Best Thyroid Supplements: Top Products for Thyroid Health Ranked

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped small hormonal gland. It is generally located in and around the throat, under where Adam’s apple is supposed to be. The thyroid gland, stimulated by the thyroid-stimulating hormone from the pituitary gland, secretes hormones responsible for almost all the primary bodily functions and growth functions such as weight loss and weight gain, height, energy levels, digestion, and many more.

Lack of or low secretion of these hormones or a hormone imbalance can cause problems with the growth functions mentioned above and even lead to nutrient deficiency. This is why many people with irregular thyroid levels are nowadays taking thyroid supplements.

These dietary supplements or so-called “synthetic thyroid supplements” can help boost the thyroid level in the body and do not require any medical assistance, unlike prescription thyroid medications.

In addition to providing optimal thyroid function, some of these thyroid supplements and pills can also help with iodine issues as they contain high amounts of iodine, similar to what you would find in iodine supplements.

The Top 10 Best Thyroid Supplements in 2022

This review will look at arguably the ten best thyroid supplements available today:

Beyond 40 Thyroid Detox Formula A thyroid-boosting supplement is made for people 40 and above to improve energy levels, relieve joint pains and rejuvenate their health.
Thyroid Rescue 911 A powerful supplement to improve thyroid function and aid in overall well-being with the help of schizandra and other herbal extracts
VitalPost Thyroid Support This thyroid support complex comes with the daily dose of your iodine supplementation to boost your thyroid gland and thyroid hormone levels.
PhysioTru Physio Flora Only a Thyroid supplement with 56 organic probiotic bacteria and eight plant-based active probiotics promotes gut health and digestive functions.
Thyrolin Using ingredients such as bladderwrack extract and vitamins and minerals can improve Thyroid health and make you feel energetic and healthy from within. It boosts immunity as well.
PaleoHacks Thyroid Renew This powerful thyroid supplementation uses natural ingredients not just to support Thyroid function but also helps to increase thyroid activity for overall health and weight loss benefits.
PaleoHacks Thyroid Reboot PaleoHacks Thyroid Reboot is a guidebook full of insights from a nutrition specialist that can be used along with a great thyroid dietary supplement to enhance its benefits.
PaleoHacks 100 Thyroid Recipes A well-thought-out and detailed recipe book with 100 recipes to boost your body’s natural thyroid functions, and it also has a shopping list to make things easier.
Blue Heron Health News The Hypothyroidism Solution This all-inclusive guidebook and support manual claims to solve Hypothyroidism with the help of its well-curated research findings that are provided to you in easy-to-follow terms.
The Thyroid Factor More than 101 tips, tricks, and recipes help thyroid secretion and thyroid gland function healthily and naturally.

Beyond 40 Thyroid Detox Formula

Product Overview
Category Thyroid Support, Thyroid Supplement
Ingredients Ashwagandha, Bladderwrack, L-Tyrosine, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Price $59

The Beyond 40 Thyroid Detox Formula is considered one of the best thyroid supplements. This thyroid support complex is made with some of the best natural ingredients, herbal extracts, and vitamins and minerals.

The Beyond 40 brand is well known for its various dietary supplements marketed toward men and women older than 40. Thus their Thyroid Detox Formula is also well-reputed. Beyond 40 claims that with the use of eight unique ingredients such as Magnesium, Vitamin b12, copper, Manganese, Cayenne pepper, Kelp, Schizandra, and molybdenum, their Thyroid Detox Formula can improve thyroid function and combat thyroid issues.

Beyond 40 can purportedly help you boost thyroid hormone levels to match that of a healthy thyroid gland, speed up your weight loss, help with joint pain and boost your metabolism. It can also help boost your immune system and overall health. Beyond 40 Thyroid Detox formula comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Thyroid Rescue 911

Product Overview
Category Thyroid Support, Thyroid Supplement
Ingredients Vitamin B-12, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Price $69.95

Next up on the list of best thyroid supplements is the Thyroid Rescue 911. This thyroid support complex is formulated by Phytage Labs and marketed towards middle-aged and older individuals to help them improve thyroid function, battle thyroid dysfunction, and provide them with a natural alternative to thyroid medication.

