Best Canvas Prints Online According to Industry Experts

By ordering your canvas prints through the best services online, you can be certain that when your favorite memory or piece of art arrives at your door, it meets your standards.

The last thing you want is to get excited about ordering your print and wait a week or two for it to arrive, only to be disappointed by a rugged, patchy, low-quality canvas print.

We decided to consult the industry experts on which online brands they believe are doing the best job when it comes to crafting premium canvas prints in 2021.

If you order through one of the brands on this list, you’ll never have to worry about how it’s going to turn out − because we’ve done the hard work of vetting and selecting the best canvas prints online with the help of industry experts.

Quick list of the 5 best canvas prints online:

1. Porter Reid

2. CanvasDiscount

3. ElephantStock

4. CanvasPop

5. SnapFish

Best Canvas Prints Online According to the Industry Experts

We’re going to start off this list with the finest canvas print we’ve seen in this industry − and the experts agree that this company belongs at the top.

When it comes to quality, attention to detail and professionalism, nobody else does it like Porter Reid.

1. Porter Reid: Best Overall Canvas Prints Online

If we had to select just one canvas printing brand to share with you, it would bePorter Reid without a doubt. Home of the best canvas prints you can get your hands on, this is our No. 1 selection.

Why We Love Them

  • Professional team of designers, printers and craftspeople
  • Highest-quality canvas prints available online
  • Free shipping

Quality of Canvas Print

What really stands out about Porter Reid is the quality of their canvas prints. They’re literally as good as it gets.

From the canvas itself to the premium wooden frame it gets stretched around, to the actual printing process − everything is of paramount quality.

This is thanks to their team of professional designers who ensure your art comes out perfectly, the printers who use the latest technology and supplies, and the craftspeople who expertly stretch the canvas over a wooden frame.

Customization Capabilities

Just about every aspect of your canvas print will be customizable. You can choose a precious family photo or opt for your favorite piece of art − the choice is all yours.


When it comes to shipping canvases, you don’t just need it to be fast; you need it to be safe, ensuring your beautiful canvas print isn’t damaged in transit.

At Porter Reid, they not only ship everything free of charge, but they go the extra mile to protect your canvas during shipping. All in all, Porter Reid offers the very best canvas prints.

2. CanvasDiscount

It’s unfair to any canvas printing service that has to follow Porter Reid, but if you’re in the market for quality on a budget, CanvasDiscount might be the shop for you.

Why We Love Them

  • Most budget-friendly canvas prints online
  • Highly rated on TRUSTPILOT (13,000 five-star reviews)
  • Over 10 million canvases printed
  • Ready to ship within 24 hours

Quality of Canvas Print

You’re going to be blown away by how cheap these canvas prints are − an 8” x 8” canvas starts at only $5!

Your first thought upon learning this might be that these canvas prints are low-quality junk. After all, you get what you pay for, right?

That’s not the case at CanvasDiscount. Somehow, these guys are able to get you a premium canvas on a budget, with no compromise in quality.

They may not be as amazing as Porter Reid’s canvas printing services, but they still offers some of the best canvas prints online. We highly recommend them to anyone on a budget looking to decorate their home or office.

Customization Capabilities

Anything you want to be customized can be customized through CanvasDiscount’s printing service. Choose the type of canvas you want: standard prints, an acrylic painting, a metal frame, multi-panel frames…you name it.

Just upload your photo and get to customizing. These guys make it really fun to design your own wall art.


While shipping isn’t free like Porter Reid, it’s still pretty cheap, at just $7.90, but what really impresses us about CanvasDiscount is how quickly they get your order out the door.

Upon checking out, your canvas will ship within 24 hours. If you’re in a rush to get your wall decor, this is the shop for you!

3. ElephantStock − Widest Selection of Pre-Designed Canvas Prints Online

Most of us are after a custom canvas printing service. But if you aren’t exactly sure what you want, and you just want to buy a piece of art or get some inspiration, you’ve got to check out the selection of art at ElephantStock.

Why We Love Them

  • Largest stock of pre-existing canvas prints to choose from online
  • Money-back guarantee (60 days): Love it or you get a full refund!
  • Quick shipping (3-5 days)
  • They also offer premium custom canvas prints with an easy-to-use editor

Quality of the Canvas Print

ElephantStock canvas prints are made of the finest premium materials to ensure no fading or issues with durability over time. The technology they use to print on these results in a super-sharp, eye-catching design.

Better yet, these premium canvas prints are coated with a UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and waterproof laminate. They come ready to hang, supplied with all the hardware you need to get these on your wall.

Customization Capabilities

Customizing your canvas print is straightforward and intuitive at ElephantStock. They have a simple editing software that allows you to start by choosing your layout − horizontal, wide, vertical, square or panoramic.

