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2022’s Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil: 5 Most Popular Hemp Oil Brands For CBD Tinctures And Broad Spectrum CBD Oils To Reduce Anxiety, Pain & Depression| Top CBD Oil Products Near Me

Cannabidiol is prevalent in the hemp universe because of its quintessence, which offers natural relief from many burdens that distress us today. CBD, in brief, is a tiny element encountered in hemp, very well known for its positive, non-psychoactive traits. What makes it distinctive is its brisk bonding with the endocannabinoid system, accountable for many crucial processes in our bodies. In particular, this system regulates mood, sleep, immunity, vitality, discomfort, recovery, appetite, and more.

Studies indicate that splendid potential lies in this component, and by far, the hemp community considers that you can gain this potential from full-spectrum CBD oils. Knowing this, today, we picked the five best CBD brands, which present the most attractive full-spectrum CBD and infuse it in organic oils. When consumed regularly, these hemp derived CBD products work miracles and enable people to become a better version of themselves by the day.

If you are ready to pick up on the most fabulous full-spectrum CBD oils, now is the moment to tackle this article, and ease your search. Discover what the market delivers and, most importantly, what serves you best!

Top 5 Full Spectrum CBD Oil Products (2022)

  • Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil For Entourage Effect, Editor’s Pick
  • BudPop – Premium Quality Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Brand
  • Cheef Botanical – Highly Rated Hemp CBD Oil & Tinctures
  • Hollyweed CBD – Top Online CBD Brand For Cannabis Oil
  • FAB CBD – Most Potent Natural Hemp Flavor CBD Oil Product

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil For Entourage Effect, Editor’s Pick


Exhale’s story began when they saw that the market was missing organic, natural-based cannabis goods and decided to enter the business. Exhale’s aim isn’t profit but providing unique products that increase the market’s standards. With GMO, gluten, and dairy-free goods, and a mission precise and straightforward, they want every person to get the usefulness of the magnificent plant.

Some of the best products by Exhale are their Delta-8 blends; although, the company creates high-quality CBD goods too. Based in Los Angeles, they partner with organic hemp farms from Colorado, and their plants and extractions are unassailable. Purity, transparency, and security are three of the brand’s guiding foundations.

We greatly believe in this team, and we are confident that their full-spectrum CBD oil is among the most satisfactory products we discovered in the hemp space. We highly encourage you to give it a try and determine things for yourself. We vouch that with Exhale, you can never be unhappy.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Exhale full-spectrum CBD oil is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no additives or preservatives. The CBD is extracted through a safe process of CO2 extraction, and it’s organic and vegan friendly.

Exhale’s oil comes in two sizes of 600 and 1200 mg, packed in glass dropper bottles for easier use. It gives unlimited possibilities and provides the body and the mind with relaxation. It’s also renowned for acting as a natural pain cure.

A favorite anti-stress and anxiolytic tool, minus the adverse side effects that pills and marijuana products usually present, the oil helps people maintain their health. Plus, it stabilizes all biological processes in the body; Exhale’s full-spectrum CBD oil is a complete wellness package for a great price.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness


  • 100% organic and GMO, dairy and gluten free
  • Glass dropper bottle
  • Available in two sizes
  • Fast and free shipping
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Available only through the Exhale site

Customer Reviews

CBD lovers who decided to try the full-spectrum oil are delighted with the outcome. They found the oil suitable for any time of the day. As a result, they immensely regard its attributes.

Consumers state that the oil helped them fall asleep and beat insomnia-filled nights. Besides, it neutralized their negative and stressful thoughts and made them feel rejuvenated and cheerful. When consumed regularly, customers saw that the oil works miracles with the body and helps with various pain and discomfort. Additionally, it fights anxiety and restlessness.

Exhale’s clients openly recommend the oil to anyone who wants to benefit from full-spectrum CBD. They are also pleased by the company’s excellent customer service and the fast and free shipping.

#2. BudPop – Premium Quality Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Brand


To enhance the hemp space, BudPop’s squad created a company that inspects the whole process of hemp production. In detail, they look closely at every aspect, from planting the seed to packing the product. For all that, customer ventures with their goods play a significant role.

To ensure they provide the best hemp products, they partner with organic farms from Nevada that grow their plants under intense surveillance in an indoor environment. As a result, the products are potent, clean, and satisfactory. Withal, the company uses vegan ingredients, and everything is GMO-free.