One of the key active ingredients used in Thyroid Rescue 911 is schizandra. Not just Thyroid Rescue 911, but many thyroid supplements use schizandra as it is a powerful source of anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants. Thyroid release 911 claims that with the help of their natural ingredients and herbal extracts, it can help consumers deal with thyroid hormone imbalance. It doesn’t just boost thyroid function, but it also increases thyroid hormone reactivity. This is beneficial for people who have underactive thyroid function.

Other benefits include improved energy levels, weight loss support, and a more robust immune system. With ingredients such as herbal extracts, zinc, and more, Thyroid rescue 911 is suitable for your thyroid health.

VitaPost Thyroid Support

Product Overview
Category Thyroid Support, Thyroid Supplement
Ingredients Ashwagandha, Vitamin B12, Selenium, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Price $23.95

The VitaPost Thyroid Support supplement contains vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that have proven benefits. Ingredients such as Vitamin B, Zinc, Ashwagandha root, L-tyrosine, Iodine, and other vitamins and minerals make VitaPost Thyroid Support one of the best thyroid supplements on this list to deal with thyroid dysfunction and improve your thyroid hormone levels.

Since the Thyroid Support complex is not a thyroid medication, you don’t need any prescription to use it, making it very convenient to avail of its many benefits. The Thyroid Support formula boosts thyroid function and overall thyroid health.

Additionally, because of the nature of the ingredients used in this thyroid support complex, it can also help improve the energy levels of its consumers. This means better and faster weight loss as well. Some customer reviews have also said that Thyroid Support helped slow down their weight gain by reducing their appetite. It can also strengthen your immune system with the help of minerals such as zinc.

Thyroid medications can often have many side effects, but that’s not the case with VitaPost Thyroid Support, which makes it one of the best thyroid supplements you can get your hands on. It can do wonders for your thyroid issues.

PhysioTru Physio Flora

Product Overview
Category Thyroid Support, Thyroid Supplement
Ingredients PreB Fermented Superfoods Blend, Probiotics Blend, Piperine, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Price $67

Physio Flora by PhysioTru is very different from the popular thyroid supplements you find today. Physio Flora focuses on a specific area of thyroid issues related to lower energy levels and gut health.

Physio Flora is one of the few dietary supplements for thyroid function that primarily works on improving digestive and gut health. Every single dose of this supplement comes with 56 completely organic probiotic bacteria and eight plant-based probiotic strains. These probiotics work together to provide a better gut, digestion, and a more robust immune system.

As a result, Physico Flora can boost thyroid function, increasing consumer energy levels. Probiotics are also suitable for thyroid disorders and may also improve thyroid function. The enhanced energy levels can also assist in weight loss. Physio Flora contains more probiotics than some prescription medications.


Product Overview
Category Thyroid Support, Thyroid Supplement
Ingredients Selenium, Zinc, Biotin, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Price $49

Thyrolin is one of the best thyroid supplements to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, thanks to its advanced composition. Thyrolin is one of the best natural thyroid supplements for thyroid function that also assists with weight loss.

Thyrolin improves underactive thyroid function and boosts thyroid hormone levels. It contains several ingredients that enhance thyroid function and provide your best health. Some of its components, such as bladderwrack extract, are great for people with thyroid issues. It also has vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B6 & B12 and Zinc. These various components, ingredients, and herbal extracts synergize to help consumers deal with thyroid disorders and problems and boost their overall immune system.

Being free of any thyroid condition can reduce fatigue and weariness, help you lose weight, increase the feeling of satiety, and help you avoid motor and mental slowdown. According to their website, Thyrolin is entirely safe and comes with Selenium Select, which has a high safety rating.

