Best Pre-Workout Reviewed: Compare Top Pre Workout Powders 2022

Anyone who wants to boost their workout will likely start taking a pre-workout supplement at some point. All best pre-workout supplements promote better muscle growth, more energy and improve the endurance that men and women have. Some of these products even support better fat-burning results with thermogenesis.

Finding the right pre-workout supplement to suit someone’s needs is not easy. Luckily, this guide includes many pre-workout supplements to ensure users find the best and good pre-workout supplement for their fitness needs.

The Top 22 Best Pre-Workout Supplements of 2022

After checking customer reviews, visiting with manufacturers, and mulling over the lab reports in the industry, the following pre-workout supplements were determined to have the best reliability for this list.

XWerks Ignite Boost physical performance and energy levels
Pre-Lab Pro Improves overall wellness and health
Crazy Bulk Intensive Pre Train Promotes energy level for intense workout
Testo Prime Boost athletic performance
Cellucor Pre Workout Powder Increase metabolic rate for better performance
Cellucor C4 Extreme Alleviate muscle and mental fatigue
Transparent Labs Preseries Bulk Pre-Workout Regulates metabolic rate and blood flow
Blackwolf Pre-Workout Eliminates fatigue and aid in supporting physical health
Ladder Pre Workout Assist in mental and physical health
4 Gauge Proven benefits of weight loss due to beneficial weight loss ingredients
Onnit Total Strength Performance Boost strength and performance
Legion Athletics Pulse Pre-Workout Promotes physical performance
Powher Pre-Workout Boost physical endurance and strength
NSP Nutrition Energize Pre-Workout Keeps the user active and energetic
Bauer Nutrition BRF Pre-Workout Allows one to indulge into intense workouts
IdealFit IdealLean Pre-Workout Suitable for weight loss and lean muscle mass
Legion Pulse Aid in enhancing focus and memory
Beast Sports Beast Mode Black Boost energy levels and blood flow
Alani Nu Pre-Workout Assist in weight loss and promotes overall physical performance
Huge Supplements Wrecked Aid in increasing muscle mass
Huge Supplements Wrecked Extreme Enhance nitric oxide production
Huge Supplements Wrecked Stim-Free Boost mental and physical performance

Read on below to learn about the different pre-workout supplements that stand out against the competition in 2022.

XWerks Ignite


XWerks Ignite gives consumers their choice of green apple, watermelon, blue raspberry, and orange flavors to complement this formula. With the nootropic benefits offered to consumers with this remedy, users don’t need to fill their bodies with stimulants to get the pre-workout benefits that they want. Along with the energy support, users won’t have to worry about an inevitable crash with their energy, the reason why it is considered one of the best pre-workout supplements.

Without all of the filters and zero sugar that other products have, consumers also see a significant change in their muscle mass and endurance without any side effects.

The brand already has made quite an impression on the supplement industry, making it hard to ignore when users look for a remedy that works for their needs.

Ingredients Natural caffeine, several B vitamins, Rhodiola Rosea, beta-alanine, L-tyrosine, and DMAE
Key Highlights
  • Boost energy level and athletic performance
  • Reduces muscle cramps
  • Promotes cognitive and mental health
  • Increases muscle growth and repair
  • Price $49
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    Pre Lab Pro


    Featuring a berry flavor, Pre Lab Pro helps users improve their workout in multiple ways, increasing the strength and stamina of users. The creators focus highly on this pre-workout supplement’s ability to promote incredible speed during cardio and more significant healing during recovery. Pre-lab pro offers a total package.

    Rather than simply providing users with ingredients that inherently improve a workout, the creators of a pre-lab pro also include some nootropic ingredients and substances that support homeostasis. The doses and ingredients used are all backed by scientific evidence and studies. The use of beetroot powder, for example, helps with nitric oxide production. The Setria performance blend, however, is used to promote better power behind nitric oxide.

    Ingredients Natural Caffeine, Ajupure L Tyrosine, L Theanine, Himalayan Pink salt, and amino acid
    Key Highlights
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Reduces mental fatigue
  • Increase blood flow for muscular endurance
  • Accelerate fitness journey
  • Price $59
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    CrazyBulk Intensive Pre-Train


    CrazyBulk reputation already precedes it, offering legal alternatives to steroids in the form of natural supplements. Their Intensive Pre-Train formula is one of the best pre-workout supplements that allows users to get the lasting energy they need but relieve the fatigue of intense workouts.

    Much like Powher, Intensive Pre-Train gives consumers EnXtra, a caffeine booster to lift the user’s energy levels. Along with the energy boost, this formula uses proven pre-workout ingredients to help users improve their focus, muscle fatigue, and boost workouts. The brand ships to consumers worldwide, and there are multiple opportunities online for users to get numerous tubs of this formula for a lower cost.

