Best Mattresses 2021: Top Mattress Brands to Use (Buyer’s Guide)

Everyone uses their mattress. They need a good night of sleep every single night to be ready for the days ahead, but hardly anyone has a bed that fits their needs. Factors like height, weight, and other personal preferences make a difference in how good a mattress match may be.

All companies want consumers to choose their products for their comfort level and ability to customize. However, they aren’t worth the price without a lot more to offer. This guide addresses the worst and best mattresses on the market today to ensure that your purchase is worth the money.

The Top Mattress Brands of 2021

After reaching out to different mattress companies and reviewing customer comments, here are the top companies on the market for mattresses.

  • GhostBed
  • GhostBed Natural
  • Nature’s Sleep
  • Eight Sleep
  • Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  • Casper
  • Sleep Number
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • ChiliSleep
  • US-Mattress
  • Sleep EZ
  • Puffy Mattress
  • DreamCloud Sleep
  • Naturepedic
  • Plush Beds
  • Layla Sleep
  • Sweet Night Mattresses
  • Purple
  • AirWeave
  • Nolah
  • Happsy
  • Sweet Zzz Mattress
  • Helix Sleep
  • Zoma Sleep
  • Amerisleep
  • Swanwick Sleep Glasses

Read on below to learn about the way that each brand can help consumers today.



GhostBed is quickly gaining much attention from customers with a few different options for consumer needs, including GhostBed Classic, GhostBed Flex, GhostBed Luxe, and GhostBed 3D Matrix. Some mattresses focus on helping users get the support they need, while others work on keeping the body cool while sleeping.

For instance, the GhostBed 3D Matrix uses patented technology, though the GhostBed Flex combines these benefits as a hybrid (which means customers don’t have to choose). The entire brand is the creation of Marc Werner, who is also known for the launch of Werner Ladder Company. There’s a quick quiz to match the user with the recommended model

to find the right mattress for their needs.

There’s also a line of mattresses with Venus Williams to create a little more notoriety for the brand, allowing users to buy it directly from the website. They also offer bed frames, bedding, accessories, pillows, and more décor. GhostBed prices start at $600.

GhostBed Natural


GhostBed Natural comes from the first brand, offering an eco-friendly option for consumers that want a cooling and comfortable mattress. This mattress comes with high-quality manufacturing, which is why it is one of the leaders in the industry.

All beds from Natural Sleep come with a 101-night sleep trial, which means that customers have until the end of those nights to determine if this is the right bed for them. It also comes with a 25-year warranty after purchase, which exceeds that of other mattresses on the list.

The average cost is $1,225 for a queen-size mattress, much less than other mattress competitors for eco-friendly products.

Nature’s Sleep


Nature’s Sleep, the brand behind Ghost Bed and GhostBed Natural, also offers a few other popular models. Some of the notable options include the Prairie 8″ Mattress, Brook 10″ Mattress, Canyon 10″ Mattress, Laurel 12″ Mattress, Willow 14″ Mattress, and Lily 14″ Mattress.

Customers who want to improve their options for their sleeping can add one of the mattress toppers, bedding sets, frames, pillows, or other accessories. The products from this brand start at around $1,099 and go up from there.

Eight Sleep


For the last three years, Eight Sleep has made a name for themselves in the industry, allowing users to get a reasonable price for one of the favored mattresses they provide. One of the most-liked options among customers is the Pod Pro mattress, helping users regulate their body temperature with patented hydro-powered cooling technology. It even provides users with helpful health and wellness tracking, which is particularly helpful to individuals who want both cooling and heating options to make their experience the most comfortable.

The Pod’s two sides work independently to regulate the user’s body temperature, ranging from 55°-110°F. Users get information about their health metrics with the use of the corresponding Eight Sleep app. They can even take advantage of the GentleRise Wake Up Technology, which is a setting that wakes the user in the morning with gentle vibrations. They can also use the Pod Smart Temp 2.0 system to get to sleep at a rapid pace each month.

