Best UTI Supplements for Bladder Control and Urinary Tract Infections

The body naturally defends itself with the immune system, kidneys, etc. However, the recent boom in popularity of UTI and bladder control supplements gives the body the nourishment to support these natural defenses. Though it may be embarrassing and frustrating, urinary tract infections and bladder control become more complex, so these supplements are essential.

The best natural supplements improve how effective the natural defenses work. With this guide, consumers will learn about the top products if they want to invest in a UTI or bladder control supplement.

The Top UTI Supplements and Aids in 2022

Every formula claims to work in a certain way to entice consumers to purchase it. Unfortunately, all products are not created equal, and they can’t necessarily live up to the claims. After careful consideration of the different products, these are the top UTI options available:

  • Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense +
  • Confitrol24
  • Oweli UT-D
  • VitaPost Urinary Tract Support
  • Bladder Relief 911
  • VitalFlow
  • Flotrol
  • Approve Science Uritrac
  • Interceuticals BetterWOMAN Bladder Control
  • Ellura Urinary Tract Health
  • TheraBotanics Better Bladder
  • LifeSeasons Urinari-X
  • Eu Natural Harmony
  • UriVarx Bladder Control Support
  • PRVNT UTI Support
  • UT-Fem Urinary Tract Solution
  • NOW D-Mannose Powder
  • AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less
  • PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry
  • MOR Logic Bladder Control
  • Pelvic Floor Strong
  • Cora Period + Bladder Products
  • Innovo

Read on below to learn more information about each of these remedies:

Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense +


Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense+ helps users improve the function of their bladder and liver, though it also improves the user’s ability to prevent UTIs. The remedy comprises cranberry juice powder, hibiscus flower extract, dandelion root extract, and D-mannose. To ensure that consumers understand exactly what they are getting into, they provide a clear description of all of the dosages offered of the ingredients on the label.

In every two-capsule dose, users will get 1,350mg of the active ingredients, which is powerful. Plus, it is made in an FDA-registered facility.



Confitrol24 improves the muscle tone of the user’s pelvic floor and sphincter cells. The remedy comes with a proprietary blend called Urox, which contains all-natural ingredients like Lindera root extract, horsetail extract, three-leaf caper extract, and more. Confitrol24 is condensed into two capsules, improving collagen production to promote better anti-aging benefits.

Consumers can also expect to improve bladder strength, eliminate leaks, and reduce the urgency to use the bathroom daily.

Oweli UT-D


Oweli UT-D is used primarily to improve the user’s urinary health, restoring the pH balance within the bladder. Keeping this balance is necessary to maintain a healthy urinary tract. The formula is primarily meant to improve the user’s protection against a UTI. It also flushes out the urinary tract and enhances the user’s immunity. It restores the natural microbiome balance.

The main ingredients that help users improve their urinary tract include hibiscus flower, cranberry juice powder, D-mannose, and dandelion herb extract. It is one of the top-ranked products on this list.

VitaPost Urinary Tract Support


VitaPost Urinary Tract Support helps users improve their urinary tract and immune system. It comprises ingredients that are entirely backed by scientific evidence, offering three main benefits to women – better long-term urinary tract health, better bacterial biome balance, and increased probiotic bacteria.

With the proprietary blend, users get an assortment of prebiotics and probiotic ingredients, supporting the user with cranberries that can improve potential UTIs.

Bladder Relief 911


Bladder Relief 911, which PhytAge Labs developed, provides users with D-mannose, dandelion root, cranberry, hibiscus, and other herbs to help users control their bladder. The formula makes it easier to sleep through the night rather than repeatedly getting up to use the bathroom endlessly.

Consumers don’t have to worry about waking up with regular use, leaving them feeling refreshed and relaxed instead of exhausted. The formula is easy to remember to take, and it comes with multiple bonus guides that educate users on the best way to improve their bladder control. Plus, it offers practical ways to keep the bladder under control.



VitalFlow is one of the top supplements to help with UTIs and bladder control. It is specifically made to help men support their prostate health. The formula was created by Sam Morgan, using natural ingredients in a unique blend.

Most of the time, bladder control support supplements primarily focus on the way they can help women since they are more likely to experience a UTI. However, this remedy can help men reduce the risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), naturally cleansing the urinary tract.



Flotrol provides support to the bladder with ingredients like pumpkin seed, soy extract, and similar natural ingredients. It is marketed to men and women, supporting imbalanced estrogen and testosterone levels. It is meant to help individuals who deal with urinary incontinence, insomnia, and other bladder health issues.

