Best Healthy Chocolate Powders & Cocoa Superfood Products

Though most diets nowadays shun the consumption of chocolate, the same is not true of certain supplements. Finding a way to eat chocolate healthily is entirely possible, which is why chocolate supplements, cacao supplements, and other healthy chocolate products are available to consumers today. These supplements get more attention as the days go by, helping users to relieve their cravings safely.

These chocolate supplements are more than just remedies to improve wellness. They also work to promote improvements like weight loss and inflammatory relief. Still, finding the best one can be the most complex challenge of all, which is where this guide comes in.

The Top Chocolate Supplements in 2021

After reviewing many different supplement companies, lab reports, ingredient sources, and other vital factors, the rankings ultimately came down to the following products:

  • Earth Echo Cacao Bliss
  • Organifi Harmony
  • PhenQ Complete Meal Shake
  • Organifi Gold Chocolate
  • CacaoFit
  • CacaoJoy
  • Organifi Complete Protein Chocolate
  • Live Conscious Organic Protein Cosmic Cacao
  • Essential Elements Plant-Based Creamy Chocolate Protein
  • Green Regimen Elite Protein
  • IdealLean Protein – Chocolate Brownie
  • Detox Organics Daily Superfoods Chocolate Detox Shake
  • CocoaVia Cardio Health
  • FlavaMix
  • Your Super Chocolate Lover
  • Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Bars
  • Endangered Species Chocolate Strong + Velvety Dark Chocolate
  • Green & Black’s Organic 85% Cacao Bar

Take a look at each of the different products below to learn how chocolate is a superfood with its own set of incredible benefits.

Earth Echo Cacao Bliss


Earth Echo Cacao Bliss comes from a brand that already has an incredible reputation for quality and consistency. The Cacao Bliss formula offers a powder that users bled directly into and coffee, smoothie, or other beverage to give users a chocolate-flavored infusion of antioxidants. Plus, the servings are just 35 calories, which means that users don’t have to worry about any weight gain from this chocolate indulgence.

At the same time, using this supplement helps consumers stop the cravings that send them to the kitchen at all times of the day. It only comes from organic ingredients, but the creators opted only to use organic ingredients to ensure that users get the best chances of success. Plus, it has no sugar or dairy involved, making it much more “guilt free” than other options on the market.

The brand’s leader – Danette May – is a fitness trainer that loads this supplement with ingredients like black pepper extract,

turmeric, black pepper extract, cinnamon, coconut nectar, Himalayan salt, and MCT powder. All components are certified organic, using a rich source of ingredients in one powder for $49.

Organifi Harmony


Organifi Harmony gets plenty of praise for using their supplement as a superfood remedy for women’s health. Along with cacao powder, users get maca, chaste berry, turmeric, and Shatavari. The company combines the ingredients with coconut milk to keep the rich and creamy taste that many people prefer with a chocolate drink.

Most consumers that have tried superfood supplements before already know Organifi’s lineup of products. Formulas like Gold, Glow, and Green Juice have made them immensely popular in the world of superfoods. Women who use the Harmony remedy (among others) have the PMS support that they need. Some of that support includes reduced bloating, a regulated mood, and less acne.

This formula is available for $69.

PhenQ Complete Meal Shake


PhenQ Complete Meal Shake supports users as they push the body to lose weight. The formula replaces a whole meal, thanks to the blend of superfoods with entirely plant-based ingredients. The recipe is so well-rounded that it works perfectly within a keto diet, keeping the energy up while reducing food cravings.

Even with just one serving, users get 16 grams of vegan protein. It also offers healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs for daily support. Unfortunately, most protein powders don’t provide the same.

The company claims that its supplements taste better than any other option today, comparing the flavor profile to eating cake out of a cup. Users can blend up to two scoops of the formula with water or milk, depending on what the user wants. In doing so, they get a 269-calorie meal that reduces food cravings, increases energy levels, and heightens the metabolism. With a complete profile of ingredients, it is one of the top products on the market today for $49.

Organifi Gold Chocolate


Organifi manages to secure a place on this list twice, repeating themselves with the Gold Chocolate formula. The only difference between this formula and the Gold superfood powder is that this one is available in chocolate. The chocolate variation improves calmness, promotes relaxation, and increases energy levels. All of these benefits occur as the result of natural ingredients.

The original formula uses turmeric, which remains in the remedy. Users also benefit from organic lemon balm extract, organic turkey tail mushroom extract, magnesium chloride, organic Reishi mushroom extract, and organic coconut milk powder. However, this is not a complete list of every ingredient used. The main difference in the chocolate variation is organic cocoa fruit powder and organic chocolate flavor.