Notably, everything is lab tested by a third-party, and products own a Certificate of Analysis. We believe in BudPop’s mission, and that’s why we think that their CBD tinctures are worth the shot, just like everything else available in their shop.

CBD Tinctures

With less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, the CBD oils from BudPop come in two different types: peppermint flavored, and “natural”. Both are made with coconut oil as carrier, and natural terpenes. They don’t include any artificial additives and are perfect for those who enjoy whole products.

The main ingredient, CBD, is derived from hemp, and this element makes this oil ideal for relaxing and boosting your immunity. If you were scouring for a product that will give you a breather after a hard day or help you fall asleep and reduce your fatigue, this is it.

The tinctures contain 1500 mg of CBD, which equals to 30 servings and comes in a glass dropper bottle. Safely extracted, the tinctures make the right choice for anyone looking for a decent CBD creation that binds perfectly with the endocannabinoid system and vibes off leisure, pleasure, and refreshment.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop


  • Made from organic hemp
  • 100% natural with no additives
  • Glass dropper bottle
  • Comes in two different types
  • Fast shipping
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Tested by a third-party lab


  • Available for order only online
  • Slightly more expensive

Customer Reviews

The customers depict BudPop’s hemp goods as impressive, and they praise the company’s fast shipping and superb customer service. As per the reviews we encountered, CBD users love the oil.

They describe how the oil helped them manage the daily stress and tension better, relaxed their muscles, and provided nights full of sound sleep. Both the oils are worth the purchase, and the peppermint CBD oil is suitable for those who don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil itself.

Finally, customers recommend these tinctures for any day, any time of the year. They gladly continue to delight in BudPop’s merchandise, which comes as some of the most appeasing on the market.

#3. Cheef Botanicals – Highly Rated Hemp CBD Oil & Tinctures


Due to the misguidance of pharmaceutical industries, Cheef Botanical’s team feels that we forgot our roots and that the genuine cure lies in nature. Correspondingly, they advocate using natural supplements and superfoods, which protect us from certain illnesses and promote our overall well being in the long run. Through forums, research, education, Cheef Botanicals persists in its objective.

This organization allies with organic hemp farms from Colorado, and all of their products are vegan. Also GMO, dairy, and gluten-free, are suitable for anyone who practices a well-maintained diet.

Coming directly from California, their broad spectrum CBD oil is delicious, captivating, and reputable. We must say that it’s uniqueness really caught our eye. Likewise, we believe that it won’t disappoint your expectations, and you will finally find a product which will fascinate you and greet your necessities.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This non-psychoactive oil loaded in a glass dropper bottle contains the most remarkable full-spectrum Cheef Botanicals CBD. The cannabinoid is extracted through a safe CO2 extraction and it’s lab-tested to ensure purity and mightiness. No additives and preservatives are used in production, and the product is created with 100% natural ingredients.

The two main components in the product are hemp seed oil rich in fatty acids like Omega 3,6 and 9 which are vital for our healthiness. Plus, hemp is an excellent source of protein and a great addition to any nutritious diet.

The other ingredient is, of course, CBD that acts as an anti-inflammatory once it enters the system. This magical ingredient provides only robustness and wellness by binding quickly with your endocannabinoid system.

And don’t worry, a drop and you will be relaxed and renewed in a jiffy. Available in four different sizes, the CBD oil is rapidly shipped to your home, plus, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals


  • 100% organic, non-GMO and vegan
  • Contains no THC
  • Lab-tested by a third party
  • Free and fast shipping
  • Glass-dropper bottle
  • 30-days money back guarantee


  • Available for purchase only online
  • Lab-tests don’t show results for contaminants

Customer Reviews

As we anticipated, the CBD oil by Cheef Botanicals has only 5-star ratings. Various customers who have used the services of the company find this product true to the advertisement, and they recommend it to anyone who enjoys natural remedies.

Many people solved their gloomy moods and anxiety problems thanks to the oil. Further, it helped them cure pain, and they found out that if they apply it directly to the painful site, it works wonders.

People from older age brackets also enjoy the oil’s outstanding properties. They uncovered that the oil helped their mobility and their movements. They gladly subscribe to the brand site and claim that Chief Botanicals is the best company that cares for its clients deeply.

