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9 Best Hookup Dating Sites – Find Free Casual Sex Online

Finding the right match for casual encounters can mean spending hours scrolling through bios and sending out catchy pick-up lines with varying results.

When we fail to find a hookup, we’re left wondering why…

Was it my pictures? My profile? Was I too flirty? Maybe you were doing fine a few months ago, but now it seems impossible to land casual hookups.

Well, if your luck at finding friends with benefits is subpar, chances are the adult hookup sites you’re using are even worse. Some hookup sites are better than others – and more tailored to NSA hookups rather than serious dates.

Here we look at the best hookup sites of 2021.

Best Hookup Sites, Quick Look

Website Editor’s Notes Score
�� Adult Friend Finder
  • Kinky & sex-positive
  • Most down-to-meet members
  • Easy to find hookups near you
  • Live webcams, blogs & more
�� Ashley Madison
  • Lots of privacy features
  • Easy hookups
  • Easy to meet married people
  • Face blurring, “panic button” & more



  • Vetted site for easy hookups
  • Famous “Swipe Left” & “Swipe Right” features
  • Lots of female users
  • Easy to find specific kinks
  • Hard to find users in your area
  • Few scammers
  • Best hookup app for women
  • Women start the conversation
FetLife 81%

What Makes For a Good Hookup Site?

There are common traits you should pay attention to when looking for the best hookup sites. Usability, flexible preference options, and a high user count are all important.

Another thing to consider on any casual dating site is how many fake profiles or scammers it has, although this doesn’t always mean the site isn’t a good option.

If you’re into adult dating, you should use a dating site that doesn’t come with too many strings attached. There’s no point looking for casual hookups on a serious dating site like eHarmony or – you’re looking in the wrong place!

To help you out, check out our selections for the 10 best adult hookup sites.

10 Best Hookup Sites and Apps in 2021

1. Adult Friend Finder ‒ Overall Top Hookup Site


  • Easy to navigate
  • Offers helpful dating guides
  • Large user base


  • Membership recommended
  • Lots of scam accounts

AdultFriendFinder offers a great variety for adult dating. The site is simple to navigate, with many interactive options that make it easy to connect with other users. Although the site can be a bit laggy at times, it makes up for that with its value.

AdultFriendFinder makes it smooth to find a casual partner based on whatever criteria or demographic you seek. With a large base of active users, helpful dating guides, testimonials, hotlist, favorite options, and detailed search preferences, you can key in on your specific interests.

There are many paid members on this hookup site, too, so having a membership here will help you achieve great results.

There isn’t as much muddying around on AdultFriendFinder as you might find with other hookup apps, so having a Gold membership goes a long way in adding credibility to your name. Upgrading to a Gold membership also gives you access to more people in your area.

Ultimately, everyone on AFF is there for the same thing – to find local hookups fast.

2. Ashley Madison ‒ Best for Discreet Hookups


  • Easy to navigate
  • Married women/men are easy to meet
  • Face-blurring & privacy features


  • Some users don’t upload photos
  • Lots of scam accounts

AshleyMadison is a dating site generally used for swingers or married people seeking a discreet and safe affair. The hookup site has been around since 2002, finding success in its established niche.

We don’t condone cheating on your spouse, but that’s the whole gimmick of AM.

AshleyMadison offers more safety and anonymity for discreet casual encounters, with options to mask or blur your main profile picture while being able to share and exchange pictures privately. You will find on AshleyMadison that some users choose not to upload a profile picture, instead opting only to exchange private pictures.

Less transparency and the adult dating app’s hefty user base mean you’re likely to run into more fake profiles. On the other hand, plenty of users are more willing to meet discreetly and at your convenience, so it’s great for keeping things private!

Aside from its user-friendly design and easy interface, AshleyMadison’s real perk is the abundance of couples and married women eager to meet you now.

3. Tinder ‒ Vetted Hookup Site


  • Easy to use
  • Large user base
  • Younger user base


  • Poor user support
  • Lots of scam accounts

Tinder became popular among millennials when introduced in 2012 and has long been touted as the world’s most popular free online dating app. Typically, you’ll find more young users here, many of whom are in their mid-20s.

This app’s interface allows you to swipe through profiles of potential hookups in your area at a glance. The free version works great for this and offers plenty of daily swipes. Since the platform is phone interface friendly, it’s convenient for finding hookups quickly and locally.

Tinder’s popularity has given it a high success rate. Being that it’s more popular, it’s also a bit bogged down with scammers and fake profiles.

