Best Delta-8 Tincture – Top Marijuana Dispensaries to Buy Cannabis & Hemp Oil| Order THC Tinctures Online [2021’s Brands Reviewed]

Delta-8 is one of the most common types of cannabinoids derived from hemp. Unlike its variant, delta-9, delta-8 is comparatively mild and provides a more relaxing, therapeutic experience. It is relatively less potent, so it won’t intoxicate you to very high levels. If you are looking for cannabis that is not very potent but helps you release stress, delta-8 is probably your best friend.

If you’re just starting on this high journey and looking for delta-8 treatments, tinctures are the way to go. The good thing about Delta 8 tinctures is that since they come with droppers, you can retain control over how high you get with a dose of delta-8. This is a significant benefit that tinctures have over delta-8 gummies and edibles, where you get a fixed amount of delta-8 with each gummy.

If you are about to buy Delta 8 tinctures, this article will be your complete guide.

Our List Of The Best Delta 8 Tinctures In The Market:

If you’re thinking about indulging in some delta-8 tinctures, these are the five best delta-8 tinctures you can buy.

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Tinctures With Refillable Oil Tanks
  2. Delta Extrax – Top Rated Delta 8 Tinctures & Cannabis Oil
  3. Diamond CBD – Most Popular Tincture THC Doses
  4. Nuleaf Naturals – Full Spectrum Delta 8 Marijuana Tinctures
  5. 3Chi – Most Potent Delta 8 Weed Oils

Now let’s talk a little about each of our delta-8 tincture recommendations!

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best THC Tinctures With Refillable Oil Tanks

Having been in the market for a while, Exhale Wellness has perfected the formula for producing organic, vegan delta-8 products. Their gummies, edibles, cigarettes, tinctures, etc., are very popular among customers who like their cannabis free of additives, artificial flavors, and colors. These hemp-derived products also appeal to people because they are gluten and dairy-free. Exhale Wellness is on a mission to provide people with healthy, organic alternatives to traditional medicine. Likewise, it strives to give people the option of natural alternatives to medication which can significantly enhance and improve their health, stability, and performance.

To ensure that they deliver the highest quality delta-8 products, Exhale Wellness has formed a phenomenal team of cannabis enthusiasts and researchers with years of experience in the organic food industry to make top-notch delta-8 products.

The delta-8 oil line from Exhale Wellness is a great starting point if you are looking for delta-8 tinctures. These bottles come in three sizes; 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg, so you get to choose how much quantity you want.

The bottle contains premium-quality hemp oil made from full-spectrum cannabinoids to ensure that you have the ideal experience. It comes with a dropper, so you can be precise about how much you consume at a time.

The product itself is purely organic, so you will not find any preservatives or harmful chemicals in it. These delta-8 tinctures will help you achieve the mental and physical peace that you are looking for.

You can ingest this oil sublingually or mix it with your food/drink. Since delta-8 is not a very potent cannabinoid, you do not have to worry about getting high. Its low potency levels prevent high levels of inebriation.


  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Available in three sizes: 300mg, 600 mg & 1200mg
  • Organic
  • Not genetically modified
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No additives, preservatives, or colors


  • Only available online
  • No flavors

Customer Reviews

The reviews of this product are reasonably positive. Customers love how high quality the tincture is, with one mentioning that it has helped them focus and be productive. Another user said that this tincture has worked as a great alternative to smoking.

Make way for a stress-free, relaxed life with a drop of Exhale’s delta-8 oil. Experience the actual benefits of delta-8 in your work, sleep, and general everyday life. Buy a bottle now, here.

⇒Visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

2. Delta Extrax – Top Rated Delta 8 Tinctures & Cannabis Oil


Delta Extrax is a well-known brand in the world of delta-8. With its wide variety of products, Delta Extrax has become very popular among users. The company focuses on the therapeutic properties of delta-8, and the benefits users can derive from it. Delta Extrax has seemingly perfected the formula for producing only the top-notch delta-8 products with its exemplary research and development team. All of these products are tested by third parties that verify their safety. Delta Extrax probably has the most diverse range of products in our list of brand recommendations.

The Delta Extrax delta-8 tinctures come in three different flavors: Spearmint, Passionfruit, and Grape. Each flavor is carefully structured to help you derive specific benefits from delta-8.