Favorably comfortable with the customer service and the employees, users gladly continue to use this product which makes them happy, uplifted, calm, and ready every hour of the day.

#4. Hollyweed CBD – Top Online CBD Brand For Cannabis Oil


Hollyweed CBD is a bunch of cannabis enthusiasts with decades of experience in the business. What makes them exceptional are their CBD products, highly admired among users. When wellness-minded persons assemble, they can create nothing less than a pristine company that radiates perfection.

These hemp goods are derived from organic plants in Colorado, and the cannabinoids are extracted through a safe CO2 extraction. They are additionally tested for pesticides, solvents, and the ingredients’ potency. All of the lab testing results are available on Hollyweed CBD’s site, and you can explore every product you are interested in.

Being GMO, dairy, gluten-free, and 100% organic, the CBD oil from Holyweed stuck out from the thousands of products available on the market. Its legality and pureness made it a top choice for today’s list, and we safely and positively recommend it for your bliss. If you have heard about the phrase ‘Joie de vivre’, this CBD oil will help you live it in a split second.


Full-spectrum Hollyweed CBD, infused into the purest hemp seed oil makes a blend that’s easy to ingest and reacts quickly with your body. As noted earlier, hemp seed oil is rich in fatty acids and protein. Also, it provides the tincture with an earthy and nutty taste. Together with the CBD, they quickly wake the endocannabinoid system and make it super-functional.

This oil comes in a glass dropper bottle and contains no additives or preservatives. It’s available in four different sizes, from which you can pick according to your level of consumption and the unique characteristics of your being.

What more can we say? The full-spectrum CBD oil is foolproof, and ideal for everyone who wants to endure whimsical yet serene ambiance. It’s shipped to you free of charge, and the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed


  • 100% organic, GMO, dairy and gluten free
  • Tested by a third-party laboratory
  • Free shipping
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Glass dropper bottle
  • Available in four sizes


  • Available only online

Customer Reviews

Full-spectrum CBD zealots found the oil by Hollyweed impressive, potent, and worth the money. They enjoyed its natural taste and the relief it gave them. They immensely liked that the oil helped them break up with chronic pain, negative thoughts, stress, and chemical drugs. With no adverse effects and an implausible potency, this CBD oil is marvelous.

Users acclaim this product and sincerely suggest it to other fellow CBD lovers. Also, they applaud the customer service of the company and the fast shipping. They gleefully continue to use Hollyweed’s advantages, and they admire the company’s meticulousness. According to clients, this is the top-of-the-line pick for anyone who wants to start anew and turn to nature.

#5. FAB CBD – Most Potent Natural Hemp Flavor CBD Oil Product


FAB CBD has a pretty solid and considerable reputation. And that’s rather expected because this company creates favorite hemp products while displaying model customer service. FAB CBD’s mission is built on innovation, attention, and scientific research to satisfy people who endure a wellness-oriented lifestyle. They continue to produce the best organic products through trusted scientific methods and develop splendid outcomes.

What’s paramount, FAB CBD offers lab-tested products, and all of the results are available on their site. Moreover, the hemp flowers come from natural, indoor farms in Colorado and are guaranteed to be grown organically, free of pesticides and GMOs.

The pure full-spectrum CBD oil by FAB CBD enjoys deserved fame, and that’s one of the reasons why we chose it today. We have tremendous belief in this company, and we place enormous trust in its products. If you decide on a CBD tincture that will appease you, it’s time to make an order.

Pure CBD Oil

FAB CBD came forward with CBD oil in five different flavors and four diverse sizes. By far, this is the only company on our list that offers so many choices. Made with a full-spectrum CBD, the oil contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC and is legally shipped in the States.

This product is available in natural taste, the taste of citrus, mint, vanilla, and berry; flavors that come from natural terpenes. The oil not only delights the users with its taste but also with its unique characteristics. Its exclusive elements are powerful for daily supplementation and awe the users with loosening, refreshment, and restoration. In addition, it’s a big buddy to your health and increases your stamina and concentration.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD


  • Organic and GMO free
  • Lab-tested
  • Available in five different flavors
  • Available in four diverse sizes
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Easy returns


  • Sold out easily
  • Shipping only free for orders over $99

Customer Reviews

A thousand buyers immensely enjoy the CBD oil by FAB CBD. Among them, we found users who praised the quality and the service. All clients find the oil extremely helpful, some for their body problems, others for their mind and mental health. They also complement the prices, which are the best for the amounts and the quality.