Another downside to this hookup app according to Austin Chronicle is its poor user support. While this won’t always come up as an issue, you’ll have little luck contacting support if the site is having problems or if your profile isn’t loading.

If you’re looking for something simple and free, this hookup app is a tried and tested option, though it has its flaws.

4. Reddit ‒ Best Forum For Finding Your Kink


  • Free to use
  • Great for finding multiple partners
  • Large user base


  • Takes longer to find hookups
  • No location preference option

Reddit is a popular forum for all ages and all things. When it comes to adult dating and hookups, it’s also surprisingly useful, and it’s free.

Reddit has a well-designed format and easy-to-use interface for group conversations related to casual sex and online dating. This includes the site’s popular R4R (Reddit for Redditor) subreddits, such as Regular R4R, Swingers R4R, Dirty R4R, and just about any R4R imaginable.

Use your imagination!

Since Reddit is not your typical hookup platform, you might have to spend more time scoping out your subreddits and starting conversations to find someone in your immediate area.

However, you’ll also be able to attract a lot of attention with a good post. Because of its forum style, it’s easier to start connecting with people and attracting an audience. The social media site’s various options of subreddits also make it easy for you to find exactly what type of person or kink you have in mind.

5. Bumble ‒ Good Pick for Women


  • Great security & privacy
  • A good option for women
  • Good free option


  • Harder for men to find women
  • Paid version costs more

Bumble is another phone-friendly adult dating app that established itself with a large audience. This app is popular with young to middle-aged people and has become especially popular among women.

Its creators designed Bumble so women start the conversation, making it an excellent pick for those ladies looking for a hookup but want more control over interaction and conversation.

This app can help make your adult dating experience more simple. It does come with the fallback for men since women aren’t always as likely to initiate the conversation.

On the other hand, there are a lot of women on this casual dating app, and once you start talking to someone, there is already a higher established mutual interest. That means your chances of the conversation leading somewhere are much more likely.

And while women most often use the subscription service, the free version is definitely worth trying.

6. FetLife ‒ Best for Finding Your Fetish


  • Great for finding kinks
  • Makes it easy to be noticed
  • Amazing customer service


  • Site doesn’t always run well
  • Outdated interface

FetLife has a user interface similar to Facebook. You can do things such as add friends and see the content shared by other users and even post on their wall. The experience feels more interactive and easy to kickstart a conversation.

If you’re looking for someone in the 25-40 crowd, this site is a go-to. The female users also seem to outweigh the males by quite a bit, which is usually a good thing with the best hookup sites!

The site has been reported to not always operate smoothly, and the user interface is outdated. FetLife makes up for this with great customer service, an undervalued perk for adult dating sites.

The “Fetishes” feature also makes FetLife a prime pick for finding whatever kinks you desire. The feature offers a long list of different fetishes to select from and engage with other members.

FetLife is a nice option for exploring kinks and finding easy hookups. Just give plenty of detail to your profile so people are interested in interacting and posting on your page.

7. Blendr ‒ Best for Local Hookups


  • Great free option
  • Fewer scammers
  • Accounts are all verified


  • Lower user count
  • Photo verification can be annoying

Blendr lets users search for matches based on location, which comes in handy for people looking for local or specific areas in which to hook up.

The app has good security and great customer care but not the best user interface. Photo verification is a nice feature but can be annoying at times because the verification doesn’t always run smoothly.

It also doesn’t allow sexually explicit pictures!

Since profiles are verified, there aren’t a lot of scammers on this casual encounters website. The user count is lower, but the female to male ratio is about 50-50, which is actually better than most adult dating sites.

Overall, Blendr is a good option if you’re looking for something with good location preferences, profile verification, and fewer fake profiles.

8. Plenty Of Fish ‒ Easy to Meet People


  • Lots of free likes & messages
  • Large user base
  • Simple to use


  • Poor user service
  • Lots of scam accounts

Plenty of Fish works like a charm for those who don’t mind casting a wide net. You’re offered plenty of likes and messages on the free version, and there are a lot of active users.

One perk of using Plenty of Fish is that you can see which users are closest to your location and what city they live in, as well as whether or not they’re currently online. This makes for an easy way to meet someone quickly.

There are some downsides to the site that can be annoying. For instance, Plenty of Fish doesn’t have the best user service. Some users have reported having issues with the site’s functionality without receiving much help from the app to resolve those problems.

This adult hookup site and the app also have a lot of fake profiles and phishers, as well as inactive accounts. But that is offset by Plenty of Fish’s overall high user count and ease of access.

