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Best Delta 8 Gummies for Anxiety: Top 5 Brands of 2021

Delta-8 THC is the newest, most sought out cannabinoid among hemp users because this particular compound provides an elevated level of high that isn’t too intense and has more of a soothing effect on you.

The main thing that separates Delta-8 from Delta-9 THC, is its decreased psychotropic effects. This may reduce feelings of paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, and some of the other side effects that have been associated with overconsumption of Delta 9 THC.

In this blog post, we will discuss The Best Delta 8 Gummies of 2021 and our Top 5 Brands as well as what makes them so effective for people looking for an alternative treatment option for anxiety.

Top 5 Delta-8 Gummies for Anxiety:

  1. Everest’s Blue Raspberry Delta 8 THC Gummy– Even the website experience calms us down. Then we taste their gummies and forget we were anxious at all.
  2. Exhale Wellness’ – Well-made Delta 8 gummies that people can’t stop talking about, even those who are anxious to talk to people.
  3. Budpop – If you’re an all-American vegan who loves Blue Dream. We’ve found your gummy.
  4. Delta EFFEX – A price point for everyone, a flavor for all. You can’t go wrong giving this a try.
  5. Diamond CBD’s Chills Plus Delta Force Square Gummies – A world-class gummy made with organic hemp oil.

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a powerful cannabinoid native to the cannabis flower. It’s an analog of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has been proven to provide many health benefits.

According to studies Delta-8 THC may be antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, and analgesic properties. Another noteworthy quality Delta-8 THC possesses is its neuroprotective property.

Delta-8 THC is considered milder than other cannabinoids like Delta 8, but cognitively stronger than CBD which is known for its anxiety relief properties.

How is Delta-8 THC Made?

Most Delta-8 THC is directly extracted from hemp. The hemp flower gets broken down and runs through a fractional distillation process.

A thin film distillation is used and commonly with a variation of pressure and temperature used to isolate the Delta-8 THC from the rest of the plant material.

Other companies create Delta 8 THC through cannabinoid conversion. CBD has to be dissolved in acid, usually glacial acetic acid. During this process, the CBD first gets converted to Delta-9-THC, but after approximately 72 hours more than half of the original CBD will turn into Delta-8-THC.

Delta-8 THC is a compound that was first discovered in 1941. A Canadian group of scientists discovered Delta 8 THC and its potential therapeutic effects on humans through oral administration.

This was the first time that an isolated form of this compound was ever found by researchers who believed it could help people with sleeping disorders, anxiety, or even epilepsy. But what use does it really have today?

How can Delta 8 help people today? Does it have anti-anxiety properties?

While there still needs to be more research and studies conducted regarding Delta 8 THC, it is known to be a psychotropic cannabinoid, though to a lesser effect than Delta 9 THC. This in itself may be an anti-anxiety property since there are some people who experience bouts with paranoia and other anxiety-inducing sensations when consuming Delta 9. The weaker psychotropic impacts of Delta 8 may help people with anxiety ease into their cannabis experience.

There is more, however. The National Cancer Institute defines Delta-8 THC to potentially include “antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective” properties.

Research suggests that activation of the CB1 receptor may help people sleep better, leading to a general feeling of drowsiness and more restful nights. In one study, Delta-8 THC induced sleep while increasing the length of REM in cats. This is because Delta-8 concentrate was able to sedate these animals and improve their quality of sleep. Could this same sedative effect be recorded in humans and shown to have anti-anxiety properties? It’s possible that research will demonstrate that in the future.

As an antiemetic, it may help people that are feeling nauseous from chemotherapy treatments. Since anxiety is often associated with any serious diagnosis, Delta 8 THC may play an important role in the palliative and ongoing care for people in chemotherapy. Consider also that using gummies may help introduce food and even stimulate an appetite in people who may otherwise not want to eat.

