6 Best Psychics Near You: Local Psychics You Can Access Online

We are living in a time of much uncertainty. Most of us are searching for clarity and answers to many of life’s burning questions. Throw the pandemic into the mix, and it gets even worse. So how can we get answers to reduce some of the uncertainty to the chaos in and around us?

Some people have been turning to online psychic sites in hopes of getting some of their questions answered. Gifted psychics are individuals who can lead you on the right path, whether you’re dealing with relationship issues, financial woes, or anxiety about the future.

A quick search for psychic readings online near me brings up tons of results. However, this can make it challenging to choose, and due to covid-19, you may not want to do an in-person visit. In this article, we’ll be highlighting 7 of the best psychics sites for an online psychic reading.

Top Online Psychic Readings Near Me

SiteBest For
��Kasamba.comBest online psychics for love
��Keen.comBest online psychic reading for clarity and insight on various life issues
��AskNow.comBest free psychic reading
��Oranum.comBest psychic mediums
��Mysticsense.comBest for guidance on important life decisions
��Psychic SourceBest for tarot card readings
��California PsychicsBest for highly accurate and reliable psychics


Kasamba is one of the best online psychic websites if you’re experiencing relationship problems or simply want to know about your love life. They have been providing psychic reading services for more than 20 years now. Kasamba was established in 1999 and has delivered psychic predictions and spiritual readings to millions of people.

You can receive your psychic readings via live chat, phone calls, and emails when using Kasamba. They have a fantastic free-minutes package where you get 3 minutes free with every new online psychic you try on the site. However, this is only for chat psychic readings and not psychic readings over the phone.

First-time clients get 50% off their first consultation and only pay a small portion of the traditional price for a reading. The psychic readers on Kasamba set their rates, so you’ll have several options to choose from to match your budget.

All you need to do is browse the thousands of expert psychics on the site and find one that specializes in the topic area you’re interested in. You’ll find some of the psychic’s details like name, the field of expertise, and availability. You only need to register, enter your financial details to pay, and that’s it.


  • Best for all your questions on love
  • 3 free minutes with every new chat psychic
  • Flexible pricing to suit every budget
  • 50% discount on the first reading


  • Can get costly
  • Video chat readings are unavailable


If you are looking for clarity and insights on various life issues, choose Keen Psychics. Since its founding in 1999, Keen Psychics has been of help to millions of customers with accurate readings via phone, chat, or email.

Keen psychics have a wide range of psychics, including psychic mediums and tarot readers, astrologers, pet psychics, energy healers, etc. To ensure you get the best reading, you are provided with many filtering options to help narrow your search.

This psychic website is user-friendly with simple navigation, convenient shortcut buttons, and an organized list of psychics by category. You simply pick a specialty—a mode of communication and a budget range.

If you’re not confident in your searching ability, you can opt to use the “Get Matched” feature that requires you to answer a few questions. The algorithm then uses your answers and matches you with the ideal psychic medium to deliver a reading. also has a “Deals and Promotions” section that gives you access to several offers. These include free minutes, value packs, and others that give you the best psychic reading at low prices. All of the packages come with a “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” offer that gives you ‘Keen Dollars.” You can use these for more sessions with other psychics on the site.


  • Best for clarity and insights on various life issues to put you on the right path
  • User-friendly interface
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Generous discounts
  • Flexible pricing
  • 3 minutes of free reading to first-time users.


  • No video call options
  • The seasoned psychics are costly


AskNow is one of the most popular websites for psychic reading online. They have been in operation since 2005 and have quite the reputation of delivering accurate psychic readings on financial matters, love, or spiritual guidance. Not only that, but they are also known for their free resources.

The free resources on this psychic reading site are different from the others. You can take advantage of the free question option for a free psychic reading. There’s also the free daily horoscope and several articles and videos that provide insights and helpful tutorials to help you get the most out of the platform.

AskNow success comes from its meticulous screening process. Each psychic gets evaluated based on their commitment, accuracy, and practice skill, thus ensuring that the clients get insightful revelations and relevant advice for their specific issues and problems.

AskNow also has a Psychic Spotlight section where you’ll find a quick bio of selected psychics. You can click the “Read More” button to learn more about their style and pricing. You can also choose a psychic reader quickly and easily using the filtering option. Filter options include availability, phone/chat, or psychic categories.

If you’re looking for a deal, you can browse the “Introductory Offers” section to find incredible deals. This platform is also easiest to switch between a phone psychic reading and an online chat psychic reading.


  • Best free psychic reading
  • Introductory offers for new clients
  • Highly skilled readers/psychics


  • No video consultation
  • Popular psychics are expensive


Oranum is unlike the other sites mentioned in this article. It is an online psychic platform that focuses on video chat. All of the readings conducted here are done on a live webcam video. Every week different psychics host a live public session which gives potential users a chance to observe the reader in action.

