are the types of Zinc?

    A: Many zinc supplements contain zinc gluconate, making them water-soluble zinc. You may also find cheap zinc supplements that contain zinc oxide, which is not water-soluble and tends to be destroyed by the stomach acid before it gets absorbed in the body.

    Q: What are Zinc supplements good for?

    A: Zinc comes with many health benefits from boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, and improving skin and eye health.

    Q: How does a Zinc supplement work?

    A: Zinc aids in the growth and function of immune cells that help fight disease and infection. It also creates new cells and plays a crucial role in wound healing.

    Q: What is the difference between Zinc Drink and Zinc Capsule?

    A: Not all zinc supplements come in capsule form; few are also available in liquid form. Liquid Zinc supplement has better absorption in the body than zinc capsules.

    The Best Zinc Supplements in 2022 Final Words

    Zinc supplements are popular and scientifically proven to offer many health benefits. The right zinc supplement could help you with the growth of immune cells, hormone production, skincare, and many more.

    To get the right supplement, you can pick from the list we have stated above. After evaluating and thorough research, we have found the best zinc supplements for 2022. Pick any of the above; we assure you that you will get maximum results.

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