Emily Lark’s Erase My Back Pain Reviews (Back to Life Guide)

The Back to Life is a digital program by Emily Lark, a Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Pilates Teacher that teaches people how to end chronic back pain using just a few minutes of their day and a chair. The Back to Life program’s creator claims she has helped many people worldwide find relief and the long-term solution they were looking for; the program also improves flexibility, vitality, and overall strength with a powerful stretch technique.

Back to Life Benefits

No More Achy and Stiff Muscles

Back to Life shows people can get rid of the back pains and aches weighing them down by following this program. The program is an assistant that can help anyone relieve physical stress put on the body and resume an active everyday life.

Save Money and Time

Those who are tired of going to the doctor and asking why they are suffering from back pain are set to greatly benefit from this program, which teaches them how to better back by only doing a few exercises that take them just minutes to perform. Therefore, Back to Life doesn’t require investing too much time into it, or much money either.

Allowing the Body to Naturally Align

According to the creator of Back to Life, when joints and the spine are in proper alignment, the body can do some amazing things. This program claims to repair the damage caused by old injuries, help the healthy immune system function better, protect nerves and discs, and provide more youthful vitality and energy.

Eliminate Stress

As many health experts say, stress can cause a lot of damage to one’s health. Not only does it release toxic hormones, which leads to weight gain, but it also tightens and tenses the muscles in the back. The good news is that Back to Life promises to decrease stress levels and release the tension that doesn’t allow the body to work properly.

Have an Active Lifestyle

Suffering from back pain makes it less possible to remain active. People who are struggling with back-related issues no longer perform fitness routines or have the chance to live their everyday life. It becomes much easier to have an active lifestyle by eliminating back problems and even begin to exercise. In fact, Back to Life is a system that helps with back pain and helps to better the entire body.

Improve the Mood

It has been shown that suffering from chronic back pain can lead to less serotonin being released at optimal levels, and serotonin is the happy hormone. Therefore, people who have back problems are also prone to suffer from depression. By solving their main issue, Back to Life can make them happier.

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What Do Customers Get with Back to Life?

The 30-Second Stretch That Relieves Sciatica

Sciatica is a severe problem that makes everyday life more complicated. Many people worldwide don’t know that this health problem can be addressed without having to go through surgery, painful injections, or any adjustments. Back to Life is said to include a special stretch that anyone can do in under 30 seconds every day to relieve their sciatica.

The Simplest pf Moves

What makes Back to Life different from other treatment methods for back pain is that it doesn’t involve making complicated movements that take hours to perform. On the contrary, this program claims to include only the healthiest and most effective back routines done every day in only a few minutes.

No Crunches

People who follow the Back to Life program are promised that they won’t need to perform crunches of their core to achieve a tighter stomach and perfect movements for strengthening the core so that the back is supported and lower back muscles become released.

Moves for a Youthful Spine That Can Be Done While Seated

While many people fear they’d have to spend hours doing yoga to have a spine that feels youthful again, buy Back to Life teaches moves that can be done while seated and at any time, in the comfort of their own homes.

Tips on Back Health

Back to Life also promises to help anyone improve their back health with every day that passes. It includes therapeutic moves and some handy daily tips for the back to remain healthy and safe.

Why Is No More Suffering With Back Pain Important?

Here are some of the reasons why no longer having back pain is very important:

  • Maintaining independence and mobility.
  • Sleeping better at night
  • Being able to enjoy old hobbies
  • No longer being scared of traveling because back pain can occur.
  • Not having to suffer from pain and aches every day.
  • Enjoying playtime with grandkids again
  • Losing weight more easily.
  • Having increased levels of energy and the better mood
  • Avoiding surgery and prescription meds that can cause serious side effects
  • No longer having to go to the doctor every week

What’s Included in Back to Life?

Back to Life is a 3-phase program that claims to align the body and increase vitality naturally. It consists of video demonstrations that are easy to follow and the most precise healing movements said to cure back pain. By purchasing Back to Life, people also get two special bonuses that will be detailed further. But first, hear what the main program is all about:

Back to Life 3-Phase Program

  • This main program is aimed at improving balance, flexibility, and strength. Here’s what it can be found in it:
  • The 10-minute seated routine heals back pain and can be done from anywhere
  • Core. Moves are claimed to be the most effective in strengthening the stomach and supporting the spine.
  • Detailed video demonstrations of the stretch that puts an end to sciatica
  • Natural ways to relieve all sort of back, hip, shoulder, and neck problems
  • The gentlest stretches for relieving muscle tension
  • Personalized adjustments for any fitness level or age

Back to Life FREE Bonuses

As mentioned above, this program also includes two absolutely FREE bonuses. These are:

Bonus #1 – The Back to Life Full-Color Companion Manual

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This is a handy manual that presents moves for having a healthy back. It includes instructional pictures in full color and very easy to follow. The Back to Life Full-Color Companion Manual can be used by those who don’t always access the program’s videos. Besides, it can benefit from some extra coaching advantages, so it works just like a personal instructor.

Bonus #2 – The Healthy Back Checklist

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The Healthy Back Checklist consists of Back to Life’s creator favorite and most simple tricks on having a back that doesn’t hurt. Here’s what’s included in this checklist:

  • How to stand to put an end to pains and aches
  • What sleep position is best for having a healthy spine and hips
  • Dieting tips for relieving back pain
  • What footwear to put on so that lower back pain is gone
  • And more
  • As the Back to Life official website says, this is also a handy manual that can replace having a personal instructor.

Who Can Benefit from Back to Life?

While it’s a fact that people have different bodies, Back to Life promises to work the same for all body types because it also includes different modifications. It should be noted that this program is not a workout routine but instead a presentation of therapeutic moves that can be done to completely rid one of back pain. According to the Back to Life official website, even people in their 60s and 70s can make these moves because they can be easily customized to any age or fitness shape. As a matter of fact, Back to Life claims to present moves that can be done while seated too, which means people who don’t have too much mobility can benefit from it as well. Moreover, the program’s creator says she has put together the best therapeutic moves for relieving back pain and moves that can be done in only a few minutes a day. Back to Life is designed for all those who have tried other programs and treatment methods recommended by health practitioners.

How Much Does Back to Life Cost?

Back to Life can be purchased in both digital and physical versions. There are two different prices for each version, as indicated below:

Digital Download

This costs only $37 for Back To Life e-book and provides instant access to either downloading or streaming the program’s videos on any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Included in this version there is:

  • The 3-Phase Back to Life Videos
  • The Companion Manual eBook
  • The Healthy Back Checklist eBook

Digital download and physical programs

Costing only $37 for Back to Life e-book and physical copy too as a special offer, this version includes receiving the full program in digital format, and a physical copy will arrive in the mail. However, a shipping and handling fee will be added to the price, but this won’t be more than $10 for deliveries in the US. The fee for international deliveries will be slightly higher.

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Regardless of which Back to Life version you choose to buy, a full 60-day money-back guarantee is offered on all products. This means that getting Back to Life is a risk-free investment, as unsatisfied customers have 60 days to decide if the program works for them or not and to ask for a full refund of their money, with no questions asked. Back to Life can only be acquired from its official website, where it’s sure to be the original product and come with the previously mentioned money-back guarantee. Getting it from somewhere else doesn’t ensure the videos will be the original or that a refund will be issued on the money-back guarantee. Back to Life customer service can be contacted through the following means of communication:

  • Email address: Support@backtolifesystem.com
  • Toll-Free US phone number: 1-800-390-6035
  • International phone number: 1-208-345-4245
  • Mailing Address: 5940 S Rainbow Blvd Ste 400 #45247 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118-2507

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