When looking for the perfect psychic, Oranum numerous search filters help to narrow things down. You’ll find psychic services such as tarot readings, love readings, dream analysis, and others. However, they are most famous for psychic mediums who speak various languages, including English.

Oranum does not offer free minutes but takes an entirely different approach. You can chat with a psychic of your choice before spending a dime as new users get $9.99 in credit for simply signing up. By doing this, you get a good idea of whether or not you should spend money on a reading.


  • Best psychic mediums
  • Live webcam readings
  • Free credits for first-time users


  • No standard free trial


Mysticsense consists of almost 500 psychics, each specializing in a wide range of psychic predictions and readings. It is among the best online psychic reading sites for guidance on important life decisions.

You are presented with a list of online psychics as soon as you enter the homepage making the process so much easier to reach out to a psychic immediately. The best thing about it; Maysticense offers a 24/ psychic service, so you can always find help no matter the time.

Signing up is a breeze, and the four-step registration process requires a few minor details and contact information. You get 5 minutes free with your first session. In addition, you are also presented with a satisfaction-guaranteed offer. If you’re not happy with the session, you get another session with a different psychic for the same amount of time.


  • Over 500 psychics to choose from
  • 24/7 psychic services
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • No mobile app

Psychic Source


If you’re looking for a reliable tarot card reading near me, Psychic Source may just be the psychic site for you. It has over 30 years of experience helping people make better decisions and answer life’s burning questions.

Psychic Source psychics specialize in tarot cards readings. It is an excellent site if you’re looking for an accurate reading dealing with financial and career-related advice.

Whether you’re looking for phone psychics, video call psychics, or online chat psychics, Psychic Source got them all. You can sign up for an introductory session that gets you 3 free minutes of reliable tarot readings. If you like the services provided, you can continue the session at a 75% discount rate.


  • Experienced psychics for accurate tarot readings
  • Has phone readings, video call readings, and online chat readings
  • 75% discount rate after the first free 3 minutes


  • Expert tarot card readers charge are costlier

California Psychics


California Psychics have been around since the later 1990s and is one of the best sites to find psychics online. With over 25 years in the business, professional psychics have been providing customers with highly accurate and reliable readings. It is an excellent alternative to visiting psychics in person.

You’ll find some of the most famous psychics on California Psychics. You can choose to get a phone reading, live chat, or email readings. They provide the best psychic readings, and the readings received are guaranteed to be the most truthful and objective explanations you can get.

The site’s pricing ranges from $1 to $4 a minute. New members get an additional 5 minutes free after using code “ADD5” and paying for an introductory conversation that stands at $1 a minute. The pricing plan on California Psychic is divided into 3 stages, giving members the option to choose a plan that best suits their pockets.


  • Best for highly accurate and reliable psychics
  • A great alternative to visiting psychics in person
  • 5 free minutes for new members


  • Video call readings not available

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to consult an online psychic near me?

We are amid a pandemic, so it is not the best time to consult with a psychic in person. Instead, you can choose to talk to a psychic online. Not only can it help keep you safe, but it also allows you to receive a careful reading over the phone or chat if you’re worried about being recognized by psychics near you.

Are online psychic readings reliable and accurate?

The accuracy of your reading will depend on various factors. These include the qualifications and experience of the psychic. The best psychics have the necessary training and specializations to provide people with accurate predictions and advice.

On most psychic websites, Psychic Source psychics specialize in tarot cards readings. You can explore the psychics’ profiles, read their biographies, and have a general idea of their expertise before you spend a buck.

How can I get a psychic reading online?

The best thing about getting a psychic reading online is that you don’t have to adjust your schedule. Some psychic websites offer psychic services 24/7. You also do not have to leave the comfort of your home for a reading.

All you need to do is visit one of the most trustworthy psychic websites and find a psychic that best suits your needs. From there, you can sign up and request an introductory session with said psychic.

Why are more people opting for online psychic reading near me?

More people are opting for online psychic readings because of several reasons. Once again, it could be because of the pandemic or worried about being recognized and judged. Other reasons include the strict selection process, satisfaction-guaranteed offers, and reviews from past users.


Don’t let the ups and downs of life get to you when you can get rid of some of the uncertainty by having an online psychic reading. Psychics can help you make sense of certain things in your life and guide you in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with your finances, love life, career choice, or general life issues; you can trust that a psychic will give you some sort of clarification as to why it’s happening. No matter how bad things may seem, these gifted individuals will make it make sense.

Simply choose any one of the psychic websites mentioned above for online psychic reading. Book an introductory reading session with an online psychic and unlock all the secrets to a happy and prosperous future.

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