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5 Best Adderall Alternatives: Top Natural OTC Brain Supplements


Adderall is a powerful medication, but some nootropic remedies have such incredible potencies that they are used as an alternative to the drug. The medication provided to patients by prescription is used to help individuals who struggle with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, it comes with side effects that users fight to handle.

While some individuals easily tolerate the formula, others struggle to maintain their sex drive and balanced mood while on the medication. They also try to keep their heart health and that of their cardiovascular health. Part of the reason is that Adderall is an amphetamine, creating a greater risk for becoming an addictive substance.

Choosing a potent nootropic supplement is an excellent alternative, especially since it is non-addictive and doesn’t require a prescription. Instead, provide natural support for the user’s attention span, cognition, and other brain performance aspects. There are quite a few nootropic remedies on the market, but this guide explicitly examines the alternatives to Adderall that can effectively boost mental performance.

The Top 5 Nootropic Adderall Alternatives

After reviewing many of the products on the market today, our rankings narrowed down the nootropic alternatives to Adderall to 5 specific products for the year. The alternatives include:

  • Mind Lab Pro
  • SANE Vitaae
  • NooCube Brain Productivity
  • Modafinil
  • Performance Lab Mind

To understand how these formulas help consumers, check out the details below.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is home to several versions of their nootropic blend already, but this fourth installation is set to be the best so far. Already one million bottles have been sold to customers.

The remedy has 11 proven ingredients, including the NutriGenesis blend, to improve the absorption of ingredients. Some of those ingredients include lion’s mane mushroom extract, Bacopa Monnieri, and L-tyrosine. This combination promotes better blood flow (especially to the brain), and it helps the user with nerve growth factors.

Developed by Opti-Nutra, this formula is supported by an entire medical advisory board, giving more support behind the creation and blend of ingredients. This board is responsible for checking all of the research that goes into the formula, which is part of the reason that it has continued to get better and better.

For one bottle, the total cost is $69.

SANE Vitaae

Vitaae, created by SANE Laboratories, supports the user’s cognition and focus with vitamins, minerals, and extracts. However, rather than improving blood flow or activating certain brain parts, Vitaae examines the inflammation that expands within the brain by including antioxidant-based ingredients.

Along with the anti-aging benefits of CoQ10, users receive support from vitamin D, folate, acetyl L-carnitine, omega-3 fatty acids, and citicoline. According to the creators, it is possible to boost brain energy and promote the mental clarity of its users.

Right now, this is the only formula on the list to be pushed as a remedy for cognition boosting and anti-aging in one solution. This formula is beneficial to individuals who want to support their brains and regain the acuity they formerly had when they were younger.

For one bottle, the total cost is $47.

NooCube Brain Productivity

NooCube Brain Productivity, sometimes referred to as NooCube, provides users with a formula with support from the top neuroscientists in the business. The recipe is built from a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. However, it includes no caffeine or other stimulants.

Consumers have a new opportunity to improve their brain function with the daily use of NooCube as it supports mental energy and promotes better concentration. It also helps with memory, communication, and multitasking. Users benefit from combined ingredients like Alpha GPC, Huperzine A, Cat’s claw extract, and Bacopa Monnieri in NooCube.

Each ingredient has a full explanation on the website to show why the company has included it. They even have several peer-reviewed studies that let users see how effective these ingredients can be. Plus, users get a money-back guarantee to protect the investment.

For one bottle, the total cost of NooCube is $60.


Rather than providing support as a supplement, Modafinil is an Adderall alternative, but also medication. It is the generic name for a new medicine that helps users improve their mental energy and increase attention. Some doctors prescribe it to help with narcolepsy, though it also promotes wakefulness in less severe conditions. It works for people who simply want to improve their attention and focus, creating a stimulant effect for the body. However, it contains no caffeine or stimulants of its own.

Modafinil falls under the category of a eugeroic since it pushes the body into being more alert. Doctors often prescribe it for individuals who struggle with sleep apnea, but nootropic benefits like reduced fatigue are evident. The majority of prescriptions for this remedy result from depression, sleepiness, and lack of focus.

Though Modafinil is a medication, consumers have the chance to purchase it online as an individual treatment for these issues without a prescription.

The total cost is $10 to $20 per capsule.