For individuals who don’t want to purchase a complete mattress set, the brand offers their Pod Pro Cover separately for $1,745 and up to support the heating and cooling technology. The price of the Eight Sleep mattress is $2,995.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress


Nectar’s Memory Foam Mattress provides users with the exact texture that they need to keep the body cool while sleeping. Studies show that keeping the body cool while sleeping at night helps the REM cycle to continue without interruption and get better relief from the rest. Made with premium memory foam, Nectar allows users to try out their product with the 365-day trial, which means users can change their minds within a year of purchase.

With every single purchase of this mattress, users get a few bonus accessories at no extra cost. The gifts include a cooling pillow, a sheet set, and a mattress protector for the purchase. With incredible value and high-quality materials, these mattresses start at around $799.



Casper is one of the most notable names on this list, and their selection goes far beyond the mattresses. They also provide users with pillows, sheets, and different bundles to provide a one-stop website for their bed needs.

Before making any choice on the website, start with the quiz. This quiz reveals the recommendations that Casper directly makes for users with one or more mattresses. Each one offers different features like back alignment with 4D sleep technology (Zoned Support), management of body temperature (AirScape), and supporting a faster transition into sleep (Casper Signature Feel).

Casper is one of the few companies on this list that regularly offers discount codes to let users make their purchases at a lower and more affordable price. The prices start at $626 with models like the Wave Hybrid, Nova Hybrid, and Original.

Sleep Number


Sleep Number has years in the mattress industry as one of the first brands to offer customizable sleep to users. The brand continues to provide the same support, showing the scientific evidence to back up how beneficial this regimen might be.

With the Sleep Number mattress, customers have to start with a sleep quiz. The quiz allows users to decide between a few recommendations for the user’s health concerns. Along with the famous adjustments to the user’s comfort, users also get the support of a 15-year limited warranty, a 100-night sleep trial, and automatic movement sensing.

With a top rating amongst the industry, the top choices are the Classic Series ($999 +), the Performance Series ($2,099 +), the Innovation Series ($3,199 +). They also offer a line of Memory Foam mattresses for $3,199.



Tempur-Pedic has just as much longevity in the industry as Sleep Number, and they haven’t lost the incredible quality that they launched for. They are still one of the most recommended mattresses in the country. They have even offered a few new options, like the Tempur-Ergo Smart Base that connects with the Sleeptracker-AI. Innovations like these products are why Tempur-Pedic was inducted into the 1988 Space Technology Hall of Fame.

Every mattress comes with a 90-day free trial, as well as a 10-year warranty. As part of every purchase, users even take advantage of the white glove delivery service at no additional cost. Some of the collections from the brand include the Adapt Collection ($2,299 and up) and the Breeze Collection ($3,999 and up). They also have a few specific mattresses, which include the Tempur-Cloud, Tempur-Adapt, and Tempur-ProAdapt.

The average cost of these mattresses is around $1,999.



ChiliSleep is a brand made for people who always feel like “running hot” when they sleep. The brand’s purpose is to help users feel refreshed when they want up in the morning, though it also allows users to sleep faster at night.

The main reason that this mattress stands out among others is a mesh side that stays cooler for users called Chili Cool Mesh. However, to make sure that it works for users that prefer to be warm, there’s a cotton blend on the other side. Rather than offering a mattress, ChiliSleep is a type of hydro-powered blanket that goes on top of the user’s current bed for maximum temperature control.

A few options are available through ChiliSleep, including Cube Sleep System with Chilipad Cool Mesh, the OOLER Sleep System with Chilipad Cool Mesh, and the Weighted ChiliBlanket. These products start at $489, making them a little more affordable for individuals who don’t want to buy an entire mattress.



US-Mattress, rather than offering its mattresses, provides users with multiple brands as a retailer. The company provides Tempur-Pedic, Beautyrest, Sealy, and Serta brand mattresses, though a few less notable brands are. This retailer allows users to keep up with the latest deals and leading brands to choose the best option for their needs.

With many mattresses as low as $500, users can save even more with multiple discount codes.

Sleep EZ


Sleep EZ has been making mattresses for the public since 1976, though brands like Serta and Tempur-Pedic have earned more attention in the last few years. They are wholly comprised of 100% pure natural latex, allowing users to reduce the amount of pressure on their back, hips, and more. They are perfect for individuals who typically sleep on their back, side, or stomach.

