6 Best Self Background Check Services: Online Background Check Yourself

Before the Internet was even a thing, finding information about people was pretty challenging. Unless you went to the police station to get a background report, a person’s history was difficult to pinpoint.

Nowadays, times have changed — you can find info about anyone via background check services. And it’s not just personal searches that are involved with background checks these days. Even companies that you apply to work for want to know everything about your history. And it’s not uncommon for people to do online background checks on potential serious dates.

With all the online sleuthing going on, wouldn’t you want to know what’s on your online background report? Well, fortunately, now you can. There are reputable online background check sites that allow you to check your history.

Here are the 6 best self background check services to do an online background check on yourself:

Best Self Background Check Services

SiteBest For
TruthFinderUnlimited reports, Dark Web scans
Instant CheckmateAccurate, fast background checks.
InteliusGo-to search site for reliable records
SpokeoInstant results
Been VerifiedComprehensive reports, excellent customer service
PeoplefindersMultiple personal background checks

What is a Self Background Check?

A self background check is a report that shows the criminal history and more. It can include rental history, employment information, education, credit history, and motor vehicle record info.

Companies and other individuals can get background reports on potential employees, tenants, and more. Employers and others will likely want to run a check on you. However, for a self background check, you only see what the documents say about you, and you only.

The great thing about our picks for the best background check sites is that you only need three things – first and last name and your location. That’s it! And, of course, a user account.

Why Background Check Yourself?

So, why would you want to do a background check yourself? Well, there are many reasons. The most important and apparent reason is that you want to see what public records say about you. It is always recommended to run a background check on yourself before a potential employer or landlord does. This way, you won’t be surprised once your checks come back.

If you have a criminal history, you’d probably want to know what your records say before you apply for a particular job. This way, you can save yourself from any potential embarrassment later down the road and give you peace of mind that your report is clean if you are applying for a position.

Do you have criminal records that shouldn’t exist? A background check on your name can tell you. This way, you can ensure they are gone before anyone else does a check on you. Additionally, a check on yourself can help uncover any inaccuracy in financial documents such as credit reports.

One more great reason to get a check on your background is to see what info pops up about your social media accounts. Some background checker sites show a persons’ Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This detailed report is helpful for job seekers.

Yes, background checks reveal your social media accounts as well. However, it still may seem like a bit of an invasion of privacy. Sometimes, the links are blurred. Nonetheless, these background check sites can show what others might be seeing about you and your social media accounts — which is an advantage.

How long does a background check take?

It should go without saying that how long a background check takes ultimately depends on the kind of check you’re performing and where you’re doing it. If you’re using an online service, you’ll benefit from the fact it takes mere minutes in some cases to get results for a full background check.

Things to Look For During Background Checks

Below is the personal information you should look for when doing a background check on yourself:

Credit Report

A credit report provides a summary of your debt and your payment records. In most states, employers can see credit reports or credit history before offering a job to you. You’re entitled to one free credit report annually from the three credit bureaus, by the way.

Criminal Records

Any prior convictions, imprisonment, probation, and parole are reported in a criminal background search. So if you were arrested for petty theft six years ago or put on probation, it would appear in your court records and your background check.

Driving Records

If you’ve got a few speeding tickets on your driving history, there’s no need to worry as this isn’t a bad sign to employers — unless you have to drive for your job. However, a serious charge such as a DUI on your driving record could be a red flag to employers when doing their pre-employment screening process.


Many background checks disclose bankruptcies filings, something that is of particular interest for money-handling and financial jobs. While your bankruptcies are listed on the report, the employer can’t see why you filed.

Address History

All addresses with your name and social security number are revealed on your background report. Your address history usually covers the last seven years of residence.

6Best Self Background Check Services

1. TruthFinder


Founded in 2014, TruthFinder is trustworthy and entirely safe for use. Most of the information they provide is completely accurate and up-to-date. TruthFinder gets 5-star primarily reviews for its reliability and usability.

While you can’t buy a single report on TruthFinder, a subscription allows you to take advantage of multiple features, including reverse phone lookups. The service aggregates public records from all 50 states. 5-star primarilyTruthFinder even does a Dark Web scan to find state records and information under your name.


  • All info is updated and correct.
  • Dark Web scan
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Search results are pretty good.
  • You get unlimited reports with membership.


  • You need to pay to see detailed results.
  • There’s no trial period.
  • The cancellation process is hectic.
  • A PDF of your report costs extra

TruthFinder Cost

While TruthFinder does offer free searches, you need to pay to get the deep-rooted info you’re searching for. A standard 1-month membership costs $30 and offers unlimited background reports. TruthFinder also offers a 3-month membership that breaks down to less than $26 per month and enables you to run unlimited standard background reports.

2. Instant Checkmate


A BBB-accredited search site, Instant Checkmate is one of the most popular and best background .check sites. It offers some of the best search tools, and you can use them for criminal records searches, address checks, and bankruptcy information. Be aware that Instant Checkmate does not offer a free trial, and you need to pay to get the best experience. But it’s worth it, in our opinion.