Performance Lab Mind

Mind, a remedy of Performance Lab, is another supplement, but it includes patented and proven ingredients to give the brain more energy. Though it promotes focus and a better attention span like any other nootropic, it also offers recovery after a particularly exhaustive day.

While most of these other supplements have many different ingredients, that is not necessarily the case with Mind. Instead, their approach is straightforward with just four elements – Cognizin citicoline, Sharp-PS phosphatidylserine, Ajipure L-tyrosine, and Maritime pine bark extract. It focuses on boosting the user’s ability to multitask and providing unique ingredients that users can absorb easily.

Each box is only $69, and every order comes with a money-back guarantee.

How We Ranked The Top Nootropic Adderall Alternatives

Since every Adderall alternative says that it can help with the user’s focus and cognition, this guide had to address the differences between the formulas to pick the best. This guide considered the following ranking factors.

Proven Ingredients

The majority of these types of supplements use ingredients that have scientific evidence to back them up. Other formulas focus on unproven extracts that come from outside of the country to make their claims. The products that made the grade were often the same ones with proven ingredients that the FDA has approved for use.

Sufficient Dosages

Even with containing correct ingredients, the remedies had to use the proper amount of each one to make a difference. At the same time, some formulas claim to provide users with rare ingredients not found with other treatments. However, proprietary blends frequently hide what they can do. Supplements that have prominent dosages of the active ingredients were preferred over others.

Backed by Trials

As helpful as this research might be, the formulas that users choose from this list had some kind of clinical trials to support them. The clinical trials used placebos and kept their environment controlled with double-blind procedures. These studies play a valuable role in determining how effective the formulas are in a scientific setting, giving users a better idea of how well they work in everyday consumers.

Transparent Labeling

Proprietary blends are a powerful but unclear way to provide users with essential nutrients. While these blends can include many different ingredients, they don’t tell users precisely what goes into the formulas they use. Since consumers deserve to know what they are getting at all times, this guide focused on remedies that offer as much transparency as possible. While we did not eliminate all proprietary blends, it was one of the necessary factors to evaluable while filtering through the options online.

Honest Advertised Benefits

Due to the laws set forth by the federal government, the companies that make these remedies cannot say that a supplement cures any disease or treats them. Instead, the FDA states medications and drugs are the only formulas that can make those claims. The majority of the nootropic supplements on the market say that they improve cognition or support a healthy attention span. The only formulas chosen for this list were honest and transparent about what they could do.

Manufacturer Reputation

Nootropic supplements come from companies of all ages, which isn’t necessarily a determining factor in their success. The brands that have been around for much longer tend to have a reputation that precedes them, while others are relatively new and may require a little more research. The guide evaluated younger companies as well, ensuring that the brands were open and honest.

Fair Price & Value

Every single formula considered has a different price point in mind. The guide’s goal was not to find supplements that had low prices; instead, the goal was to make sure that the formula provided users with the value that the price indicated. Prices are available for any amount that the user affords with their budget.

Money-back Guarantee

Even with the top products on the market today, every person responds differently. The Adderall alternative supplements had to have some kind of satisfaction guarantee. These guarantees allow consumers to get a refund if the remedy doesn’t work for their needs.

Who Is a Good Candidate for an Adderall Alternative Supplement?

Interestingly, many people already integrate Adderall alternative supplements into their routine. While it is relatively common to believe that the top Adderall and Adderall alternative users are the stressed-out businessmen and the overwhelmed college students, that’s not true.

While people in the workplace and schools both use nootropic alternatives to get ahead (and stay that way), other people use Adderall as a way to improve cognition. People like parents, medical care professionals, and others integrate this product to help them stay alert and ahead of what’s in front of them.

Most commonly, the following groups of people tend to use Adderall alternatives:

  • Individuals who regularly have to compete in a workplace.
  • Collect students.
  • Individuals who want to combat age-related focus issues
  • Both professional and amateur athletes.
  • Individuals that want better memory and focus on daily tasks.
  • Individuals in executive positions at work
  • Anyone with a job that requires significant mental demands

Ultimately, the brain is used for nearly everything throughout the day. It doesn’t matter what type of job the individual has or what they do in their home life. The use of Adderall alternatives is beneficial.