    Ingredients Caffeine, KSM66, Thiamine, and amino acid
    Key Highlights
  • Improves blood flow for overall health
  • Increase muscular endurance
  • Offers longer challenging workouts
  • Supports protein synthesis
  • Price $57.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days



    TestoPrime provides users with natural support for their testosterone levels, helping with the synthesis of protein and hormone production. Every ingredient included provides the user with physical and mental energy, improving the amount of fat along the user’s waistline and the rest of the body. The creators ensure it is the strongest pre-workout supplement that also enhances the motivation of the user.

    This formula sets itself apart from other products on this list of best pre-workout supplements because it is not specific to pre-workout regimens. Instead, it is made to help men increase their testosterone levels to promote a better experience in the gym and outside of it, unlike other pre-workout supplements.

    Ingredients Panax Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, and D Aspartic acid
    Key Highlights
  • Boost testosterone booster
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Supports protein synthesis
  • Improve exercise performance
  • Price $59.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    Cellucor Pre-Workout Powder


    Cellucor Pre-Workout Powder is the type of formula consumers want from a pre-workout regimen whenever they hear this type of pre-workout powders mentioned. It already has a decade of use to back it up, and it continues to earn top ratings amongst customers.

    However, one of the best parts about this cellucor pre-workout powder is that it doesn’t cost much to get the package, the reason it is one of the affordable pre-workout options.

    Ingredients Beta-alanine, creatine, caffeine, and arginine
    Key Highlights
  • Boost strength training
  • Increases energy level for exercise performance
  • Reduces muscle loss
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Price $50
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    Cellucor C4 Extreme


    When it comes to Cellucor pre-workout supplements, users have two main options to choose between – the C4 Original and the Cellucor C4 Extreme. The Extreme pre-workout supplement is for the people who want to promote better energy and endurance than they often have during their workout. All of the ingredients are more potent than what other products offer, which is part of the reason that Cellucor offers one of the best pre-workout supplements.

    Along with the choice of different strengths, users get unique flavors, including strawberry margarita, green apple, and icy blue razz. Users won’t have to worry about the amount of sugar or calories in these formulas as it is a zero sugar good pre-workout supplement, making it easier to keep the macronutrient balance for anyone who wants to shed weight.

    Ingredients Beta-alanine, caffeine, creatine, and arginine
    Key Highlights
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Boost blood flow to increase physical performance
  • Improves performance for intense exercise
  • Boost energy and endurance
  • Price $34.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    Transparent Labs Pre-Workout


    Transparent Labs Pre-Workout comes with an impressive reputation, much like Cellucor. They are responsible for developing bodybuilding and pre-workout supplements for many different goals, though they offer six different remedies for pre-workouts. Some of the products help users to increase energy levels, while others deal with energy-boosting. Users have their choice of products with stimulants and ones without any stimulants.

    The six options that users have through Transparent Labs for pre-workout supplements include:

    • Preseries Bulk Pre-Workout
    • Preseries HowToBeast (H2B) Bulk
    • Preseries Jesse James West Bulk
    • Preseries Lean Pre-Workout
    • Preseries Stim-Booster
    • PreSeries Stim-Free Pre-Workout

    Though it could be easy to use the strongest pre-workout formulas that are all-in-one types of products, Transparent Labs has taken the time to develop different formulas that meet the customized goals of users. All of the products come with the support of proven ingredients, which is how they’ve gotten as far as they have today.

    Ingredients Taurine, Beta alanine, Caffeine, Astragin, Citrulline malate, and Beta Alanine
    Key Highlights
  • Boost performance due to caffeine intake
  • Improves blood flow for better performance
  • Boost energy to enhance intense workout sessions
  • Reduces muscle and mental fatigue
  • Price $40
    Money-Back Guarantee 90 days

    Blackwolf Pre-Workout


    Blackwolf may lack the years of experience and notoriety that the other brands on this list do, but it is still fairly impressive. All of the products come with high-quality packaging, providing a positive first impression to users that want to get all they can. The remedy also comes with delicious flavors to choose from. Currently, the flavors include green apple, blue raspberry, and fruit punch.

    The brand is based out of the United Kingdom, and their newness is no substitute for the decades of experience they already have with other supplements. Blackwolf is one of the best pre-workout supplements that have various flavors, fruit punch, green apple, and many more.