Made in San Diego with certified organic ingredients, users get the natural benefit of reduced inflammation that turmeric provides. The total cost of this supplement is $60.



CacaoFit offers a weight loss formula that gets its power from cacao. It includes incredible antioxidants, helping users to lose weight without giving up the consumption of chocolate. It also reduces hunger cravings, inherently limiting the number of calories that the user consumes.

The company recommends blending this powder with almond milk, dairy milk, a smoothie, a shake, or any other beverage that the user prefers to add a chocolate flavor. Only one serving is needed per day, and it improves overall health and wellness. However, the primary purpose of this remedy is to promote weight loss.

Along with the supplement, users get the added benefit of bonus recipe books delivered to their inbox. These recipe books explain what users can do with the powder in drinks and other remedies. Plus, it allows the powder to be used safely in treats that users can take along for breakfast, snacks, and more. Some of the goodies included are smoothies, macaroons, and many desserts.

For one jar, the total cost is $69.



CacaoJoy, which is a remedy from Semporna, is pretty similar to the supplement above. After all, that is why it ranks so high on this guide. Users get all of the flavor and texture they love from chocolate in this supplement without dealing with the guilt and consequences of overindulging. The spices and other ingredients complement the organic cacao for a rich and balanced flavor. Users can have as much of this powder as they’d like while still promoting weight loss.

Users that want to find a cheaper option than CacaoFit are at the right place since CacaoJoy costs about $15 less with the same benefits. Users even get bonus recipe books, guides for weight loss, and other electronic books that benefit the user’s path to weight loss. The total cost for the jar is $54.

Organifi Complete Protein Chocolate


The third of the Organifi formulas to reach this product is Organifi Complete Protein Chocolate. The plant-based protein powder contains no soy or whey, but it offers consumers the chocolate flavor. Users get 20 grams of protein in every serving, including an enzyme blend to promote better digestion. This formula uses organic pea protein, organic flaxseed, organic quinoa, organic pumpkin seed protein, DigeSEB amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and cellulase.

Organifi’s Complete Protein is the third chocolate supplement on our list from Organifi. Available in a chocolate flavor, Complete Protein is a 100% organic, plant-based protein powder with zero soy or whey.

As for the chocolate in this blend, there is also organic cocoa and organic chocolate flavor, which primarily focus on bringing the correct taste to the product. Users won’t likely taste any of the plant-based proteins, thanks to this concentration of chocolate.

The total cost of one jar is $79.

Live Conscious Organic Protein Cosmic Cacao


The Live Conscious brand is known for the high-quality remedies that it offers users, which is why the Organic Protein Cosmic Cacao formula is so easy to include on the list. It combines a few different ingredients to get the right balance of proteins, like pea, rice, sacha inchi, and pumpkin protein. Adding in cacao helps users to improve the benefits far beyond what these plant-based proteins can do.

Most consumers use this formula to improve weight loss, though the helpful protein makes it ideal for recovery after workouts, inflammation relief, and other fitness-focused goals.

Each bag costs $36, delivering 70 calories with 15 grams of protein in each serving. All of their products are made within the United States.

Essential Elements Plant-Based Creamy Chocolate Protein


Essential Elements Plant-Based Creamy Chocolate Protein combines the support of pea, pumpkin, rice, and sacha inchi protein for improved weight loss, muscle recovery, and other benefits period users only get 70 calories in each serving. However, they still get the benefit of organic ingredients exclusively.

Though every company has a money-back guarantee, This brand allows users to take up to a year to decide if this chocolate protein powder is right for them. To ensure that users can properly digest it, it even includes probiotics that balance out the gut.

As helpful and delicious as this protein powder is, the only issue that users may run into is inventory. Often found sold out, users that want to try out this formula should check back on the website to order their supply for $60.

Green Regimen Elite Protein


Green Regimen Elite Protein It’s done in multiple flavors, including this chocolate version. The protein comes from organic plant sources, using no sugar, stevia, or artificial flavors to make it more flavorful. Instead, it relies on organic cocoa and natural chocolate flavor to give it an appealing taste. Users get 25 grams of protein in every serving, much more than what other plant-based protein powders provide. Plus, it includes 4 grams of organic fiber and enzymes to keep the rest of the digestive system healthy. These enzymes reduce bloating as well to allow users to focus on their health and fitness.

For 14 servings, the total cost is $34. Users who want to stock up for the entire month will have to double their orders at checkout.