Side Effects of Adderall Alternatives

If the individual is already healthy, they won’t likely experience any side effects using an Adderall alternative supplement. However, Adderall itself is a much different story. People typically take Adderall without fully understanding what they are in for. The side effects associated with the medication are substantial, which is why so many people choose an alternative instead.

Anyone who takes medication may want to speak with a medical professional before adding on a nootropic supplement. While doctors may not encourage their patients not to use them, they also may have several changes that users need to make for the safe use of Adderall alternatives.

Individuals that end up taking Adderall while they used these supplements may experience side effects like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Fast heart rate
  • Insomnia, sleep issues, and difficulty falling asleep
  • Problems with vision
  • Addiction

Anyone who takes on a supplement with their current routine should follow the exact instructions to reduce the risk of damage to their body.

Side Effects of Adderall

Since supplements are made with natural ingredients, it is safe to say that Adderall comes from synthetic chemicals instead. It has a host of side effects that users risk just by using it as their doctor prescribes. The American Addiction Center says that individuals who eventually abuse the medication end up experiencing issues like depression, irritability, panic attacks, and even insomnia.

For individuals that are not addicted, there are still significant risks to using Adderall, like:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Lack of motivation
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Lethargy and fatigue
  • Aggression and mood swings
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Paranoia and hallucinations

While these issues are the most common side effects, they are hardly the only possibilities. Some patients also deal with heart disease, weight loss, headaches, constipation, tremors, and other issues.

How Does Adderall Work?

To fully understand the way that an Adderall alternative works for the user, learning how Adderall works in the first place is crucial. This stimulant combines two specific chemicals – amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Adderall is the distinct brand associated with the drug, though generic versions are available in pharmacies everywhere.

The Food and Drug Administration originally approved Adderall for consumers in 1996. However, there’s no complete understanding regarding how the medication works or how it impacts the body directly from then until now. Primarily, researchers learned that it directly affects the neurotransmitters as a central nervous stimulant. More specifically, it impacts the brain so that users can focus on tasks more efficiently. It is possible that using Adderall increases the norepinephrine and dopamine in the nervous system.

Adderall Versus Ritalin

If Adderall does not provide the effect that the user aims for, a Ritalin alternative supplement may help. Adderall and Ritalin alike help with focus issues (like ADHD). While Adderall is the name brand that combines amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, Ritalin is methylphenidate in its generic form.

Since both of these remedies help with focus and sleeping concerns, their alternatives can benefit individuals who want to avoid side effects like addiction or worse. These two substances have different levels of strength in each tablet, even though they offer similar results. However, it is up to the individual user’s physiology to determine which remedy works better.

Both remedies impact the central nervous system, and they both promote better brain activity. While Ritalin works much faster, Adderall tends to remain in the body for a much more extended period. Speaking with a doctor will allow users to make the best choice for their bodies and needs.

Scientific Evidence for Adderall Alternatives

To provide users with the best possible reactions, most of the Adderall alternative supplements use ingredients that have clinical trials to back up their functions. The elements with this support have proof regarding their improvements in focus, mood, and memory, showing that multiple studies demonstrate the same.

Consistently, Adderall helps users to reduce the unpredictability associated with ADHD and the mind. Studies support the formula as well, showing that it is both safe and effective, which is why the Food and Drug Administration approved it in the first place. In a study as recently as 2018, researchers showed mixed reactions among college students who use 30 mg of Adderall. The effect on cognitive processes was minimal, especially for neurocognition. That’s part of the reason that alternatives seem to be the answer for so many people.

Alternative supplements that work and Adderall grow in popularity as the prescription shows more and more addictive qualities. This medication is a prescription drug, and users only get access to it with a prescription from their doctor. It is impossible to walk into any pharmacy without a previous prescription provided before making their order. Furthermore, coverage through insurance requires medical necessity as well.

The natural alternative supplements on the market use many ingredients, and one of the most popular ingredients includes Bacopa Monnieri. Many Asian medicines already use it, helping with cognition, new memories, focus, and other nootropic benefits. In 2001, researchers decided to study the effect for 12 weeks. The individuals that took it discovered that it supported higher-order cognitive processes, especially regarding learning and memory.

Another study in 2008 revealed that older adults experienced a similar effect. The use of 300 mg of Bacopa Monnieri helped with information processing, reaction times, and memory. Due to these studies and others, nootropic supplements should have a range of 300 to 600 mg of Bacopa Monnieri in every serving.

