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Best Hangover Pills to Buy: Compare the Top Supplements 2021

Going out for a good night with friends can lead to many different activities, whether dancing, a good meal, or even drinks. However, having a few too many drinks during the night can lead to the dreaded hangover that comes later. The supplement industry has created formulas to fix this issue, whether users want to use them.

These supplements usually include vitamins, minerals, and different types of extracts to protect the body from the effects of drinking. Many products focus on replenishing B vitamins, while others keep the individual from experiencing headaches and dehydration. Since drinking impacts the user’s liver, there are also remedies supporting the liver and protecting it from alcohol damage.

Since there are many different ways to experience a hangover, many supplements can help. After consistent deliberation and research, this guide has found the top hangover supplements on the market today.

Best Hangover Pills To Buy In 2021

Lab reports, manufacturer information, and testing have led to this collaboration of helpful remedies for hangovers. Here are the top hangover remedies on the market today.

  • AfterDrink
  • Flyby
  • MoreLabs Morning Recovery
  • Drinkwel
  • PureWine
  • DrinkAde
  • Cheers
  • Over EZ
  • Blowfish
  • The Plug
  • Zaca
  • NoDaysWasted DHM Detox Recovery Blend
  • Toast
  • LiquidIV Energy Multiplier
  • Purple Tree
  • Sobur Hangover Support
  • Fewer Regrets

Read on below to learn more about each of these remedies:



In AfterDrink, consumers will be met with 23 different vitamins and antioxidants (plus herbal extracts) to help users get the energy they need in the morning. It also allows users to improve their metabolism and mental performance, though it also prioritizes the function of the liver to support the purge of toxins.

All of the ingredients used in this formula are natural, and there are no fillers to dull the effects. Though many formulas have unusual remedies, this particular blend focuses exclusively on the plant extracts that can help users get all the antioxidants they need to ease inflammation. This relief makes it easier for anyone to recover, using milk thistle, ginger, and DHM. Plus, each bottle is just $35.



Flyby is responsible for many different supplements, so they are no stranger to improving health and wellness. However, their Recovery capsules are specifically created to provide the user with natural ingredients that can help them cure their hangover after a night of drinking.

The ingredients in this formula replenish the nutrients that users lose when they imbibe, but they also help to support a healthy liver and reduce the fatigue of a hangover. B vitamins are a significant ingredient, amino acids, milk thistle, prickly pear, and DHM.

This brand stands out so clearly because they have evidence of a clinical trial run on their supplements specifically. The clinical trial included 50 healthy subjects in a randomized setting against placebos to show how effective it was. Each bottle is $35, just like the supplement above.

MoreLabs Morning Recovery


MoreLabs Morning Recovery is another remedy that comes from a well-known brand for its health and wellness supplements. Morning Recovery has earned an exceptionally positive reputation amongst consumers for the proprietary blend that supports their bodies with electrolytes they lose while drinking. The purpose of these electrolytes is to hydrate the body in the morning after drinking. However, one dose is meant to be before the user has their first drink of the night, regardless of whether the user chooses wine, beer, cocktails, or other spirits.

To achieve this profound effect, users will get many vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, and herbs. They offer a money-back policy like many other products on this list, though the majority of the reviews from customers have been positive. They are one of the top-known supplements for hangovers on this list, and they cost $36 per bottle.



Drinkwel provides users with vitamins and minerals, using the formula to improve the liver’s health, purge the body of the toxins accumulated through drinking, and replenish lost nutrients. Though this supplement is the brand’s flagship product, many formulas support users’ other health goals.

This hangover remedy includes milk thistle, green tea extracts, alpha-lipoic acid, taurine, L-theanine, DHM, and NAC. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that the body needs after drinking, acting as a multivitamin with an added boost for detoxing and deliver health. This formula is known for the strong dose that it offers with many proven ingredients. One bottle is available for $40.



PureWine is unique because it can eliminate the compounds from wine that would otherwise cause a hangover. Rather than proactively taking a pill before drinking, their product is meant to be included during drinking. Using a patented filtration system, the sulfites and histamines in wine are quickly removed, eliminating the cause of wine headaches.

Along with the removal of sulfites and histamines, PureWine eliminates oxidized components in it as well. Oxidation can occur when the wine is not stored correctly or is old, but removing these components can make it taste fresh and delicious. The product is still relatively new, but it eliminates the cause of a hangover before drinking even begins. Currently, the company offers two filters – the Wand and the Wave – starting at $12 each.