Then you choose your size and depth, add your image, and adjust it as needed. ElephantStock offers a number of free additions, such as a sawtooth hanger, protective lamentation and even photo editing.

You finish up by selecting your framing style, and then check out.


When you place an order on ElephantStock, you’ll enjoy free shipping when you spend over $99 − your order will arrive within 5 days of placing it.

Need it faster? Upgrade to priority shipping and get it as soon as three days after ordering.

4. CanvasPop − Complete Creative Control Over Your Custom Canvas Print

If you want complete creative control over your custom canvas print, you should stick with the experts over at CanvasPop, one of the most customizable canvas printing experiences on offer.

Why We Love Them

  • One of the most customizable canvas printing services online
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee (love it or a full refund)
  • Easy-to-use editing software to design your canvas print
  • Available in any size you need

Quality of the Canvas Print

Aside from Porter Reid, you won’t find much higher quality than CanvasPop. These guys utilize museum-quality archival canvases, which are both water- and fade-resistant.

Plus, they use the most vibrant ink there is, resulting in a print that practically jumps off the canvas.

This is what they use in the museums, so you can bet it’s good enough to be hung in your living room or office.

Customization Capabilities

Customization matters, and that’s another thing we love about CanvasPop. You can edit every single element of the canvas print, starting with the frame options. Choose a black wood frame, a white wood frame, or an espresso wood frame − or no frame at all! You can even wrap the photo all the way around the canvas for a unique look.

You can decide whether you want your photo spread onto just one canvas, or split onto a multi-panel style – the latter are great if you’re filling out a larger wall with art.

Sizes range from square options to portraits, and even landscapes! Any size you need, it’s likely they’ll have it here. And if you don’t see it as a standard option, no sweat − you can create a custom size.

One thing that separates CanvasPop from a lot of other canvas printing services is that you can add filters to whatever you’re printing on this canvas. This means you can get precisely the look you’re after.

Before checking out, consider adding some professional photo printing services to your order, like touch-up, enhancement or a complete makeover of your image.


You can rest assured that the canvas print you’re so proud to bring to life will be shipped to you with great care, but don’t expect it to be overnight.

These guys craft every canvas print by hand, so you may have to wait, but not any longer than a few days after placing your order.

5. SnapFish − Convenient Canvas Creation in a Mobile App

You spend a lot of time on your phone, and while many of the sites we’ve mentioned thus far are mobile-friendly, not all of them are. That’s why we love SnapFish, which allows you to easily design your canvas print using their mobile app.

Why We Love Them

  • Easy canvas creation on your phone or tablet through their mobile app
  • 100 free prints a month on the app
  • Print your favorite photos on products other than canvas, such as mugs and calendars

Quality of the Canvas Print

Make no mistake: Not every brand on this list can be Porter Reid−level quality, but they all produce high-quality products. SnapFish is no exception.

This company has scoured the world of photo printing to come up with the finest raw materials in terms of canvas, frame and ink − and they’ve done an outstanding job in our opinion.

They create custom canvas prints that are built to stand the test of time, all printed on a premium satin canvas, which is complemented by a sturdy 1.5” thick wooden frame.

If you’re after a quality canvas printing service, you’ll find it here at SnapFish.

Customization Capabilities

We already talked a bit about SnapFish’s mobile app that you can use to customize your canvases, but what we haven’t discussed is how much customization is possible here.

You get to choose whatever size you need, as small as 8” x 10” and as large as 16” x 40”. Once you’ve got your size, you can choose a frame: unframed, black, chocolate, oak and gold are all in play.

And single canvas prints are not the only ones on offer. You can customize your own canvas collage, canvas set or even a split canvas set. The possibilities are endless!


The folks at SnapFish are experts at what they do, and they make all orders by hand. They’re manually constructed and then inspected multiple times to make sure no detail goes unmissed.

As you can imagine, this isn’t an overnight process. But patience is a virtue, and you can expect your order to be completed with 3 days. It will take up to 7 days to arrive at your door. This of course can be rushed if you want to pay more for expedited shipping!

Which of These Canvas Prints Is Right for You?

There you have it: the five top canvas printing services online in 2021. We’ve covered some stellar printing services, but which of them is right for you?

This will vary from person to person, but we do feel confident in saying that Porter Reid is the best for everyone out there. If you shop with them, we can practically guarantee your happiness.

However, consider what’s most important to you − is it quality? Porter Reid should be your go-to. Or is your main consideration cost? Then maybe CanvasDiscount is the right shop for you.

The point is, canvas printing services vary a bit, and that’s why we made sure to include not only the best, but a variety of different types of shops. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Want to learn more about canvas prints before buying, including the criteria for how we selected these printing services? Keep reading.