The Spearmint flavor named “Focus” is a Sativa blend designed to help you stay focused and alert. The Pulegone, Cedrene, and b-pinene in this one will help you stay attentive while also keeping you calm and collected.

Do you find it a challenge to get through the day? The Passionfruit flavor named “Balance” is structured to help you get through the day. It is a hybrid blend that elevates your senses but keeps your aura calm. This tincture might make it a little easier.

Lastly, the primary purpose of the Grape flavor called “Chill” is to help you sleep. “If you are looking for something to help you sleep better and longer, Chill is your best friend! This one is an Indica blend designed to help you relax and “chill” out on your couch.

Each bottle of Delta Extrax’s delta-8 tincture comes in a 100mg 30 ml container. If you are just starting, Delta Extrax recommends using only half of the dropper tool to develop tolerance. Each tincture contains Nerolidol, Borneol, and Linalool terpenes, while the MCT oil acts as the primary carrier.

All of these tincture options are available to order on the Delta Extrax website. The brand sells various products other than tinctures that you can also check out if you want to make a purchase. All third-party test reports are also uploaded to their site to review them if you have any doubts.


  • Three flavors to choose from
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • User-friendly website


  • Only available in one size (1000mg dosage)
  • Does not offer returns or refunds

Customer Reviews

Most Delta Extrax products have outstanding customer reviews. The brand also lets you order its products in bundles so you can order in larger quantities and get a better price overall. Many customer reviews mention that these tinctures have helped them relax and sleep well. However, one user cautioned that these tinctures could be intoxicating if consumed in large quantities.

⇒Visit the official website of Delta Extrax

3. Diamond CBD – Most Popular Tincture THC Doses


Diamond CBD is a leader in the manufacturing of CBD products. Not only has it been in the business for a while, but it has also managed to produce the top ten leading CBD consumer products in the market. Naturally, it has also accumulated a decent fanbase for its products. With its stellar team of scientists and researchers, Diamond CBD has developed diverse and high-quality hemp extracts and a broad profile of cannabinoids for you to consume.

Apart from being a market leader, Diamond CBD has a unique business model that allows them to use a sustainable method of using hemp plants that is environmentally friendly. Moreover, the brand doesn’t use any artificial flavors or additives and focuses on keeping its products organic and pure. The company also gets its products tested by third-party labs to ensure no compromise in quality, consistency, and purity.

The Chill Plus Full Spectrum delta-8 CBD Oil is a full spectrum CBD derived from industrial hemp combined with delta-8, specially designed to help YOU chill. This formula combines 500mg of pure CBD oil with 500mg of delta-8 to give you a mild high. The product itself is organic, having been harvested on non-GMO farms.

The Chill Plus Full Spectrum delta-8 CBD Oil comes in three sizes; 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg. The website provides a detailed user guide on the amount of CBD present in each drop of this tincture. This is especially helpful for people who are new to the use of delta-8 and other cannabinoids products and are still in the process of developing tolerance.

The good thing about purchasing tinctures from Diamond CBD is that they come with a thirty-day return policy. That way, if you do not enjoy the product, you can quickly return it. This is a rare privilege that many other cannabinoids brands do not offer their customers. So, if you are looking to buy a tincture but are not entirely sure how you would feel about it, consider using this as an opportunity to explore the world of delta-8 tinctures.


  • High-quality hemp
  • Combines 500mg of CBD tinctures with 500mg of delta-8 to provide the perfect mix of mild high and calm
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • 30-day return policy
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Provides a detailed consumption guide for consumers


  • Expensive
  • No flavors
  • Offers only one level of potency (1000mg)

Customer Reviews

The Chill Plus Full Spectrum delta-8 CBD Oil has a 4.9 rating on the website. Many users have praised it for making them feel calm and more at peace when asleep. One user even mentioned that this tincture might have helped her mother relax during violent episodes of dementia. Customers raved about the tinctures and the customer support that was available.