DrinkAde is a beverage, helping the body to eliminate the toxins that come with drinking as it rehydrates. However, because it has such a beneficial effect on hydration, it can also be used to recover after a workout or maintain healthy hydration generally. DrinkAde is not necessarily specific to hangovers, but it helps with the dehydration that most people experience, which leads to headaches and discomfort after drinking.

This highly recognizable supplement is found in stores already, providing users with a caffeine-free option called Prevention and a caffeinated remedy with B vitamins called Boost. While Prevention is used before drinking, Boost replenishes the body the following day.

This drink can be purchased in a 6-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack, starting at about $4 per serving. While it is rather expensive for about $28 per package to start, it is still relatively well known and praised for its effects.



Cheers have not one but three different hangover remedies, and each one has another way to improve the experience for the user. Restore, which is taken after drinking, helps the user as an after-thought for the occasion. For consumers that need to rehydrate themselves, there’s Hydrate. Protect, however, focuses on improving the user’s liver. All of these remedies are used before the user goes to sleep at night but after drinking.

The supplements from Cheers come from the United States, and they use ingredients like DHM to help the body. To date, over 14 million supplements have already been sold by Cheers, and they even patented their vitamin B2 blend. For $20 and up, users can choose to automatically ship their products and get a discount on the order.

Over EZ


Over EZ is a preventative remedy that helps consumers prevent themselves from ever getting hungover. Users can get a package that will stop up to 8 hangovers for $20, though they have packages that can stop much more for a higher price. All of the ingredients in this formula are completely natural, which is part of the reason they are so effective in preventing the intensity of the morning after.

To use this remedy, users will need to take a capsule about 15 minutes before they plan to have their first drink of the night. However, if they forget to time it out, they can always have the capsule with their first drink instead. Along with preventing hangovers, this supplement can help users support their immune system and break down the toxins in alcohol much faster to ensure that users feel refreshed after their night. This formula is also available from other major retailers beyond the official website, including Amazon and Walmart.



Blowfish has scientific evidence behind its ingredients, helping users to feel better in a matter of about 15 minutes. Users have many different packages they can choose from, though the starter pack is only $15. While other products on this list are either preventative measures or meant to be taken during drinking, this formula can be used when the individual is currently experiencing a hangover.

The Plug


The Plug promotes better productivity as it replenishes the hydration and nutrients that the body loses while drinking. The formula is entirely based on the use of plants, including fruits, flowers, and herbs. The entire blend is then combined with bedrock water, which helps users to feel more like themselves.

Though users can go through the official website to learn about this product, it can also be found in convenience stores. Users will find many unique ingredients, including licorice root, honeysuckle flower, dandelion, and Schisandra. Plus, there is no caffeine, added sugars, or other contaminants. This supplement only has 25 calories in every serving for $35 per box.



Zaca is used as both a support for the liver and a method of rehydrating the body. It breaks down quickly as a chewable supplement, and it can be used by consumers that want to support the body after drinking or support their body during workouts. Some individuals use it to prepare for an activity or recover, while others hydrate the body after traveling or feel fatigued.

When using this remedy, users will get Japanese reason, prickly pear, L-glutamine, and L-glutathione, which can help users improve their liver and hydration. Users will get the benefits of amino acids, antioxidants, and more to ensure that taking a night out with friends phone won’t cause any damage to the body. To get a bottle of this supplement, the total price is $21.



NoDaysWasted has found quite an Internet following for the last few months with the fresh packaging and beneficial ingredients. It is rather trendy to use right now to fight the toxins that the body creates whenever an individual imbibes, including acetaldehyde, with DHM.

This formula includes milk thistle, L-cysteine, organic prickly pear, and electrolytes. It also helps consumers to replenish their B vitamins, and users will only need two capsules at any point during their drinking. If they don’t take the capsules during the night, they can always take them before bed. Nights of heavy drinking could require an additional serving, but users can get a 10-pack for $34.



Contrary to the name, Toast has a berry flavor, offering a hangover remedy in the form of a gummy vitamin. Milk thistle is seen again in this remedy, combined with matcha tea to reduce the severity of a hangover. The bottle of the gummies is small enough to fit in the user’s pocket, though the entire serving is five gummies before drinking.

To get 12 servings (60 gummies), the total cost is $30, so it is relatively well priced.

LiquidIV Energy Multiplier


LiquidIV’s Energy Multiplier supports the user’s need for more energy, thanks to a collection of proven and effective ingredients. Rather than gulp down or chew capsules when the user’s stomach may already be on shaky ground, this mixture is available as a powder mixed into water to support the body once it is already enduring a hangover.

