Best Nitric Oxide Boosters (2022) Top Supplements to Improve Blood Flow

Nitric oxide is a necessary component for the body, supporting blood flow and improving endurance. Essentially, it helps with the body’s athletic performance, and the right ingredients in a diet can help with the natural increase of nitric oxide.

Finding the best match can be difficult since the market is flooded with options. Nowadays, the top products on the market provide a way for consumers to boost their nitric oxide levels with ingredients that scientific research supports. Within this guide, consumers will better understand what they can use now.

The Nitric Oxide Boosters in 2022

With all of the research on the market, the top nitric oxide boosters include:

  • CrazyBulk NO2-Max
  • Juvenon BloodFlow-7 Nitric Oxide Booster
  • Advanced BioNutritionals CircO2
  • New Alpha Nutrition Alpha Strength
  • VigRX Nitric Oxide
  • Onnit Total Nitric Oxide
  • Transparent Labs Strength Series Nitric Oxide
  • Huge Supplements Magnify
  • Old School Labs Vintage Burst
  • Cellucor NO3
  • Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster
  • HumanN Neo40 NO2 Booster
  • Sovereignty Purpose
  • 1MD CardioFitMD
  • NitriLean
  • Brutal Force IBUTALEAN
  • Brutal Force CARDALEAN
  • Drachen
  • Rasputin Herbs Siberian Green
  • The 20 Flow
  • Anabolic Running
  • Hyperbolic Stretching

Crazy Bulk NO2-Max


Crazy Bulk already has an incredible reputation on the market for creating helpful supplements, and their NO2-Max remedy follows this pattern. Though it won’t have the same effect as a steroid, it provides users with an energy boost that isn’t like any other formula. Users only need to take two tablets a day to support their energy levels while promoting better strength and performance.

Rather than flooding the body with many different ingredients, there are just two found in this remedy – calcium, and L-arginine. The substantial doses help users get better nitric oxide production.

Juvenon BloodFlow-7 Nitric Oxide Booster


Juvenon Nitric Oxide BloodFlow-7 offers a proprietary blend of ingredients to help users produce more nitric oxide naturally with the precursory ingredients and beetroot extract. It allows users to tackle their blood flow in many ways, taking advantage of the natural benefits of many components.

Consumers benefit from the main ingredients, including beetroot extract, coffee bean extract, green tea leaf extract, turmeric, blueberry, kale, tart cherry, and broccoli. Plus, users get the additional benefits of these ingredients, which means that BloodFlow-7 also supports energy, stamina, blood pressure, and more. It can even improve the skin.

Advanced BioNutritionals CircO2


CircO2 from Advanced BioNutritionals uses hawthorn berry, vitamin B12, vitamin C, L-citrulline, and magnesium to promote better nitric oxide production. More specifically, it helps with improved energy levels, reducing high cholesterol, and more. For some people, sexual health even improves with regular use.

Users won’t find a single artificial substance in this formula, whether artificial coloring, binders, preservatives, etc. Though supplements don’t require any approval from the Food and Drug Administration, they are made in a registered facility with this authority.

New Alpha Nutrition Alpha Strength


New Alpha Nutrition Alpha Strength focuses on the benefits they can offer men, increasing their sex drive and the strength of their erections through boosted nitric oxide production. It requires daily use, providing users with L-citrulline, magnesium, and vitamin B6. It also includes zinc, fenugreek, and Tongkat Ali, all directly associated with boosting testosterone.

VigRX Nitric Oxide


VigRX Nitric Oxide is another supplement that focuses on the benefits that nitric oxide offers the libido a boost. The formula provides a healthy amount of L-citrulline and L-arginine, both directly connected to cardiovascular health. It is used to support blood flow in any circumstance that needs it, including the gym or during sexual activities.

Onnit Total Nitric Oxide


Onnit Total Nitric Oxide comes from a brand that already offers many formulas, including nootropics, pre-workout remedies, and formulas to improve muscle mass. This formula helps users enhance nitric oxide production with L-citrulline, L-arginine, and beetroot. It also enhances the user’s blood pressure and allows users who need to recover after they exercise.

Transparent Labs Strength Series Nitric Oxide


Transparent Labs Strength Series Nitric Oxide offers many of the same benefits that consumers can expect from the other nitric oxide boosters listed online, but they have many different ingredients. Those ingredients include arginine nitrate, betaine nitrate, L-glutathione, pine bark extract, vitamin C, and astragalus. The doses are relatively strong to improve the effects that nitric oxide provides, requiring the users to take four capsules each day to get the results.