⇒Visit the official website of Diamond CBD

4. Nuleaf Naturals – Full Spectrum Delta-8 THC Oils


A pioneer of hemp-producing products, Nuleaf Naturals aspires to provide people with a line of organic cannabinoid wellness products that act as alternatives to traditional medicine. Armed with a team of plant medicine experts, Nuleaf Natural has managed to deliver its customers the most high-quality cannabinoid products in their most pure and potent form. As with the majority of the brands on this list, Nuleaf Naturals’ products are organic, non-GMO, and do not contain any additives or preservatives. Moreover, third-party labs verify the products, making sure they’re free of fungus, herbicides, pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and other nasties. These finest labs also ensure that the terpene and cannabinoid levels in these products are at optimal levels.

The tinctures produced by Nuleaf Naturals go by the name of Nuleaf Natural’s Full Spectrum delta-8 THC oils. The bottle comes in four sizes: 225mg, 450mg, 750mg and 1500mg. Each millimeter of the Full Spectrum delta-8 THC oil contains 60mg of cannabinoids. Since Nuleaf Natural uses the CO2 extraction method, they do not require any chemicals. This, in turn, helps them keep their oils pure and additive-free. This method also allows Nuleaf to preserve phytonutrients in the broad spectrum hemp extract so the user can ingest them. Therefore, when you consume this tincture, you not only feel the euphoric effects of delta-8 but also possibly derive the medical benefits from the terpenes and compounds in hemp.

One very unique feature of Nuleaf tinctures is that they come in dark, light-proof glass bottles. Since there are no preservatives in the oil, these light-proof bottles help prevent the degradation of the oils inside. Moreover, these bottles also eliminate the need to refrigerate the oil. So, you don’t need to worry about popping these bottles in the fridge after every use!

The Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum delta-8 THC oils happen to have a very earthy taste. This might not sit well with you if you are new to the world of delta-8 tinctures, but with time, you will develop a likeness for it.


  • Certified products at every level
  • 30-day refund policy
  • High-quality, organic tinctures
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • No need to refrigerate
  • The tinctures come in different sizes and potencies
  • Tinctures contain terpenes and phytonutrients


  • A harsh, earthy taste
  • Very expensive

Customer Reviews

Users of the Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum delta-8 THC oil love this tincture. Many users have praised it for possibly helping them with depression, anxiety, panic, and restless sleep. Hence, if you are looking for a tincture to help you relax, this one might be it! It has a 4.9-star rating on the website. Not so bad, huh? Worth a look anyway!

⇒Visit the official website of Nuleaf Naturals

5. 3Chi – Most Potent Delta 8 Weed Oils


Founded by a biochemist fifteen years ago, 3Chi has become the largest delta-8 distributor in the United States. The company’s website explains the process of making its products. Their website states, “The cannabinoids found in hemp have a way of bringing equilibrium to the human body. Our goal is to deconstruct the hemp plant, one cannabinoid at a time so that we can test, analyze, and then reconstruct cannabinoid blends that are exponentially more beneficial than the hemp plant in its natural form.” This essentially captures the essence of what the company aspires to do. By producing the best delta-8 products, 3Chi has revolutionized the cannabinoid world. And this is no understatement; 3Chi is the first brand to legally distribute delta-8 THC products in the United States.

In addition to their high-quality products, 3Chi is also known for its state-of-the-art packaging. Their delta-8 tinctures are made with quality hemp and full spectrum CBD oil. 3Chi’s products are one hundred percent natural, and there are no traces of additives or pesticides. But rest assured, their products are just as easy on the body as they are on the eyes. Since the company uses the ethanol extraction method to extract cannabinoids from the organically grown hemp plant, their products are one hundred percent safe to consume. Like all other brands on this list, 3Chi products are also third-party tested. You can find the results of these tests on their website here.

The 3Chi delta-8 tinctures are known to provide relief from pain and stress. Since these tinctures do not contain any delta-9 components, you do not need to worry about being too intoxicated. However, 3Chi does warn users against using heavy machinery or driving after using this product as tinctures can make you mildly high. The 3Chi delta-8 tinctures use MCT as the carrier oil and contain cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, and CBN.

If you are a beginner to delta-8 products, you might want to give the 3Chi delta-8 THC tinctures a shot. Since they are all-natural, these tinctures taste more like broad spectrum hemp extract than anything else. These tinctures come in multiple potencies ranging from 300mg to 1200mg. This makes dosage extremely convenient, and you can choose how strong of a delta-8 experience you want. Like most other tinctures, this one also comes with a pipette-style dropper.

