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22 Best Delta 8 THC Tinctures & Oils of 2022


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In the interest of producing good quality, standardized cannabis oil that is pale in color and easy to dose every day, Delta 8 THC has become a preferred cannabinoid.

Delta 8 THC is not actually a molecular structure; it is basically the result of an extra carbon atom on the terpene ring which makes it another form of THC.

Delta 8 THC is only one cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that will produce a mild high, there are more than 85 cannabinoids that can be isolated from marijuana plants.

Besides being used for tincture production Delta 8 THC also has an extremely long shelf life and is resistant to oxidation.

Delta 8 THC has a clear advantage over other cannabinoids because it requires less processing, less equipment and has proven itself as the most stable form of THC for cooking with cannabis.

The terpene content in Delta 8 THC makes it ideal for vaping because the high temperature vaporization will release more terpenes and terpenoids.

Delta 8 THC is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make cannabis oil with a clear high, stable shelf life and the most terpenes possible for vaping.

The cannabinoids found in Delta 8 THC are equal to that of Delta 9 THC, which makes the total THC content between 18%-22%. You can dab Delta 8 THC oil or vape it. This is an extremely pure form of THC that you simply can’t find in nature.

Delta 8 THC tinctures stored at room temperature have a shelf life of two years, if refrigerated a shelf life of up to 10 years can be achieved.

Delta 8 THC is a non-acidic compound that will not hurt or harm your lungs by vaping it, unlike other cannabinoids that may have an acidic effect on the respiratory system.

To determine and compile a list of the top-rated Delta 8 THC tinctures & oils we had to sift through hundreds if not thousands of all-natural cannabis oil companies.

After cross-referencing thousands of customer reviews about these different brands, then researching how each company operates and looking at their pricing models. We then began to narrow down the list to the top 22 best Delta 8 THC tinctures & oils of 2022.

What we found was that most Delta 8 THC oil brands had very few reviews posted online, if any at all. This is despite the fact there are thousands of people out there dabbing and vaping this unique cannabinoid every day.

Best Delta 8 THC Tinctures & Oils of 2022

  1. Everest
  2. Rogue River Labs
  3. Delta Farms
  4. AtlRx
  5. Binoid
  6. Delta Extrax
  7. Exhale Wellness
  8. 3Chi
  9. Nuleaf Naturals
  10. Koi
  11. Hempire Direct
  12. Harbor City Hemp
  13. Diamond CBD
  14. 8Delta8
  15. PharmaCBD
  16. Area 52
  17. Finest Labs
  18. Delta 8 Pro
  19. Premium Jane
  20. Blue Moon Hemp
  21. Bearly Legal Hemp Co
  22. Pure Kana

What Should You Expect with the Consumption Of D-8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is psychoactive but it does not produce the same type of high that other forms of THC will induce.

The experience you get from vaping D-8 THC versus smoking weed is very different, everyone’s reaction to this form of THC is different. The mellow cerebral high may help with stress relief and anxiety for some who dab or vape D-8 THC, but not for others.

There are many benefits to dabbing and vaping Delta 8 THC, including:

  • Mild High
  • Cerebral Effect
  • Non-Acidic
  • Long Shelf Life
  • High Terpene Content
  • Resistant to Oxidation

When vaping D-8 THC you will notice that the effects happen very quickly and it is easy to overdo it. You should start with a small dose and work your way up if needed.

The high from Delta 8 THC usually lasts about an hour, which can give you plenty of time to get important things done. Delta 8 THC will not burn your throat or irritate the respiratory system if you vape it properly, which can be said for most cannabinoids.

Delta 8 THC: What Are The Effects?

People who dab or vape Delta 8 usually feel effects such as:

  • Relaxed
  • Happiness
  • Tiredness
  • Euphoria

The mellow high of Delta 8 THC does not cause anxiety so it is perfect for dabbing and vaping throughout the day without feeling too buzzed or overwhelmed.

How to Use a Delta 8 THC Tinctures & OIls of 2022?

