Autaphagene Reviews – Golden After 50 Supplement Benefits?

Tired of fighting the ongoing battle against stubborn fat and weight gain? Are you in need of a solution that can at least direct your body in the right direction? Golden After 50, a health and wellness brand, has recently launched a supplement that targets stubborn fat (with ease) in the most difficult region ever: the midsection. Although this might all sound too good to be true, the case that the Golden After 50 team makes appears to hold sense.

In fact, the thought process is by far the most unique and could significantly impact one’s overall weight. Why? Well, it involves a crucial “cells rejuvenation process” and the need to create “balance among two hormones responsible for glucose production and delivery.” Have we got your full attention? If so, the purpose of this review is to bring none other than “Autaphagene” to light. Below is a compilation of everything that has been disclosed regarding its uses and potential benefits, among others:

What is Autaphagene?

Autaphagene is a 100% natural solution that has been formulated to help individuals burn off stubborn fat. According to the claims made, some individuals might be struggling to lose weight because of a phenomenon called glucagon-resistance, consequently halting the body’s autophagy process. Having said that, this supplement combines natural compounds to form THE proprietary blend that is expected to revamp the body’s autophagy response, boost the metabolism and increase fat burning. Before analyzing the ingredients that makeup Autaphagene’s proprietary blend, let’s take a step back to understand the cause for stubborn fat.


How does Autaphagene work?

The first concept that individuals need to understand fully is that of glucagon-resistance. Produced by the pancreas’ alpha cells and is known as the opposite of the insulin hormone, glucagon is a hormone that has been tasked with breaking down stored glucose so that the body can use it for energy purposes. More specifically, it is responsible for ensuring that the liver does, in fact, release stored glucose and prevents glucose levels from dropping to a dangerous point. The latter is said to be prevented by converting stored glycogen into glucose in the liver, which is then delivered through the bloodstream [1].

The main issue stems from the moment the glucagon hormone fails to operate in full form. This, again as stated above, is referred to as glucagon resistance or “decreased sensitivity to the hormone [that] increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.” The research was referenced by one source reasoning that glucagon resistance is common among people with a fatty liver, a condition caused by the storage of extra fat in the liver [2]. Now, we need to introduce the second concept: autophagy.

HealthLine [3] described autophagy as a process through which the body cleans out damaged cells so that newer cells are introduced. Board-certified cardiologist Dr. Luiza Petre was quoted saying that autophagy allows for “recycling and cleaning [of cells] at the same time, just like hitting a reset button to your body. Plus, it promotes survival and adaptation as a response to various stressors and toxins accumulated in our cells.”

How do these two concepts come together? To our amazement, the glucagon hormone is the one to stimulate the process of autophagy. The argument made here is that as insulin levels drop, glucagon levels go up, which activates autophagy. Aside from removing toxins, the process of autophagy can go as far as providing essential energy and building blocks for cells to thrive and commence the reparation processes [4].

Ultimately, by making sure that glucagon levels are in check and are deciphered by the liver, Autaphagene is anticipated to revamp the autophagy process, possibly freeing individuals of its symptoms such as excess fat storage, developing type 2 diabetes, toxins buildup, premature aging, and neurodegenerative diseases to a name a few [5].

What ingredients are inside Autaphagene?

Based on the supplement’s fact, Autaphagene constitutes 9 exotic compounds that have been “shown to keep the metabolism young, free and fast,” to name a fraction. With that said, below is a list of each ingredient followed by a brief overview of their potential:

Coffee Bean

The caffeine source inside Autaphagene reflects specialty beans that can only be found in parts of Europe (i.e., Southeastern Europe). Having said that, one study that looked at the effects of natural and decaffeinated brands of coffee on autophagy saw that within four hours after consumption, there was an increase in autophagic flux in all of the mice’s liver, muscle, and heart. In the end, the team concluded that “coffee triggers 2 phenomena that are also induced by nutrient depletion, namely a reduction of protein acetylation coupled to an increase in autophagy [6].”