All of their products have organic certification, and they have 45 years in the business to back up their manufacturing and reliability. To protect users, the company provides users with up to 90 days to decide if the mattress is enough for their needs. Plus, users can buy directly from the brand to reduce costs. The average price is $650 and up.

Puffy Mattress


Puffy Mattress works for all sleepers, though they specifically earned recognition from Forbes in 2021 as the best mattress for individuals who need to relieve back pain. As it eases pressure, users who have joint pain and other types of pain often find that this type of mattress works for their needs.

The most popular products from this brand include the Puffy Mattress ($599), the Puffy Lux Mattress ($1,149), and the Puffy Royal Mattress ($1,349). Every mattress from Puffy Mattress is wholly constructed in the United States.

Like several others on the list, this brand includes a quiz to help users choose the best model for their options.

They also provide 101 nights to decide on the model, plus a lifetime warranty. Users that order one of the mattresses gets free shipping, ensuring that their model arrives within two to five business days.

DreamCloud Sleep


DreamCloud Sleep provides users with mattresses and all of the accessories that go with them, including protectors, sheet sets, pillows, etc. All of the purchases are available with a 365-night sleep trial, paired with a lifetime warranty. Plus, the investments come with a lifetime warranty, free shipping, and 0% APR financing.

Some of the most-purchased products from DreamCloud Sleep include the DreamCloud ($699+), the DreamCloud Premier ($899+), and the DreamCloud Premier Rest ($1,099).



Naturepedic was initially launched in 2003, providing users with the safe and healthy sleep they need each night. Rather than using flame retardants and polyurethane foam, this brand currently offers natural and organic mattresses to eco-friendly users. One of the ways that this brand helps multi-person households is with their sizes, providing users with mattresses that accommodate everyone from infants to adults. After all, with reduced and restricted exposure to toxins, starting at just $259 for a baby mattress.

The United States and Canada already have several Naturepedic stores in their area, allowing customers to test their comfort and support in person.

Plush Beds


Plush Beds is a company that offers a wide array of products for the user’s bed, including mattresses, toppers, pillows, beds, and bedding. The brand prioritizes the quality that their customers deserve, so they only use natural ingredients (including their USDA Organic certified latex, cotton, and wool). The company has a risk-free guarantee for the first 100 nights of use, allowing users to decide if the all-natural and organic materials work for their needs.

The most popular mattresses from the brand are the Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress, available in nine different sizes. It also comes with two firmness levels (medium and medium-firm). While other mattress brands compete, Plush Beds states that less than 1% of the current mattresses on the market meet the same rigid standards that they hold.

These beds start at around $1,299.

Layla Sleep


Layla Sleep focuses on the novelty of delivering a whole mattress in a compact box. Made with high-quality foam; users already have the backup of a money-back guarantee if they don’t like how this product supports them. Unlike their competitors, the Layla Memory Foam Mattress offers a copper infusion and can be flipped onto the other side. They even claim to be the only mattress on the market today that is both flappable and copper-infused.

These mattresses start at $1,499.

Sweet Night Mattresses


Sweet Night Mattresses is an internet brand for mattresses that combines quality and good value. Apart from the baby mattresses on this list, they beat most other prices at just $253 for some mattresses. They are based in Naperville, Illinois, and they use unique materials to ensure that they can still offer users the prices they love.

Some of the standard mattresses that users seem to like the most for their price and support include the Dreamland Hybrid Mattress ($318), the Whisper Memory Foam Mattress ($268), and the Breeze Memory Foam Mattress ($338).



Most people have seen the Purple commercials to advertise their flagship mattress product – the Purple Mattress. It is one of the top mattresses online today, providing users with the breathable GelFlex Grid that makes up the first two inches of the mattress. This grid helps users to align their bodies properly with support along their spine and hips. It keeps users cool and comfortable, unlike memory foam and other mattresses that struggle to release heat.

With the dual-layer comfort foam base, users get to choose from options starting at $1,199.



Based out of Japan, AirWeave manages to create mattresses without any springs or foam at all. Their materials are “AirFiber,” which results in a firm mattress that is breathable and supportive to the back. More specifically, the creators highlight the importance of the pain relief that this support offers.