    Ingredients L-arginine, betaine, creatine, beta-alanine, L-citrulline, taurine, and L-tyrosine
    Key Highlights
  • Boost performance in multiple ways
  • Improves overall health and wellbeing
  • Promotes physical and mental performance
  • Supports muscle pumps
  • Price $45
    Money-Back Guarantee 100 days

    Ladder Pre Workout


    Ladder Pre Workout comes from a brand that already has the endorsement and co-founding of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lebron James. The duo develops an entire line of supplements, though this best pre-workout supplement specifically offers proven ingredients Plus, users can choose the flavor they want – tropical fruit or strawberry lemonade.

    Though many pre-workout supplements boast lab tests and scientific evidence, the Ladder Pre Workout Formula is NSF Certified for Sport. This certification shows that the product has already been verified through testing to ensure a high-quality and pure product, making it crucial to any professional athlete who wants a legal boost.

    Ingredients Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, L-Theanine, and Creatine
    Key Highlights
  • Boost muscle growth
  • Enhance strength and bone health
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Boost focus and sharpen memory
  • Price $56
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    4 Gauge


    4 Gauge provides a rather intense solution for consumers but without the jitters that caffeine typically causes in high amounts. The shotgun shell design of the container is enough to speak volumes regarding users’ reactions, implying that the user will feel intense power in their workouts like nothing they’ve experienced, that is why it is under the category of best pre-workout supplements.

    Referring to itself as a 4-in-1 best pre-workout supplement, the user gets incredible strength, focus, and energy with every single movement. Also, it contains proprietary blends without any artificial sweeteners that provide meaningful workout benefits.

    Ingredients L-citrulline, caffeine, L-theanine, Rhodiola Rosea
    Key Highlights
  • Increases nitric oxide production
  • Boost muscle and bone health
  • Faster recovery from muscle loss
  • Helps in shedding extra pounds
  • Price $45
    Money-Back Guarantee No money-back guarantee

    Onnit Total Strength + Performance


    Onnit already has an incredible reputation, but the use of the Onnit Total Strength + Performance formula is a favorite pre-workout supplement for many because it ensures that users get the best-rated pre-workout as well. Available in a strawberry lemonade flavor, users won’t get any caffeine in this pre-workout at all. Instead, each scoop offers amino acids, herbal extracts, and other plant extracts to ensure that every workout is effective.

    Ingredients Nettle leaf extract, Longjack root extract, red clover flower extract, and Beta-alanine
    Key Highlights
  • Optimize hormone imbalance
  • Support strength and power
  • Aid in physical performance
  • Increases energy level
  • Price $69
    Money-Back Guarantee 90 days

    Legion Athletics Pulse Pre-Workout


    Legion Athletics Pulse Pre-Workout, a natural pre-workout supplement, keeps the user’s mood and focus under control with impressive support for energy levels, strength, and endurance. This strongest pre-workout powder controls fatigue for a more effective workout, and users can get a blueberry lemonade flavor that leaves caffeine optional, giving customers the freedom to choose the right blend for them. With 350mg of caffeine in every serving, users might be shocked at how much more alert they feel.

    Ingredients Caffeine, citrulline malate and beta-alanine
    Key Highlights
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Enhances metabolic rate
  • Promotes energy boost
  • Sheds excess fat from the body
  • Price $31.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 365 days

    Powher Pre-Workout


    Powher Pre-Workout is one of the only two products on this list of best pre-workout supplements that focus on women. Realistically, women don’t need a different pre-workout than a man does. Still, this pre-workout formula states that they give an advantage by offering a remedy that specifically caters to them.

    The doses aren’t that potent, but there’s enough to make a difference for users and there are no artificial sweeteners. It is a natural pre-workout that comes with meaningful workout benefits.

    Ingredients Beta-alanine, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, and caffeine
    Key Highlights
  • Stimulant free pre-workout
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Allows easy athletic performance
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Price $45
    Money-Back Guarantee 90 days

    NSP Nutrition Energize Pre-Workout


    NSP Nutrition Energize Pre-Workoutoffers a few different flavors, including grape blast, tropical sunrise, and lemonade. Users only need to take one scoop for the benefits, stimulating more muscle activation while pushing for bigger muscle pumps. Users will also notice the improved mental acuity.

    Ingredients Citrulline, creatine, L-tyrosine, DMAE, L-theanine, and choline
    Key Highlights
  • Enhances mental and cognitive health
  • Boost metabolic rate
  • Helps in losing weight
  • Strengthen bone health
  • Price $36
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    IdealFit IdealLean Pre-Workout


    IdealFit IdealLean Pre-Workout, much like Powher, zeroes in on the effects that pre-workout products can have on women specifically. Offering a blue raspberry taste, users get 30 servings in every container, providing a heaping dose of citrulline, beta-alanine, betaine, and more. Plus, the company offers a “fat loss blend,” which gives users a few extra ingredients that can take the pounds off more effectively.