This formula isn’t explicitly advertised as a hangover pill or a supplement, but it will help users revive their energy and hydration after these nights. It offers users multiple energy boosters, includes guayusa, ginger, and matcha. With this formula, users can stay productive during their day instead of spending it on the couch with electrolyte-infused sports drink rich in sugar. Users can get 14 servings for $25 per package.

Purple Tree


Purple Tree provides users with both capsules and hydration drops that can be combined with water. Their products are “Celebration Vitamins,” helping consumers to avoid hangovers by hydrating the body.

The ingredients between the drops and capsules are nearly the same, helping users improve their liver and replenish the lost nutrients (like electrolytes and vitamins) that they experience from drinking. It uses clean ingredients and electrolytes that act quickly without any sugar. The bottles for Purple Tree supplements start at $15 each.



Sobur (pronounced “sober”) is a play on words to advertise a remedy that will seemingly cure hangovers for good. The brain and body both get protection from the alcohol that the user drinks, which means it never endures the suffering of a traditional hangover. The user will even wake up refreshed, energized, and possibly better than before.

The brand uses relatively common ingredients in the other supplements on the list, including vitamin C, B vitamins, N-acetyl L-carnitine, and DHM (among others). It can deal with many of the issues that consumers face with a hangover, like the production of acetaldehyde, low blood sugar, and dehydration. For 20 capsules (10 servings), the total cost is $35.

Fewer Regrets


Fewer Regrets is one of the more expensive remedies on this list at $50 for 12 servings, but they support using this formula for hangovers with eight natural ingredients. These ingredients include turmeric extract, milk thistle, green tea extract, and prickly pear cactus. The antioxidant support is already beneficial for the body, though some ingredients target the liver’s health.

Even though this remedy is priced a little higher than other formulas on the list, it is still incredibly effective.

How We Ranked The Best Hangover Pills

Since every hangover supplement primarily has the same claims – stopping the hangover and supporting the liver. However, a claim is not enough. The formula had to do what it claimed, which meant specific criteria that it had to fit to get a spot on this list.

Ingredients That Work

People have dealt with hangovers for as long as wine and other spirits have been around. Some cures can be dated back centuries, while others use the current science and research. The hangover supplements on this list had to have ingredients proven to work, especially at the doses in which they are used.

Backed By Science

Alcohol can be unpredictable. However, many companies have shown the effects of their products or ingredients in clinical trials, showing how they stop hangovers in their tracts. The brands that received a preferential spot on the list had clinical trials, references, and other supporting information for their ingredients.

Reputation and Transparency of the Manufacturers

Some of the companies that produce these hangover remedies have a lengthy history of creating high-quality supplements already. Some even host a medical advisory board, showing the medical community’s support for their products. The honesty of the brand and their record of performance were both considered.

Price Vs. Value

The total amount that any consumer wants to spend on a hangover remedy will play a role in what they are prepared to purchase. While some people prefer to spend no more than $5, others are willing to pay $50 and up for the relief from a hangover. All of the products chosen had to offer incredible value for the formula that they provided.


Since a hangover can be incredibly uncomfortable for the person that has to suffer through it, it should never be taken lightly. These products should be easy to prepare and use, even if the individual must remember to take them before sleeping. These products had to be easy to use, easy to swallow, and easy to take wherever the user goes.

Money-Back Guarantees

Everyone deals with alcohol differently, and some people only need some B vitamins to overcome their hangover. Other people need multiple extracts and adaptogens to give a little hope that they can bypass the mind-numbing headache. Since these formulas can work differently for everyone, companies with a money-back guarantee preferred brands without one.

Side Effects of a Hangover Supplement

No one wants to deal with possible side effects when they already have a throbbing headache and can’t even keep down a piece of toast. Luckily, the majority of these supplements have no side effects at all, assuming that the user follows the recommended dosage. The entire point of these products is to prevent side effects from the user’s activities rather than bring more on.

Ultimately, the only adverse impact that these supplements may cause is an allergic reaction. Users should always check the label before taking any supplement, especially for a hangover remedy. Some people report a little digestive discomfort, but this is more common among first-time users or individuals that use more than the remedy recommends.

Choosing the Right Hangover Supplement Dosages

Though supplements can include a few different ingredients to help with hangovers, each one works differently. These formulas come with their directions, and users should follow the recommendations of the creator explicitly.