PaleoHacks Thyroid Renew

PaleoHacks Thyroid Renew is a dietary supplement made to help support the thyroid and reenergize underactive thyroid function. The PaleoHacks formula was created by Kinsey, who herself suffered from thyroid disease and thyroid dysfunction. For years she was plagued by issues stemming from low levels of thyroid hormones. She then went on to revolutionize the world of products for healthy thyroid function by creating PaleoHacks Thyroid renew that helps poor thyroid function.

This apparent best thyroid supplement contains multiple ingredients that boost underactive thyroid function. This included natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals such as Selenium, Copper, Zinc, L-tyrosine, Vitamin A, Ashwagandha root extract, Guggul, and other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients.

With the regular use of this Thyroid supplement, you can not only increase your natural Thyroid hormone production but also curb your weight gain and boost your immune system.

PaleoHacks Thyroid Reboot


Another popular Paleohacks product we had to include on our list is unlike any of the best thyroid supplements we have seen because it is a guidebook.

The PaleoHacks Thyroid Reboot is a guide created by the same person who created Thyroid Renew, the supplement known to improve thyroid function and boost underactive thyroid function.

This guide contains essential tips and techniques that teach you how to support thyroid function, maintain active thyroid hormones, and make the best use of natural thyroid supplements for thyroid hormones. Each Thyroid Reboot guide comes with the following:

The Thyroid Reboot: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help Support Your Thyroid and Reclaim Your Health

  • Benefits of Coconut Oil + 12 Coconut Oil Recipes
  • The Thyroid Reboot: Quickstart Guide
  • The Thyroid Reboot: 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Thyroid Friendly Desserts Guide

No other Thyroid supplement or Thyroid support complex can fix a person’s thyroid in one night. But with this guidebook, you can naturally work towards having healthy Thyroid function and saying goodbye to thyroid disorders.

PaleoHacks 100 Thyroid Friendly Recipes


PaleoHacks makes a third and final entry on our list, and this time it’s their 100 Thyroid Friendly Recipes. It has been shown that some fantastic healthy recipes can use fresh and natural ingredients to boost the thyroid function of your body. This is great for people to use in addition to the best thyroid supplements from our list.

Kinsey Jackson is again the brains behind this project. Thanks to her personal experience with a thyroid disorder and poor thyroid function, she was able to create all these products to help others avoid the same issues. These recipes are great for both underactive and overactive thyroid function.

This recipe book provides a hundred recipes to help you improve your thyroid function. It comes with a detailed ingredient list and a shopping guide to make your life more manageable and healthier. Some of the recipes in this book may also be good for iodine deficiency and give an excellent healthy alternative to iodine supplementation.

Blue Heron Health News The Hypothyroidism Solution


Hypothyroidism is a thyroid disorder or condition where your body, or the thyroid gland, doesn’t release or create enough thyroid hormone. This results in low thyroid levels in your bloodstream, thus leading to a lack of proper thyroid function.

Blue Heron Health News The Hypothyroidism Solution is a self-claimed solution to thyroid problems such as Hypothyroidism. This guide provides you with an action plan to counter poor thyroid function and poor thyroid condition. Many of its customers claim that this book has helped them with more than Hypothyroidism and thyroid health.

It also has tips that, in addition to helping you with your thyroid problems, can help you with weight loss, improving energy levels, rejuvenating skin, and overall health.

The Thyroid Factor


The Thyroid Factor is a rare all-encompassing thyroid support system available today. It contains the best thyroid-related tips, guides, recipes, and more to help with your thyroid problem and effectively assist you in managing any thyroid disorder you may come across.

It is also one of the very few guides with a 60-day guarantee. It has 101+ tips, strategies, and more to help you maintain healthy energy levels with your thyroid.

These tips can be a useful measure for preventing thyroid cancer. Thus, they can be used by anyone and everyone, not just people with pre-existing issues with thyroid hormones.

What Is the Science Behind Thyroid Supplements?

