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Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Review – One Percenter Research?

Louis Navellier has launched a new marketing campaign for Growth Investor.

Growth Investor is a financial analysis newsletter led by self-described “One Percenter” Louis Navellier. Louis is already rich. Now, he wants to teach others how to get rich too.

Is Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor worth the subscription? What makes Growth Investor different from other financial analysis newsletters available today? Take a closer look at Growth Investor today in our review.

About Growth Investor

Growth Investor is an investment analysis subscription service from Louis Navellier and his team.

You subscribe to the newsletter, then receive monthly issues of Growth Investor via email.

Each newsletter features new market analysis and stock recommendations. You can discover ideas on where to invest your money and where the next big investment trends are.

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Louis Navellier has launched a video and sales page discussing his status as a One Percenter. Louis dazzles you with stories of his wealth, then tells you how to achieve similar wealth using proven investment strategies.

If you subscribe to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor today, you get access to a bundle of bonus reports. Subscriptions are priced at $49 to $99 per year, depending on how many bonuses you want.

Louis Navellier is a One Percenter

In 2021, Louis Navellier and the Growth Investor team launched a marketing campaign highlighting Louis’s status as a One Percenter.

As a One Percenter, Louis is within the top 1% of earners in the United States. In most states, you need an income of around $400,000 per year to be in the top 1% of society. Louis appears to earn much more than that.

On the One Percenter sales page, Louis dazzles people with stories of his private jets, exclusive real estate, and garage full of cars.

“…my name is Louis Navellier. And I’m a one-percenter. I own a multimillion-dollar estate on the South Florida coast, in one of America’s most exclusive neighborhoods.”

Louis also claims to own a private jet, and that his children attended the best private schools.

Louis isn’t rubbing his wealth in your face to make himself feel better; he’s using it to illustrate the gap between rich and poor in America:

“Every day, more Americans are waking up to the sobering reality that they are not immune to the massive changes happening right now. Today, the gap between the rich and poor is the widest it’s been in decades.”

Most people attribute the wealth gap to social or economic issues. They point to America’s infamously low social mobility score, which shows Americans are less likely to go from poor to rich than most other countries.

Although Louis acknowledges this issue, he states political, social, and economic factors are not causing wealth inequality:

“Although wealth inequality is one of the most important social and economic issues of our time, few people understand what is really causing it. Despite what you hear from the mainstream press and news media…It’s got nothing to do with tax rates… or Wall Street… or government bailouts…It has nothing to do with your background or where you’re from.”

After talking about his wealth, Louis explains you can earn similar wealth by following proven investment strategies. You don’t need to be born into wealth, nor do you need to be lucky: you just need to subscribe to Growth Investor and follow the recommended investment strategies.

Louis Navellier and the Unseen Force of the “Technocasm”

Louis acknowledges that social and economic factors are linked to inequality, but he also attributes it to something called the “Technocasm.”

Louis describes the Technocasm as the unseen force causing some to fall behind – and others to get ahead:

“My colleagues and I call this phenomenon – the huge and rapidly growing divide caused by technological disruptions – the Technochasm.”

Some companies have invested in technology that puts them ahead of the competition. Other companies have fallen behind.

Technology, like wealth, gets concentrated at the top. Big companies scoop up smaller companies. Companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook own significantly more artificial intelligence and machine learning patents than their competitors, which will allow them to continue remaining dominant over the coming years.

Eventually, this gap becomes so large that competitors don’t stand a chance. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer:

“This chasm between the rich and poor is already large… and it’s only going to get larger. Soon, the Technochasm will be so large that those on the wrong side won’t be able to make the jump… and they’ll be stuck on the wrong side for the rest of their lives.”

As proof, Louis points out that SalesForce is up 311% over the past five years while FedEx has gained just 34%.

By following Louis Navellier’s investment recommendations, investors can purportedly get their portfolios on the right side of the Technocasm, helping them enjoy long-term success:

“If your portfolio holds lots of slow growth, “old” stocks and grows at 6% a year… and your neighbor’s portfolio holds innovative tech firms growing at 100%+ per year, that’s the unseen force of the Technochasm at work.”

Because of the law of exponential progress, Louis expects to see significant changes in the coming years. New technologies will create new industries, and the firms that are ahead today will become even more ahead in the future.