Huge Supplements Magnify


Huge Supplements Magnify helps users improve their muscle pumps when they engage in workouts, making them more explosive. This supplement increases vasodilation with ingredients already backed up by scientific evidence. Magnify can maximize the user’s performance in the gym or bedroom.

It has incredibly high doses of the ingredients, but users have to take six capsules to get the benefits described. The included ingredients are L-arginine (1,500mg), beetroot extract (1,000mg), L-citrulline (1,000mg), and other substances.

Old School Labs Vintage Burst


Old School Labs Vintage Burst supports the nitric oxide in the body for hours, which means that consumers can keep up their physical performance for about three hours at a time. This formula is rich in ingredients that can support the user’s body. Along with a significant dose of L-arginine, users also get organic coffee fruit extract, maca root, and many fruit and vegetable extracts.

This formula is one of the few remedies that contains caffeine to help users get more energy, offering about the same amount that an individual receives from a good cup of coffee.

Cellucor NO3


Cellucor NO3 functions as a pre-workout supplement by one of the top names in the supplement industry today. It is primarily used to help consumers improve their endurance and make each training session count for more. The nitric oxide booster improves any user’s pre-workout routine, offering unique value for the benefits. The supplement includes a substantial amount of L-arginine, which is complemented by citrulline malate, grape seed extract, and arginine silicate to get these effects.

Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster


Snap Supplements Nitric Oxide Booster helps consumers improve their respiratory health, especially lung function. It also allows users to enhance their immune systems while enhancing their circulatory health. It combines L-citrulline and other amino acids (like L-taurine, L-norvaline, and vanadyl sulfate).

Ultimately, this booster has many proven ingredients to support nitric oxide levels. It isn’t nearly as strong as some other products on this list, but it is easy to double the serving.

HumanN Neo40 NO2 Booster


HumanN Neo40 NO2 Booster comes from a brand that deals explicitly with nitric oxide production. This formula is one of the few that includes a proprietary blend of beetroot powder, hawthorn berry extract, L-citrulline, and sodium nitrate. It zones in on nitric oxide’s ability to improve circulation and heart health, helping to dilate blood vessels and improve the user’s endurance.

Sovereignty Purpose


Purpose by Sovereignty increases nitric oxide production. The formula includes seven patented ingredients to improve the user’s focus and energy with caffeine. However, the balance prevents users from experiencing jitteriness associated with it. The ingredients are used in Ayurvedic practices, reducing stress, and improving calmness. This formula delivers beet juice, ashwagandha, cordyceps, and grapeseed extract in every bottle.

1MD CardioFitMD


CardioFitMD by 1MD provides a plethora of superfoods that target cardiovascular health but improve overall wellness. It includes many different ingredients, like probiotics and nitric oxide boosters directly. More specifically, users get beetroot powder, Rhodiola root powder, vitamins, and minerals to improve the body.



NitriLean helps users take advantage of the weight loss benefits that nitric oxide boosters can offer. The company claims their benefits from a secret among Russians that can help them lose up to 87 lbs. of fat from their body, breaking down to 1.8lbs. every 1.5 days. The creators of this formula claim that using NitriLean helps users reduce their appetite, reduce the risk of heart attack, and promote better longevity.

While the promises made are bold, they have many ingredients to back them up (like beetroot and L-citrulline). However, users don’t get nearly the same dose as other brands.

Brutal Force IBUTALEAN


Brutal Force IBUTALEAN helps users get comparable effects to IBUTAMOREN MK-677. It improves lean muscle growth while promoting reduced inflammation to ease the damage to the body. It enhances healing after exercise, and it enhances recovery. Essentially, it works the way that other growth hormone supplements do.

Brutal Force CARDALEAN


Brutal Force CARDALEAN provides users with an alternative supplement to a medication called Cardarine GW501516. It helps the user improve their fat loss while protecting the muscles from deteriorating. The formula also supports endurance and increases vascularity. Individuals who want the other benefits of nitric oxide while losing weight will get the best benefits from CARDALEAN.



Drachen has a massive blend of ingredients to support nitric oxide production, including GABA, moomiyo, L-dopamine, and L-glutamine. Instead of offering a capsule, it is available as a liquid to make the formula easier to absorb. The results are more energy, increased confidence, more incredible stamina, and improved libido.

Rasputin Herbs Siberian Green


Traditional remedies inspired the creation of Rasputin Herbs Siberian Green, which improves nitric oxide levels. It combines horny goat weed, maca root, and Tongkat Ali, which helps users increase their sex drive and libido. It is rich in other herbal and plant extracts.