Huperzine A is another ingredient that Adderall alternative supplements include, though it isn’t used beyond nootropic supplements. In a study in 1999, researchers found that the participants who currently had an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis saw improvements in their memory, cognition, and other symptoms. While more research is needed, the researchers believe that even a tiny amount can help users improve how their brains manage age-related decline.

L-theanine, which naturally comes from green tea, often combines with caffeine as a nootropic stack. Most people already consume the stack without realizing it. Others intentionally provide themselves with this balance, ensuring that they have the boosted alertness and cognition that they know they can get. It also helps them avoid jitters that come with caffeine in general.

In one study, researchers studied the effects on consumers when consuming the same amount of L-theanine in two cups of green tea. They found that alpha brain wave activity increased, helping with cognition and alertness. Other studies on this ingredient show that it reduces the adverse side effects associated with caffeine, like anxiety and discomfort.

Most Adderall alternative supplements don’t put themselves through the individual testing that they could for their remedies. Instead, to prove their effects, the companies mentioned studies that back them up. One of the few exceptions to the rule seems to be Onnit, which invests heavily to check out the effects of their formula with reliable clinical studies.

Onnit’s study from 2016, published in Human Psychopharmacology, showed that individuals between age 18 and 35 received either a placebo or Alpha Brain. The individuals who received the actual supplement showed incredible cognitive reactions.

Though the most popular psychoactive substance globally is caffeine, it isn’t the long-term solution for individuals who want the nootropic boost that these Adderall alternative supplements provide. The top products on the market don’t even need caffeine to work in the first place. As recently as this year, a study allowed researchers to see how caffeine impacts the brain, causing the grey matter to change temporarily. Long-term effects are still being studied.

Over 50 million prescriptions for stimulant drugs alone are issued by doctors annually. With the growing research behind these supplements, most people experience the same positive effect. With significantly fewer side effects than prescriptions, the right combination is the key to successfully boosting the brain with Adderall alternative supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adderall Alternatives

Q: What is Adderall?

A: Adderall is a medication that combines amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These two drugs stimulate the central nervous system to improve brain activity.

Q: What does Adderall do?

A: The purpose of Adderall is to reduce impulsivity and enhance focus. It uses the chemicals in the formula to increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain.

Q: Is Adderall legal?

A: Yes. The United States Food and Drug Administration originally approved the medication in 1996, making it legal to use or possess due to a doctor’s prescription. However, it is a schedule 1 stimulant, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Q: How does Adderall work?

A: When the user takes Adderall, it increases their natural levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. This increase improves the user’s focus and reduces their tendency to act impulsively.

Q: Is Adderall available without a prescription?

A: No. Users must have a prescription in the United States to access Adderall.

Q: Can users take Adderall as an adult?

A: As long as the individual has a prescription, Adderall is safe to use as an enhancing formula for focus and concentration.

Q: What happens if users take Adderall without an ADHD diagnosis?

A: Due to the way that Adderall can impact the brain. Individuals that have ADHD and individuals with no diagnosis at all react to the chemicals. It directly stimulates the central nervous system, improving focus for the user.

Q: What are the side effects of Adderall?

A: Unfortunately, there are many side effects associated with Adderall. Some of the most common side effects include restlessness, headaches, sleeping problems, nervousness, and more. This substance is highly addictive, and prolonged use puts users at greater risk of experiencing these side effects. They may also develop health conditions as a result of using Adderall.

Q: How do users know if Adderall is working?

A: As helpful as it might be, it will not erase every symptom associated with ADHD. Individuals will likely notice the difference in the way that they focus and complete tasks.

Q: What is Adderall used to treat?

A: The primary purpose of Adderall is to treat ADHD. Doctors can prescribe it to children and adults alike, reducing hyperactivity, disorganization, forgetfulness, fidgeting, and other common symptoms associated with ADHD.

Q: What’s the difference between Adderall and Ritalin?

A: These two substances are pretty similar, especially for the reasons that they are prescribed. Typically, Adderall users experience fewer side effects as the dose of the medication wears off. However, the Adderall dose often lasts twice as long as Ritalin, which means users may have to wait a while for those side effects to stop.

Q: How long does Adderall last?