There is no science behind how much or how little you choose to use when vaping or dabbing Delta 8 THC. The only advice we can give you is to start off slow, see how it makes you feel, and take it from there.

Delta 8 THC tinctures are very versatile, they can be added to your favorite recipes and help elevate the flavor of your homemade edibles.

Delta 8 THC tincture can be added to just about any food or beverage, including smoothies, coffee, tea, and juice. These are very easy ways to test out what dose works best for you before vaping or dabbing Delta 8 oil.

Delta 8 THC tinctures are easy to carry around so you can take it with you wherever you go, there is no smell or residue left behind, making it perfect for dabbing discreetly.

How to Know What Dose of Delta 8 THC Oil Is Right For You?

First-time users should start out slow, with a drop the size of a grain of rice under your tongue. Wait at least an hour before upping the dose, you may want to go up by another tiny amount if needed after that time.

Keep track of how Delta 8 makes you feel and how long it takes to hit you, then you can start fine-tuning your experience next time around.

Delta 8 THC tinctures are very potent, each drop will be the equivalent of smoking several bowls full of cannabis. If you are an experienced user then this is great for you, but if you are new to vaping or dabbing it is best to go slowly until you know what works best for your body.

Delta 8 THC tinctures are not for everyone, but they are growing in popularity all the time. They are a great way to elevate your vape pen experience and can offer a very unique high that you won’t find in most other cannabinoids.

1. Everest Delta-8 Oil

This brand is known for using high-quality ingredients in their products, including their Delta 8 tincture. The oil is extracted from organically grown hemp, and this oil contains 1,000 mg distillate mixed with a peppermint flavor, providing you with a fresh minty taste.

This is the perfect option for anyone just starting out on their Delta 8 tincture journey. It’s fairly potent though, at about 33.3mg of Delta 8 THC per 1mL serving. So if you’re a beginner, we’d recommend starting off with a half dose to test your tolerance first.

2. Rogue River Labs

Image courtesy Rogue River Labs

The name of this brand came from their company location in Southern Oregon. Rogue River Labs is well known in their region for their farming of cannabis and hemp. Most users say that this brand’s Delta 8 tinctures tend to have a more “earthy” flavor to them.

The biggest difference between Rogue River Labs and other Delta 8 tinctures out there is that they feature a couple different solvent options; MCT oil, and Olive Oil. You can choose from a few flavors too when purchasing Delta 8 tinctures from Rogue River Labs.

3. Delta Farms

Image courtesy Delta Farms

The founders of Delta Farms bring their 20+ years’ worth of experience with hemp product creation to the Delta 8 tinctures industry with their variety. Delta Farms has tinctures, gummies, and other classic cannabis strains for the public to enjoy.

Those who’ve tried Delta Farms products rave that this brand’s Delta 8 tinctures help them feel relaxed alongside having relief from pain. The Delta 8 tinctures from Delta Farms come in 750 and 1,500 mg options.

4. AtlRx

Image courtesy AtlRx

This company started their mission of selling products in e-commerce fashion but has quickly grown to become a major supplier in just four years. AtlRX features hemp, CBD, and Delta 8 tinctures among other products for those seeking to try to use CBD and/or Delta 8 products in their life.

AtlRx have gummies, infused flowers, caramels, Delta 8 tinctures, and many other products to choose from. Most of the oil tinctures have a variety of flavors and potency. You can find Delta 8 tinctures in measurements as low as 500 mg all the way up to 1,800 mg.

5. Binoid

Image courtesy Binoid

Delta 8 tinctures from Binoid are organically grown in Colorado. As one of the first brands on the scene with Delta 8 products, Binoid has a range of products with tinctures that come in strengths of 1000 mg, 2500 mg, and 5000 mg.

These Delta 8 tinctures are a great fit for those who have a higher tolerance to Delta 8 and need a higher dose of Delta 8 THC.