The 20 Flow


The 20 Flow helps users improve cardiovascular health by improving blood flow for the heart, brain, and other organs. It results from years of research using L-citrulline, watermelon rind, fermented organic spinach, and other ingredients that different formulas haven’t used. Consumers only need to take two capsules each day to get the results.

Anabolic Running


Anabolic Running isn’t a supplement but a guide. The guide educates users on the best exercises that they can take on to increase their nitric oxide levels naturally. The formula helps users improve their heart health by running, but users don’t have to spend hours at the gym or on an exercise machine. However, nitric oxide use is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their blood flow long-term.

Hyperbolic Stretching


Hyperbolic Stretching is another guide that deals with the natural increase in nitric oxide, giving the user the strategies that anyone can integrate into their routine for improved nitric oxide. The program focuses on exercises that tone the user’s core, lower back, and more, using stretching techniques to make it possible. Plus, no equipment is required to make a difference.

What Qualified Nitric Oxide Boosters for this Guide?

The hard part about separating one nitric oxide booster from another is that they all claim to do the same thing. However, whether the user goes for a guide or supplement, they need to know that the remedy will work as advertised, which is why a few essential metrics were considered.

Science-backed Ingredients

The supplement ingredients needed to have a way to improve nitric oxide levels and had to be proven by scientific evidence to be considered for our list. One of the most popular ingredients to boost nitric oxide production is beetroot extract, backed by scientific evidence.

Dosages That Work

Even if the formula uses all of the right ingredients, the correct dosage is also necessary to make a change. The supplement must include enough of the ingredients listed to have the desired effects, even if the label impresses users. Proprietary blends are the easiest ways for companies to hide low dosages.

Transparency and Honesty

Some of the formulas in the market don’t have an excellent reputation that precedes the brand. Some of these supplements claim that they can stimulate incredible weight loss, while others say that heart disease could be cured in one night. The products on this list had to be completely honest about what they could do.


While there are plenty of nitric oxide boosters that are incredibly expensive, the price is not the biggest concern for this list. Instead, the formula had to simply offer enough value to validate this price, which was a significant consideration for the rankings.

Customer Reviews

No one knows better how effective a nitric oxide booster can be than the customers. Every person is different, and some supplements won’t work in certain circumstances. However, it is worth noticing when a product has thousands of legitimate reviews.

Easy to Use

Taking a nitric oxide booster should be easy, effective, and even enjoyable. Products that taste bad aren’t helpful to individuals because they won’t want to use them. Some products even require that users take six capsules in a single dose to make a difference. The entire purpose is to find convenience in these supplements, and remedies that aren’t convenient aren’t worth listing in this guide.

Formulation by Doctors and Medical Professionals

Some products have the added benefit of being created by medical professionals, including cardiologists, doctors, etc. However, some formulas are made by a marketing team that simply wants to make more money. The nitric oxide boosters with experts on staff were more likely to have an impact than other supplements.

Money-back Guarantee

Consumers want to have some confidence in the products that they take, but they aren’t always the right match for the user’s needs. Companies with a money-back guarantee were preferred to ensure that users don’t lose their investment.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide naturally occurs in the body to widen the blood vessels. This compound is also responsible for stimulating insulin, growth hormone, and other hormones, so the supplements are also connected to improved cardiovascular health and hormone production.

Even though this guide focuses on supplements, some medications can stimulate nitric oxide production. Using Viagra is a perfect example, helping with blood flow for the user’s erection.

How Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Work?

When an individual takes a nitric oxide supplement, a few effects can happen. The primary purpose is to increase the user’s nitric oxide levels, which can be done by either raising the levels directly or creating a natural reaction in the body to increase production. The most common ingredients in these supplements that can help include beetroot, L-arginine, and L-citrulline.

Top Benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide supplements can work for multiple purposes, ranging from improved athletic performance to better stamina in the bedroom. When the user raises their nitric oxide levels, their blood flow improves, and they start experiencing better delivery of nutrients, oxygen, and other vital compounds in their body. Physical performance naturally improves, affecting the user’s stamina at the gym and in the bedroom.

Along with the improved performance, consumers can expect to recover faster. The same oxygen and nutrients that help with performance can help the muscles get the support needed to heal more quickly and make necessary repairs. It also reduces the user’s soreness after a workout.

Since it impacts the user’s blood flow, users shouldn’t be surprised that their heart health can improve. Users properly manage arterial stiffness, blood pressure, and even blood flow with broader blood vessels, which is good news for the user’s heart. Whenever the heart functions better, it also improves heart health and the cardiovascular system.