Approve Science Uritrac


Approve Science Uritrac focuses on improving bladder control and reducing the risk of UTIs. It uses some common ingredients associated with this support, like lingonberry, D-mannose, and cranberry. The formula comes in a bottle of 60 capsules, ensuring the user only needs one bottle a month to get the benefits.

The ingredient dosages are provided on the label, which is part of the reason that it is so easy to compare against other products. It is one of the top ingredients.

Interceuticals BetterWOMAN Bladder Control


BetterWOMAN is another bladder control supplement that markets explicitly to women because it offers a proprietary blend that deals explicitly with the leakage that happens with a weakened pelvic floor. The formula supports the user’s sleep each night, reducing how urgently users need to go to the bathroom.

Some of the ingredients in this blend are unlike what is seen in others. The elements include Chinese yam, Chinese peony, deer antler velvet, astragalus root, ginseng, and eleuthero root with this blend of herbs, plants, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Ellura Urinary Tract Health


Ellura Urinary Tract Health has over 3,000 reviews from happy customers on Amazon, which means that it has more happy reviews than any other product on this list. Of those reviews, the average rating is 4.6 stars. The formula is unique because it contains 36mg of proanthocyanidin from cranberry juice concentrate.

Most other formulas contain many ingredients to make them effective, but cranberries have consistently been used to improve the health of the urinary tract. Individuals who have faith that this single remedy could work will benefit significantly from the use of Ellura Urinary Tract Health.

TheraBotanics Better Bladder


TheraBotanics Better Bladder is a bladder control supplement for women and men designed to help reduce urinary leaks, frequency, and urgency. It includes a proprietary blend of lindera root extract, horsetail extract, and three-leaf caper stem bark extract. Though these ingredients are found in other formulas, very few of these ingredients come with exclusive pricing.

LifeSeasons Urinari-X


LifeSeasons Urinari-X is comprised of Uva Ursi, cranberry, and D-mannose. It helps users fight UTIs, though consumers can also use it for other issues in user health. It includes many active ingredients that consumers see in other products on this list. However, it also stands out with oregano leaf, olive leaf extract, coconut oil, and grapefruit seed extract. Due to the LifeSeasons Urinari-X perfect balance, users can use this formula as a preventative way to soothe the body during a UTI.

Eu Natural Harmony


Eu Natural Harmony is a cleansing formula that uses D-mannose and hibiscus flower extract to support the balance of the urinary tract. The remedy is created in a facility that is registered with the FDA. All of the formulas are tested with a third-party lab, ensuring that it has the proper purity and potency for users.

UriVarx Bladder Control Support


UriVarx provides users with a way to reduce the frequency of using the bathroom during the day without sacrificing hydration. The formula supports the bladder’s health, and it has long-term effects. The main ingredients in this remedy are three-leaf caper extract, horsetail extract, Lindera extract, and more.



PRVNT provides users with cranberry extract, probiotics, D-mannose, and other substances that help with urinary tract health. It also includes ORACRAN PAC-A2, a patented version of cranberry extract. It also contains probiotic bacteria to support the health of the gut.

This formula acts as both a multivitamin and a bladder support supplement.

UT-Fem Urinary Tract Solution


UT-Fern Urinary Tract Solution provides users with a way to reduce impurities and improves the user’s comfort. It is part of a 7-day remedy, using ingredients like D-mannose, cranberry, hibiscus, and other nutrients. Taking all toxins out of the urinary tract makes it less likely to contract an infection. Users can even take the remedy before they have an outbreak.

NOW D-Mannose Powder


NOW D-Mannose Powder is named after the main ingredient found in this remedy. This natural ingredient is found in nearly every supplement on this list, providing users with UTI and bladder support. NOW D-Mannose Powder is entirely organic, and users get 85 servings in every container. With the organic backing and minimal filters.

AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less


AZO Bladder Control with Go-Less is incredibly popular, providing users with an over-the-counter remedy that reduces urgency. Users need to take this formula daily, and it has already received 12,800 reviews on Amazon. The daily use of this formula minimizes the leakage that can happen with sneezing, laughing, and more.

PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry


PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry offers a formula that consists of cranberry, hibiscus, dandelion, and more. The remedy has a 4.6-star rating out of 5 stars, and it has one of the best ratings of any product. PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry is made in Canada, and the capsules are relatively easy to swallow. The formula can reduce the risk of UTIs, bladder incontinence issues, and kidney problems with regular use.