Thanks to proprietary technology and patents, newcomers will be locked out of these growing markets:

“Over the next few years, we’ll see the world change more rapidly than any other group of people in history. The way we work, travel, bank, receive health care, and entertain ourselves will look completely different than they look now. Large new industries will be created at a pace we’ve never seen before. These new industries will demolish old industries at a pace we’ve never seen before. And it’s all because of the law of exponential progress.”

By subscribing to Growth Investor today, you get bonus reports that explain how to be on the right side of this Technocasm, protecting your wealth today and in the future.


About Louis Navellier

To understand Louis’s investment philosophy, it helps to understand who he is.

Louis is a self-described One Percenter who claims to own a private jet, a fleet of luxury vehicles, and high-end real estate around the world.

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He describes his Maybach 57S as a “land yacht.” When his family flies to Mexico or the Virgin Islands for a vacation, they fly in “our private jet.”

Louis lives in a multimillion dollar estate on the coast of South Florida. He resides in one of the country’s most exclusive neighborhoods, just a stone’s throw from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

After dazzling investors with stories of his wealth, Louis claims his wealth is within reach for ordinary investors like you.

In fact, Louis claims ordinary investors like you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a fortune similar to Louis Navellier’s net worth.

Louis emphasizes the importance of the Technocasm. By being on the right side of the Technocasm, you can purportedly earn a fortune:

“Today, the one percent makes more money in one month than most people make in a lifetime. For people like us, life has never been better, more prosperous. On the other side…The opposite is happening.”

Louis shares all of this information because he’s “broken ranks from the one percent.” He claims he shouldn’t be telling ordinary people this information – but he wants to because he wants to make his subscribers rich.

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor Investment Strategy for 2021

Louis Navellier tells subscribers to buy stocks that place them on the correct side of the Technocasm. By spotting new technologies today, and investing in companies that own those technologies, you can bulletproof your portfolio for the future.

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Some of the ways to get rich in 2021, according to Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor, include:

Tip #1: Own the “Kings of Scalability”: The companies best-equipped for the future are the ones that can scale. These are the “Kings of Scalability,” according to Louis Navellier, and they’re worth buying today. By investing in scalable, future-proof companies today, you can purportedly “make a fortune in the coming months and years.” These companies have already prepared for an autonomous workforce, and they’ll thrive in the future as other companies falter.

Tip #2: Profit from the Network Effect: Louis Navellier recommends investing in companies that benefit from the network effect. The network effect is an idea that a company gains value continuously as the network grows. The value of Facebook rises with each new user that signs up, for example. If you invest in a company before the network grows, then you’ll earn a fortune as the network effect kicks into action. It’s a positive feedback loop that can deliver huge returns for investors.

Tip #3: Become a Master of the Technocasm: The gap between rich and poor companies is widening in America, and it will continue to widen over the coming years. Become a master of the Technocasm by positioning yourself on the right side of this gap. The right side of this gap is filled with companies that own future-proof technologies. These companies are prepared for any technological change, and they’ll lead the way. Companies on the other side of the gap have not invested in technology, and they’ll inevitably get left behind.

Should You Subscribe to Growth Investor?

Growth Investor is a monthly newsletter featuring investment ideas, trade recommendations, market news and analysis, and other information.

Each month, you receive a new issue of Growth Investor in your inbox discussing new potential investment opportunities.

Louis Navellier and his team have identified companies that meet the three recommendations listed above. Their recommended publicly-traded companies are scalable, ready to profit from the network effect, and are on the right side of the Technocasm.

The goal of Growth Investor is to teach investors how to protect their portfolios while enjoying exponential gains. You can earn a significant return on investment without losing your money – all by investing in the right companies today.

How Much Does Growth Investor Cost?

Growth Investor is priced at $49, $79, or $99, depending on which subscription you like. The more you pay, the more bonuses you get.

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Here’s how pricing breaks down:

VIP Subscription ($99)

12 issues (one per month) of Growth Investor

Five extra bonus reports (listed below)

Access to Louis Navellier’s Library of Special Reports and Recommendations

VIP podcast

Bonus Report #1: 10 Small-Cap Plays Set to Double

Bonus Report #2: Five Breakthrough Stocks that Could Soar an Extraordinary 5,000% or More

Bonus Report #3: Louis Navellier’s Crisis Master Plan

Pro Subscription ($79)

12 issues (one per month) of Growth Investor

Five extra bonus reports (listed below)

Access to Louis Navellier’s Library of Special Reports and Recommendations

Bonus Report: Five Breakthrough Stocks that Could Soar an Extraordinary 5,000% or More

Basic Subscription ($49)

12 issues (one per month) of Growth Investor

Five extra bonus reports (listed below)

Access to Louis Navellier’s Library of Special Reports and Recommendations

What’s Included with Growth Investor?