Ginger (Bulb)

Ginger is a flowering plant that belongs to the Zingiberaceae family and has since been closely related to the likes of cardamom, turmeric (which we will discuss later in this piece), and galangal. A post discussed the findings of a research project on the relationship between ginger and autophagy. It was quoted that the “ginger-derived compound 6-shogaol” might be essential in fighting “against breast cancer cells both in monolayer and in cancer-stem cell-like spheroid culture.” The point of sharing this is to show that cellular cleansing is likely to have occurred because of the presence of ginger [7].

Chaga and Reishi Mushrooms Powder

Chaga mushrooms are a staple in Siberia and other parts of Asia. They are considered a medicine for boosting the immune function and, generally, one’s overall health. It might have such an effect because of its rich source of antioxidants and fiber, both of which can eliminate toxins on a cellular level and boost one’s metabolism.

Aside from their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, these mushrooms are trusted to prevent and slow cancer growth on a cellular level and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. At the time of writing, it was disclosed that chaga mushrooms’ effect on humans has not been studied yet [8].

On the other hand, we have Reishi mushrooms, which traditional Chinese medicine followers have long praised their antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. One source noted that this type of mushroom could go as far as modulating “the immune system and stimulat[ing] a part of [the] immune system referred to as “Autophagy.” The latter process is achieved because Reishi is known to support the mitochondria (i.e., an aspect that monitors cells’ overall integrity and ensures that they are shielded) [9].

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a spice that has been a part of Indian culture, cuisine, and medicine for centuries. In fact, its medicinal properties were revealed to the world because of its active compound called curcumin, which carries anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic properties.

One study aimed to identify the underlying mechanism of curcumin on cells and the effect of autophagy concluded that “autophagy could be triggered by curcumin in the treatment of PCa,” adding that “autophagic cell death may predominate in the high concentration groups of curcumin. [10]” Other benefits might include easing stomach aches and metabolic disorders and reversing the symptoms of obesity (thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties) [11].

Elderberry Extract

Elderberry is a purple-ish berry that grows on the elder tree. Traditionally speaking, these berries have been compressed to create medicine essential for treating infections. However, more benefits have surfaced in recent times. Regarding its nutrients profile, elderberries are said to contain a rich source of vitamin C, flavonols, and phenolic acids (i.e., antioxidants), fiber (i.e., may boost the metabolism), and anthocyanins (i.e., carrying both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) [12].

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a top contender when it comes to achieving digestion. Its rich source of antioxidants has since been highlighted for utmost immune function. In further investigating this tea, we came across a review that considered its effect on anti photoaging, stress resistance, neuroprotection, and autophagy.

Specifically, the authors made the case that “green tea was able to activate autophagy […] by increasing PI3 kinase and BECLIN-1,” which in turn might carry neuroprotective effects. That said, it is important to note that taking green tea in excess can have negative results. Namely, the “polyphenols inside the system will make them unstable, leading to autoxidative reactions resulting in ROS production and the increase of other DNA damaging factors.[13]”

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate extract is one ingredient that has been successful in protecting LDL cholesterol particles from oxidation – whether it be on animal or human studies. The two main types of antioxidants worth mentioning here are punicalagins and punicic acid, both of which might elicit anti-inflammatory effects, ease the effects of prostate and breast cancers, lower blood pressure levels and the risk of developing heart diseases, and reduce chronic pain [14].

In regard to glucose, one study was able to show that a single dose of pomegranate intake can significantly reduce fasting glucose and increase insulin in healthy consumers. In the end, the authors suggested that their study was able to show that pomegranate juice can help to regulate glucose metabolism [15].

Together, these ingredients amount to 1000mg for every two capsules consumed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should Autaphagene be taken?

Two capsules of Autaphagene should be taken first thing in the morning with a glass of water. Even though it might be ideal to take it with food, individuals can choose to take each serving either with or without food.