You can store these tinctures in a cool, dry place, but refrigeration is recommended. It is not necessary but will elongate the tincture’s shelf life. Since the product is free of preservatives, it is a little more prone to contamination. We recommend, as a precaution, not to bring the dropper into contact with the skin or mouth between users.


  • High-quality hemp
  • Multiple potency options
  • All in one tincture – combines the health benefits of other cannabinoids and CBD oils into a single product
  • Organic, additive, and chemical-free
  • Third-party lab tested


  • The earthy taste might not be for everybody
  • Only unused products are eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Shipping can take up to two weeks

Customer Reviews

Out of all the tinctures listed here, customers seem to love this one the most. Quite a few have mentioned that this tincture has helped them with anxiety, depression, and pain management. Some have used it as an analgesic, with one user saying that it has helped with their Crohn’s disease. Naturally, the 3Chi Delta-8 THC Tinctures have an outstanding rating of five stars on the website.

⇒Visit the official website of 3Chi Delta

What Are Delta-8 Tinctures?

The concept of tinctures can be a little confusing. A tincture can be described as a way of storing extracts. Liquid extracts can be stored using either an oil base or an alcohol base. If the solvent used is oil, then the extract is saved as oil; if alcohol, then the extract is saved as a tincture.

Delta-8 tinctures are growing increasingly popular due to their versatility and long life. They are incredibly convenient to carry and consume. Since they come in tiny, discreet bottles and do not have a scent, tinctures are not easily detectable. Delta-8 tinctures can last you for years if stored correctly and are comparatively lower in calories than their edible counterparts (gummies, edibles, etc.).

Another significant benefit of tinctures is that they offer various ways to administer your dose of delta-8. Nervous about your first dose of delta-8? No problem! Mix it with your food, drink, or desserts, and you won’t even notice it! Want the effects of delta-8 to kick in fast? Simply apply some under your tongue and feel better in as little as 15 minutes! Are you feeling experimental? Ingest some delta-8 directly by pouring a few drops into your mouth! The possibilities with delta-8 tinctures are endless! Not to mention, the effects of delta-8 can last for up to four to five hours when taken via tinctures.

How We Choose These Products

We recommend this shortlist of products after extensive research. There are several factors that we base our recommendations on. If you’re a newbie to the world of delta-8 tinctures or delta-8 in general, you should also consider the following before deciding what brand and/or product to buy.

  • Ingredients

Before you invest in any tinctures, list out the properties you want your tincture to have. This way, you can narrow down your tincture options according to what you want. When shortlisting our choices, we try to go for organic products free of additives, preservatives, etc., and use high-quality hemp. We only recommend tinctures that do not contain pesticides or other poisons since we believe that organic cannabis is the best cannabis.

Whether you like your tinctures organic or not, you should always look at the ingredients used in the tincture in question. The ingredients will help you choose the kind of tincture that is most suitable for you.

  • Brand Reputation

We only endorse brands that have an excellent history linked with their brand. Such brands might not have years of experience, but they do have an established customer base. These brands give valuable insights into their products and their uses. Customers who have used these tinctures post reviews online. They will help us decide which brands are legit and which are not.

  • Customer Reviews

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Not every product that a brand comes out with is popular with customers. We do not solely rely on the information provided on brands’ websites to decide if they are the best or not. We look at customer testimonials to get valuable insights about which products are a hit or miss. Going through these reviews, we looked at the quality of the experience customers have had with a product before recommending it.

  • Third-Party Lab Test Results

The good thing about our recommended products is that we also base our opinions on third-party lab test results. These finest labs test whether the quality of the brand’s product is top-notch and safe to use as the brand claims. Remember, good brands always have these reports listed on their website so customers can look at them before purchasing any products.

Buyers’ Guide – Things to Consider Before Buying Delta-8 Tinctures

If you have decided to buy a delta-8 tincture for yourself, it is essential that you first do some thorough research before buying one. Here we list a few factors that you should consider before settling on a particular brand of the delta-8 tincture.

  • Source

Most tinctures use some kind of oil as a carrier. Delta Extrax tinctures, as mentioned in this article, use MCT oil as the carrier. Before buying a tincture, find out what quality of the oil is used in it. You should ensure that the oil is extracted from an additive-free, organic hemp plant. Some brands do incorporate vitamin E, PG, PEG, VG, etc., into the oil. The best way to ascertain what is and isn’t present in the oil is to look it up on the brand’s website.