When selecting the best Delta 8 gummies for anxiety, here are some of the factors we considered:

1. If you want a strong, reliable opinion on the best Delta 8 gummies out there then look no further. The experts and consumers have spoken: this article contains the opinions of experts and consumers alike. We’ve seen the questions people have asked. We’ve seen the answers that experienced consumers have left behind. We’ve listened to the crowds and we’ve utilized what they’ve had to say.

2. We’ve scoured these different brands’ website platforms as well as their various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. We know them like their exes who can’t let them go. Except better.

3. We scoured the internet and studied a wide range of brand websites to confirm that all information was accurate. From farming practices, extractions methods, down to packaging details; we found them through expert research. Lab reports were key. We like lab reports.

A Complete List Of Our Top 5 Delta-8 Gummies for Anxiety

We understand that it can be difficult to decide what type of Delta-8 gummies are the best remedy against your anxiety.

You don’t want gummies too strong, but you also don’t want them too mild. It’s sometimes tough to find the right balance.

For that reason, we have made a list of our favorite five brands and their Delta-8 gummies that might help you with anxiety, and they cover all the bases. From premium products at higher prices to everyday tastes for an average person’s budget, we make sure that everyone is represented in our list of the best Delta 8 THC gummies for anxiety.

1. Everest’s Blue Raspberry Delta 8 THC Gummy


We know how anxiety is felt differently by everyone, but we think that everyone will respond positively to our favorite Delta 8 THC gummies today: Everest’s blue raspberry gummies. They’re superbly tasty and made from the best ingredients.

Everest also provides one of the best buying experiences around. They offer free shipping with every order, and include free cold packs to make sure that your gummies don’t melt before arrival. They also have wonderful customer support that’s friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond.

Everest’s Delta-8 Gummies Product Details

Prices: $75

Everest Delta-8 gummies are a healthier, vegan alternative to sugary artificial snacks. There are no added animal byproducts and they’re made with organic fruits so you can feel good about eating them. No anxiety is needed.

Everest gummies can be bought as one-time orders or a monthly recurring subscription. Subscribers receive a 20% discount with every order.


  • American grown hemp
  • The best flavor you can buy
  • 100% vegan and non-GMO

You can expect only the best quality with Everest’s Delta 8 products. Every batch of their products are double tested, both before and after production, to ensure purity and potency. Third-party lab results are available directly on their website.

2. Exhale Wellness’ Delta 8 Gummies


The mesmerizingly delicious Delta-8 gummies are some of the best you’ll ever taste. These candies will melt in your mouth and put a smile on your face!

Customers report that they love the natural fruity flavors of these gummies. The fact that they don’t only taste great, but have amazing potency makes them a perfect all-around fit for anyone looking to enjoy Delta-8-THC.

These vegan gummies are made out of cruelty-free compounds with organic growing methods, so no anxiety to follow consumption. Exhale Wellness is an honest company that actually cares about its customers and tries to stick as close to nature as it possibly can. The fact that these gummies are organically produced by themselves makes them a more palatable option for most customers.

Exhale Wellness believes that natural treatments are the best way to be healthy. The naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant provide us with a quick and easy way to restore our body’s stability, comfort, and performance. Exhale Wellness is on a mission to make these healing properties available for everyone through its products.

By spreading awareness about the medicinal benefits of Delta-8 THC, they hope to empower individuals and families in their health journey by promoting a balanced lifestyle from within. They strive to educate people about natural alternatives, and by putting their message into practice with organic products that enhance your body’s function. With high-grade cannabis combining nutritious superfoods, Exhale Wellness has been able to produce some of the most wholesome, and beneficial products on the market.

Exhales Wellness’ Delta-8 Gummies Product Details

Prices: $59.95 – $99.95

Exhale Delta-8 gummies are a healthier, vegan alternative to sugary artificial snacks.

There are no added animal byproducts and they’re made with organic fruits so you can feel good about eating them!