    The dosage found in this best pre-workout product exceeds what Power’s Pre-Workout provides, but it is still balanced in a way that benefits women. With hundreds of reviews by other women, this formula is accepted as a helpful tool for workouts by its target audience.

    Ingredients Citrulline, Betapure, and Caffeine
    Key Highlights
  • Best formula to lose weight
  • Increases intensity and endurance
  • Boost focus and memory
  • Promotes lean muscle mass
  • Price $25.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 365 days

    Bauer Nutrition BRF Pre-Workout


    Bauer Nutrition BRF Pre-Workout offers natural energy support with the use of caffeine and whey protein. While most other products on this list use amino acids and vitamins, protein ensures that the energy lasts for hours. This best pre-workout can also promote better endurance and focus. However, their claims aren’t unique, as the other supplements on this list have the same idea.

    Ingredients Whey protein isolate, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Selenium and caffeine
    Key Highlights
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Increase endurance and workout intensity
  • Natural energy booster
  • Boost memory
  • Price $26.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 60 days

    Legion Pulse


    While other products in this guide have to be purchased from their official websites, Legion Pulse is one of the few remedies available on Amazon.com as well. It already has about 11,000 customer reviews, earning it a 4.3-star rating (out of 5) for the satisfied customers that it leaves behind.

    With a fruit punch flavor, users get a spread of beneficial ingredients in a 30-portion container. However, to get the full effect of each of the ingredients added in this best pre-workout, users must measure out two scoops of the powder.

    Ingredients Citrulline, beta-alanine, betaine, alpha GPC, L-theanine, and caffeine
    Key Highlights
  • Increases energy
  • Boost endurance and focus
  • Reduces fatigue and muscle fatigue
  • Improves overall performance
  • Price $29.72
    Money-Back Guarantee 365 days

    Beast Sports Beast Mode Black


    The extreme power behind the Beast Sports Beast Mode Black is the most significant part of the appeal. It primarily focuses on boosting energy levels with ingredient dosages that other brands do not provide. The ingredients of this best pre-workout support the user’s nitric oxide levels, though it is essential to use this best pre-workout supplement every day to get the results promised.

    According to the creators, the doses of these ingredients are almost 400% more than what users get from the typical Beast Mode formula, which means it can take users further than the original.

    Ingredients Beta- Alanine, Taurine and Caffeine
    Key Highlights
  • Boost nitric oxide production
  • Boost energy level
  • Enhances physical and mental performance
  • Speed up recovery between sets
  • Price $39.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 60 days

    Alani Nu Pre-Workout


    The famous Pre-Workout by Alani Nu is highly rated and offers much more flavor than the average product. The potent flavor doesn’t distract from the necessary ingredients to support the user’s pre-workout needs.

    Ingredients L theanine, L-citrulline, beta-alanine, L tyrosine, and caffeine
    Key Highlights
  • Controls hunger
  • Increases energy level
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Sheds excess fat
  • Price $39.99
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    Huge Supplements Wrecked


    Huge Supplements is the creator of the final three formulas on this list of best pre-workout supplements, starting with the Wrecked. Users have several flavors to choose from, like bomb popsicles, peach rings, and raspberry mojito. Users get 25 servings in each container, and there are effective dosages of each one.

    Ingredients L-citrulline, lion’s mane mushroom, theobromine, caffeine, and a wealth of other substances
    Key Highlights
  • Focus on intense energy
  • Improves energy and focus
  • Boost workout at various angle
  • Increases blood flow for nitric oxide production
  • Price $44.95
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    Huge Supplements Wrecked Extreme

    Huge Supplements Wrecked Extreme IMAGE

    Wrecked Extreme offers a level from the main Wrecked formula, making it the most potent option for the pre-workout remedies from the Huge Supplements brand. This stim-free pre-workout has powerful ingredients, though they are not at the same levels as the Wrecked version. Users won’t have to use as big of a scoop to make a difference in their routine. Instead, the caffeine remains the same to keep the energy support up.

    Ingredients L-Tyrosine, Beta alanine, L- Theanine and caffeine
    Key Highlights
  • Improves power and energy
  • Promote overall health and wellbeing
  • Enhance endurance
  • Boost memory and focus
  • Price $59.95
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    Huge Supplements Wrecked Stim-Free


    Wrecked is on here twice, but the two formulas have one distinct difference – Huge Supplements Wrecked Stim-Free has no stimulants at all. It is a stimulant free pre workout that has no added artificial sweeteners or stimulants.

    Instead of caffeine and other stimulants, this remedy uses natural energy and natural ingredients. Users get the support of L-citrulline, Glycerpump, and beetroot extract in every serving. The scoop size is the largest on the list to get this support.