When you have thyroid problems, your entire body suffers.

Your thyroid gland secretes essential hormones. These hormones affect weight, desire to eat, digestion, and activity levels.

Thyroid supplements, fortunately, can help. Many of the most widespread thyroid supplements use natural ingredients to support thyroid hormone production.

Thyroid supplements, however, are not all created equal. Some are superior to others.

If you walk down the supplement section at your local health store, you’re bound to come across a section devoted to thyroid health supplements. Because of thyroid conditions, many supplement businesses have attempted to produce supplements that support health.

Before discussing how thyroid-specific supplements may not be the best option for everyone, it’s crucial to understand what nutrients the thyroid requires to function correctly. The following are some of the most vital nutrients for thyroid health:

Selenium: It is a mineral required for the production of thyroid hormone. Selenium protects thyroid cells from damage created by oxidative stress. The thyroid includes a lot of selenium, and a lack of it can cause thyroid problems.

Iodine: Thyroid function requires iodine. Only one known role of iodine would be to aid in producing hormones. Thyroid hormones containing iodine include thyroxine and triiodothyronine. An iodine deficiency causes thyroid diseases.

Zinc: Zinc is needed for the production of hormones. An optimal zinc concentration is required for healthy levels of T3, T4, and other hormones.

Other nutrients, such as vitamin B, D, and E, are required for proper thyroid function. A lack of one or more nutrients can harm health and raise your disease risk.

Schizandra, bladderwrack, ashwagandha, and cayenne pepper are all common ingredients in thyroid supplements. These ingredients are well-known for increasing thyroid hormone production and significantly assisting your thyroid. They offer reasonable assistance to your overall health. Studies found that ashwagandha root improved thyroid function in patients with Hypothyroidism. When compared to a placebo, it increased T3 and T4 levels. A healthy thyroid produces T3 and T4 hormones.

Hashimoto’s disease, also known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, causes thyroid issues in some people. This is indeed a thyroid disorder with similar symptoms to Hypothyroidism. The condition, also known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, occurs when your thyroid does not produce enough hormones.

Weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, anemia, bowel problems, cold intolerance, muscle aches, dry skin, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, and other symptoms are all associated with Hashimoto’s disease.

In combination with other medications, diet and lifestyle changes can help reduce thyroid damage, improve symptoms, and improve the general quality of life in Hashimoto’s patients.

Furthermore, people with Hashimoto’s disease are more likely to be nutritionally deficient, which can exacerbate thyroid disease symptoms.

According to research, the following supplements can help people with Hashimoto’s disease:

Vitamin B12: This deficiency is the most common in Hashimoto’s patients. A B12 or B complex supplement can help prevent, treat, and maintain optimal B12 levels.

Vitamin D: People with Hashimoto’s disease are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency than the general public, which can impair thyroid function.

Curcumin: Curcumin could help to protect your thyroid from oxidative stress. Furthermore, taking curcumin with other anti-inflammatory compounds may reduce the size of thyroid nodules, which are common in Hashimoto’s disease.

The ideal supplements use scientifically proven ingredients to achieve specific results. Most of these ingredients are backed by double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals, which are considered the gold standard of research.

Thyroid health and iodine are inextricably linked. Thyroid issues (such as goiters) were common before introducing iodine into foods over the last couple of centuries.

If you consume too much iodine, you may develop thyroid problems. Some people get Hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid after taking too many iodine supplements. To avoid getting too much or too little iodine and developing thyroid problems, stick to the recommended daily dose.

Seaweed, Cod, Greek yogurt, and eggs are excellent sources of iodine. However, kelp is used in many of the most famous thyroid supplements. Although there is insufficient evidence to support the use of kelp for thyroid function, kelp is a cheap source of iodine and may help support thyroid function in various ways.

Zinc may be beneficial to thyroid function. Zinc is required by your body to perform critical functions all through your body, including the thyroid. Zinc deficiency can cause fatigue and immune problems. Red meat, oysters, seafood, chicken, and fortified breakfast cereals are the best sources of zinc.