  • Quality

This one is self-explanatory. With delta-8 products, you must buy only the best quality tinctures. It is dangerous to buy your tinctures from local, unregulated businesses. These products are not tested, and the companies that make them do not follow safety standards. We recommend that you opt for licensed brands and register with the government to produce them. Buying your tinctures from local, unregulated businesses can have detrimental effects since they are not tested or follow safety standards. Therefore, it is advised that you opt for licensed brands and register with the government to produce them.

One foolproof way of assessing a tincture’s quality is by observing its color. That’s right, and it is that simple! A high product quality tincture is typically transparent with a tinge of pink. Strange colored tinctures are an indication of inadequate filtration. If the color of your tincture is more on the dark side, that is a significant sign that it is not pure. You should avoid such tinctures as the dark color implies that the tincture has high levels of chemicals and solvents in it.

Keep all of this in mind while buying yourself a bottle of delta-8 tincture. Remember, the risks of purchasing unlicensed and highly processed delta-8 tinctures can range from a simple potency fraud to hospitalization and even death. Shop responsibly, folks!

  • Price

Delta-8 tinctures tend to be a little on the pricier side. But the thing about delta-8 products is that the higher the price, the better the product is. That being said, if you are thinking of buying yourself a tincture, keep in mind that it will cost a lot. However, some brands offer discounts and deals so you can get the same product for less. Keep an eye out for such bargains, and you might be able to get a reasonable price.

Moreover, if you are a newbie starting in the world of delta-8 tinctures, consider buying from brands that offer a full refund or exchange policy. That way, if you do not enjoy the product, you can quickly get your money back.

  • Personal Preferences

Some brands do not use artificial flavors, so their variety of tinctures is limited. Unflavored, organic tinctures do taste earthy, which might not be for everyone. For example, some users mentioned that they are not particular fans of the after-taste of Diamond CBD Chill Plus Oil. Therefore, if you like variety in your tinctures or just prefer flavorful tinctures, choose a brand that offers such options.

Similarly, some people also have potency preferences. For instance, if you are just starting with tinctures, you should go for low potency to develop tolerance. However, not all brands offer potency variations. You can learn about this in two ways. First, you can buy a tincture that comes in only one potency and carefully monitor your dosage as you consume it. However, if you feel uncomfortable with this technique, you can look up brands that offer different potency options in their tinctures. 3Chi, for example, offers three different potency levels in its delta-8 THC tinctures.

FAQs About Delta-8 Tinctures

Q1. How Long Does It Take For Delta-8 Tinctures & Hemp Plants To Work?

Tinctures can be mixed into your food or drink or applied directly under the tongue. If taken sublingually, the effects of delta-8 tinctures kick in as fast as fifteen minutes. If mixed with food/drink, the effects may take longer to kick in, anywhere between thirty minutes to two hours, and can last for a good four to five hours.

Q2. What Are The Side Effects Of Using Delta-8 THC Tinctures?

Delta-8 tinctures have some side effects, but they are considered mild; dry mouth, appetite changes, sedation, and dizziness.

If you are a new user, you might experience some of these intensely. However, these side effects will subside as you develop tolerance. You can reduce these side effects through proper food intake and hydration.

Q3. How High Can You Get With Delta-8 Tinctures & Organic Hemp Seed Oil?

Delta-8 is mild and will not make you incredibly high. Instead, it will make you feel calmer and collected. If you are looking to get high, delta-8 will not do it for you.

Q4. Does Delta-8 Show Up In Drug Tests?

Yes. Delta-8 shows up in drug tests. To avoid any positive results on a drug test, we advise you to quit consuming delta-8. Two to three weeks should clear your system and produce a negative result.


So if you are looking for something that will make you feel giddy but at the same time keeps you in control, then Delta Tinctures are the product for you. Whenever you decide to use tinctures, remember to research as best as you can. Your health is paramount. If it is safe to do so, then enjoy.

However, deciding what to buy can be overwhelming. Therefore, feel free to explore the world of the best delta-8 tinctures. But remember to use our recommendations as a starting point.

With a variety of consumption methods and an array of options to choose from, a delta-8 tincture can help you end your day on a good note. Happy shopping!

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