What types of results can be anticipated from taking Autaphagene?

Autaphagene was supposedly tested through a clinical study in which the subjects are believed to have lost 3 to 10 pounds within the first week. Individuals can also anticipate increased energy and stamina, the reduced presence of stubborn fat, and healthy blood sugar levels, among others.

Will Autaphagene trigger fast weight loss?

Based on the purported results, Autaphagene has the potential to trigger immediate weight loss. If individuals are overwhelmed by the rate at which such results are attained, the option to slow down has been given as well. Precisely, a serving can be taken every other day as opposed to daily.

Are there any side effects to taking Autaphagene?

According to the sales page, there are no reported side effects of taking Autaphagene. That said, it might be in individuals’ best interest to consult a physician prior to ingestion. This is especially recommended for pregnant and/or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and people who are currently taking prescription drugs.

Does Autaphagene contain any stimulants?

Yes, Autaphagene contains coffee beans. Unfortunately, we are only told that the proprietary blend amounts to 1000mg per serving. Hence, the exact amount of caffeine per serving remains hidden. For comparison purposes, an average cup of coffee contains 95mg. Should interest persist, individuals are strongly recommended to contact customer service.

What if Autaphagene does not work as suggested?

If individuals do not see the suggested improvements in their health and weight, a refund can be sought thanks to a 90-day, money-back guarantee. For in-depth details on how to go about the refund processes, customer service can be contacted in the following ways:

  • Phone: 1 (800) 351-6106
  • Email: support@goldenafter50.com.
  • Address: Healthy Trends Worldwide LLC, PO Box 4731 Tampa, Florida 33677, USA.

How much does Autaphagene cost?

One Autaphagene bottle contains 30 servings (i.e., enough to last one month). As presented on the sales page, this supplement is meant to be taken over at least three months to fully reap its benefits. All things considered, here’s a rundown on different prices worth reflecting upon:


About Golden After 50

Golden After 50 is a company that prides itself in tailoring solutions to men and women over the age of 50, i.e., “during their golden years.” The stages in life that come once individuals turn 50 are thought of as one that is restrictive and dependence-forming. The team insists that their solutions can reverse the latter issues while allowing consumers to enjoy their lives.

Upon visiting the official website, individuals appear to be reassured that all Golden After 50 products rely on natural compounds and have scientific evidence. Below is an extract shared by the entire team:

“Golden After 50 was created to help fight back against everyday ailments and issues […] We do this by only using the very best in science and natural compounds were shown to help reduce everyday problems that might hold you back and force you to change your lifestyle. This is our commitment to you each and every day.”

Final Verdict

Overall, Autaphagene is a dietary supplement intended to revamp metabolic rates by increasing the function of glucagon. This supposedly gives rise to not only a healthy glucagon response but can also go as far as activating autophagy, a process that eliminates dead cells and reintroduces newer cells. The latter is crucial, seeing that toxins can trigger inflammation, which in turn can lead to unwanted side effects such as weight and fat gain, type 2 diabetes, poor energy levels, lack of sleep, and so on.

As we looked at each ingredient one at a time, we’ve come to an understanding that many of them do, in fact, trigger autophagy in the body. In certain instances, a healthy glucagon response has also been reported, which is reassuring. The single drawback that warrants further investigation is the lack of human studies. While this isn’t so common, certain ingredients have only been tested through animal studies, which might not suffice. Luckily, the listed components are quite common and are trusted to ease the suggested symptoms.

For these reasons, the prices appear to be fair, especially when it comes to bulk purchases. As a final remark, we’d like to encourage consumers to do their own research before proceeding, whether it be in relation to their own health, figuring out the amount of caffeine per serving (by contacting customer service), or asking the Golden After 50 team about the supposed clinical trials conducted using Autaphagene. To learn more about Autaphagene and its role on metabolism, fat burning, and the process of autophagy, click here>>>.

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