6. Delta Extrax

Image courtesy Delta Extrax

Delta Extra is much like Everest in that they only offer 1,000 mg distillate in their tinctures, but that’s not to say they aren’t worth including in our list of Delta 8 tinctures. This brand has a variety of flavor options along with a Delta 8 tincture for everyone’s need:

  • Focus: For people who are feeling a bit sluggish this Delta 8 tincture uses terpenes that are known for their energizing effects.
  • Balance: A great combination between chill and focus, this Delta 8 tincture uses terpenes that are ready to leave you feeling good.
  • Chill: This is the best Delta 8 tinctures from Delta Extrax for anyone struggling with sleep. The terpenes used within this blend allow you to feel calmer.

7. Exhale Wellness

Image courtesy Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness is based in Los Angeles, CA with a specialty in Delta 8 hemp extracts. All of the hemp used in the manufacturing of the Delta 8 products, including the Delta 8 tinctures is non-GMO and organically grown.

The 600 mg full spectrum Delta 8 tincture from Exhale Wellness is the perfect starter bottle for any newbie to the Delta 8 tinctures scene.

8. 3Chi

Image courtesy 3Chi

The beauty of 3Chi is that they were one of the first brands to bring Delta 8 to the market. They have a variety of flavored tinctures with a max concentration of 1,200 mg. This is a great option for anyone who wants a higher concentration of Delta 8 and doesn’t mind spending higher than average pricing.

What you may not know is that 3Chi was founded by a biochemist! That’s right, and so you’re sure to get some pretty good delta-8-THC tinctures from this brand. The owner knows what they’re doing and aims to please.

9. Nuleaf Naturals

Image courtesy Nuleaf Naturals

The founders of Nuleaf Naturals believe in the medicinal powers of plants, which is why they are one of the longer-standing brands in the Delta-8-THC tinctures business.

This brand offers capsules and tinctures so that you can purchase an option that makes sense for your preferences. This brand does ship to all 50 states and ships Delta 8 products internationally.

10. Koi

Image courtesy Koi

This California-based company has been moving CBD products since 2015, the year they were founded. This brand has a little bit of something for everyone, including pets!

Since Delta 8 became legal, they have been providing gummies, tinctures, and other Delta 8 THC products to their customers. Not only does Koi feature a variety of options for your life, but they also have the widest range of flavors from any other brand we featured here today.

11. Hempire Direct

Image courtesy Hempire Direct

Hempire Direct offers a range of Delta-8-THC tinctures that will suit everyone’s desires. You can learn more about their hemp source, pricing, and concentration below.

This brand sells its tinctures and other products in bulk, making them a bit more budget-friendly for the avid tincture user. Not only that, but they have a variety of options to use Delta 8 like D8 carts, capsules, and more available for sale on their website.

12. Harbor City Hemp

Image courtesy Harbor City Hemp

We’re pretty sure this company has the strongest potency available for Delta 8 tinctures out of our complete list. Coming in at 4,000 mg, Harbor City Hemp features a specially formulated mixture that only needs 1-2 drops on your tongue and you’re good!

Even regular cannabis users have stated that the Delta 8 tinctures from Harbor City Hemp are pretty potent and hit hard! That’s why we highly suggest his brand being an option once you’re a more experienced Delta 8 user.

13. Diamond CBD

Image courtesy Diamond CBD

You’ll find a large range of Delta 8 and CBD products from Diamond CBD. They have edibles, Delta 8 tinctures, vapes, capsules, and more on their website. The Delta 8 tinctures made by Diamond CBD can be purchased in three different potency levels starting at 1000 mg up to 2000 mg.

While it’s great that you can purchase a variety of options from Diamond CBD, we’ve read that users aren’t so impressed with the flavors of Diamond CBD tinctures overall.

14. 8Delta8

Image courtesy 8Delta8

While we’ve seen 8Delta8 in the market for many years, they’re just now getting into the Delta 8 tincture market. Each of this brand’s unique Delta 8 tinctures contains 3,000 mg of Delta 8 along with 600 mg of CBG and 600 mg of CBN.

