2022’s Best Online Payday Loans: Top Loan Lenders For Personal Loans With Bad Credit

With the spending habit of the average American, it comes as no surprise that most do not have a financial cushion in the event of an emergency. The truth is that many people will have to rely on outside help to fund even the most minor emergency, and that is why there are so many loan platforms vying for attention. Nobody indeed plans for an emergency, but life still happens, and we have to be ready for such issues.

When family and friends cannot provide the financial support you need, what do you do? You can take a loan, but you have to know what works best for you. Personal loans are usually the easiest to secure and get quick disbursement, and therefore, they are ideal for emergencies.

However, you may want to choose a payday loan over other types if you have a job but cannot wait until the next payday. Instead of using a loan shark, think of going online, finding a credible platform, and securing the amount to cover the basics for a while. It does not matter whether the emergency is a leaking radiator in your car, a torn-off roof, medical bills, or new tires.

Online payday loan platforms usually provide funding in a couple of days, and amounts can start as low as $250. While they look like lifesavers, you must note that they typically have high rates when it comes to interests. The reason is that you do not need collateral for the loan, and it is a short-term loan, meaning you have to pay it back soon. Long-term loans tend to have more favorable rates.

We have carefully selected a few platforms to reduce the time you may spend sifting through the multitude of options. In other words, we have done the research work and picked the most suitable ones based on reviews, feedback, and results. These brands require specific information for the loan process, and you must have them handy before applying.

Having a job is not the end of it; your income must meet a certain minimum so that the lenders can be sure you can repay. However, the good news is that most of these platforms accept all credit scores, so bad or low credit does not necessarily disqualify you.

Review of Top Lenders For Payday Loans Online

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Lenders For Payday Loans Online On The Market
  2. FundsJoy – Top Rated Payday Lenders For Quick Emergency Loans
  3. RadCred– Reliable Loan Services For Short-term Loans
  4. BadCreditLoans – Popular for Bad Credit Loan With Poor Credit Score
  5. CashUSA – Recommended Personal Loans For Cash Advance

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Lenders For Payday Loans Online On The Market


MoneyMutual is one of the top-rated online loan platforms because it has a vast lender network and credible loans. It has a wide range of loan options such as payday loans, loans for the unemployed, and other types. The brand does not discriminate and is known for the quick transfer of funds once approved. The hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers are proof of its efficacy in the loans industry.

The process of applying for a loan is straightforward. Once you open the brand’s website, which has a user-friendly interface, you see a simple form to fill. Provide the required details as correctly as possible and submit the form. One advantage of doing it online is that a single application exposes you to multiple lenders. In other words, you can compare terms and choose which is most suitable.

MoneyMutual reaches lenders within its network with your application. In a matter of seconds, one or more will contact you via the email address you provide in the application. The contract terms are between you and the lender you choose; the company is not a part of it, nor does it lend directly to customers. It may help to have someone else check the contract for loopholes before signing.

However, once you choose and sign the contract with a lender, the fund disbursement is quick, maybe within the next working day. Therefore, you can comfortably make plans for the money if you are in a bind because of the surety of receiving it on time. Note that the lender decides the interest rates, repayment, and amount you get, not MoneyMutual. These are terms you must iron out before deciding.


User-friendly Website: The brand’s site is easy to navigate and use. So, it shortens the time for applying, unlike if you have difficulty navigating. Additionally, it explains the entire process to the user, including how it connects you to credible lenders.

Requirements: Before MoneyMutual decides you are eligible for a payday loan, you must provide proof of being 18 years or older. Also, you must be a citizen of the United States and have a bank account that works. In addition, you must earn $800 a month, at least, to prove you can repay the loan. Each lender may have other specific requirements, but these are the basics.

Vast Lender Network: MoneyMutual has more than sixty lenders in its network. That means there is always an available lender, and you may even get more than one approval with your single application. It is ideal for applicants with bad or poor credit.

Terms: As mentioned before, the terms of your contract are up to you, not the company. Its job is to connect you to reliable lenders and ensure you work in a safe environment. However, through its platform, you can get loans as low as $200 or as high as $5000.


  • Quick funds disbursement
  • Vast lender network
  • Secure site
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reputable brand


  • Not available in every state
  • Plays no role between lender and borrower
  • Possibly high interests

⇒ Visit the Official Website of MoneyMutual

#2. FundsJoy: Top Rated Payday Lenders For Quick Emergency Loans


The brand does not directly lend money to its customers. Instead, it works with a good number of lenders to ensure every applicant on its platform gets approval. The good news is that you can perform all the processes online and get a quick transfer of funds within record time. There is usually no need to go to a physical office for applications.