For some consumers, the options further up on this list are too soft and plushy to give the alignment that they need. However, studies show that using a firm or ultra firm mattress is better for the body, and AirWeave adds a premium texture to make them as comfortable as possible.

The mattresses with this brand keep the user cool at night, starting at $1,300.



Nolah has already earned awards for the quality and comfort that their mattresses offer. They are made exclusively in the United States, with no chemicals in their memory foam trap heath, providing users with more cooling sleep that keeps them relaxed. It even reduces the pressure on the joints by 400% with impressive durability.

With 120 days to return the mattress, users can see if they like it before sticking with it. Every mattress comes with free shipping, though it is also free to return them until the right match is found.

Users don’t have any complicated collections that they have to consider. The main options include the 10″ Original Mattress, 12″ Signature Mattress, and 15″ Evolution Mattress. All sleep positions are comfortable, but side sleepers have a particular adoration for the Nolah mattresses, which is how it got the 2021 2021 Gold Award as the #1 Best Side Sleeper Mattress.

Prices start at $849 for the Nolah mattress.



Happsy keeps its use of fire retardants and related materials to a minimum to ensure that users breathe easily with this mattress. Abiding by the strict safety standards for organic mattresses, users only get natural materials from Happsy that surpass competing brands.

Users get models with a much lower price point than similar options despite the organic priority on their mattresses. With plenty of happy customers, Happsy starts its prices at $1,399 for a queen-sized bed.

Sweet Zzz Mattress


Sweet Zzz is another line of organic mattresses, but they provide organic accessories to pair with it (like bamboo sheets and other types of bedding). The flagship models include the Natures Novel Latex Mattress ($699+) and the Hanna Hybrid Mattress ($479+). All of the options come with a 100-night guarantee, even though the price point is relatively buyer-friendly.

Every mattress from this brand comes with natural latex, organic cotton, and a blend of eco-friendly materials. All of the materials are backed up with scientific research to create a reasonable price for users. The mattresses begin at $999.

Helix Sleep


Helix Sleep has gotten a few mentions on podcasts and other avenues, earning plenty of positive reviews among customers. This mattress-in-a-box brand already has many awards for its product from Wired, GQ, Apartment Therapy, and other major media. They were chosen as the top mattress by Sleepopolis, and they were even selected as the ultimate value and best hybrid mattress by Tuck.

This mattress brand has the unique benefit of being recommended by doctors – Dr. Lulu Guo, to be exact. It also prevents overheating at night. Dr. Guo is a Doctor of Sleep Medicine, and he’s endorsed this particular mattress for many different sleeping positions.

Users have up to 100 nights to decide if this mattress is the right one for their needs, but they also have a sleep quiz that users take before choosing their preferred model. Their mattresses start at $999.

Zoma Sleep


Zoma Sleep is all about pain relief and easing joint pressure with their designs, ensuring that users recover quickly at the end of a long day. It keeps the body cool with a line of both mattresses and pillows, though Zoma Sleep seems to have particular appeal to athletes in the NBA and the MLB.

The brand only offers two options: the Zoma Mattress and Zoma Hybrid, starting at $799. Though it isn’t the cheapest brand on the list, it certainly offers impressive quality at a lower cost than many others.



The Amerisleep brand uses exclusive hybrid technology to produce mattresses with incredible bounce and relief from joint pain. While several eco-friendly cooling mattresses are on this list, this particular mattress is made from Bio-Pur memory foam for optimal breathability. The materials are infused with plant oils to offer more relief for sleepers of all positions.

The main options of Amerisleep include AS3, AS5, and AS2. The AS2 mattress eases back pain, while the AS5 is known for the softness it offers. The AS3 model, however, is featured because of its place as a top-selling mattress.

Starting at $1,149, the brand has won several awards for its cooling, support, and material, showing impressive quality.

Bonus: Swanwick Sleep Glasses


Though the sleep glasses of Swanwick are far from the mattresses on the rest of this list, they still offer quite a bit of protection. With filtered lenses that protect the eyes from blue lights found in screens, these glasses help users prevent the vision damage that these screens cause.