As part of the 2021 promotion, Louis Navellier and the Growth Investor team have bundled several bonus reports with all subscriptions to Growth Investor.

By subscribing to Growth Investor today, you get instant access to eBooks, PDF guides, investment reports, and other analysis. You don’t just receive a monthly subscription to Growth Investor; you receive a full package of investment analysis products.

Here’s what new subscribers receive for subscribing to Growth Investor today:

Monthly Issues of Growth Investor: Each month, you receive a new issue of Growth Investor. Each issue discusses market news and analysis, new investment recommendations, trendy companies, and new types of technologies to consider.

Weekly Email Updates: At the end of each week (on Friday), Louis emails subscribers with a roundup of what the market did that week. Louis analyzes the latest stock market news and movements, then shares potential new investment ideas with subscribers.

m9-BEL-20210303- growth

Bonus Report #1: The Kings of Scalability: 3 Stocks to Buy Now: The most future-proof companies are the ones that can adapt new technology, then scale to maximize the value of that technology. Louis has identified three companies that he recommends buying now because they’re more scalable than most of their competitors. These companies are under-valued today and could reap huge rewards for investors in the future.

m8-BEL-20210303- growth

Bonus Report #2: The Network Effect: The Most Powerful Wealth Creation Force in History: In this report, Louis lists specific stocks that could benefit from the network effect. The network effect is a positive feedback look. As the network grows larger, the value of the network rises, and the company becomes more valuable – like a social network. Louis recommends investing in companies that can benefit from this network effect.

m7-BEL-20210303- growth

Bonus Report #3: Portfolio Destroyers: 10 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now: Being on the wrong side of the Technocasm is fatal to your portfolio. In this report, Louis discusses 10 of the worst stocks to own right now. Louis claims these stocks are ticking time bombs. Sell these stocks before it’s too late.

m6-BEL-20210303- growth

Bonus Report #4: The #1 Stock for the Driverless Car Revolution: Self-driving cars are the future. Everyone is investing in Tesla, and Tesla is one of the best-performing stocks of the last decade. However, Louis recommends investing in the #1 stock for the driverless car revolution. Louis has identified a specific company that he believes will skyrocket in value over the coming years as autonomous vehicles continue to surge.

m5-BEL-20210303- growth

Bonus Report #5: The AI Revolution: Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing everything. These changes will accelerate in the coming years. Some companies own significant AI and machine learning technology. Others do not. Companies that own this technology will profit enormously, while others will get left behind.

Growth Investor Refund Policy

All Growth Investor subscriptions come with a 90 day money back guarantee.

You can request a complete refund within 90 days of your purchase. If you’re unhappy with the investment advice provided, or if you don’t like the amount of money you made buying Louis’s recommended stocks, then you can request a complete refund.

About Investor Place

Investor Place is the publisher of Growth Investor. Investor Place Media, LLC is a Baltimore, Maryland-based financial publishing company that offers several free and paid investment analysis newsletters, including Breakthrough Stocks, Platinum Growth Club, and Accelerated Profits, among others.

The company employs experts like Louis Navellier to share wisdom with subscribers.

You can contact Investor Place via the following:

Email: feedback@investorplace.com

Phone (US & Canada): (800) 219-8592

Phone (International): 1-717-207-9729

Mailing Address: 1125 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Final Word

Growth Investor is an investment analysis newsletter led by Louis Navellier and his team of analysts.

Louis recommends investing in stocks that are on the right side of the Technocasm. Some companies are prepared for upcoming technological changes. Others are not. By selling stocks on the wrong side of the chasm – and buying stocks on the right side – you can earn huge returns.

Louis claims some of his investment recommendations could return 5,000% returns for investors. By following one or more of his recommendations, you could even become a One Percenter like Louis Navellier.

In consideration of how we voice our opinions in the modern world, we’ve closed comments on our websites. We value the opinions of our readers and we encourage you to keep the conversation going.

Please feel free to share your story tips by emailing editor@bellevuereporter.com.

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