IdealLean Protein – Chocolate Brownie


IdealLean Protein is ranked last on the list, but the likable brand seems to have one flavor that customers love more than others – Chocolate Brownie. The rich chocolate flavor profile complements the creamy texture due to a combination of whey protein and cocoa powder. While the other formulas on this list used plant-based protein powders, this formula includes whey protein isolate. However, it doesn’t have the same quality as higher-ranking supplements with a few artificial flavors, sucralose, and other filler ingredients.

With the affordable and low price of $29, customer reviews reflect a positive outlook among consumers. After all, this product is specifically marketed towards women who maintain an active lifestyle and want to lose weight.

Best Chocolate Supplements on Amazon

While many supplements are available on their official websites, Amazon is also an incredible source of chocolate, cocoa, and cacao supplements. They have remedies like chocolate weight loss formulas, superfood blends led by chocolate, and daily shakes to enhance nutrition.

Here are some of the top formulas that users can find on Amazon.

Detox Organics Daily Superfoods Chocolate Detox Shake


The Detox Organics Daily Superfoods Chocolate Detox Shake is all about helping users purge toxins from their bodies with chocolate and other superfoods. The rest of the formula includes kale, wheatgrass, chlorella, beet juice, and spirulina. The powder eliminates blockages in the digestive tract with these ingredients as it increases energy and purges toxins.

To prevent adding too many calories, the company mixes these superfoods with coconut water, enhancing the silkiness of the shake. The formula is exclusively made with USDA Organic ingredients. For a pouch of this formula, the total cost is $59.

CocoaVia Cardio Health


CocoaVia Cardio Health focuses on improving heart health, much like many other remedies. The formula includes all of the flavanols and antioxidants that chocolate is known for, but it uses cocoa powder to boost nitric oxide levels. With this small change, the company claims to improve arterial function by about 21%, improving the user’s blood flow.

Users have several ingredients to create targeted support towards healthy circulation. The boosted nitric oxide keeps the blood vessels widened and relaxed, but there are many benefits to gain from CocoaVia.

This supplement is available for $45.



FlavaMix delivers “performance cocoa powder” to users, giving users all of the active compounds found in chocolate. The whole point of the remedy is to improve both the health of the heart and the brain.

Users get 31 days of servings with FlavaMix, using just cocoa powder, lucuma powder, vanilla bean powder, and Himalayan pink salt to get the desired benefits. There aren’t any fillers, and this supplement primarily provides users with protein support for their day. It doesn’t contain any sweeteners of its own, but it is safe to add more sweetness in the form of sugars or sweeteners. Every serving is 35 calories, so users don’t have to worry about adding many calories to their meals.

For one jar, users will have to pay $49.

Your Super Chocolate Lover


The Your Super Chocolate Lover powder uses cacao powder, as well as several other ingredients. Users also get shredded coconut, lucuma, and carob in the remedy, but these ingredients are organic. However, the notable feature of this powder is that the company shows the origin of every element to ensure that users know that they are transparent and trustworthy.

Users only need to mix in 2 teaspoons of the supplement per serving. It blends well into smoothies, plant-based milk, treats, snacks, and other recipes. It should be used daily, adding just 45 calories with each serving.

For 20 servings, the total cost is $34.

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Bars


Alter Eco’s Dark Chocolate Bars provide users with a familiar format to indulge in a portion of healthy food. Though users won’t have to worry about the fat or calories that typically come with this treat, it is rich and delicious. All of the ingredients pass as fair trade, organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

These chocolate bars are available in a 10-pack bundle, costing $47 total. The total cacao varies with the flavor, but some options have up to 90% cacao per bar. Some of the flavors include Super Blackout, Burnt Caramel, Salted Almonds, and Mint Blackout. For a bar with organic dark chocolate, check out the Classic Blackout flavor.

Endangered Species Chocolate Strong + Velvety Dark Chocolate


Endangered Species Chocolate Strong + Velvety Dark Chocolate is a chocolate bar. Made with bittersweet chocolate, it may not be the right combination for every person, but it has incredible antioxidants and only needs four ingredients for the potent effect.

Users have a high amount of iron and potassium, and each $35 package comes with 12 sizable chocolate bars. Each of the bars contains 180 calories, including 3 grams of sugar and 13 grams of fat. Plus, it includes 88% cocoa by weight in every single serving.

As if there’s any other reason needed to get large candy bars, this company uses 10% of the net profits from their chocolate bars to dedicate to wildlife conservation.