MOR Logic Bladder Control


MOR Logic Bladder Control is used to help with urinary incontinence, bowel relief, and constipation. The formula can help with leakage or an overactive bladder, using ingredients like zinc, copper, iodine, and a proprietary blend. The blend includes silymarin, myristic acid, and Brazilian extract, though it is unclear what the latter means.

Pelvic Floor Strong


Pelvic Floor Strong isn’t a supplement but a guide. The guide can be purchased as physical content or a digital eBook, ensuring that users can get guidance to improve their bladder. The strategies can be done at home, performing exercises that will give their pelvic floor the strength they need.

Though the guide is primarily marketed to women who have had children before, anyone can reduce their risk of leakage with Pelvic Floor Strong.

Cora Period + Bladder Products


Cora Period + Bladder Products help users to support their needs during their menstrual cycle, even during the heaviest of days. The brand offers organic products, including tampons, maxi pads, and underwear. The brand is the result of work by a woman who wanted to empower women after seeing the way the world treats women today.



Instead of a supplement or a guide, Innovo is a device cleared by the FDA that helps the user perform Kegels without doing anything. According to the website’s claims, it takes 12 weeks of these exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. These shorts have to be worn for 30 minutes each day, and users can wear them at home.

Determining How to Rank the Top UTI Supplements

Since every UTI support or bladder control supplement is different, specific criteria had to be met before it got a place on this list. Hidden within the marketing, these formulas had to be high in quality, which was judged by the following details:

Ingredients with Scientific Evidence

Some ingredients have evidence to show their effectiveness in supporting the bladder or cleansing bacteria from the urinary tract. The formulas also support immunity. Regardless of the many benefits, these remedies have to be backed up by scientific evidence.

The Right Dosages

Even though these formulas have science to back up these ingredients, they need to be blended with the proper dosages to make a difference. When the ingredients are too potent, the reaction can be overwhelming and cause side effects. Without enough potency, the remedy falls short, leaving users without any progress whatsoever. The supplements with proven dosages were preferred over others.

Money-back Guarantee

If the remedy cannot help the user, no one wants to be left without their money and success. Supplements with a refund policy to reimburse unsatisfied users were preferred for this guide. This type of return policy shows the company has faith that its products can work for users.

Easy to Use

Some formulas are not easy to use or even appetizing, making it difficult for individuals to commit to the regimen. The preferred products for this list had to fit seamlessly into the user’s routine.

Formulated by Doctors

Sometimes, doctors get involved with the creation of UTI bladder control supplements. When a doctor is directly involved or supportive of a supplement, it is more likely to perform as the creators allege. Plus, advisory boards ensure that users get a reliable product rather than one developed by marketers.

Enough Value for the Price

Even with the wide range of prices offered, the formula has to be able to back up its costs with value for the formula. Premium ingredients might be worth the price tag, but that doesn’t mean that users only have to pay a high price. Instead, users should be able to find a supplement that works for their budget.

Advertised Benefits

According to the Food and Drug Administration, no supplement is allowed to claim they are a cure to a disease or they can treat it. The companies have to be honest about their remedy and therapeutic support, regardless of the scientific evidence.


The brand’s reputation tells customers what they can expect from the creators of any product. Some companies have been in business for over 20 years, while others are relatively new. Still, the company’s time in the industry isn’t the deciding factor. The company just has to have a good standing in the market.

What Do UTI and Bladder Control Supplements Do?

When consumers take UTI or bladder control supplements, they get many different benefits. The benefits vary from one product to the next, but they ordinarily have at least one of the following benefits:

  • Reduced urgency to go to the bathroom.
  • Reduced leakage.
  • A stronger bladder.
  • Fewer interruptions at night for bathroom visits.
  • Fewer bathroom visits.
  • A cleansed urinary tract for a healthier bladder

Along with the expected benefits of bladder and urinary tract health, some consumers take these formulas to improve their prostate or vaginal health.

Natural Solutions for Bladder Control Issues

One of the most intelligent choices that users can make to improve their urinary health is to take a supplement that naturally supports bladder control. Some of the natural solutions that users can take on include:

  • Engaging in exercises for the pelvic floor can reduce leaks within three months of consistent use.
  • Stop a smoking habit, which can stop the coughing that strains the user’s pelvic floor muscles and weakens them.
  • Exercising other muscles properly can reduce the typical pressure placed on the pelvic floor and related muscles.
  • Stay away from activities that involve heavy lifting, increasing the likelihood of leakage.
  • Lose weight, giving the pelvic floors more strength and less pressure to support bladder control.
  • Increasing the amount of fiber in the diet can reduce constipation and support bladder control.
  • Reducing the amount of caffeine consumed regularly can irritate the bladder.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption, which acts as a diuretic to cause the user to urinate more.
  • Increasing water intake can reduce the risk of constipation (which would otherwise cause too much pressure on the pelvic floor muscles).
  • Avoid problematic foods, like spicy or acidic meals that could cause bladder control issues worse.