  • Extremely potent
  • Fruity and vegan
  • Nothing artificial
  • 100% organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Uses full-spectrum Delta-8 extract

They also have a very handy subscription feature where you can receive their Delta-8 gummies monthly so you will never run out!

3. Budpop’s Blue Dream Berry Delta 8 THC Gummies


Budpop is a company led by young professionals that aims to provide people with safe alternatives for steroid-based relaxants or anti-depressants. They have come up with legal and efficacious formulas that contain 100% original hemp, which they believe can help us better deal with the problems we face in our contemporary lives.

Budpop Delta-8 Gummies Product Details

Prices: Starting From $59.95

The gummies are sold in two different flavors- strawberry and blueberry. Each gummy contains 25mg of Delta-8 THC content, making 625mg per container with a total of 25 pieces in each for $49.99

The gummies are federally legal since they contain below 0.3% of THC, but check to make sure your state hasn’t made it so easy on you. Some have regulated Delta 8 and don’t allow it.

One of these gummies is enough for six hours of relief and if you’re familiar with the effects, adjusting your dosage becomes second nature.


  • Experienced leadership
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan, made in the USA

The company has been in the market for a short period of time, but with their targeted focus on consumers’ needs, they have quickly become an established competitor.

4. Delta EFFEX’s Rainbow Pack Premium Delta 8 THC Gummies


Delta EFFEX is one of the most trusted and talked-about brands in social media, with numerous consumers praising its products. It’s at a price range that lots of people can afford so that’s partly why it’s such a crowd favorite.

But they always ensure that all their products undergo third-party lab testing. Delta EFFEX’s focus on safety, potency, and security has made them established experts at producing quality hemp products while also keeping consumers protected from any harmful side effects.

Delta EFFEX Delta-8 Gummies Product Details

Prices: Starting From $27.98

The Delta EFFEX THC gummies are really great for those who enjoy a more stimulating feeling.

The ten tiny 20mg packs in each pack provide 200mg of the potent ingredient, which is enough to satisfy even the heaviest consumer. These delicious gummies come in five unique flavors including green apple, strawberries, mango, and mystery. They are a sweet treat that will make you feel both cerebrally focused and physically euphoric. These can be used at 20mg per gummy any time of day.


  • Dependable brand and leadership
  • Relieves tension with delicious flavors
  • Rigorous compliance standards

Its mission is to deliver affordable, high-quality hemp products containing Delta-8 THC. It produces similar effects to those produced by the more potent Delta 9 THC but at a lower mental threshold.

5. Diamond CBD Chill Plus’ Delta Force Square Gummies


At Diamond CBD, a team of doctors and scientists are committed to creating the finest and purest CBD products possible without sacrificing quality. The company’s goal is to create a full line of hemp-based products with various qualities that function in different ways. One of these products is their amazing Delta-8 THC gummies: Delta Force Square Gummies.

Diamond CBD has been working hard to perfect the extraction process for Delta-8 and develop a product that will be available nationwide. They believe their use of natural ingredients sets them apart from competitors in an already saturated market, but they know there is always room for improvement on any level.

Diamond CBD Plus Delta-8 Gummies Product Details

Prices: Starting From $27.98

The company offers a wonderfully diverse selection of flavors in their Delta-8 THC gummy selection. Consumers report that the Chill Plus Delta-8 Gummies taste amazing and work exceptionally well, especially considered the entry-level price point.

These tasty little squares offer the potency, flavor, and efficacy that any dealing with anxiety could hope for. Because of their refined product extract, there is no unpleasant aftertaste. It’s made with organic oils. Yet, it’s not going to break your budget over time.


  • World-class experience
  • Clinically tested
  • Wide assortment of different flavors and colors.
  • Long-lasting with an amazing aroma
  • Boosts your energy

This premium transparency-focused company will never let anyone purchase anything without knowing how it was made or who created each individual item from start to finish.