Users who regularly improve nitric oxide levels also improve users blood pressure levels. Individuals with high blood pressure levels can’t use nitric oxide as effectively as someone with healthy blood pressure, making them more likely to succumb to heart issues and kidney disease. Inherently, improved nitric oxide levels can reduce the user’s risk of these problems.

With balance in the user’s nitric oxide levels, some studies suggest that diabetes may be easier to manage. One study discovered that using a nitric oxide supplement can help users to increase their insulin sensitivity and manage blood sugar levels. Another study concurred, stating that including L-arginine in the diet could prevent diabetes from ever occurring in the first place.

Best Foods for Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide supplements are beneficial to consumers who want to increase this compound in their bodies. However, they aren’t necessary with the right foods in someone’s diet. Beets and leafy greens are just two of the biggest proponents of this compound.


One of the main ingredients in nitric oxides supplements is beetroot juice extract, and for a good reason. Beetroot juice contains nitric oxide naturally, and it is a common remedy for individuals who want to improve their performance and endurance. They are rich in nitrates, which are necessary for converting nitric oxide, ensuring that users improve their heart health, reduce high blood pressure, and improve athletic performance.

Leafy Greens

Any leafy green vegetable is a good bet for nitrates, offering the exact conversion that consumers can find in beetroot juice. Some of the best vegetables for these nitrates include broccoli, arugula, lettuce, spinach, and kale. Consumers also get plenty of nitrates from parsley, leeks, fennel, cabbage, cucumber, and celery.

Other Foods

Other foods that can help with nitric oxide production include garlic, dark chocolate, meats, pomegranate, nuts, seeds, and watermelon.

Best Natural Ways to Boost Nitric Oxide

Certain habits can improve nitric oxide levels, making it easy to bring on these changes naturally. Some of the top ways to enhance nitric oxide production are:

  • Eating more vegetables (especially beets). The compounds found in leafy green vegetables and beets trigger the body to produce nitric oxide with their natural nitrates. They also offer antioxidants, reducing the inflammation brought on by free radicals.
  • Taking a probiotic. Probiotic supplements keep the microbiome in the gut balanced, which means that the body can quickly produce nitric acid from the foods that it takes in. Probiotics support the digestive tract.
  • Exercising daily. When individuals add exercise to their routine, the body can release nitric oxide. Some of the best stimulating activities include deadlifts, squats, and bench presses because they all take on large muscle groups.

Scientific Evidence for Nitric Oxide Booster Supplements

Every supplement has its way of boosting nitric oxide production, but the only remedies that anyone should trust are those with scientifically proven ingredients to help. Using the right ingredients increases the width of blood vessels, relaxing them as only nitric oxide can do.

The top ingredient to include in this type of formula is beetroot, which has been proven to work many times through scientific research. One study found that the relaxed blood vessels caused by beetroot helped individuals to bring down their high blood pressure. Other studies confirm that beetroot positively influences the user’s endurance and performance, which allows them in any physical activity. The high number of nitrites in beetroot is the reason behind these effects because nitrites act as a precursor to nitric oxide.

Some formulas promote increased blood flow instead of directly increasing the user’s nitric oxide levels. Yohimbine is a common pre-workout ingredient that brings on this change. In a study in 2006, researchers found a connection between improved blood flow and yohimbine. They also found that yohimbine promoted more significant fat loss and more energy, making it ideal for pre-workout supplements.

Another common ingredient for nitric oxide boosters is L-citrulline. This substance is one of the most well-studied ingredients in nitric oxide boosters, helping to eliminate waste after a workout and increase how well the body absorbs nutrients. Studies have revealed a direct correlation between L-citrulline and the treatment of erectile dysfunction due to the increased production of nitric oxide. It also helps with muscle soreness, even with just 8 grams of citrulline malate.

L-arginine is also extensively studied, showing that it helps with nitric oxide production. Most consumers prefer to use it as part of a pre-workout formula because it improves physical performance. However, it doesn’t work like other formulas because the body can break it down long before it reaches the bloodstream.

Some formulas include garlic to promote better blood flow. In a study from 1995, garlic was proven to help with nitric oxide synthesis, relaxing the arteries as it widened blood vessels. A separate study (which used aged garlic) discovered a boost of 30% to 40% in nitric oxide production.

Dark chocolate is easily one of the most delicious and satisfying ways to improve nitric oxide levels. A study in 2011 found that dark chocolate managed to lower high blood pressure, reducing the risk of hypertension. It also enhanced nitric oxide production.