Absorbing all of the blue light keeps the brain active at night. Considering there are so many reasons to be on a phone or computer at night, using these glasses is the easiest way to prevent the eyes from absorbing all of this light. Users have the choice of a few popular variations in different colors and sizes. The top options include Classic Night Swannies ($69), Aviator Night Swannies ($109), and Crystal Night Swannies ($69).

Even by choosing one of the top mattresses available, users can still improve their sleep quality with less exposure to blue light.

How We Ranked the Top Mattresses

With all of these different options on the market, the brands had to meet specific criteria. Here are the requirements considered for each of the products chosen for the rankings.

Sleep Trials / Satisfaction Guarantees

When shopping online for a mattress, the hardest decision is to take the plunge because there’s no way to experience it before ordering. Companies that offered a trial for their mattresses were more likely to earn a place on the list than others. The majority of the brands with a sleep trial give the user the ability to try out the mattress 30 to 120 days, giving the user time to exchange or ask for a refund. Free trials make the decision even more manageable, taking the financial pressure off.


Every mattress comes with a warranty, but good beds may have up to a lifetime warranty. These warranties let users get support if their mattress unexpectedly comes apart, showing that customers aren’t simply on their own if something goes wrong.

Material Type and Quality

Mattresses can be made of various materials, ranging from 100% pure cotton to even pure latex. Every brand has a way of making its models stand out against others. Some of the popular materials that users find on this list include memory foam, organic materials, and hybrid blends patented by the brands.

Price, Value, and Cost

Purchasing a mattress is an expensive ordeal for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. At the same time, some people are thrilled with dropping $2,000 on a bed that they choose. Regardless of the budget, the mattresses listed here had to offer value equal to or better than what is available. Low prices shouldn’t equal cheap sleep.

Manufacturer Reputation

New companies spring up frequently, but the brand’s reputation should be able to speak for itself. The brands with a track record of good quality and effective solutions were more likely to be chosen for this list. Between the positive reviews of customers and the awards that a company might’ve won, this guide found ways to improve how mattresses benefit customers. However, brands that just wanted to make fast money were quickly dropped from the selection.

Delivery / Shipping

With such a massive piece of furniture, the shipping is rather complicated. However, the companies on this list keep the process straightforward with opportunities like white-glove service and fast shipping options. Some of these companies even offer free shipping, though other brands will force users to take on another $500 in fees to send the mattress to the user’s door.

Size Options

Most mattress companies offer the basic sizes – twin, full, queen, and king. However, other brands provide modified sizes like twin XL, California king, or split king.

Tested or Backed by Science

To ensure that these mattresses offer the best support, some companies hire sleep scientists or test materials in the lab to see if they measure up. This extra step in scientific innovation earned a higher place in the rankings than without it.

Sleep Quiz

Everyone has different priorities when choosing a mattress, which is why so many companies on this list have quizzes and questionnaires about the user’s sleep needs. The quizzes are designed to make it easier to say what the user wants and what mattress from each brand will suit those needs most accurately. These quizzes are beneficial to people who are overwhelmed by the different options.

Customer Reviews

Finally, customer reviews tell a story that the company doesn’t. The reviews that real customers leave behind explain what they like and didn’t like from a first-person perspective. Companies with massively positive reviews earned a bit more attention than others.

The Top Benefits of a Good Mattress

Finding the mattress that works best for an individual’s needs could completely change how they sleep at night. Suffering from neck pain, chronic headaches, and back pain are just part of the day without the right bed.

Here are the top 10 reasons to buy a good mattress.

High-Quality Sleep

Above everything else, the point of getting a good mattress is to sleep better every night. By sleeping better, the health benefits are incredible. Most people who sleep well significantly reduce their risk of disease and have less stress on their minds. Cheap mattresses often prevent this improved sleep.

Get Better Posture and Form

Posture plays a significant role in eliminating back pain. While creating a better habit of good posture takes time, a good mattress makes it easier to maintain throughout the day.

Boost Mental and Emotional Health

By including a good mattress, mental and emotional health thrive. Without enough sleep, maintaining the same clarity of mind is next to impossible. Rest is needed to support the recovery within the connections in the brain each night with fewer sleep disruptions.

More minor Breathing Issues (including reduces allergies and asthma symptoms)

Like any other fabric, the materials in mattresses can cause allergic reactions for users. An old mattress can create an open space for allergens to collect with all of the sweat and dust that any piece of furniture contains over time. By switching out a mattress, consumers can improve how they breathe as they spend 8+ hours daily.