How To Use Delta-8 Gummies For Anxiety

If you are new to marijuana or have not used it before, the best way to use Delta-8 is slowly. You need to wait and see how it affects you because it can take a while before it kicks in, so be patient and don’t try to take too much at once.

Some people may want to use Delta 8 every day. Other people might only want to use it once a week or less often. The frequency at which you use may take some trial and error trying to figure it out. It is best to start with a lower dose and then increase the dose as needed. Some people find that microdoses are good for them, while others need a higher dose. For some people 5-10 mg works, while other people sometimes take up to 25 mg or more.

You need to start with small amounts and add more as needed if you don’t reach the levels of relaxation you are looking for. If Delta-8 THC does not work well for you at first, write down what dosage you took and how it made you feel, so that you have a previous record of what you’ve tried out.

If after this you’re still struggling to find the right dose, just shoot us a message! We are happy to help you find the dose that works for you.

Health Concerns While Using Delta-8 Gummies

While Delta-8 is generally safe to use, there are some side effects to take into consideration.

Below is a list of some side effects you may experience while using Delta-8 gummies:

  • It can cause dry mouth
  • Dry eyes are common
  • Some people report feeling tired on THC
  • Too much THC can lead to an increase in anxiety
  • Though unlikely, It could cause an overwhelming mind high
  • Inability to operate heavy machinery may be triggered
  • Consumers may test positive on a drug test

Dry mouth. It’s real. Let’s deal with it.

Just like when smoking cannabis, one of the most common side effects of Delta-8-THC is what is colloquially known as cottonmouth.

You are likely to feel thirsty when taking Delta-8. It’s not because you are dehydrated or anything like that. It happens because Delta-8 can affect the glands in your mouth and make you need to drink more water. This is nothing to inherently worry about. Just drink some more liquids to quench your thirst!

Your eyes may get very dry.

Dry eyes are pretty common when using any product that contains Delta-8 THC. It’s usually pretty mild, but if it bothers you you could consider using eye drops to take some of the irritation off. Not to worry though, as soon as the effect of Delta-8 wears out, so will the dryness in your eyes.

Too much THC can lead to anxiety, unfortunately.

Even though Delta 8 is considered mild, consuming too much may cause anxiety.

This is one of the reasons that Delta-8 should be taken in small amounts.

Learning one’s limits early is the best way to never cross them and enjoy maximum benefits from Delta 8 THC gummies.

Can’t focus or work heavy machinery?

This can be a problem. But it depends on when you are taking Delta 8 and how you personally respond to it. Delta 8 can make you feel relaxed and high. This could potentially make it hard for you to work effectively if you’re not inherently motivated. For a lot of people, this isn’t a problem at all though. in fact, some feel like they are more effective working using Delta-8 THC.

If your employer allows you to use it during work times, then go for it!

However, there are some sources that recommend not use Delta-8 THC while operating heavy machinery or driving motor vehicles.

Triggering a drug test.

Delta 8 is not a drug, but it does show up on drug tests.

If you have just started a new job and require a drug test, stop using Delta-8 for some time before the test so your body does not have Delta-8 in it when you take the test. Because Delta-8 has the same metabolite as THC, it can easily trigger a positive result for the federally illegal version.

Drug tests are known for targeting all traces of THC and CBD, so be careful and do some research before you end up regretting it.

Conclusion On Our Favorite Delta-8 Gummies Brands

As you can see for yourself, we selected the most suitable and available Delta-8 gummies brands on the market. All of these products were the highest-rated, most effective, and easiest to consume.

All the brands we listed are available for purchase in the US and ready to be delivered to your doorstep. So if you have finally decided that Delta 8 is what you have always been looking for, make sure you get some today.

And if there is anything regarding Delta-8 THC Gummies that you need help with then just reach out to us! We’re happy to help with all your questions regarding Delta 8 THC consumption and how it impacts anxiety.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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