We aspired to summarize all people’s opinions, and in a word, in one voice, they state FABulous. Many enjoy the flavored oils and order three to four per purchase. Like other FAB CBD products, the oil is potent and works like a charm.

Clients also mention that the shipping is swift, the services are very open and polite, and they adore everything that comes from FAB CBD. People are glad that they are helping their bodies heal and choose a path filled with vigor and vivacity.

Buying Guide for Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  • Pick a brand you can trust and check their background

When shopping for CBD oil, it’s crucial to pick a brand that privileges customers. Such brands are transparent about everything regarding their work and purpose.

Firstly, always pick a company that gets its hemp plants from organic farms. We know that these farms nurture natural plants which grow in indoor environments. The plant’s growth process is of high precedence because the flower is very sensitive to its surroundings.

Secondly, always check which extraction process the company uses when obtaining CBD. Usually, authorized and noteworthy companies use CO2 extraction, the purest and safest method for producing CBD oil.

All in all, do adequate research on the brand and inspect its background. You don’t want a company that’s not explicit about essential matters; you want a brand that’s candid about their products. A company involved in educating its customers and being frank about every activity is the right company for you.

  • Check the labels and look for third-party lab testing results

The most vital thing is if the company gives products to third-party lab tests. This fact shows that the brand is sincere and produces pure developments. You don’t need a product containing unnecessary ingredients such as solvents, additives, pesticides, heavy metals, and more, which ruin the taste and experience and damage your health.

Thus, be sure that the company you select offers a Lab Results page open for everyone’s sight. Likewise, always read the Certificates of Analysis closely, and familiarize yourself with everything regarding the product. Further to this, scanning labels is most imperative because labels inform us about the strength of the CBD, the carrier oils, the other ingredients, and the recommended dosage.

Without exception, look what kind of carrier oil the company uses, and is it pure and natural. Double-check that you aren’t allergic to any ingredient. And ultimately, the recommended dosage should help you determine the appropriate amount of CBD per serving.

  • Read customers reviews and do a broader research

We consistently advise reading customers’ reviews. Hearing things firsthand is indispensable, especially from people who have experience with CBD. Catch on to the ratings, too; quality products will regularly have five-star ratings and a bunch of pleased customers and ambassadors. This evidence speaks volumes because a trusted company won’t risk disappointing people with low-quality merchandise.

Another tip is broadening the research and studying everything about the product. You can do this by searching Google, reading different CBD forums and pages, checking their social media and real people’s testimonies, and taking advice from friends, family, and even your physician. Detailed research is always a fantastic idea.

  • Plan your budget and don’t overpay products

You have to know how much money you will invest in CBD products. Determine your budget from the start and know that you will have to cut a slice from your monthly payment if you start supplementing. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to pay a fortune.

Conversely, you have to compare products and prices and not overpay the merchandise. Similar products can have different expenses, and some can be more costly than others. You will have to experiment a little, until you find the product that comes from the best source, and has the perfect attributes for the most acceptable price.

How We Made the List?

In a market overflowing with similar full spectrum CBD products, sometimes it’s hard to opt for the unsurpassed pick. So, we decided to make a list, and first set some protocols and clearly precise our goals.

We assembled a checklist for you to see how we chose today’s brands and products and to give you hints on what to pay attention to when you decide to buy. These few checkpoints can help you choose a superior brand that is greatly distinguished from others.

  • Lab testing and production methods

As you can see, we investigated every little detail, and we made sure that all brands listed here allow third-party lab testing. We also read the Certificates of Analysis of the full-spectrum CBD oils. We believe that the results weren’t affected by the brand’s team and are trustworthy and authentic.

The same goes for the production methods. We looked for innovative companies that practice safe extraction methods in obtaining CBD. Of great importance to us were the source from which they get their flowers and the quality of the cannabinoids. Accordingly, we preferred companies that produce relevant full-spectrum CBD oils and use naturally obtained hemp, coconut, or olive oils as carriers.

  • Customer service

We have faith in companies that serve their clients, so customer service was one of our primary concerns. All of the brands we selected offer fast shipping, often free of charge. Moreover, they all guarantee a 30-day money-back.