    Ingredients L-citrulline, Glycerpump, and beetroot extract
    Key Highlights
  • Keeps the person active and energetic
  • Reduces mental and muscle fatigue
  • Focus on endurance and intense workouts
  • Boost concentration and memory
  • Price $54.95
    Money-Back Guarantee 30 days

    How The best Pre-Workout Supplements Were Ranked

    Every pre-workout supplement seems to have the same benefits and power to overload a user’s routine with incredible success. However, with the unique blend of ingredients, no two formulas are quite the same, and this guide had to use specific criteria to separate the different options.

    The following guidelines were used as the top rankings were chosen for the list:

    Science-Backed Ingredients & Dosages

    No types of pre-workouts got preferential treatment on this list. The remedies have many ingredients that impact the user with these supplements, but the most critical factor is having the proper dosage. Formulas with proprietary blends often hide the dosages from the user, while other companies choose a transparent approach with exactly how much they get on the label.

    Advertised Benefits

    Advertising is the easiest way for consumers to know exactly what they are getting with a product. Unfortunately, bad actors in the supplement industry have found ways to use this method to make promises that they just can’t deliver. For example, some pre-workout formulas say that users drop tens of pounds within a night, while others say that they’ll be as ripped as Arnold Schwarzenegger within a few days. The overzealous pre-workouts with what they could offer gave a certain sense of suspicion over how true it could be.

    Health, Safety, and Testing

    When users shop with companies that do not have their best interest at heart, they are extremely dangerous. To ensure that the proper testing and quality shines through, seek out NSF Certified for Sport remedies. If the supplement doesn’t have this certification, independent lab tests and other types of verification work just as well.

    Formulated by Doctors and Other Professionals

    Any formula created to improve the health of the user should start from a place of sufficient knowledge. Though every product on this list is not verified by a healthcare professional, the products with a little more background in the information they preach earned a more secure place.

    Flavor and Texture

    The flavor of a pre-workout formula is vital to consider. After all, since most of these formulas have their distinct flavor to combine with water, users want to enjoy a taste. However, a tasty recipe isn’t good enough to make a difference. With a texture that blends easily and a flavor that users want, the pre-workouts on this list had to be worth the time and taste buds they took to consume.

    Artificial Ingredients, Sweeteners, and Flavors

    People who work out and improve the health of their body tend to be more careful than anyone else when it comes to filling it up too. Fillers and artificial ingredients have no place in a body that is so well-cared for. The pre-workouts with natural ingredients tend to have a more positive effect than the remedies that rely on synthetic solutions.

    Manufacturer Reputation

    Every company mentioned on this list didn’t have to have 20+ years in the industry (though it couldn’t hurt!). Instead, the brand had to be known for its performance and the high-quality product it put out. While some manufacturers had transparency in everything they did, others showed their quality with the performance and reviews from customers. The sources of ingredients play a role, but the primary focus of manufacturers was to ensure that the brand did what it claimed.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    No matter how good a pre-workout formula might be, it isn’t infallible. Health issues and incompatibility may lead consumers not to get the results that they’d hoped for in the first place. Most companies understand that satisfaction is vital, even if that satisfaction comes in the form of a refund for a mismatch between customer and product. Most of these supplements have a money-back guarantee for 30 to 60 days after the purchase is made, showing their confidence that their customers will be satisfied in one way or another.

    Price, Cost, and Value

    Everyone has a different budget for the pre-workout they purchase. While some people are more than happy to pay over $100, others want only to drop a $10 bill to get what they want. All of the products in this guide focused on getting the value deserved at any price point, giving the quality that users expect from the money that they pay.

    Scoop and Serving Size

    The serving size can vary from product to product. Some pre-workout formulas only need about 5 grams to be effective, while others can require a serving of 31 grams or more. The remedies with greater potency to go with the dosage got preferential ranking over other options.

    Who Should Take a Pre-Workout?

    The best part about a pre-workout formula is that it can be used by any healthy adult that wants to trigger a positive response in their routine. Most people think that this type of remedy is specific to bodybuilders and similar athletes. While it is true that these people prefer to use pre-workouts in their overall routine, they are hardly the only ones.

    Some of the other people that may find a pre-workout suitable for their standard include:

    • Bodybuilders
    • Runners/cyclists
    • Anyone who wants to shed weight
    • Someone who wants more remarkable results from every workout
    • Athletes
    • Anyone who wants to workout longer or harder

    It doesn’t matter if the user wants to improve their pumps or promote better weight loss – a good pre-workout makes a world of difference.

    Scientific Evidence Behind the Use of Best Pre-Workout Supplements

    Pre-workout supplements have been around for decades, supported further by the scientific evidence surrounding them. Based on the peer-reviewed studies already available, these types of supplements increase users’ physical and mental performance.