Since nitric oxide creates a similar reaction to antioxidants, many supplements used to increase it will add ingredients with known antioxidant effects to enhance the results. These supplements include turmeric, grapeseed extract, and green tea leaf extract.

Ultimately, scientific research has found many ways to improve nitric oxide production with the right ingredients. The supplements with the best chance of success have to include these ingredients.

Side Effects of Nitric Oxide Boosters

As the label instructs, most healthy adults experience no side effects when taking a nitric oxide booster. However, side effects can occur if the individual decides to exceed the recommended dosage. If the user has more than 10 grams of L-arginine in the serving, diarrhea and stomach pain are common.

Beetroot extract tends to change the user’s urine to a pink or dark red color, which can be concerning. However, this change isn’t dangerous for the body – it is just the natural color of beetroot that the body has to expel.

Recommended Dose of Nitric Oxide Boosters

Every nitric oxide supplement has different concentrations of ingredients, so it is impossible to say the ideal dose. Plus, each element has a different level that it works at.

For example, most studies involving L-arginine or L-citrulline had between 1g and 10g that the participants had to take. With beetroot, the doses ranged from 500mg to 2,000mg.

Frequently About Nitric Oxide Boosters

Q: What is nitric oxide?

A: This natural compound helps the body to support proper blood flow.

Q: What does nitric oxide do?

A: As the blood vessels widen, nitric oxide is often used to improve the user’s blood flow and relax the arteries.

Q: How do nitric oxide booster supplements work?

A: The impact that nitric oxide boosters have varies. Some formulas use natural ingredients that directly affect nitric oxide levels. Beetroot extract is a prime example. However, other formulas indirectly address these levels with antioxidants or different formulas.

Q: How much do nitric oxide booster supplements cost?

A: The price ranges, though an effective remedy, typically only costs between $25 and $70 for one bottle, which takes the user through a month of use. Some supplements are much cheaper or more expensive; it depends on the user’s budget.

Q: Are nitric oxide boosters safe?

A: Yes. Most scientific research shows that nitric oxide boosters are relatively safe and healthy when used as directed. Users should always follow the recommended dosage and seek out products with scientifically-proven ingredients.

Q: What’s the best way to raise nitric oxide levels?

A: Eating foods rich in nitrates or taking a supplement for nitric oxide production are effective ways to raise these levels.

Q: Are nitric oxide boosters bad for the liver?

A: These boosters are only unsafe for the liver when taken in high amounts. The nitrites from processed meats, for example, can be stressful for the liver and the rest of the digestive system. However, the nitrites found in vegetables do not have the same effect.

Q: Can users take nitric oxide supplements daily?

A: Yes. However, when starting any new regimen, take note of any daily symptoms to ensure that the formula is safely interacting with them.

Q: What are the best foods for nitric oxide?

A: The top foods for nitric oxide production are beets and leafy greens. It is possible to raise nitric oxide levels with these nutrients naturally.

Q: What’s the best nitric oxide booster supplement?

A: Any formulas on this list are excellent nitric oxide boosters. However, the top-ranking options include Crazy Bulk NO2-Max, Juvenon BloodFlow-7, and CircO2 from Advanced BioNutritionals.

Q: Are beets good for nitric oxide?

A: Yes. They are an excellent source of nitrites and nitrates, which help with the natural production of nitric oxide.

Q: Is L-citrulline suitable for nitric oxide?

A: Yes. According to scientific research, including this substance in the body helps with nitric oxide production. It also improves the user’s blood flow.

Q: Is L-arginine good for nitric oxide?

A: Yes. Though there isn’t as much research for L-arginine as beetroot and L-citrulline has, its evidence shows that it helps with nitric oxide production.

Q: Can nitric oxide help with erectile dysfunction?

A: Yes. Boosters for nitric oxide help users to improve their blood flow and improve physical performance, which is necessary to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Q: Can probiotics help with nitric oxide?

A: Yes. Probiotics balance out the bacteria in the gut, and these bacteria help the body to get nitric oxide from the foods in the user’s diet.

The Nitric Oxide Boosters in 2022 Final Thoughts

Nitric oxide booster supplements help users improve blood flow, enhance physical performance, and recover quickly after physical activity. The cardiovascular system relies on good blood flow, helping with sexual performance, athletic performance, and other areas of wellness, which is why nitric oxide boosters are so popular. Try these top-ranking formulas from above to learn firsthand what a nitric oxide booster can do.

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