Green & Black’s Organic 85% Cacao Bar


Green & Black’s Organic 85% Cacao Bar is the darkest chocolate that the company sells right now. They use USDA organic certified Trinitario cacao beans for the top antioxidants possible. It also includes cocoa butter and vanilla for an excellent flavor that is easy on the tastebuds.

To get a 10-pack of the bars, the total cost is $46. The company has excellent reviews on Amazon, and most users find it to have one of the top flavor profiles available.

How We Ranked The Top Chocolate Supplements

Every time a company advertises its formula, consumers want to believe that they’re the top brand in quality and sourcing. Each chocolate supplement shows a different way that it helps users, but this guide considered certain ranking factors in selecting the items for the list.

Total Amount of Cacao, Cocoa, and Chocolate

So much of the benefits around this type of supplement center around the essential nutrients included in it. All of them provide users with chocolate in different ways, which is determined by the main ingredients. Substantial doses of organic cacao and cocoa create this flavor, while less effective supplements simply add chocolate flavor to mimic it.

Organic Certification

Using organic sources of chocolate improves the likelihood of success. The company had to show organic certification of their ingredients to eliminate any toxins or pesticides that could ultimately end up in the product at the end of production. Plus, organic sources improve the health benefits that the supplement offers.

Taste and Texture

Having an indulgent supplement that brings the delicious and healthy flavors of chocolate may be helpful to users, but none of the flavors and health benefits matter if the texture is off. Some of the best formulas still aren’t palatable without the right taste and texture, especially when combined with plant-based proteins. The chocolate taste and texture had to be just as impressive as the health benefits to secure a place on this list.

Manufacturer Transparency/Reputation

To serve the public properly, manufacturers have to be honest about what they deliver. Transparency shows that there’s nothing that the company hopes to conceal, and it shows the source of their chocolate to prove the organic certification they claim. Long-standing companies have a more remarkable history of their high-quality practices, which is why they are more trustworthy.

Complementary Ingredients

Anyone that wants a chocolate treat can easily buy a chocolate bar or candy nearly anywhere. However, the ingredients found in supplements often improve the effects that users get from the formula. Common elements in these chocolate supplements include turmeric, plant-based protein, spirulina, and wheatgrass. A healthy ingredient profile with the chocolate supplement pushed this type of formula higher in the rankings.

Advertised Benefits and Honesty

Exaggerations don’t benefit anyone in the supplement space. If the company claimed that their remedy was strong enough to push the user to shed 30 lbs. within a month or help them achieve impossible tasks, it didn’t even earn a place on this list.

Price, Value, and Serving Size

Every supplement on this list was picked to balance the price with the value and quantities.

Moneyback Guarantee

Supplements often have balanced ingredients that generally work for a broad range of consumers, but they don’t necessarily work for everyone. Companies that understand the varied experience among users show their accountability by offering a money-back guarantee that can be as little as 30 days or as much as over 365 days.

Mixability and Texture

Since the powder of these formulas directly mixes into liquid, mixability is a crucial factor. Supplements that leave a chunky powder in the liquid aren’t appealing to consumers, and they need to have the right texture for the silky drink that consumers want.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is just as delectable as it is beneficial for the body. Through the years, researchers launched many studies to prove what chocolate does for the body.

Here are some of the benefits that users get from this type of supplement.

Increase Heart Health

With so many antioxidants, the use of dark chocolate eases high blood pressure among individuals at risk. It also reduces how likely the user is to clot while promoting better blood circulation. These benefits reduce the user’s risk of cardiovascular problems later on, like stroke, coronary heart disease, and fatal heart disease.

Balance the Immune System

Flavanols are an excellent source of immunity support. They prevent the immune system from working too hard, but they also balance out the natural processes. Furthermore, they reduce the impact of oxidative stress, inherently relieving inflammation.

Fight Diabetes

Epicatechin has many roles in the body, and chocolate provides plenty. In the fight against diabetes, epicatechin helps users improve their cells and strengthen them. It also enhances the way that the body manages blood sugar. While there is currently no cure for diabetes, chocolate’s benefits could help prevent or combat the condition.

Improve Brain Function

With the flavonoids of chocolate, users also improve their overall brain function for a better response to visual stimuli. These compounds stimulate the blood flow in the brain, enhancing cognition. It increases visual-spatial awareness and promotes better memory.

Boost Athletic Performance

Since chocolate naturally contains epicatechin, it helps users to increase their athletic performance. Johns Hopkins discovered that this compound improves the blood’s nitric oxide. Nitric oxide enhances the oxygen in the blood during workouts and promotes better circulation. Athletes get extra time to work out without getting exhausted as quickly.