Less Snoring

Snoring is connected to consumers’ breathing issues, but that’s not why a good mattress helps. The airway lines up perfectly for less snoring and reverberations by using a high-quality mattress with good spine alignment.

Weight Loss

Sleep quality is directly linked to weight loss. When someone works out or goes through physical stress, sleep is necessary for anyone who wants to recover appropriately. If the mattress doesn’t support properly, waking up the following day to soreness and muscle cramps is enough to deter anyone from going to the gym. Choosing a good mattress helps to bypass this problem.

Better Spinal Alignment

The spine needs to be kept healthy and strong at all costs. Without proper posture, the back is sore. Plus, most people find it challenging to overcome the pain and pressure on the spine when they’ve gone without a good night of sleep. However, the proper support keeps the spine free from pain to give improved mobility.

Reduced Stress

Cortisol levels tend to be higher for individuals who don’t get a good night of sleep. Tossing and turning all night prevents the brain from getting the necessary relaxation to make repairs. By choosing a new mattress, consumers invest in their mood and stress levels.

Better Memory

When the body is at rest, events from the day are committed to the long-term memory in the brain. If the user cannot sleep deeply, recalling that information later on is rather difficult. With a new mattress that suits the user’s needs, a better night’s sleep is right around the corner.

And Many More

This list could discuss the benefits that customers stand to get from purchasing a brand new mattress, and all of those benefits are backed by scientific evidence. With improved energy every day and better overall health, anyone can take their needs to one of the sleep quizzes from the mattresses above to see what would help them the most.

In 2018, researchers took the time to review many sleep studies that took place through the last few years, examining how physical and mental health improves with good rest. This research linked good sleep to improved mood, emotional wellness, health improvements, and other benefits.

The Main Types of Mattresses

There are three different types of mattresses that consumers can order online for their homes among all other companies. This section addresses innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses

An innerspring mattress is the most common type. Already around for decades, these mattresses combine the use of spring technology with cushion and foam layers. The coils respond individually as the individual lays down, which is helpful to consumers who share a bed with someone else.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are reasonably straightforward; rather than using springs, the mattress includes memory foam to give the user more support and comfort. Typically, it uses a denser foam than other products to keep the user warm and aligned.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are a bit newer, though they are affordable for many budgets. The natural or synthetic rubber material is quite durable, lasting up to 15 years with good construction. Plus, they tend to exceed the durability of other mattresses, keeping their shape rather well.

Other Options

Though these three types of mattresses are the standard options, hybrid mattresses allow the company to combine multiple materials in one for a multi-layered approach to comfort. Combining materials may save customers money because they don’t have to pay the whole expense of a mattress made exclusively of one material.

What Should Customers Ask Before Buying a Mattress?

Shopping anywhere for a mattress requires a little preparation ahead of time. There are six key questions that consumers should know the answers to before they commit to bringing their top choice home.

How long is the warranty?

Extended warranties show that the company has faith in the length of time that their mattress lasts. Even if the user has no intention of ever filing a claim with their warranty, having an extended warranty is a good quality indicator.

Does this mattress need a foundation?

The majority of innerspring mattresses on the market require a box spring to have even support. Foam mattresses have enough support of their own, but some customers prefer to use a box spring for more comfort. If shopping in person, speak with a salesperson to determine the need for a foundation.

Does the mattress have good motion separation?

Motion separation indicates if two people can move independently on their respective sides without disrupting the other. A high-quality mattress needs to exhibit this type of separation to ensure that the customer won’t disturb their partner while sleeping, showing that the bed adequately supports each one.

Is the mattress hot or cold?

Always check how the mattress manages temperature for the user. Some people love the support and comfort that a memory foam mattress provides, but it also holds a lot of heat. Different models maintain the temperature in different ways, offering to cool as well.

What’s the mattress made of?

Every mattress company knows what its products are made from. Individuals with allergies to certain materials need to ensure that the mattress is compatible with their health needs to avoid an adverse reaction to the surface.

What happens if the customer isn’t satisfied with the mattress?