Scientific Evidence for UTI and Bladder Control Supplements

Considering that all of these products are supposed to help with UTIs and bladder control, it is necessary to understand the ingredients that go along with them. All of the ingredients below have scientific evidence to back up why they are included in these supplements.

The top ingredient in these formulas is cranberry, a well-known natural solution for UTIs. The natural compounds in cranberries – like proanthocyanidin – are the main reason behind this success. Still, the number of PACs that users would need to get to make the difference would be hard to get from cranberry juice alone. Most people choose to get a PAC or cranberry supplement to meet these levels adequately.

According to a study in 2016, scientists found that cranberry juice was an effective solution for individuals who treat UTIs. However, physiological differences can determine how effective cranberry juice might be. Every woman is built differently, and some people don’t get the expected planning.

Cranberries seem adequate because the A-type PACs bond to the bladder wall. The ingredient helps users release the E. coli bacteria that would ordinarily cause a bladder infection or a UTI. Cranberries can improve how quickly the body heals from these issues.

With so many studies already available on cranberry juice, researchers decided to review just over a dozen studies in 2013 to see what the current information showed. Based on this review, the researchers discovered the risk of UTIs could be reduced by about 26%, which means that generally healthy women could see a difference. However, additional research is necessary to make conclusive statements about what it can do.

Another common ingredient that users will find in these formulas is D-mannose. D-mannose is a type of simple sugar, and it prevents bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract. Essentially, it helps to thwart a UTI and eliminate other possible infections. In a study in 2016, researchers found that it could work to reduce urinary tract infections, mainly when used over six months. In a similar study, D-mannose was directly connected to protection from recurring UTIs, and it potentially has the same effects as an antibiotic. Most people have no side effects when including D-mannose in their diet.

Lindera root, an herbal medicine ingredient, has also been linked to UTI treatment, so it is in so many supplements on this list. Researchers compared how effective this ingredient is against a UTI in one study. While research suggests that it is effective in traditional medicine, there aren’t very many large-scale studies.

Horsetail extract might be helpful as well. With regular use, horsetail extract increases the volume of urine produced by the user to flush out bacteria in the urinary tract. Lingonberry is another beneficial ingredient, supporting the body in the same way that cranberries can. Combining these ingredients can help users reduce the risk of a UTI by 20%.

Along with these ingredients, some of the remedies include Cratevox, a proprietary blend that comes from Crataeva nurvala stem bark. It often helps with urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, and symptoms associated with a UTI. According to one study, researchers who gave this extract to 150 participants found they reduced the risk of incontinence.

Today, many different ingredients in the market help with UTIs and promote better bladder control. Typically, scientific evidence is available for these ingredients, which is the easiest way to show that they can work for consumers.

Side Effects of UTI and Bladder Control Supplements

For the most part, using regular dosages of different ingredients in UTI and bladder control supplements makes them free of side effects. Following the directions provided is crucial for eliminating the risk of adverse effects.

According to the Food and Drug Administration regulations, these supplements can only include Generally Recognized as Safe ingredients and dosages. However, D-mannose can increase the risk of diarrhea for some people.

Frequently Asked Questions About UTIs and Bladder Control

Q: How much urine does the average person pass per day?

A: Typically, up to 6 cups of urine pass through the bladder daily. However, the exact amount that an individual passes depends on their physical activity and the amount of food they eat each day.

Q: What’s the most common cause of a UTI?

A: E. coli is the most common culprit behind urinary tract infections. These bacteria are often found within the colon.

Q: What causes a UTI?

A: When bacteria from the colon gets into the urinary tract, it can cause a UTI, but it is hardly the only reason. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and mycoplasma are also causes of concern regarding urinary tract infections.

Q: How does someone contract a UTI?

A: Sexual intercourse is one of the biggest causes of urinary tract infection because of the transmission of bacteria.

Q: Are some people more at risk for UTIs than others?

A: Yes. Some situations that cause a greater chance of a UTI include an enlarged prostate, use of a catheter, spinal cord injuries, pregnancy, and dehydration. Some people get UTIs due to sexual intercourse and condom use, while kidney or urinary stones can cause it.