The brand takes you through the process of applying for a loan, which is straightforward. A calculator informs you of your progress as you fill out the form. If you miss a step, the calculator will not move, informing you of the error. You need to select the loan amount you amount to begin the process, and after that, you enter a functional email address. It must be one you regularly check for updates from the brand and potential lender.

Next, provide a form of identification to ease the process. It may be any form, but FundsJoy will determine which it requires. The brand often asks for the last four digits of your social security number and requests your date of birth and home address. In addition, you must provide proof of your total income per month, especially as it is a payday loan.

Finally, it requests your current employer’s phone number, although it is just a formality. FundsJoy may never contact them but only wants to be sure your job is real. An active bank account works best for receiving funds instead of waiting for a check in the mail. The routing number for your bank is all it needs to verify the bank or union where you receive money.


Ideal for Emergencies: If you are in a fix and need a quick payday loan, FundsJoy is one platform to try. It has the reputation of disbursing on time if you make a lender choice within a few minutes.

Flexibility: The brand allows you to adjust the contract terms if you find them unsuitable. It also allows you to choose the loan sum you want, as long as you do not exceed the required range.

Bad Credit Accepted: FundsJoy makes applying for a loan easy for all applicants, regardless of credit score or history. It does not check credits, but you must meet the strict requirements to get approval. This fact opens the door to everyone.

Easy Application Process: The application process is easy because every step is laid out before you. The calculator helps you track your progress, and when it reaches 100, you know the application is complete. Then, you can submit it.

Reasonable Loan Sums: While they may not be much, being a maximum of $5000, the loan sums from FundsJoy are enough to meet basic needs such as utility bills and minor home repairs.


  • Clear guidelines for application
  • Offers an assortment of loans apart from payday loans
  • Bad credit accepted
  • Debt consolidation is possible


  • Interest rates may be too high
  • Loan sums may not meet cost-intensive emergencies

⇒ Visit the Official Website of FundsJoy

#3. RadCred: Reliable Loan Services For Short-term Loans


This platform is the same as the others on our list. It is only a marketplace for connecting lenders to borrowers and getting approval for loans. RadCred works with only credible lenders to deliver the best services to its customers. However, it goes a step further than others; the platform works with a network of third-party lenders and loans amount up to $35,000.

The primary duty of the third-party network of lenders for the platform is to connect with borrowers if there is no suitable one within the immediate network. It is an extra step that ensures all applicants get connected to a lender as long as they meet the requirements.

However, the platform conducts a credit check on all its applicants to know who has poor, bad, fair, good, or excellent credit scores. It does not precisely cater to all credit types, so you may not get loan approval if you have bad credit. Even if it does, the loan sum may be too low to meet your needs.

The borrower must meet specific requirements before getting approval. They must not have filed for bankruptcy in recent times or have outstanding debts. They must also not have accounts more than sixty days late or be known for making payments too late. Despite these, you may not get a loan amount of more than $1000 if your credit history does not check out.

In addition, RadCred requires a lot of personal information, but it also provides different loan options. It removes the restrictions on which loan type to go with, giving you freedom. The official website has informative resources to help you and take you toward the most suitable option if you go with the platform.


Excellent Service: RadCred is known for excellent customer service. There is a phone number and email address where all inquiries can be received and resolved. The queries must be within the company’s working hours.

Speedy Funding: Since the application process is easy, it does not take long to get a loan decision. After that, the lender sends you the contract terms and, if all goes quickly, transfers the money into the account you provide.

Room for Loan Adjustment: With loan sums going as high as $35,000, RadCred creates room for loan adjustments. You can choose low amounts or go high, as long as you meet all the requirements.

Informative Site: There are resources on the official website to guide you while deciding on the loan type and sum. It is most helpful if you have never used the platform or taken a payday loan.

Interest Rates: The rates depend on how much you take. However, since you can reach various lenders with a single application, there is room to negotiate the rates and get the best offer.


  • Large loan sums up to $35,000
  • A resource center for loans education
  • Flexible repayment schedule
  • Third-party network of lenders
  • Secure network
  • Free service


  • Requirements too steep
  • All credits not accepted
  • Loan amounts not applicable in every state

⇒ Visit the Official Website of RadCred

#4. BadCreditLoans: Popular for Bad Credit Loan With Poor Credit Score


BadCreditLoans is one of the best in delivering instant online payday loans in the industry. That is part of the reason it made our list. It is not a direct lender but acts as a go-between for the willing lenders and borrowers looking for emergency payday loans and other types of loans. Its job is to determine who is eligible for loans by vetting the applicants through their applications. Then, it sends qualified ones to its network of lenders.