8Delta8 includes CBG in their Delta 8 tinctures due to it’s relaxing properties. They enjoy providing users with a potent tincture that will have you feeling so relaxed that you won’t worry as much, and can sleep or take on anything you put your mind to without feeling as overwhelmed.

15. PharmaCBD

Image courtesy PharmaCBD

This company is already well known for their CBD products, but they’ve started offering Delta 8 tinctures with CBD. This will help anyone out there who isn’t a fan of straight up CBD tinctures, and wants a little extra with their tinctures.

PharmaCBD Delta 8 tinctures allow you to feel a sense of calmness while getting a little head high that comes with the CBD and Delta 8 combination. The products are created from US grown hemp, and have a lower concentration at 820 mg each.

16. Area 52

Image courtesy Area 52

With a variety of options, you can get your Delta 8 fix with any of Area 52’s products. They have D8 vape carts, gummies, and Delta 8 tinctures. Each tincture is made with a blend of terpenes and stevia which helps relax users while providing a few flavor options.

Area 52 currently offers a sweet vanilla or a sweet & sour cherry Delta 8 tincture. Each batch of their Delta 8 tinctures provides a certificate of analysis with a breakdown of the purity and potency. This means you can feel more confident purchasing your Delta 8 tinctures from Area52.

17. Finest Labs

Image courtesy Finest Labs

This is an excellent starter option for anyone new to the Delta 8 THC scene. Finest Labs offer purified tinctures and oils that contain about 500 mg of Delta 8 THC. This is far lower than most any other option on our list of the 22 best Delta 8 THC tinctures & oils of 2022.

18. Delta 8 Pro

Image courtesy Delta 8 Pro

This brand includes a relaxing and tranquil high when you’re ready to dig into this tincture. Delta 8 Pro has been around for a long time now providing quality extracts for those who have trouble with sleep. The relaxing benefits make this option more of a Delta 8 tincture for insomnia sufferers.

19. Premium Jane

Image courtesy Premium Jane

This is an Arizona based company that sells a variety of CBD products, including Delta 8 and CBG oil. This is made from premium quality USA sourced hemp. All hemp sources used for Premium Jane’s oils and other Delta 8 products are organically grown right in the United States.

20. Blue Moon Hemp

Image courtesy Blue Moon Hemp

This company has a wide range of tinctures, oils, and gummies as well as Delta 8 carts for your vaping pleasure. Blue Moon Hemp has zero THC options for those who want to get the relaxing benefits of Delta 8 without the high.

21. Bearly Legal Hemp Co

Image courtesy Bearly Legal Hemp Co

This company has a wide range of flavors and potency options to choose from. You’ll find the potency on the tinctures available for Delta 8 THC tinctures on Bearly Legal Hemp Co range from 600 mg, 1200 mg, to 1800 mg. This makes the brand an excellent choice for long time Delta 8 THC users, or newbies.

22. Pure Kana

Image courtesy Pure Kana

With sources from organic hemp farmers in the USA, Pure Kana prides itself on offering a variety of Delta 8 products to include gummies and Delta 8 THC tinctures. The tinctures come in 1200 mg and two different flavors. At this time there is only watermelon or chocolate mint to choose from.

What Is the Proper Dosage of Delta 8 THC?

The proper dosage (and specific timing) varies per person depending on your desired level of effect. A few suggestions are listed below, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Please do your own research and start slowly.

A common dose of Delta 8 THC is around 10-25mg for new users and 40-60+ mg for more experienced users.

Delta 8 THC can be dabbed or vaped at any time of the day, however, it is commonly used in the morning and afternoon because it helps with energy levels and focus.

Delta 8 can be added to almost any food or beverage, from butter and baked goods to smoothies and teas. Start off by adding a couple drops of Delta 8 THC tincture to your favorite recipe until you find the dose that works for you.

In conclusion, Delta 8 THC has a unique high that can elevate your vape pen experience, making it perfect for dabbing and vaping throughout the day.

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