Reduce Stress

Among all of these benefits, one of the best parts of chocolate consumption is reducing stress for consumers. It reduces the natural production of cortisol, which is the hormone produced by the body in times of stress. The primary reason that chocolate has a link to this effect is the positive effect on cardiovascular health.

According to the Mayo Clinic, chocolate and cocoa reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, and more.

Scientific Evidence for Healthy Chocolate Supplements

Chocolate has the potential for impressive health benefits, improving inflammation while users lose weight, promote a healthier appetite, and improve their health. Chocolate often allows users to indulge, but there are ways to introduce health benefits as well.

When it comes to chocolate bars, the impressive amount of cocoa in them supports the body. With just 100 grams of dark chocolate, consumers get about 11 grams of fiber and 70% to 85% cacao. They also have many vitamins and minerals, including over half of the iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese that the user needs for the day. Users also end up with caffeine in these treats, though it is much less than what the average person gets from coffee. Typically, caffeine use is just enough to improve metabolism, cognition, and weight loss.

The antioxidants are easily the reason that most people love to use chocolate in their health. It has higher oxygen radical absorbance than most other foods, exceeding that of blueberries and acai berries. Researchers also discovered that the polyphenols and flavonols provide the user with further antioxidant support.

Chocolate is an excellent remedy for consumers that want to support their cardiovascular system, keeping high blood pressure under control. The lining of the arteries – the endothelium – receives stimulation from the flavonols in dark chocolate, helping to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide supports healthy blood flow and reduces high blood pressure. Based on research from 2007, cocoa helped individuals improve their low blood pressure and maintain their cardiovascular health. However, the effect was minor at the most, so there’s a lot of research still to be done.

Chocolate can impact the user’s cholesterol levels, increasing the good cholesterol quickly. It also reduces the bad cholesterol in the body, keeping the heart as healthy as possible. Since it has such a significant impact on the blood, it makes sense that chocolate may help individuals who struggle with diabetes.

For the most part, chocolate supplements boast about the way that they help individuals with diabetes. While it may seem counterproductive as a sweet treat, the supplements make it easier for individuals with insulin resistance to support their health. A study in 2008 revealed that the use of dark chocolate for just 15 days provided enough support to reduce high blood pressure and improve insulin sensitivity.

According to an extensive research study, the right kind of chocolate has the power to reduce the user’s risk of heart disease. The study examined the effect of chocolate on 470 older men, improving their likelihood of postponing or eliminating heart disease through 15 years. It also reduced the risk of calcified plaque buildup in the arteries, though reducing the amount of chocolate consumed seemed to have no impact.

Recent studies on flavanols could reduce the user’s risk of sun damage due to improved blood flow to the skin. Improved blood flow means a lot of benefits, including improved hydration, density, and sun protection for the skin. Researchers even decided to prove this theory by measuring the sun rays that the body would otherwise need to cause skin redness, proving that dark chocolate consumption protected the user twice as long.

For some people, chocolate serves as a nootropic boost for the mind. Five days of consuming high flavanol cocoa improves blood flow, especially in the brain, as witnessed by researchers. Increasing the dose helped with vascular impairment, especially in older adults.

Considering the many ways that chocolate improves the health of the body, researchers want to learn more about what it does. From boosting the mind to protecting the heart, it may be harder to find a reason not to use chocolate supplements.

Chocolate Supplement Dosage

The supplement dosage of chocolate entirely depends on the way that the user consumes it. Experts say that only one or two ounces are needed to get the benefits in a chocolate bar. Dark chocolate tends to offer the most health benefits, far surpassing that of white or milk chocolate.

When using a chocolate supplement, follow the directions on the package. While some require that the user measures out about 25 grams into a drink or food, others are more. Most supplements and cacao powders mix well with water, milk, and other liquids.

To get the best health benefits, users need to seek out products with at least 70% to 85% cacao content, reducing the sugars and fats that the formula might have. The products with a higher ranking on this list have 100% cacao with few filters.

Side Effects of Chocolate Supplements

Like any supplement, following the directions of a chocolate or cacao supplement is the easiest way to prevent any side effects. In generally healthy adults, side effects are rare.

On the other hand, consuming a lot of chocolate is harmful in a single sitting or throughout the week. With the caffeine found in chocolates and supplements, there’s a risk of developing an irregular heartbeat and anxiety. It also causes stomach issues like indigestion and gastrointestinal problems. Most of the reason for these problems comes back to all the sugar and fat found in chocolates, leading to weight gain in excess.