The brand is well-known to work directly with reliable lenders so that customers do not have to worry about whether or not a lender is a scam. It also educates customers on making the most of the loan process. You can already tell that the platform works with all credit types, even bad credit, from its name. It specializes in securing loans for bad credit customers, to put it simply.

It takes less than five minutes to fill out the application form and submit it. Everything is on the brand’s website, so you do not have to go to any physical office for the process. The application requires you to provide personal information, making it easy to connect you to the right lender. The company asks for information such as whether or not you have a job, how much you earn, and if you have outstanding debts and savings.

Once submitted, the company reviews it and sends it out to available lenders. If you agree to the terms of any potential lender in good time, the lender is likely to send the money in less than 24 hours. It is one of the fastest and most reliable loan platforms to use.


Educational Materials: The site provides an array of materials to help customers understand the process and how to maximize the loan when it comes. These materials are most helpful if you are new to taking loans or wonder how to spread your thin resources.

Quick Process: The application process is quick and easy. While the platform may require quite a bit of information during the process, it eliminates having to go to any office for clarification or getting no approval.

Speedy Delivery: After filling out the form, submitting it, getting approval, and approving a lender, the next step is the disbursement of funds. If all goes well, this comes quickly, sometimes within one business day.

No Extra Charge: There are no charges for the services from BadCreditLoans. Typically, service charges are deducted from the loan before the lender deposits it into your account. So, it saves you some extra money.


  • Ideal for all types of credit
  • Opportunity to improve credit score
  • Private and secure
  • Provides educational materials
  • Easy to use
  • No additional charges
  • Access to multiple lenders with one application
  • Excellent customer care


  • Insufficient loan amounts
  • Bad credit may get lower amounts
  • Requires quite a lot of personal information

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BadCreditLoans

#5. CashUSA: Recommended Personal Loans For Cash Advance


If you want upfront transparency and accountability, you may want to consider using CashUSA for your payday loan. The platform clearly explains it does not provide the funds but only connects lenders to borrowers. However, it has its terms and conditions and makes them known early in the process.

The brand also provides vital information about issues in finance, especially loan-related issues. Furthermore, it helps you calculate your debt, make a budget with the funds you have, know your credit score, and other related topics that improve your knowledge.

It is easy to apply for a loan through CashUSA. The site is friendly, and you can see the form to fill out once you get on the page. The requirements are pretty basic, so you do not need to provide too much information. After that, submit the form and wait for a decision, which usually takes only a few seconds. The company sends your application to its lenders, and if a lender is willing to work with you, you will receive their terms and conditions.

Rest assured that the company will provide any lender’s annual percentage rates, so you know if you are comfortable with them. Also, the repayment plan runs between three and seventy-two months, depending on the loan type. However, it provides enough time, no matter how much you take. Moreover, CashUSA makes it easy for lenders to get their money back; they can withdraw the amount in installments from the account into which they paid the loan sum.


Informative Website: The design of the company’s website is simple and easy to navigate. However, that is not the main attraction. The main attraction is the wealth of information on financial issues you may not get on other platforms. There are resources for calculating your debt, checking your credit score, planning a budget, checking student loans, and other related issues.

Requirements: CashUSA does not discriminate against whom it qualifies for a loan. Almost everyone who applies through the platform gets a connection to a credible lender. It is good news for bad credit applicants, but the minimum income requirement for application is $1000. You must also have an active email address, be up to 18 years, be a US citizen, and have a personal checking account.

Easy Process: The application process takes only a few minutes, and anyone can do it without external help in the comfort of their home. Also, there is usually a confirmation of approval within seconds of applying.

Considerable Loan Sum: CashUSA gives loan sums as low as $500 and as high as $10,000. It provides room to navigate and get a comfortable amount that covers immediate needs such as bills and food and is easy to repay, especially with reasonable interest rates.


  • No discrimination based on credit history
  • Reasonable loan sums
  • Friendly and informative website
  • Direct funds transfer to checking account
  • Negotiable terms
  • No additional charges


  • No mobile app available
  • Minimum income of $1000
  • No loan offers lower than $500

⇒ Visit the Official Website of CashUSA

How We Made the List For Online Loan Platform For Bad Credit Loans

How did we come up with a list from the hundreds of brands and platforms we came across? We understand that getting online payday loans can be tricky, especially with bad credit. So, we had to look for platforms that worked with lenders willing to loan to all credit types. We also picked brands that have credibility and worked with credible lenders.