9. OkCupid ‒ Easy and Free


  • Good free option
  • Easy to chat
  • Large user base


  • Poor user support
  • Lots of scam accounts

OkCupid is phone-friendly, convenient, and doesn’t require a subscription to search for matches or send messages.

These features make it a great free hookup app. It can also mean you’ll run into a lot more fake accounts. There seem to be many users who aren’t as active as well, making finding hookups less reliable at times.

OkCupid also has poor user support, which is a shame. There have been reports of user’s profiles being suspended for various or unknown reasons, with little or no help from OkCupid to fix the issues. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re a paid member.

In all, OkCupid is a good casual dating site with a high success rate but might not be worth the cost of a subscription.

Best Sex Dating Sites FAQs

Are Hookup Sites Worth It?

Hookup sites are definitely worth it, if you do it right.

If you choose the right site that fits your needs and you put some effort into creating your profile and are engaging with other users, adult dating sites are definitely worth your time and effort for several reasons, including:

  • Online dating offers a range of personalized preference options to fit you.
  • Adult dating sites are easy to use, offer free options, and can provide fast results
  • Everyone is looking for the same thing, especially on sites like Adult Friend Finder
  • Using hookup sites is socially accepted in modern times

If you’re still on the fence, consider this – meeting online has become the most common and popular option for hookups, not just in younger age groups but across the board.

You still have to put in the effort to be presentable and communicative, but adult dating sites make this process easier by taking away all the difficult parts of trying to meet someone in real life for a casual encounter.

Especially post COVID-19!

Are Casual Dating Sites Safe to Use?

Adult dating sites are safe as long as you use a vetted site and are responsible. Remember the following tips:

  1. Sites with good reviews & profile verification are the safest options
  2. Avoid putting sensitive information such as financial or personal data online
  3. Be smart about who you decide to meet
  4. Always meet in a public place & take precautions
  5. Practice safe sex & establish boundaries in advance

Most people using an adult dating app or website aren’t different from you. They’re looking for an alternative and easy way of hooking up, and most of them care about their safety and privacy too. Sites such as AdultFriendFinder, Tinder, and Reddit have safety protocols and offer customer care.

If you’re especially worried, try a site that offers photo verification, such as Blendr. That way, you pick from other verified profiles and avoid scams or questionable encounters. As with doing anything on the internet, you should always avoid sharing sensitive information and look out for signs of fake profiles.

If you’re worried about giving away financial or personal information for a membership, a good tip is to use a credit card. That way, if someone were to steal your card information, they won’t have direct access to your bank account.

Do I Need a Membership for Casual Online Dating Sites?

No, you don’t need a membership to find success; however, it will make the process faster and lead to better results. Consider these benefits:

  • Memberships will optimize your experience.
  • Having a membership shows that you are real and serious.
  • The best sites often offer free trials.

The truth is, you don’t need a membership to use a dating site. Lots of people choose to use free hookup sites or the free options for others and still find success. Having a membership just makes the experience a lot easier.

With a membership on an adult dating app, you’ll have more visibility, wider reach, more detailed preference options, and access to all sorts of features that unpaid members might not have. Importantly, a dating site will usually show other users that you’re a paid member.

Like photo verification, this helps show that you’re not a fake account and you mean business.

Want a membership, but not sure you want to pay? AdultFriendFinder has a good membership service and offers a free trial.

Which Hookup Site Should You Choose?

The best hookup sites are the ones that work for you.

If you aren’t interested in lots of interaction but do have a specific kink or interest in mind, sites such as AshleyMadison or Fetlife will get straight to the point and put you in touch with a like-minded community.

Don’t mind putting in the extra effort, but want guaranteed results? Sites such as Adult Friend Finder have great membership features that will make it worth your while. There’s also no pretense about what’s going on – everyone is there for naughty fun.

Choosing the right site is easy once you know what you seek. And the right adult dating app also helps you avoid the daunting and unsuccessful experiences that many of the worst casual dating sites have to offer.

If you’re still not sure what site to use, try to pick one that is popular and fits your needs.

Conclusion – Which Hookup Website Is Best?

We picked AdultFriendFinder as our overall best hookup site of 2021. The site offers a great membership service but also works well for non-members. AdultFriendFinder has a little of everything you look for in an adult dating site while remaining simple and easy to use.

AdultFriendFinder also avoids many drawbacks of other sites, such as having a much higher ratio of men than women or a flaky user base – most members on AFF are paying for their membership, so they’re serious about meeting you tonight.

Now that you’ve got the rundown on the best hookup sites of 2021, all you have to do is get started. Remember, every site offers something different, so don’t be afraid to show some skin in the game.

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