Q: What are the signs and symptoms of a UTI?

A: The most significant indication is that an individual is dealing with a burning sensation during urination. It can also indicate frequent urination, sudden need to urinate, or blood in the urine.

Q: How can users prevent UTIs?

A: Drinking cranberry juice has frequently been praised for reducing or preventing UTIs because of the high PAC content. However, research shows that it takes a lot of cranberry juice to make a difference.

Q: What can women specifically do to prevent a UTI?

A: Always go to the bathroom and urinate when necessary. Also, wiping from the front to back after urination will reduce the risk of pushing bacteria into the urethra. They should also avoid using female hygiene sprays and douches, which can impact the natural flora of these sensitive areas. Women can also take showers (rather than baths), wear cotton underwear, avoid tight clothing, hydrate better, urinate after sexual intercourse, and avoid using spermicide. Women can also opt for pads instead of tampons.

Q: What causes UTIs in men?

A: An enlarged prostate or urinary stones can both cause damage to the flow of urine, which is why they are likely to cause UTIs.

Q: Can drinking more water relieve UTI pain?

A: Yes. With increased hydration, consumers increase the frequency of urination, which pushes more bacteria out of the body.

Q: What is the urinary tract?

A: This part of the body eliminates fluids and waste by creating urine from the blood. An infection can impact both the upper and lower parts of the urinary tract.

Q: Are UTIs a sexually transmitted disease?

A: No. These infections can happen after sexual intercourse, but they are not sexually transmitted infections or diseases.

Q: Do women get more UTIs than men?

A: Yes. Statistically, a woman is more likely to contract a UTI than a man.

Q: Why are women more likely to get a UTI than men?

A: Their urethra is closer to their anus than a man, which means bacteria could quickly get into the urethra.

Q: How can users prevent recurrent UTIs?

A: Anyone who has a UTI is likely to get one again. The only option for consumers often comes from antibiotics prescribed by doctors.

Q: What are the symptoms of an overactive bladder?

A: Experiencing the need to use the bathroom more frequently and with greater urgency could indicate that the bladder is overactive. People with an overactive bladder often have to go to the bathroom at night, making it difficult to sleep.

Q: What are the pelvic floor muscles?

A: These muscles are found in the lower abdomen and comprise multiple ligaments from the pubic bone to the backbone. Keeping these muscles firm and strong is necessary to support the bladder, bowels, etc. However, with pregnancy and other issues, the muscles become weaker and make it difficult to maintain control over the bladder.

Q: Can pelvic floor exercises help with bladder control?

A: Absolutely. While the user needs to find a regimen that exercises the pelvic floor muscles correctly, they can be effective. Kegel exercises, for example, can promote better bladder control and support the health of the pelvic floor.

Q: What are the leading causes of poor bladder control?

A: The leading cause of poor bladder control is the prostate for men. Women, however, experience balder issues because of pregnancy or giving birth.

Q: What are Kegel exercises?

A: Kegel exercises, commonly referred to as Kegels, help improve the strength of pelvic floor muscles. They involve contracting these muscles with or without aid. Users can perform Kegels at home inconspicuously.

Q: What are the types of bladder control problems?

A: Some issues related to controlling the bladder include incontinence due to urgency, stress, reflexes, overflow, etc. It may also include bedwetting, and the condition may also be temporary. The diagnosis depends on a visit with a doctor.

Q: Are bladder control issues more common in women than men?

A: No. Men and women equally deal with overactive bladders. About one-third of both men and women over age 65 deal with this problem.

Q: What are the best home remedies for urinary incontinence?

A: Performing exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, wearing a protective pad, and losing weight can help with urinary incontinence. Some people reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol in their diet, while others stop smoking.

Q: What’s the best UTI supplement?

A: Nuzena D-Mannose Natural Defense +, Confitrol24, Oweli UT-D, and PlantVital D-Mannose Cranberry are helpful supplements in dealing with repeated UTIs.

Q: What’s the best bladder control supplement?

A: The top supplements for bladder control include AZO Bladder Control, Bladder Relief 911, Pelvic Floor Strong, and TheraBotanics Better Bladder. However, all of the products on this list can be pretty helpful.

The Top UTI Supplements and Aids in 2022 Final Thoughts

Considering that about one-third of all adults over age 65 have bladder control issues, these supplements benefit anyone who wants to reduce their ride. Since millions of people deal with UTIs and other infections, supporting these situations with the best UTI supplements is the most all-natural option. Plus, they all have beneficial ingredients that create a healthier climate in the body.

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