Instant Checkmate offers some of the best search tools, and you can use them for criminal records searches, address checks, and bankruptcy information. Their comprehensive background check reports are detailed, and you can search people by their phone number or email address.

Being one of the most well-known background check websites, and as such, Instant Checkmate’s interface is professional and attractive. You can tell just by looking at the site that it’s dependable and trustworthy.


  • You can see basic information for free.
  • Great search tools
  • Site is user-friendly
  • You only need a name and no location.
  • Premium membership offers unlimited reports.


  • Costlier as compared to other popular alternatives.
  • Only premium accounts offer detailed search results.
  • No free trial
  • The cancellation process is lengthy.
  • Professional interface and design

Instant Checkmate Price

Instant Checkmate offers two different price plans with unlimited reports. A 1-month subscription will cost you $34.78, and you can get a 3-month plan for $83.46 altogether. While the 3-month membership plan seems kind of expensive, keep in mind that you’ll get unlimited searches and reports.

3. Intelius


The cream of the crop when it comes to background check websites and personal records, Intelius is one of the most well-known and reliable sites. With a solid reputation, accurate reports, and affordable subscription prices, you can’t go wrong with using Intelius’ services to run a background check.

There’s a reason why everyone has heard of Intelius — the site is an industry leader and known for its robust database. Intelius is a reliable personal background check company that’s been around since 2003. To date, the company has fulfilled orders for over 50 million background checks.

While no background report service’s 100% correct all the time, Intelius public data is trusted. Their long-standing presence in the industry is proof that they are credible. Intelius boasts billions of available public records.


  • Highly reputable
  • Nice mobile app
  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Nationwide criminal records
  • Detailed reports


  • Some customers report billing problems.
  • Payment plans can be confusing.
  • The free trial automatically rebills you don’t cancel

How much does Intelius cost?

Fortunately, Intelius offers different payment and membership options depending on your needs. For instance, you can use the service for one online personal background check report — all you’ll need to do is pay a one-off payment of $29.95, making it very convenient when you only need to search for your report and don’t plan on searching for others’.

You can also choose to pay $24.86 per month for an Intelius Premier Plus membership — you’ll get unlimited searches on the site. One thing to keep in mind is that if you discontinue Premier Plus during the 5-day trial, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee of $7.95.

5. Spokeo


One of the best background check services on the web is Spokeo. This site offers a wide variety of services including, property records, consumer records, historical records, and more. They have access to billions of records.

To use Spokeo simply provide the site with a name, email address, phone number, or address. From there the site pulls all of the information it can with what you’ve provided.

Spokeo’s informative reports include contact information, location history, personal details, wealth data, and criminal records. If you are trying to conduct a background check on yourself Spokeo will let you know everything that there is to know about yourself out on the web including social media profiles.


  • Database of billions of records
  • Affordable
  • You just need a small amount of information to glean tons of information


  • This service is not free
  • Results are not instant

Spokeo Cost

You can get Spokeo at a non-premium cost of $23.76/ month.

4. Been Verified


BeenVerified cross-checks dozens of public and private data to give people easy and affordable access to billions of public records. They partner with renowned public record providers and seek to improve the quality of their data continuously.

Founded in 2007, BeenVerified offers a variety of affordable ways to access public record information, particularly personal background checks. BeenVerified’s monthly subscription cost is frequently lower than what many competitors charge for a single background report. You aren’t limited to a single search or required to pay per search.


  • You don’t have to pay per search.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Detailed, comprehensive reports
  • The mobile app is convenient.


  • They don’t offer a free trial.
  • Search results are not 100% accurate.
  • Search results can take much time.

BeenVerified Cost

BeenVerified offers a monthly membership for $26.89 per month. They also offer a 3-month subscription for $17.48 a month.

5. Peoplefinders


PeopleFinders started in 1999 to give people convenient online access to public records data. Since then, the company has become a leading provider for consumers looking to run a background check and want detailed insights via public records.

PeopleFinders has been in business for decades, so their service is trustworthy. They use a vast database for comprehensive search results. Perhaps one of the best things about PeopleFinders is that you don’t need to sign up for a membership to get a personal background check.


  • You don’t need a membership to search.
  • Affordable three-day trial
  • Detailed reports
  • Trustworthy service for decades
  • Monthly membership is worth it for multiple checks


  • There’s a monthly limit on searches.
  • Lots of affiliate ads for the same services as the site
  • Cancellation can be a hassle

PeopleFinders Costs

A 3-day trial membership on PeopleFinders only costs 95 cents, while a 3-day premium trial membership costs $3.95. You can also choose a monthly premium membership for $29.95 a month.

Wrapping It Up

The main reason to get a background check yourself is to see what info prospective employers and others can see about you. You never know how a personal background check can affect specific parts of your life! It’s a good idea to check every so often to make sure that your records are accurate.

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