Supplements with capsules often have no more than one or two capsules for the supplement, while others are available as a pre-measured powder. There’s even a remedy on this list that requires five gummy vitamins to do the job.

Individuals who have a night of heavier drinking or partying may be considered doubling up, but the product’s label should say if it is safe to have that much in one sitting.

Scientific Evidence for Hangover Supplements

With the unpredictability of hangovers, these supplements are often not backed up by specific evidence regarding their formula. The investment in clinical trials is not often seen, so research and references are found on their official website instead, showing studies that independent researchers explored.

The claims of these supplements were backed up with other scientific evidence to back up their ingredients or how their formula is accepted in the body. Users can see exactly what goes into the formula and why by providing more third-party studies on the ingredients. Some of the top products on the market today use pure reviewed research papers and clinical trials that have involved placebos. By providing more scientific evidence, the products were able to be listed higher on this guide.

One of the few companies that include their clinical trial is Flyby. The clinical trial involved 50 healthy subjects taking either the Recovery formula or a placebo before consuming the typical alcohol intake. The subjects were then instructed to go to sleep. The test was switched about a week later, giving the individuals who received the placebo originally the R recovery formula. Individuals who only took a placebo had three to five times worse of an experience for their hangover. In contrast, the people who took the actual formula experienced four times better symptoms.

One of the main reasons consumers feel so sick after drinking too much alcohol is Acetaldehyde, a harmful but natural toxin that builds up in the body with alcohol. It is also the reason for struggling to recover after a night of drinking with just drinking water. The body produces this toxin due to the breakdown of ethanol, and it is up to 30 times the toxicity of simply drinking the alcohol. That is why consumer skills deteriorate the next day.

Some people say that low blood sugar can contribute to a hangover. After all, as the body becomes hydrated, glucose levels can tank. Without glucose, the body is forced to find energy from other resources, and individuals experience the dreaded hangover. Suppose low blood sugar was the only reason consumers experienced hangovers. Drinking a soda or even orange juice before sleeping would be enough to eliminate the risk of a hangover. However, that is not true.

The body’s inflammatory response has also been credited as to why so many people suffer from hangovers. Anytime an infection occurs in the body, the body uses the inflammatory response to fight it. The chemical involved with alcohol goes straight through the stomach lining, which is why the body can absorb alcohol at such a rapid pace. Anyone without food in their stomach will start to absorb the alcohol within a few minutes. While 20% goes through the stomach lining, the alcohol will go through the small intestine. The process takes about an hour, which is why some effects of alcohol can take up to an hour to fully realize.

A hangover can cause many problems in the body because it is a diuretic. Users urinate more often when they have a diuretic in their system, and they will urinate in more significant quantities than they typically would. Unfortunately, as users visit the bathroom, they lose tons of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Rehydration takes more than drinking water, so finding more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in some sources is necessary.

Due to the way that alcohol impacts the brain, some hangover supplements will use GABA. The GABA receptors attract the ethanol molecules, which automatically raises the level of GABA in the brain. The binding results in a delay in the messages in the brain, which is what dulls the nervous system signals with slower movements, slower judgments, and slower breathing.

Using dihydromyricetin, better known as DHM, is supported by many significant scientific studies, and it is one of the most popular ingredients to use in hangover pills now. The majority of the pills on this list include DHM in some way. According to a study in 2012, researchers discovered that DHM could be used as an anti-intoxication remedy. Individuals who use this ingredient are likely to experience no symptoms commonly associated with dependence or withdrawal. They are less likely to experience a hangover or other side effects. Along with the positive results after a night of drinking, DHM I can also reduce the risk of liver damage, anxiety disorder, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, and general fear.

Milk thistle is another common ingredient found in these formulas to reduce the risk of liver disease and support liver health. This particular ingredient provides antioxidant support to prevent toxins from absorbing into the membrane. It also promotes better protein synthesis and reduces inflammation, which are all issues related to hangovers. The main reason it is so effective is due to silymarin, which prevents free radicals from thriving. More research is still needed to confirm how effective that milk thistle can be for protecting the liver.

Some of the formulas on this list are a bit more straightforward. They provide the body with electrolytes for rehydration, one of the easiest ways to beat a hangover. Still, these types of supplements are being researched, and the majority of solutions that consumers will find have everything to do with new research going on each day.

FAQs About Hangover Pills

Q: What is a hangover?