The most common reason that consumers reduce how much chocolate they have is due to weight gain. The richness of chocolate is overwhelming for some digestive systems, leading to acid reflux, acne issues, and other concerns. As a delicacy (rather than a supplement), chocolate’s sugar increases the stored fat on the body. However, the supplements on this list have minimal calories and maximum antioxidants to make them safer and healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Supplements

Q: Does chocolate have caffeine?

A: Yes. Caffeine is a natural substance in chocolate, though dark chocolate has more caffeine than lighter versions. In the average 100-gram bar of dark chocolate, consumers get about half of the caffeine they typically get from one full cup of coffee. However, milk chocolate contains about half of the caffeine content that dark chocolate offers.

Q: Does chocolate raise or lower cholesterol?

A: According to scientific studies, dark chocolate can increase healthy cholesterol levels while reducing LDL cholesterol.

Q: How much cholesterol is in chocolate?

A: Though chocolate contains natural caffeine, it does not increase the user’s cholesterol levels at all. Even though cocoa beans are a part of cocoa butter, there’s still no cholesterol.

Q: Is chocolate good for you?

A: If the user consumes dark chocolate responsibly, it provides impressive health benefits. This treat offers high levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavanols that support the heart’s health. Based on these benefits, the cardioprotective potential of dark chocolate is substantial.

Q: What is the best chocolate supplement?

A: All of the supplements in this guide serve customers well to improve their health using chocolate, including PhenQ, Earth Echo, and Organifi.

Q: Which country makes the best chocolate?

A: Most customers agree that the countries nearer to the equator tend to produce the best cocoa beans. No single country is noted for its chocolate or bean quality, but Belgium, France, Switzerland, and the United States have lucrative chocolate industries.

Q: Why is chocolate expensive?

A: Chocolate, though it offers many health benefits, is a luxury. Individuals and companies alike pay up to $6 for a single dark chocolate bar, providing users with high cocoa content in each bar.

Q: What is milk chocolate?

A: Milk chocolate has 3.39% milk fat included. It also contains 10% chocolate liquor and 12% milk solids. Essentially, milk chocolate is simply chocolate that incorporates milk products.

Q: What is white chocolate?

A: The difference between white chocolate and milk chocolate is that the former includes no chocolate liquor. Instead, it uses 14% milk solids, 20% cocoa butter, and 3.5% milkfat.

Q: Where does most chocolate come from?

A: The majority of cocoa globally, approximately 70%, comes from West Africa.

Q: Why is USDA Organic certification necessary for chocolate?

A: The certification as a USDA organic ingredient means that the chocolate came in no contact with artificial pesticides or herbicides during the growth process. During production, the finished product could end up having toxins that are dangerous to the consumer.

Q: What is chocolate?

A: Chocolate comes from a tropical tree’s fruit near the equator called Theobroma cacao. The trees are naturally grown in South America in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins.

Q: What are the health benefits of chocolate?

A: Consuming the right chocolate every day improves the health of the heart, brain, and other body areas. It also reduces high cholesterol levels, enhances the user’s control over their appetite, reduces inflammation, and helps with weight loss (for some users).

Q: What’s the difference between cacao powder and cocoa powder?

A: Though they are spelled nearly the same, the type of powder that users incorporate into a dessert or that companies use in their products makes a difference. None of the additives in cocoa powder – like sugar, hydrogenated oils, milk fat, or artificial ingredients – find their way into cacao powder. Instead, cacao powder offers an incredible amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The processing of cocoa powder leaves it without these helpful nutrients.

Q: How often should I have cacao?

A: Experts say that the best balance is to have a serving of cacao daily, adding up to 20 grams of the powder in any liquid of the user’s choosing.

Q: Should users take a chocolate supplement in the evening?

A: Both chocolate supplements and cacao powders provide the user with caffeine to some degree, so using them during the daytime is the best option. Using them in the afternoon can impact the user’s sleep later on.

The Top Chocolate Supplements in 2021 Final Thoughts

The desire to indulge without losing progress has helped chocolate supplements become more prevalent in the industry than before. The high-quality products on this list help users get the benefits of antioxidants and natural compounds in cocoa, cacao, and the chocolate itself. The formulas on this list even have lower amounts of sugar, calories, and fat than most products on shelves today.

With these options, users have many ways to incorporate chocolate into their daily meals and desserts safely and healthily.

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