Manifesting.com Reviews: Real Law of Attraction Course Worth Buying?

Manifesting.com is a website that provides users with a free guide to manifesting for their particular situations. Consumers who want to learn more about what manifestation can offer can download the website’s training course to get more immersed.

What is Manifesting.com?

The Law of Attraction is far from a well-kept secret. New age proponents have focused on the benefits of this phenomenon for years, and it is even the centerpiece of a book called the Secret that gained incredible traction with its publication. The idea is simple – Ask. Believe. Receive. The idea is that consumers can improve their financial situation, love life, and even their happiness with the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, some people struggle and don’t get the results they hope for.

With over 90% of people not getting the results that they hope for, the Law of Attraction almost loses validity with each failed meditation, but that doesn’t mean that the concept is impossible to use. The creators at Manifesting.com believe that the reason for the failures is that participants aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. While some people act as if the Law of Attraction is a mystery they must discover, the reality is much simpler.

Manifesting.com points out that the Law of Attraction isn’t meant to be a mystery. Every part of the process is backed by scientific evidence, and it is rooted in concepts that the average consumer is already familiar with. The phenomenon isn’t magic, even if it feels as though the results are. This scientific approach is real, and there are no changes that consumers are expected to create within the universe.

When the Law of Attraction is used in the way it should be, it can change the user from within, which is why the world feels different. They’re experiencing everything around them for the first time with this change in their mindset. Intentions determine where the user will go from there. Only after understanding the way that the Law of Attraction actually works will consumers start to see the changes in their life.

Manifestation could be a reality for anyone. The scientific approach isn’t filled with all of the filler and fluff that scams claim that it can be. The creators of this website connect customers with experts to explain the science behind this concept, making it easier to understand. With this knowledge, users can start to get results quickly from a brand that bases its entire success on it.

Manifesting.com is the ultimate resource for people who want to truly understand why manifestation is effective. It also helps anyone to achieve the life that they wish to, and users won’t even need to pay for the initial report. They can claim a free copy of the Manifesting Cheat Sheet, and it only takes five minutes to read through the content and start manifesting now.

What’s Blocking You From the Law of Attraction?

Some consumers might have already tried programs that will show precisely what the Law of Attraction could do for them, failing miserably in the process. With a quick quiz from the creators of Manifesting.com, consumers will learn what exactly the blockage is.

  • Number of years participated in the Law of Attraction
  • What the user thinks the motivating force is behind the Law of Attraction.
  • If the user currently owns any other books or courses regarding the Law of Attraction.
  • How the individual feels about a goal they want to achieve.
  • If they have anything they want from using the Law of Attraction.
  • How grateful the user currently feels about their life.
  • How a million dollars could impact their life.
  • How easily the user focuses on their typical work days.
  • What animal that the user thinks they would be.

At the end of these questions, the website reviews over 8,000+ possibilities, determining the final reason why the user isn’t manifesting like they hope to. The natural next step is to get a copy of a personalized Manifestation Cheat Sheet.

Downloading a Manifestation Cheat Sheet

Downloading the Manifestation Cheat Sheet is easy and free. Users just have to enter their name and email address to have a PDF file sent to them, which includes the complete 5-step manifestation system.

In this cheat sheet, users learn important factors they need to take on during manifestation, which includes:

  • Focus. Users will need to have specific intentions, triggering the RAS in the brain to filter through potentially profitable opportunities.
  • Boost. With this step, users will activate their amygdala with incredible excitement, indicating what should be prioritized.
  • Release. During this part of the process, users give themselves the freedom from mental and physical blockages with a unique relaxation technique that breaks down any obstacles and overproduction of cortisol.
  • Gratitude. Users can improve their overall happiness and well-being when they show gratitude, triggering the hypothalamus to get in the right manifestation mindset.
  • Go. This stage encourages consumers to take the next steps they need to take in their life to improve manifestation.

All of these steps are explained in the two-page e-file.

Buying the Manifesting.com Course

If the free content intrigues the user, they’ll get a lot more by downloading the entire course from Manifesting.com. The program usually is available for $197 (plus local tax), but the creators have a significant $150 discount for a limited time, bringing the total cost of the manifestation course down to $47.

With the purchase, consumers get:

The No Bullsh*t Manifesting Guide, which provides users with over 100 pages that explain the scientific proof behind the tested 5-Step Manifesting Technique.

The 5-Step Listen-Along Manifesting Audio, which guides the user through all five steps instantly to start bringing more wealth, happiness, and love.

The Manifesting Autopilot Hypnosis Audio, which will help change the brain to naturally enter a manifestation state at any time.

The Manifesting Movie, which is a 30-minute documentary that goes over the five steps users need to take and how it leads to personal development.

The Manifestation Conversation with Karl Moore, which is a 50-minute program that shows the effects of the 5-Step Manifesting Technique with Karl Moore to achieve the best results possible.

Extended Edition: The 5-Step Manifesting Cheat Sheet, which gives users a lengthier description of the technique.

Along with the main content that comes with the $49 price tag, users will automatically receive a few bonuses that make the deal even sweeter.

If the user finds that this program is not the solution they need, they have up to a year to get a refund with the money-back guarantee.

The Bonuses

The first is “Manifesting with Carl Harvey.” This video gives users 20 minutes of content while Carl shares what happened to him when he participated in the recommended changes.

A Short Guide to Releasing is next. This guide offers a hands-on approach to cutting ties with anxiety and worries, clearing the way for better manifestation.

Tiberius and Karl Moore present the next bonus – “Ask, Believe, Receive.” This program will show users more details on the Law of Attraction and the 5-step process that users will learn about.

Users will get a significant hypnosis package, which includes Law of Attraction Hypnosis, The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Hypnosis Program in the World, Activate the Law of Attraction, and Become a Magnetic Manifesting Master. Then, there’s also the Become a Law of Attraction Magnet with Hypnosis for more intense sessions with Catherine Jackson.

Plus, users will also get the 5-Step Manifesting Music Album, the Manifesting Autopilot Hypnosis Booster audio, the 3-Week Power Manifesting Journal, exclusive voucher codes, and other benefits. All of this content is integral to the success that the user has in manifestation, and it is all delivered digitally so that users will get access as soon as possible.


Manifesting.com provides an online resource for everything that consumers could possibly hope to learn about the Law of Attraction. While users get a quick review with the free content, the audio files and bonus programs allow users to take advantage from home, at work, or while traveling with the hands-free audio. The purchase is available at an affordable price, and consumers even get extra content to further their understanding of hypnosis and manifestation.

For questions about the bonuses or primary content, send an email to support@manifesting.com. Consumers can also check out the social media presence of the brand to learn more about their efforts and what to expect next.