A: The extended-release Adderall can provide support for up to 12 hours, though the physiology of the user and their specific body determines the length of time. Immediate-release tablets often only last for about four hours.

Q: What’s the best dose of Adderall?

A: It is up to a doctor to determine the best dose for a user of Adderall. However, the amount typically ranges from 5 mg to 30 mg, increasing in increments of 2.5 mg for immediate release. The extended-release formula increases by 5 mg as the user increases the dose.

Q: Is Adderall a schedule II drug?

A: Yes. The Drug Enforcement Agency considers Adderall a Schedule II stimulant due to patients’ high risk of abuse. Most people who have to stop using Adderall experience withdrawal symptoms.

Q: Is Adderall addictive?

A: In some cases, it is. Individuals who worry about forming a dependence should speak with their doctor before they start taking the prescription.

Q: What are the signs of Adderall addiction?

A: The most common sign that an individual has an Adderall addiction is increasing the dose to have the same reaction. It also is evident in individuals who struggle to cut down on how much they use or are no longer productive without the use of Adderall. Withdrawal symptoms commonly show up when addicts stop using the medication.

Q: Does Adderall help with creativity?

A: Sometimes. However, recent studies indicate that Adderall causes impairment and creative ability over time. Though it doesn’t appear to affect every single task, performance worsens with some.

Q: What is a nootropic?

A: It is a supplement that can increase brain power and cognition. Sometimes it is available in a drug, while others are available as a food or beverage.

Q: What do nootropics do?

A: Nootropics can vary. Some formulas specifically target memory, though others will improve focus and attention. Users should read through the description of the particular remedy they want to use to determine the overall effect.

Q: What’s the difference between nootropics and Adderall?

A: For the most part, nootropics are a type of supplement. However, Adderall is a prescription medication that requires approval by a doctor to pick it up from a pharmacy.

Q: Are nootropics alternatives to Adderall?

A: The right nootropic supplement can be an alternative formula for Adderall. The top products on the market enhance the focus and attention that users aim to change with Adderall, using natural ingredients. This list is filled with options that users can take on as alternatives.

Q: Are nootropics safer than Adderall?

A: Yes. Nootropic supplements typically have no side effects. Adderall, however, comes with many known side effects, which is why approval by a doctor is necessary.

Q: Do users require a prescription for nootropics?

A: No. Since these supplements are natural and do not claim to cure any user problems, they will not require a prescription. Individuals who do not have an Adderall prescription frequently turn to these alternative options.

Q: What’s the best Adderall alternative?

A: Every supplement on this list is a top alternative to Adderall.

Q: Are Adderall alternatives safe?

A: Yes. As long as the company follows the FDA’s recommended dosage instructions, these remedies are completely safe for most users. Individuals concerned about their current health conditions or medications should speak with a medical professional before integrating any supplement into their routine.

The Top 5 Nootropic Adderall Alternatives Final Thoughts

Adderall is so popular that it helps make up over 50 million stimulant-based drugs that doctors dispense annually in the United States alone. However, the use of Adderall alternatives is much safer for the body without the risk of addiction or other side effects. Since Adderall requires a prescription, individuals who don’t qualify for the medication seek out the natural benefits offered by Adderall alternative supplements.

Our guide shows the top over-the-counter and natural options with proven ingredients. Using an alternative is safe and healthy, giving the user none of the risks they could succumb to with a prescription. Since every person is different, it is in their best interest to test out the formulas here that offer money-back guarantees.

As a reminder, this list includes top-rated formulas for users in 2021, including a medication that users can simply buy online. It is entirely up to the user to determine what works for their needs without being at risk. Again, as a final overview of the top 5 best Adderall alternatives to buy in 2021:

  • Mind Lab Pro
  • SANE Vitaae
  • NooCube Brain Productivity
  • Modafinil
  • Performance Lab Mind
Mind Lab Pro
  • by far the best natural Adderall alternative on the market in 2021
SANE Vitaae
  • highly effective anti-aging clinically-researched brain booster formulation, popular therapeutic-grade nutraceutical
  • top rated Adderall alternative supplement for brain productivity and cognitive function
  • extremely popular synthetic wakefulness drug as a safe alternative to Adderall for reducing fatigue and increasing focused alertness
Performance Mind
  • tried and true ultra-modern nootropic for healthy brain power and burnout resistance with patented ingredients
Buy the Best

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