Best CBD Oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis: Top Brands Review

According to new estimates, one in three adults has arthritis, and about half of them reported activity limitations. In the majority of cases, this condition is treated with drugs that can become ineffective and dangerous after prolonged usage. Fortunately, we’ve got a solution that is both safe and effective by all accounts. We are talking about CBD. Read on to discover our choices for the best CBD oil for arthritis and how those oils can help you.

Best CBD Oil for Arthritis: Our Top 6 Picks of 2021

1. Royal CBD

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Although a relative newcomer to the CBD scene, Royal CBD found its place at the top of our list. But this won’t come as a surprise for anyone who tried one of their oils. Their full-spectrum extracts come in many different flavors and potencies.

As a matter of fact, their strongest option provides as much as 83 mg of CBD per milliliter of oil. This oil has received awards from media outlets, including Herald Net, Seattle Weekly, CFAH, and Weed News.

As for the quality, it can’t get better than this. Their oils are made with organic hemp using the CO2 extraction method. Furthermore, every single one of their products has been tested by a third-party lab. However, high quality does come with a (justifiably) high price tag. Thus, if you were planning on keeping things inexpensive, consider some of the options below.

Strengths of Royal CBD Oil:

  • Made from organic hemp
  • Extracted using supercritical CO2
  • Full-spectrum oil
  • Variety of potency options
  • Variety of flavors
  • Tested by a third-party lab

Weaknesses of Royal CBD Oil:

  • There are no THC-free oils available
  • Their products can be quite expensive

2. Gold Bee

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If you are looking for an all-natural, high-quality CBD oil, your search is over. Gold Bee CBD oil is an organic product without a trace of artificial flavoring or sweeteners. What makes this product unique is the fact that it’s sweetened with honey. This addition can further enhance the effectiveness of the oil in treating arthritis due to honey’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Considering that Gold Bee is a newcomer to the CBD industry, it makes sense that variety isn’t exactly their strength. Namely, their product range is limited and their oil comes in only one potency option with two flavors. However, what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Furthermore, their kiwi-flavored oil is a must for every CBD enthusiast.

As is the case with our previous entry, Gold Bee is made with US-grown organic hemp and extracted with supercritical CO2. Their products are third-party tested and customer approved. Considering everything we’ve listed, it’s easy to see why this oil is regarded as the best oil for arthritis.

Strengths of Gold Bee Oil:

  • Made from US-grown natural hemp
  • Full-spectrum oil
  • Extracted using supercritical CO2
  • Delicious kiwi flavor
  • Enriched with organic honey
  • Third-party tested

Weaknesses of Gold Bee Oil:

  • No THC-free oils
  • Available in only one concentration and in just two flavors

3. CBDPure

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While we are talking about organic oils and limited options, let us introduce CBDPure. Unlike the products mentioned previously, CBDPure has been around for five years, which makes them veterans on the relatively young CBD market. What kept them at the top of this market for so long is the simplicity and the superior quality of their products. With only one flavor (natural) and a few potency options, CBDPure oil is a great choice if you are overwhelmed by some of the more versatile manufacturers.

CBDPure’s mission statement places quality as their primary goal, which can also explain the lack of variety. They achieve this goal by using only premium, organic hemp. Furthermore, their oils are full-spectrum extracts obtained using the CO2 extraction method. Finally, their products are reasonably priced and their return policy is more than generous.

Strengths of CBDPure Oil:

  • Sourced from Colorado-grown organic hemp
  • Full-spectrum oil
  • Extracted using supercritical CO2
  • Generous refund policy
  • Third-party lab tested

Weaknesses of CBDPure Oil:

  • No THC-free options
  • Available in only one flavor
  • Relatively low potency levels

4. Medterra

Medterra is another CBD veteran. They owe their good reputation to the fact that they overlook the whole production process, from the cultivation to the production and marketing. Furthermore, they offer broad-spectrum oil, which means that every trace of THC has been removed. Thus, their oil will give you the entourage effect without any THC entering your system.

Besides organically grown hemp, Medterra pride themselves in the extensive product testing conducted both by their own and by independent labs. The only drawback is the fact that their products are heavily processed. Still, their oil is well worth a try and the citrus flavor is simply amazing.

Strengths of Medterra Oil:

  • Complete control over the manufacturing process
  • THC-free oil
  • Amazing flavors
  • Extensive third-party testing

Weaknesses of Medterra Oil:

  • Limited potency and flavor options
  • Heavily processed oil

5. NuLeaf Naturals

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NuLeaf Naturals is another one of those companies that are keeping it simple. In fact, they took this to another level by limiting their offer of oil to one. However, this simplicity allows them to focus all their attention on a single formula. That’s why their oil constantly passes all third-party tests with flying colors.

When talking about arthritis, we must mention that you are not the only one that can suffer from this disease. Namely, your dog and cat can develop arthritis too. This is where NuLeaf Naturals might help, as they offer the best CBD oil for arthritis for pets.

Strengths of Medterra Oil:

  • Made from organic hemp
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Available for pets

Weaknesses of Medterra Oil:

  • No flavor or potency options available

6. Hemp Bombs

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Finally, we give you Hemp Bombs, a brand that dates back to before the CBD boom. Nowadays, they have a loyal customer base and a preeminent position in the CBD market. Unlike many of our entries, Hemp Bombs do not shy away from experimenting. Namely, their product line, as well as their flavor options, seem limitless. But their uniqueness doesn’t end there. Hemp Bombs is one of the rare companies that produces CBD isolates.