One of the ways to pick a good company for securing a loan is to check the years in service. That tells you whether or not they are frauds. Furthermore, we looked at application processes, disbursement period, additional fees, interest rates, and security policies. Lastly, we checked the repayment period and process.

What We Looked

By following our list of criteria, it did not take too long to create a list. Here is a breakdown of what we looked for in each company:

  • Disbursement Period: The time it takes to transfer the money is crucial since most loans of this nature are needed for emergencies. Therefore, we picked based on the speed of delivery from each platform.
  • Interest Rates: The interest can make or mar the amount you have to repay over time. So, we looked for platforms that have partner lenders with low-interest rates or annual percentage rates (APR). What is the point of having to pay exorbitantly when repaying a loan you took for an emergency?
  • Brand Reputation: This criterion made our list because many fraudulent platforms exist. These scams make the process look easy but collect money for services every step of the way.
  • Application Process: The process has to be easy so that anyone with the right qualifications can apply from their homes. That means having websites and pages with a user-friendly interface since they are online platforms.
  • Charges: Again, extra charges can increase the amount you repay and even affect the one you take home. This is because they come out of the loan sum before disbursement.
  • Policies: Company policies must favor everyone, customer and brand alike. That includes the protection of customer information and securing the sites to prevent hacking.

What verified customers had to say was also important to us. From them, we got accurate information about user experience and whether or not they would recommend the brands to other people.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Payday Loan Platform

Finding a payday loan that attends to all credit types is difficult. Getting approval is challenging because many want to check your credit history. If you find one, it may offer unfavorable terms and rates.

However, several platforms are willing to work with all credit types and deliver emergency funds in good time. The most critical factor is to know which ones to trust because the industry is fraught with scams. Many of them look genuine, so you must know how to tell the real from the fake.

The following are factors to consider when choosing a platform:

  • Brand Reputation

One of the easiest ways to know the reputation is to check what online reviews are saying. Do not check paid or sponsored content but look for reviews with no bias. They tend to be informative, so you can glean a lot of information to help you determine whether or not a brand is trustworthy.

Another way to check the reputation is to find out how long it has been in the business of securing loans. Also, check the number of customers and compare it to its time in the industry. This information gives you an idea of whether the brand satisfies its customers.

Finally, check the reviews from verified customers. The reviews are usually the best because they have firsthand experience of customer service. Therefore, they have the best information for deciding if a brand is worth a shot.

  • Security and Privacy

Since you will be providing sensitive personal data to these sites, it is crucial to ensure adequate privacy and security. The platform you choose must be able to protect your personal information and secure it from hacking or theft. Many online platforms require sensitive information, some more than others, leaving you vulnerable to losing it.

Therefore, before settling for any platform, one of the first things to check is its ability to protect the user. Check for data encryption that makes data theft difficult. Some have McAfee protection and are certified by TRUSTe.

If you find that any company bypasses the safety regulations and takes no particular measure to protect customer information, choose another one. Some companies have been known to steal and sell customers’ data on their sites to buyers with the most money. Consider picking one platform from our list because they are secure and ensure your privacy.

  • Interest Rates

Some platforms partner with lenders who offer low-interest rates. Ensure you check the rates and compare what is on offer with other companies before selecting one. Be aware that the shorter the loan time, the higher the interest rates. Most personal loans do not require collateral, so the rates act as security against loss.

  • Terms and Conditions

Keeping abreast of the current interest rates, market values, timelines, payment schedules, and other vital information about loans will help determine the most suitable terms. That means asking questions, reading about various platforms independent of sponsored reviews, and finding other sources of information. That way, you understand the terms of any contract a lender presents to you.

None of the platforms has anything to do with the contract terms and conditions. Those are between you and the lender you choose. Therefore, it is crucial to read the terms carefully. The job of these platforms is to connect you to one or more credible lenders within their networks or find third-party lenders if there are no suitable ones in their immediate networks.

  • Transparency and Accountability

Choose a platform that delivers on its promises on ads. Also, it must be accountable for every step it takes and not back out if it gets tough. As a customer, you deserve to know every policy that affects you.

If it advertises being a free service, it must keep to its words. If you find out there are fees a company did not inform you about before choosing to use its platform, it is enough room to back out. We have listed some of the most transparent and accountable companies on the market, but you can also research other platforms, ask questions, and find independent ones with reliable principles.