Refund policies tend to be broader for mattresses over other types of products. Some companies offer a free trial, while others provide a money-back guarantee that lasts for months to ensure that a bed fits the user. Check the fine print regarding the refund policy before signing any contracts or handing over a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattresses

Q: Can customers return a mattress after they purchase it?

A: Generally, yes. The top companies on the market today provide at least a 30-day guarantee, though some offer policies that cover up to a year. If the user is unhappy with the mattress, they can get a refund on their order and seek a better match for their needs. Many of the companies on this list offer free shipping on new orders and returns alike to make the process easier.

Q: How do mattress returns work?

A: Companies that have a return policy generally keep the process simple. Though new customers should look at the fine print of the return policy, any dissatisfaction allows the return of a mattress within the designated days in the contract.

Q: How does a mattress warranty work?

A: Warranties for mattresses are specific to the terms set by the creators. Some warranties are limited, which means they only cover certain aspects of the mattress (like poor construction or damage during delivery). Others have a broader range of problems that the company willingly accepts responsibility for. However, since every mattress deteriorates with continued use, these warranties do not cover the general wear and tear that they go through with time.

Q: How often does a mattress need to be replaced?

A: Though high-quality mattresses hold their shape for a long time, experts say replacing them every 7-10 years is the healthiest to maintain quality. That being said, latex mattresses tend to have greater longevity than other models at 15 years.

Q: What’s the best mattress type?

A: Any companies on this list help users get the best sleep possible, depending on their needs. While innerspring mattresses have been around for decades, finding models with foam, memory foam, and latex offers something different for customers who want to customize their sleep cycle.

Q: Why buy a latex mattress?

A: Latex mattresses last for 15+ years with good care. Their durability sets them apart from any other material in the industry.

Q: Why buy a foam or a memory foam mattress?

A: Both foam and memory foam hold their shape well. Though they don’t last quite as long as a latex mattress, they usually keep up with the user’s needs for up to a decade before needing replacement.

Q: What is a reasonable price for a mattress?

A: The price depends on the benefits that users get from it. Some mattresses under $1,000 already offer incredible quality. However, the highest quality costs upwards of $3,000. That’s why this guide has products with so many different price points.

Q: What kinds of mattresses do hotels use?

A: Most hotels opt for recognizable brands for their mattresses. However, there is no industry standard for every hotel. Speak with the specific location to determine the mattress type that they use.

Q: How long does it take to break in a mattress?

A: Most mattresses take about 30 nights to break them in. However, firmer and ultra-firm mattresses take a little extra time. Switching from one mattress type to another can impact how long the bed takes to break in.

Q: What mattress sizes are available?

A: The standard mattress sizes include twin (38″ x 74″), twin XL (38″ x 80″), full (54″ x 74″), queen (60″ x 80″), king (76″ x 80″), California king (72″ x 84″), split queen (30″ x 80″ for two mattresses), split king (38″ x 80″ for two mattresses), and a split California king (36″ x 84″ for two mattresses).

Q: What is a split-size mattress?

A: Split-size mattresses allow users to buy two separate pieces for their bed. Most of the time, the reason for purchasing a split-size mattress is to make moving easier or to match the needs of each individual who sleeps in the bed.

Q: Are firmer mattresses better?

A: Every person is different. Many experts have claimed that the best mattress for the body has been a firm one for the last few decades. However, the physiology of the user’s body is enough to need an individualized option for everyone. Mattresses that are too firm can cause more back pain than they alleviate, though others lack the support they need. Start by choosing the type of mattress that suits their priorities.

Q: What’s the best type of mattress?

A: The best type of mattress offers a balance of firmness and support without overheating the body. However, each person is different, and they should consider individual needs.

Q: What’s the difference between latex and memory foam?

A: Latex is entirely natural, offering a breathable material that keeps the body cooled off. On the other hand, memory foam tends to hold more heat and is made from synthetic material. Plus, it is a denser material.

Q: Why do some mattresses have different layers of foam?

A: Mattresses can have anywhere between one and four foam layers, depending on the type of mattress. Sometimes, the layers alternate between memory foam and latex if it is a hybrid mattress.

Q: What is an adjustable base?