Overall, the best thyroid products contain scientifically proven ingredients that support thyroid function, increase thyroid hormone production, and restore thyroid gland balance, among other advantages.

The Metrics Used To Rank The Best Thyroid Supplements

To rank the best thyroid supplements, we took into account several factors. Many popular thyroid supplement brands claim to be as good and effective as prescription thyroid medication, so they must live up to similar standards. If you are trying to purchase thyroid supplements, these are the factors that you should also be looking at.

Ingredients Used

The primary factor while choosing the best thyroid supplements is looking under the hood to see what it’s made of. Many so-called natural thyroid supplements for thyroid hormones turn out to be nothing more than synthetic supplements in disguise.

The herbal extracts these supplements contain should also have proven valuable and beneficial for treating thyroid disease and not have been added just for its sake. Some of these supplements for thyroid function also have a potent dose of iodine.

More often than not, excessive iodine can do more harm than good. But lack of iodine is also harmful and can require using iodine supplementation. Thus, we have only included thyroid-based iodine supplements with just the perfect amount of iodine.

The use of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, B, A, Zinc, etc., are also taken into account. Vitamin B and D specifically are very crucial for thyroid support.

Scientific Evidence

Any run-off-the-mill thyroid hormone supplement can claim to boost thyroid gland health and improve thyroid function, but only the best thyroid supplements can live up to these claims.

Claims made by brands such as their ability to boost underactive thyroid function and provide benefits if prescription thyroid medication must be backed by science. If a company cannot present scientific evidence and backing for the claims they make, then their supplements for thyroid gland or thyroid function simply cannot be called the best thyroid supplement.

In addition to being of high quality, the ingredients used by these supplements should also have proven use backed by science and must not be a “magical” snake-oil ingredient.


Transparency is critical because it allows for better resource allocation across all pharma companies and research labs, reducing resource waste. Pharmaceutical companies must be transparent about both their clinical studies and their contents.

Company Reputation and Standing

When choosing a supplement, it is essential to consider the reputation and image of the company producing it. Proper research must be done about the company’s background and its ethos. Companies with unparalleled solid customer reputations attract better employees. They are perceived to provide more value, which allows them to charge a higher price. Their customers are loyal and purchase a wider variety of goods and services.


The best thyroid supplements contain scientifically proven ingredients and clinically effective dosages. Iodine, for example, has been shown to benefit health, which is why nearly all supplements contain 100 percent of your daily value. Thyroid health is also linked to vitamin B12, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, zinc, selenium, and plant and herb extracts.

Vitamin D deficiency levels have been linked to thyroid disease, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Similarly, newly diagnosed Graves patients had lower 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels. Thyroid tumorigenesis has been related to impaired Vitamin D and Vitamin B signaling.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee is also a crucial factor. It might come off as a gimmick or a marketing tactic, but only the brands confident in their products offer a money-back guarantee.

With a money-back guarantee, you can use any thyroid pills or supplements without worrying too much about losing your money. If the supplement doesn’t live up to its claimed benefits, you can simply return it for a full refund, which is impossible with prescription medications.

We have carefully selected only the best thyroid supplements with a money-back guarantee.

Pricing and Affordability

Last but not least, we have affordability. Price often becomes an afterthought in the face of disease, especially thyroid diseases. But are you getting a bang for your buck? Or is it just a big ol’ rip-off?

We have answered these questions for you and only included the supplements that have a justifiable price point in addition to making your thyroid healthy again.

Final Verdict – Are Thyroid Supplements Worth A Try?

So, to summarize our take on the best thyroid supplements, we would say it’s worth a try. If you are not already under prescription medications, you can go for any of the supplements on this list to improve thyroid function.

The guidebooks are also great tools to help your thyroid gland’s overall health, boosting energy levels and aiding in weight loss.

Try a top thyroid supplement above today!


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