    One of those studies – which researchers posted in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition – stated that the use of these supplements acted as an “ergogenic aid.” This type of formula is suitable for individuals that want to increase their gym performance. Multiple studies have already backed up the same benefits. Considering that the majority of pre-workout remedies currently have caffeine, they are also used to boost cognition. Based on a study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, the use of caffeine helps individuals balance their mood, arousal, and concentration.

    Caffeine’s benefits go beyond the realm of cognition. It also helps users to increase their endurance while engaged in exercise, which is why most people take these formulas in the first place. People who drink black coffee often consider it one of the top ways to improve their workouts because of the lack of fillers and the balanced caffeine. Plus, keeping caffeine in the body allows users to get maximum performance for quite a while before they get tired.

    In a 1995 study, researchers discovered that caffeine helped users burn through fat much more quickly. The use of caffeine increases energy use naturally by about 11%, making the workouts more effective for weight loss.

    L-citrulline is another essential ingredient in these formulas, helping with up to 53% greater bench press reps (according to a study). Other studies reviewed the effects for bench press reps, discovering an improvement of 12%. When consumers add L-citrulline effectively, it helps to widen the blood vessels to improve performance and pump sessions.

    Creatine easily is one of the most popular pre-workout supplements available right now. The use of creatine increases athletic performance, making it beneficial for both professionals and amateur athletes. It improves how the body produces muscle cells during exercises with high intensity or requires a lot of strength to perform. Anyone who wants to increase their body’s shrink or muscle mass will likely find what they need from creatine.

    Another common ingredient found in these formulas is taurine. In a study in 2004, researchers used this ingredient in their supplements to help them see the reaction of the muscle cells against oxidative stress in humans. The positive effects are replicated in other studies involving cyclists, showing that was able to remove waste products during exercise, helping with the recovery process and reducing the risk of cramps. Supplementation allows users to improve by 16% or greater, based on 1,660mg of taurine. Studies in 2013 added that this ingredient also helped with muscle damage and soreness.

    Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are necessary for protein production, helping the user synthesize the muscle cells rapidly. The powerful effect BCAAs have on the body leads many people to use them on their own, mainly due to the reduced soreness and damage to the muscles. They account for approximately 40% of all amino acids that the body needs, reducing fatigue and exhaustion for users.

    Due to how nootropic supplements stimulate the brain, it isn’t unheard of that these ingredients are included. They promote better attention and focus, but anyone who heads to the gym will likely experience an improvement in the focus and attention they give their workout. When someone becomes bored or stressed out at the gym, they pay less attention to their routine and struggle to get an effective workout.

    L-theanine is often found in formulas that already have some amount of caffeine because it helps eliminate the ingredient’s adverse effects. Anyone who becomes typically jittery or experiences some type of anxiety with caffeine may want to seek out a supplement with this ingredient. According to studies, using L-theanine and caffeine helps users improve their attention while promoting a better mood. They also make for an incredible duo for individuals that want the nootropic benefits of pre-workout remedies.

    Natural extracts often find their way into supplements for workouts because of their benefits to the circulatory system and more. Take beetroot extract, for example. One of the prime benefits of using beetroot extract is that it promotes better nitric oxide levels, which reduces the user’s blood pressure and keeps the blood vessels reacting. Nitric oxide is already naturally produced by the body, but an extract (like beetroot) improves it. Yohimbine is another perfect example of a natural ingredient’s effect on a pre-workout supplement. It promotes better energy levels and increases blood flow, but a study in 2006 revealed that it also helps users improve their fat loss. Since that study, diet pills and fat burners alike have included it in some way.

    Pre-workout supplements are filled with helpful and effective ingredients that make weight loss more effortless than ever before. They promote better endurance and build muscles, though customers can also use them for weight loss. Users that may not be sure what direction to go in can use any of the formulas on this list.

    Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements

    Anyone who typically doesn’t use caffeine or other stimulants may experience side effects using a pre-workout supplement. Even the healthiest of adults sometimes struggle with the amount of caffeine in these formulas. Still, the most significant risk comes when high levels of pre-workouts are consumed beyond their recommended dosage. Consumers also put themselves at risk when they choose a pre-workout from a company that is not reputable.

    The most common side effects of using pre-workout supplements include:

    • Jitteriness or anxiety
    • Interrupted sleep or insomnia
    • Building up a tolerance to the pre-workout benefits
    • Digestive difficulty (i.e., constipation or diarrhea)
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Headaches

    Rarely will consumers cause liver and kidney damage by using the pre-workout for too long or without following the directions.