In like manner, we picked companies that make shopping experiences pleasant. Their online shopping spaces are attainable and user-friendly. We concluded that terrific and comfortable shopping is a must. In addition, we also liked that these brands offer education and other required factors regarding CBD consumption and that you can always inform yourself more on their sites. Altogether, the key thing is to operate for the clients, and we vouch that the companies above do their best.

  • Customer reviews

Immediate experiences should always be taken into consideration when choosing. They don’t only depict the experience, the quality and value, but they also complete the brand’s portrait. We always practice reading every customer review on the product. Witnessing how users and clients react to the CBD oil was basic in making this list.

Thankfully, all of the companies listed above had fabulous reviews and incredible customer feedback. There weren’t any low ratings, and we hardly encountered an unsatisfied user who didn’t like the product and the service. We believe that many people found their suitable piece among these companies, and we are sure that you will soon do the same.

  • Value, quality and price

As we mentioned before, many CBD products can be overpriced. That’s due to the high competition, the rivalry, and the overspreading of the goods. Various companies put elevated prices on products that aren’t worth it, and later, users become disappointed and have the wrong impression about CBD.

That’s why one of our essential checkpoints was picking the most valued and high-quality products that come for an affordable and proper price. We did this by comparing many products, and we don’t doubt that we favored distinctive products with fantastic features, all for a fair price.

With fair price there is also another benefit of CBD oil is that when it is combined with the best testosterone booster it increases the T-level in the body.

FAQs: BestCBD Oil

Q1. What is full-spectrum CBD oil?

A full-spectrum CBD oil is an essential oil that comes together with all cannabinoids, terpenes, and often a tiny amount of Delta-9 THC, or less than 0.3%. Nevertheless, this amount of THC won’t make you high and doesn’t affect the product.

Q2. How does full-spectrum CBD make you feel?

The truth is, CBD isn’t felt the way other cannabis products are. It works as a supplement and binds with your endocannabinoid system, responsible for many essential processes in your body.

Yet, CBD oil is known for relaxing its users and making them calmer. After 15 to 45 minutes, CBD starts reacting with your system and producing serenity, comfort, and sometimes even sedation.

Q3. Is full-spectrum CBD good for anxiety?

Phytocannabinoids and terpenes, react powerfully with your body and your mind. Research shows that CBD is an incredible ally in fighting stress and anxiety, negative thoughts, and insomnia-related problems. The studies also confirm that CBD exhibits great promise in fighting brain-related disorders, pain, and certain skin conditions.

Q4. Does full-spectrum CBD have side effects?

Even though rarely reported, full-spectrum CBD can also produce some adverse effects. These include reduced or increased appetite, drowsiness, sleepiness, dry mouth, fatigue, and diarrhea. It’s important to note that CBD can also react with certain medications, such as blood thinners.

Q5. Will CBD make me fail a drug test?

Yes, if the CBD contains THC, it surely will. After all, full-spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, enough to get a positive drug test. If you want to pass a drug test, it’s necessary to buy a CBD product that’s 100% THC-free.

Q6. When is the best time to consume CBD?

It depends on what you are targeting with the oil. If you are taking CBD for better sleep, it’s best to consume it at night. In contrast, if you are dealing with a generalized anxiety disorder, it’s best to take it in the morning and evening. Keep in mind that the effects last four to six hours and determine the proper dosage.

Lastly, if you are in pain, you can take it in the morning and the evening or put it directly on the pain site. Many people found out that CBD works significantly when absorbed through the skin.

Q7. Does CBD oil expire?

Most CBD oils last from one to two years. However, if the oil is older than two years, that doesn’t mean that it’s spoiled. Expired CBD oils lose their potency, and they won’t make you sick; you just won’t feel its advantages.


Our final thoughts on full-spectrum CBD oil are that it’s one of the most exquisite CBD products and that it indeed takes people’s breath away. Due to its favorable characteristics, the oil influences bodily processes significantly, and consequently, its position on the hemp market snowballs. Both full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products are derived from the cannabis plant. And with such popularity, we know that it’s rather tough to pick what’s genuine and pinpoint which products are high-quality.

In closing, we hope that we have helped you solve many puzzling subjects you may have had about full-spectrum CBD oil. We feel that we assisted your exploration, and thanks to this article, you’ll be capable of determining your choice more effortlessly. We enjoyed supporting you in deciding the brand and picking a remarkable product that’ll comfort you and sustain your health.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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