A: A hangover is a result of drinking too much alcohol, leading to unfortunate side effects. The most common side effects include fatigue, thirst, headache, weakness, nausea, anxiety, extreme light and sound sensitivity, high blood pressure, stomach pain, and muscle aches. However, there are some other symptoms associated with hangovers.

Q: Why do hangovers happen?

A: Unfortunately, scientists still do not have a clear idea of the reason the hangovers occur. Some people experience worse symptoms than others, while many consumers experience no hangovers at all. The majority of the reason people will deal with a hangover is that they have lost vitamins and minerals and are experiencing dehydration.

Q: Why does alcohol cause a hangover?

A: Drinking alcohol causes the body to endure a diuretic reaction, causing the individual to produce more urine and quickly depletes essential vitamins and minerals. Also, when the body breaks down alcohol, it can become toxic.

Q: What is acetaldehyde?

A: Acetaldehyde is the toxin that naturally occurs in the body when it breaks down alcohol or ethanol. Many hangover supplements specifically target this compound to reduce the risk of a hangover.

Q: Why do some people get worse hangovers than others?

A: Many factors can contribute. The individual’s current drinking and lifestyle habits are just one factor. Their Physiology, daily diets, and genetics also can influence their hangover experience. There is no scientific reason; one person will have a severe and uncomfortable hangover while others have none.

Q: How can genetics affect hangovers?

A: Individuals from an East Asian bloodline are more likely to have a severe hangover, primarily due to a genetic mutation in their DNA. This mutation quickly converts alcohol into acetaldehyde.

Q: Do women get worse hangovers than men?

A: Statistically speaking, a woman is more likely to have a hangover than a man. However, this difference seems to be directly associated with women’s lower average body weight, but men do not.

Q: Do hangovers get worse as the body gets older?

A: It entirely depends on the person. Some people experience incredibly severe hangovers as they get over, but no connection has been scientifically made. Some people say that younger consumers are less likely to experience a hangover, while others have proven the opposite.

Q: Can the drink that a user consumes influence their likelihood of a hangover?

A: The main reason that anyone experiences a hangover is due to alcohol. Drinking more alcohol will increase the likelihood of a hangover. Sulfites found in wine can also be the culprit, so some people have a worse experience if they drink wine instead of another alcoholic beverage.

Q: What can users do to prevent a hangover?

A: Taking a hangover supplement is one of the easiest ways that consumers can prevent their hangover. They should also try to eat something before drinking and not consume too many drinks at once.

Q: What can users do to get over their hangover quickly?

A: Most people drink a hydrating beverage that has electrolytes to get rid of their hangover quickly. Many cultures have different hangover cures, including eating pickled herring in Germany or pickled plums in Japan. In Mexico, locals swear by eating shrimp to cure a hangover.

Q: Can drinking more alcohol cure a hangover?

A: While this is a belief held by many people, there is no scientific evidence to show that drinking any of these same beverages that the user had the night before can help individuals get through their hangover.

Q: When did the hangover typically reach its worst point?

A: When blood alcohol concentration goes back to zero, that is when the hangover will end. Most of the time, hangover takes about 24 hours to fully progress.

Q: Is it dangerous to have a hangover?

A: For some people, they are. Inadequate muscle coordination and a slower response time can make driving or any other decision-focused activity much more stressful and difficult.

Q: Will users be able to use a specific order of drinks to reduce the risk of a hangover?

A: Scientific research shows that any order of drinks does not matter. Hangovers are simply caused by alcohol, so it doesn’t matter whether the individual consumes beer first or spirits. The total alcohol content is the driving force behind a hangover.

Q: Will he ever become worse if the individual has cigarettes?

A: Based on scientific research, smoking is worse for hangovers. Individuals who smoke and drink simultaneously had a much worse hangover than individuals who didn’t smoke at all. While there is no specific reason why it worsens the experience, some believe individuals will drink more while smoking.

Q: Will a hangover be worse when individuals drink a darker beverage?

A: Possibly. Drinks like red wine, rum, and bourbon have a high concentration of congeners from the fermentation process. All of these alcohols have been associated with a worse hangover because of the presence of congeners.

Best Hangover Pills To Buy In 2021 Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to simply move past it and get it out of their system regarding hangovers. Scientific research can help exponentially with the many different supplements on the market today. The remedies above can be highly effective, as long as the individual follows the directions on the package.

Alleviating any effects of a hangover can be a reprieve from an otherwise uncomfortable day. With these supplements, consumers can take control as they rehydrate their bodies and prepare for what’s ahead of them for the rest of the day.

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