    Some of these side effects are more likely with certain ingredients. For instance, the digestive difficulty is most likely caused by caffeine, creatine, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate. Gastrointestinal problems can be the result of high L-arginine doses, starting at over 6 grams per serving. None of the above supplements have doses that high but keep an eye out for other products. Users with too much L-arginine in their system can also experience bloating and diarrhea.

    Skin irritation occurs most often with high levels of beta-alanine. However, the effect doesn’t last, and it won’t harm the user. The discomfort usually only lasts an hour.

    Recommended Dosages in Pre-Workout Supplements

    With so many different pre-workout supplements on the market, the best way to find the proper dosage is to pay careful attention to the directions. The formula is often used within an hour of the user’s workout, though some take the remedy to begin their routine.

    Since the pre-workout formulas of many brands are a bit intense, some customers prefer only to use half of a serving at the start to gauge their reaction. This type of “test” is necessary for individuals that don’t usually consume caffeine in their diet.

    With a high enough dose, caffeine has the power to be lethal. The moderate amount of caffeine that some pre-workouts offer is enough to cause adverse effects on the body, especially since the average person can comfortably consume no more than 400mg daily.

    Some of the other products that have specific safe dosages include:

    • Betaine (1.25 to 2.5g)
    • L-theanine (1:2 ratio with caffeine)
    • Citrulline (up to 8g per day)
    • BCAAs (10g before a workout and 10g after a workout)
    • Taurine (500mg to 2,000mg per day)
    • L-ornithine (2g to 3g per day)

    Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Workout Supplements

    Q: What does a pre-workout supplement do?

    A: Pre-workout supplements help users improve their physical and mental performance before engaging in physical activity. The specific purpose of each one varies, but they can help with endurance, energy, building muscle, and increasing energy levels.

    Q: Are pre-workouts safe?

    A: For most people, yes. Healthy adults can safely integrate pre-workout formulas into their routine when they follow the instructions provided. Never surpass the recommended dosage. Individuals who currently have a medical condition or take medication may want to speak with their doctor before using this remedy method.

    Q: What’s inside pre-workouts?

    A: Every pre-workout supplement is different. While some products include caffeine to increase energy before a workout, others provide the body with amino acids, B vitamins, protein, creatine, and BCAAs to make a difference.

    Q: What’s the best pre-workout?

    A: Every pre-workout on our list is a top option for individuals wanting to introduce a pre-workout into their routine.

    Q: What is “pump” in bodybuilding?

    A: This term is regarding the energy and endurance of the muscles while the user is working out. Most people hear this phrase from bodybuilders or supplement companies, focusing on more intense pumps. Pre-workouts that help users to work out longer and with more strength will need to maximize the pump.

    Q: How do pre-workout supplements provide a mental boost?

    A: These supplements primarily focus on increasing the user’s body, promoting greater cognition and focus. Ingredients range from vitamins and minerals to herbal extracts and other support.

    Q: How do users take pre-workouts?

    A: Pre-workout shakes primarily are meant to be blended into water, milk, or another liquid of the user’s choice. Ones with a distinct flavor are best to only mix with water to allow the authentic flavors to shine through.

    Q: What does pre-workout taste like?

    A: The brand and the particular product will determine what flavors are best for the user. Typically, a pre-workout supplement is fruity, allowing users to hydrate with a flavorful addition to their water. However, with so many products on the market today, it is easy to find a flavor that meets the user’s needs.

    Q: Can pre-workout supplements cause kidney failure?

    A: Technically, yes. When users exceed the recommended dose for pre-workout supplements, there is a substantial risk of dehydration, high blood pressure, and kidney failure due to caffeine and creatine. Both of these substances are diuretics, and they come with significant side effects.

    Q: Are BCAA supplements a pre-workout?

    A: Yes. The use of branched-chain amino acids allows users to get stronger during workouts. Customers can take them before a workout as a boost, but they are just as helpful and practical when taken during or after a workout for muscle growth.

    Q: Can pre-workouts help with weight loss?

    A: Absolutely. The majority of these formulas make it easier for consumers to improve their ability to burn through fat, giving them more control over the calories they burn during a workout. Pre-workouts with caffeine are especially helpful in stimulating the metabolism.

    Q: Can pre-workouts burn fat?

    A: Typically, yes. The calories burned during a pre-workout increase when this type of formula is introduced. Inherently, this benefit helps users to burn more fat than they typically would.

    Q: Can I take pre-workout on an empty stomach?

    A: While a pre-workout supplement can be taken without any prior food eaten, it isn’t recommended. An empty stomach puts the user at a greater risk of side effects. Caffeine from these formulas tends to impact the bloodstream rapidly, putting users at risk of increased side effects.

    Q: Are pre-workouts legal?