Although CBD isolates may have a bad reputation with the CBD enthusiasts due to the lack of the entourage effect, they might be just what you need. First of all, isolates are great for people who want to avoid THC at all costs. Also, your body might react better to isolates than it does to full-spectrum oils. You won’t know until you have tried both.

Strengths of Hemp Bombs Oil:

  • Sourced from US-grown organic hemp
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Available in many different flavors
  • Variety of potency options

Weaknesses of Hemp Bombs Oil:

  • No full-spectrum version
  • Artificially flavored

What Is Arthritis?

To understand how CBD helps with arthritis, we must define arthritis and consider some of its properties.

Although arthritis is quite common, it’s not understood well. In fact, most people don’t know that arthritis is not a single disease. It’s an umbrella term that describes more than 100 different inflammatory diseases of the joints. Some of the most common ones include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that is caused by physical trauma and old age. Thus, it’s most common with athletes and the elderly. This condition starts with a small inflammation in the joint, but it can progress rapidly and cause considerable damage. Although this condition is degenerative, there are some ways around it.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease. White blood cells destroy joint tissue by mistake. This process triggers inflammation in the joints, causing them to become swollen and hot. Although this form of arthritis can affect any joint, it usually focuses on the larger ones such as knees, hips, and elbows.

What Is the Role of CBD in Managing Arthritis Pain?

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CBD (cannabidiol) is an active ingredient in cannabis plants. Unlike the infamous THC, CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Furthermore, THC is almost non-existent in hemp, a variety of cannabis used for making CBD products. This means that the vast majority of CBD products can’t get you high.

The role of CBD in arthritis treatment is still to be fully researched. However, based on studies that are available so far and anecdotal evidence, CBD can help you. Furthermore, using CBD products will result in virtually no side effects. So, CBD might be just what you need to battle arthritis.

Theoretically speaking, CBD can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex cell-signaling network that takes care of a variety of processes within our body. Some of those processes include temperature control, memory, immune response, mood, and, most importantly, pain perception and inflammation. Thus, CBD can help you alleviate pain while simultaneously reducing inflammation.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Arthritis

As the CBD industry is growing, more and more companies are trying to get a piece of the profit. And most of those companies aren’t exactly devoted to your health. In fact, they are trying to maximize their profits by skimping on quality. Therefore, you’ll need to find a trusted manufacturer whose products are up to standards. In order to recognize such products, you must pay attention to:

Hemp Source

Hemp plants absorb and accumulate toxins easily, which can make them extremely dangerous. Therefore, it’s important to know where the hemp is sourced. Most of the profit-hungry manufacturers use hemp from India and China to cut costs. However, hemp from those regions is grown in notoriously toxic environments, which makes the hemp itself toxic. When looking for the best CBD oil for arthritis, be sure to opt for one with a reliable hemp source.

Extraction Method

As you might have noticed, all of the oils from the list above are extracted using the CO2 extraction method. And this isn’t just a coincidence, since that method is the safest and most efficient extraction method in the industry. However, it can get a bit expensive, so some companies still use traditional methods of extraction. Those methods involve toxic solvents that can remain in the oil, making it dangerous for usage. Therefore, only an oil extracted using CO2 can be called the best CBD oil for arthritis.

Transparency and Testing

“Third-party lab tested” is also on the label of every reputable CBD brand. This too is not a mere coincidence, as this type of testing is the most reliable way to separate the grain from the chaff. These laboratories measure the potency of the oil, its cannabinoid profile, and whether it contains any common toxins. So, if you ever come across a CBD product that was not tested by one such lab, we advise you to stay away from it.

Although they can’t make or break the best CBD oil for arthritis, you should also look into:

THC Content

Most of the potential CBD consumers are afraid of this beneficial compound because of its relation with THC. However, this fear is unfounded, since the amount of THC in full-spectrum products is tightly regulated. Furthermore, if you wish to avoid THC altogether, you can go for broad-spectrum or isolate products. Although these products lack the full entourage effect, they can still help you with your arthritis.

Route of Administration

CBD can be used in several different ways. Some of them include edibles, vape liquids, topicals, or oils that are taken sublingually. When we’re talking about arthritis, you can achieve the best results by mixing topicals and CBD oil. However, if you have to pick one, go with CBD oil, as that is the best way to absorb all the useful nutrients.

CBD Dosage for Arthritis

When it comes to CBD dosage, there is no universal rule. What works for your friend might not work for you. Therefore, our advice is to experiment until you find an effective dose. Start by taking 25mg of CBD twice a day and gradually increase (or decrease) the amount of CBD until you get it right.

Furthermore, it’s important to be consistent, as the first results come after a few days of continual usage. Don’t expect instant effects, as CBD does take its time.

Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Oil for Arthritis

We hope this article can help you or your loved one deal with arthritis. We know having it can get tough, but you can still live a happy and exciting life, and CBD oil can help you get there more easily. All you need to do is consult your doctor, take the best CBD oil for arthritis and wait for it to take effect. And although it’s not exactly an overnight fix, you’ll soon find yourself feeling better than ever.

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