How Did We Select These Canvas Printing Services?

Like we said from the start, we consulted industry experts on what they consider to be the best photo-printing services.

There are many factors at play in this industry, but our criteria consisted mainly of product quality, how customizable the product is, customer reviews and feedback, shipping, and a few other little details that helped separate the top 5 from the rest of the industry.

How Is It Made, and What Is It Made From?

For us, the most important criterion in selecting “the best” of anything is the quality it exhibits. For canvas prints, this means the quality of the canvas itself, the ink and print job, and even the wooden frame these canvas prints are stretched across.

There is no definitive answer to what type of canvas is the best, but there are a few that stand out to us as top-notch. These include:

  • Satin canvas
  • Premium cotton/polyester blend
  • Hemp

Using a cheap canvas results in wrinkling, and the print won’t look as good. It’s something that’s tough to describe, but you know when you see it.

Then you have the next step in the equation − the printing of the canvas. This is where quality can really be seen, as the best canvas photo-printing services result in sharp, vibrant colors.

This takes not just premium ink, but a premium printer too, and a printer operator who actually knows what they’re doing.

From there, the final step in the canvas quality equation is the wooden frame. The thicker and sturdier the wood, the better.

How Easily Can You Customize Your Canvas Prints?

Any good canvas photo-printing service will let you customize any aspect of your artwork. This means you can upload any photo that you want − or even multiple photos − and design your canvas print with them.

From there, you should be able to choose any size you want, because you likely have a specific space on your wall where you’re planning on hanging this, and you need to be sure it fits.

Aside from the actual length and width of your wall, it’s even better if you’re allowed to customize the depth of your canvas − meaning how far it comes off the wall. If you happen to have other canvases on your wall or plan on grabbing additional ones down the road, you’ll want to make sure they’re the same depth.

Size is just one aspect you should be able to customize through the photo-printing services you choose. The best shops out there will also allow you to add a custom frame to your canvas, with an abundance of selections to choose from.

Another upgrade worth looking for in your travels includes laminate protection for your photo prints. This will protect them in the long run from things like water and age.

Some of the best photo-printing services will offer to help you touch up your canvas print and enhance the quality of your image, so your print comes out looking stellar every time.

What Different Types of Canvas Prints Are Available at the Shop?

Standard, single-canvas photo prints are just one of the many styles that exist if you’re looking for a new piece of wall art.

If you have a larger wall to cover, you may actually consider the other options that are available − these take up more space, such as the panoramic style, which can consist of as many as 12 different canvases, usually laid out in a collage style.

Another style a lot of customers are trending toward is the multi-panel style. These are usually vertical canvases, and can consist of three or four canvases positioned side by side. Typically, there is just one image printed across the collection of canvases, which creates a unique piece of wall decor.

How Quickly Can You Get Your Canvas Print?

If you’ve had to wait a long time on something you’ve ordered online in the past, then you can imagine how frustrating it would be to have to wait weeks or months for your fresh canvas photo prints.

That’s why a critical factor in selecting our list of the top canvas printing brands online was how quickly they could get the product to your door so you can get it hung on your wall.

The tricky thing is that you can’t rush perfection − after all, these canvas printing services make all their products by hand to ensure an artisan level of quality, and then they have to be manually inspected and vetted for imperfections.

But with that said, there are still some printing services that are able to get orders out as quickly as 24 hours after placing it. In our opinion, you shouldn’t waste your time with any brand that takes longer than a week to get you your product.

Better yet, does the shop offer free shipping? If not just straight-up free shipping, they should at least offer free shipping when you spend over a certain threshold. After all, who wants to pay for shipping in 2021?

How Expensive Is the Canvas Print, and Is It Ultimately Worth the Price?

The final factor in our decision-making process was the price.

Don’t get us wrong: You do get what you pay for in this industry. If you base your purchase decision solely on price and go with whatever is cheapest, you’ll more often than not end up disappointed, wishing you had gone with the more premium-priced item.

With that said, there are some brands on this list that offer an incredible value in terms of the price you pay for the quality you get.

Most of the time, you won’t have to pay more than $50 for a really high-quality, average-sized canvas print.

What Do Past Customers Think About the Brand?

When in doubt, just ask previous customers if they’d order additional canvas or photo prints through the service. Anyone who had a bad experience will be quick to tell you, as will anyone who was impressed with their final product.

While we had the industry experts’ opinions on this, we still fell back on customer reviews in many cases, because we find these to be the best indicator of just how high quality a canvas printing service is.

And when you shop the products on this list, you’ll be met with nothing but five-star reviews and satisfied customers − many of who come back for more, time and time again!

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