    A: As an overall supplement, pre-workout formulas are currently legal. However, some brands have not abided by the Food and Drug Administration rules, leading to their bans. Jack3d is a perfect example of this problem due to the health risks that it poses for users. Thanks to the regulation of the industry, the FDA doesn’t have to step in much for these violations. Instead, the brands include the dosages and ingredients generally recognized as safe (GRAS), making them much safer and legal to use.

    Q: When should I take a pre-workout?

    A: Customers should take pre-workout supplements before they work out. Some people prefer to use the formula about 30 to 60 minutes before starting their routine to give it time to reach their bloodstream.

    Q: Should I take a pre-workout supplement at night?

    A: Since these formulas use caffeine and other stimulants, it is best to avoid using a pre-workout supplement before sleeping.

    Q: Should users feel itching or tingling when taking a pre-workout supplement?

    A: Sometimes, itchiness or tingling occurs, which is due to the dosage of beta-alanine. However, the dose could be the culprit. For others, itchiness can be a sign of cardiovascular problems or other health concerns.

    Q: What are the best pre-workout ingredients?

    A: The top ingredients in pre-workout supplements include B-vitamins, citrulline, beetroot extract, arginine, BCAAs, taurine, and similar components

    Q: How much caffeine is in my pre-workout?

    A: The specific formula should include any information about their caffeine dosage, typically found in these supplements. The label should expressly state how much is used in the remedy, ranging from 50mg to 400mg per serving. Coffee, on the other hand, only contains about 80mg to 120mg of caffeine.

    Q: How long does pre-workout take to kick in?

    A: Usually, a pre-workout takes about 30-60 minutes to give the user the full benefits. However, the contents of the user’s stomach can influence this amount. Individuals that recently had a large meal may notice that the pre-workout takes a little longer to start working. Individuals with an empty stomach should see a change within about 15 to 20 minutes.

    Q: How long does pre-workout last?

    A: Caffeine in a pre-workout can last up to 7 hours, but the most noticeable effect of the formula occurs within about 1-3 hours after the user takes the formula.

    Q: Is coffee a good pre-workout?

    A: While caffeine can help users get the energy they need, users who want other nutrients may look for alternatives. However, since there are no additives or filler ingredients, some people find plain coffee one of the best pre-workouts available to consumers today.

    Q: Is it “preworkout” or “pre-workout”?

    A: The term is interchangeable amongst consumers. However, supplement companies typically prefer to use the phrase “pre-workout” for their formulas.

    Q: What are the side effects of pre-workout?

    A: Individuals that regularly use pre-workout formulas sometimes develop digestive issues, jitteriness, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, nausea, and problems with their cardiovascular system. Most of these side effects are primarily due to the use of caffeine in supplements. While other minor side effects may occur, the average healthy adult doesn’t have any side effects when they follow the directions of the remedy.

    Q: Can users stack other supplements with pre-workout?

    A: Absolutely. However, individuals that stack their formulas need to avoid consuming too many stimulants in one serving. They should also mind their nitrate threshold to avoid exceeding what is safe in avoiding dire health consequences.

    Q: What is a proprietary blend?

    A: A proprietary blend is a combination of multiple ingredients that hides the dosages in a supplement. The mix allows companies to preserve the secrets of their success, but they make determining the total amount of caffeine and other ingredients rather tricky.

    Q: Do pre-workouts work?

    A: The weight loss industry is filled with thousands of studies on the effects of pre-workout ingredients on the body. Using substances like BCAAs and caffeine promotes a more motivated workout, which scientists verified through trials and studies of their own.

    Q: How do I choose a pre-workout?

    A: Base the decision on the workout goals of the user. Individuals that want to increase muscle mass or burn fat may not have the same products in mind. Check out the specific benefits of the formulas above to get a little direction in this fitness journey.

    Q: What is nitric oxide?

    A: Nitric oxide helps red blood vessels to relax and promote better blood flow. It is sometimes found in pre-workout supplements as a compound of another ingredient, like beetroot.

    Q: How much should users spend on a pre-workout?

    A: Most pre-workout remedies cost about $25 to $40 to get enough of the product to make it through a month of use. However, this guide has supplements of many different sizes.

    The Top 22 Best Pre-Workout Supplements of 2022- Final Thoughts

    Finding a pre-workout that works for the needs of every user can be rather tricky, especially with the many options offered. Since every product claims that it can help users work out more effectively, most remedies do not have the power to do so. Some of the pre-workout formulas on the market have worthwhile dosages of their ingredients, though others trick users with caffeine and stimulants that mimic the results they want.

    Using pre-workout supplements is the easiest way to help users improve their weight loss by increasing muscle mass.

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