  • Reason for the Loan

It is crucial that you are clear about why you want the loan. The company you select may not specifically request it, but choosing a loan amount is much easier if it is clear. For example, if you need to fix your car and pay some utility bills, ensure you request an amount enough to cover the expenses.

If you use the loan for something else, it may not be enough, and you may need more money. Moreover, if a company requests the loan purpose and you provide it without following up, it may be a breach of contract. Knowing the reason you need a loan and using the loan as you should help build your credibility, and it may affect your credit score in the long run.

  • Fund Disbursement Time

Emergencies necessitate payday and other types of short-term personal loans. Therefore, the time of disbursement is crucial to the effectiveness of the loan. The platform of choice must have the reputation of disbursing funds on time; that is one feature that draws customers, both old and new.

The companies that made our list always pay the loan sums on time, and some even pay within twenty-four hours. However, the speed of delivery usually depends on the time it takes to come to an agreement with the lender. The process is often quick and straightforward, especially if it is not your first time. If things go well, you will likely get the money on time.

FAQs About Fast Cash Loans

Q1. Are online payday loan platforms legal?

Online payday loan platforms are legal, but not all have the license to operate. The companies on our list are legal and have practicing licenses, but you must beware of scams. Scams have all the trappings of genuineness and look as if they are in real business, but they are not. If necessary, demand to see licenses and other certifications that prove they are legal.

While many companies have licenses, each state in the country demands a license. Therefore, some cannot practice in all the states. It is crucial to check the legality of any platform to practice in the state you reside in before selecting it.

Q2. Is a bank account required for an online payday loan?

Bank accounts are usually a primary requirement for most platforms to approve your application. They request an account number to a bank account in your name because a transfer is the easiest and fastest way to send money to you. Moreover, the account is a way to prove you receive monthly payments from your employers, and some platforms work it out so that lenders can withdraw payments from those accounts when due.

Q3. Is a payday loan any good?

There are different types of short-term emergency loans you can get, and a payday loan is one of them. It is good because it relieves you of the financial pressures that may come between one payday and the next, usually for unforeseen emergencies. However, like other short-term loans, a payday loan attracts high-interest rates because of its nature. Therefore, consider exhausting other means of getting financial help before choosing this option.

Q4. Is there a difference between a payday loan and a personal loan?

The marked difference between a payday loan and a personal loan is the interest rate accruing to them. Some categorize a payday loan under a personal loan, and rightly so, but other personal loan types may require collateral. A payday loan does not require collateral.

For example, an auto or mortgage loan demands collateral before disbursement. You must use your car as collateral for an auto loan and forfeit it if you cannot repay the loan. The same is true for a mortgage, but you use your house as collateral. However, the collateral reduces the accruing interests on these loan types. On the other hand, a payday loan has no such surety, so the interest rates are usually exorbitant to cover any losses.

Q5. What is the upside of a payday loan?

The primary advantage of using a payday loan is the speedy delivery of funds. This loan type is ideal for emergencies. Another advantage is that lenders usually do not require credit checks, so a payday loan is easy to get, even with bad credit.

Also, most platforms do not request to know the purpose of the loan; all they need is an assurance or proof that you can pay the money back. So, while it is an advantage, it may be best to put the loan sum to the proper use, even without anyone needing proof.

Q6. How quickly can I get a payday loan?

You can get a payday loan as quickly as twenty-four hours after submitting your application. The best type to use is an online payday loan because you can apply from the comfort of your home, and it is typically an easy process, done within five minutes. Apart from that, lenders can reach you through your email address, negotiate terms and draw up a contract without a physical presence. If you can quickly agree, a lender can fund your account in one business day.

Conclusion: Best Payday Loans Near Me

Online payday loans are one of the ways to get immediate financial help in emergencies. Several online platforms offer their services in that regard, but it is vital to know which platform works best for your specific needs. In light of this, we have created a short and credible list of companies to ease the selection process.

Ensure you are up to 18 years, are a US citizen, have a valid means of identification, a source of income, proof of income, an active bank account, and an email address. Also, have all the necessary documents handy before starting the application. Furthermore, follow the buying guide to determine the factors that ease the selection process. Having a list of suitable brands is one thing, but knowing how to pick one from it is entirely different.

Check the interest rates, brand reputation, whether or not the brand demands to know the purpose for the loan, and terms. In addition, the brand must be secure and private because of all the sensitive personal information, quick to transfer funds, and transparent and accountable. Customer reviews play a vital role, so you may want to read what verified users say.

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