A: Some of these mattresses help prop the body up, though they also relieve pain in the back and neck. An adjustable base gives users the ability to change the alignment of the mattress to different positions, benefiting users that want to sit upright or at an angle. This type of base also offers health benefits, like a reduced risk of acid reflux, snoring, and sleep apnea.

Q: What is the best way to pick a good mattress?

A: During a trip to the mattress store, seek out healthy spinal alignment over everything else. While laying down, users shouldn’t be able to feel arching in their back. Lining up the head, hips, and toes should be easy, which offers a little give in the shoulders and hips.

Q: What’s the best mattress for a side sleeper?

A: Side sleepers have different mattress preferences. However, finding a mattress without excessive pressure on the shoulders and hips. Without this alignment, waking up in pain is a rather tricky fate every single morning.

Q: What is the best mattress?

A: All mattresses on this list will offer users excellent options when seeking to replace them. However, choosing a good mattress is a personal decision, and individuals should consider their support and health needs in the decision.

Q: What’s the best mattress for heavy people?

A: Heavier people need solid support, easy to find in latex and memory foam mattresses. However, choosing innerspring mattresses with a thick coil gauge than the standard measurement is necessary to get equivalent support. For the most excellent longevity, individuals with a higher BMI may turn to the support offered by foam mattresses over others.

Q: What’s the best mattress for stomach sleepers or front sleepers?

A: Firm mattresses are best for individuals who sleep on their stomachs. Soft mattresses don’t support the body well enough and cause overextension in the spine.

Q: What is a hybrid mattress?

A: Hybrid mattresses balance the traditional design of an innerspring model with added memory foam. They have greater affordability because they aren’t entirely made up of memory foam. Other hybrid models have a combination of latex and memory foam for the ultimate level of comfort.

Q: What’s the best mattress if the customer has a bad back?

A: Back pain is best eliminated with a mattress that is soft to medium in comfort. Often, the reason for this pain has to do with too much pressure on the back.

Q: How can customers make their mattresses softer?

A: If the individual doesn’t want to buy a new mattress, a topper may offer the unique softness that they prefer.

Q: How do users know if they need a new mattress?

A: Waking up with soreness or constantly being unable to remain asleep are signs that the mattress needs to be replaced. Some beds have cavities or indentations where the users sleep, showing that they cannot support their needs.

Q: Should customers choose a double-sided (flippable) mattress or a one-sided (non-flippable) mattress?

A: To promote better durability, most companies opt for non-flippable mattresses. However, before the innovations and research, using a double-sided mattress was the top choice amongst companies and customers.

Q: How do customers clean their mattresses?

A: Vacuuming is the easiest way to clean a mattress. Individuals that want to protect the mattress from damage can use a mattress pad on the surface. However, as a rule of thumb, do not use any cleaning fluid, as this treatment can damage the materials, support, and moisture.

Q: How does mattress delivery work?

A: Online mattress companies and furniture stores offer mattress delivery, often with movers and a truck. Some brands provide specialized delivery services to set up the bed for the customer.

Q: How does a buyer choose a mattress if they have different comfort preferences than their partner?

A: This kind of situation is what a split-size mattress is for. These mattresses come in two separate pieces, and they are available in queen, king, and California king mattresses.

Q: When’s the best time to buy a mattress?

A: Sales happen all year long, especially during the holidays. The top mattress sale events occur during Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday (as well as their weekends).

Q: When do users flip their mattresses?

A: Since most mattresses are one-sided now, there’s no need to flip a mattress at all. However, users can rotate the mattress as it is used to keep wear and tear even. Double-sided mattresses should be turned and flipped on a regular schedule.

Q: How firm or soft should a mattress be?

A: Everyone has a different preference due to their sleeping position, pain, and physiology.

The Top Mattress Brands of 2021 Final Thoughts

Finding the mattress that suits a user best is often just a matter of shopping around. All the claims from brands across the industry lead to confusion, Which is why this guide shows the top brands on the market today. By choosing one of the brands on this list, taking the time to browse or take a sleep quiz is all that stands between the right choice.

Most mattress brands are still competing for the best price, allowing buying a mattress at a lower rate. This is the time to shop and get the best price, especially for anyone choosing from one of these brands.

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