Lost Empire Herbs Reviews

“Nature knows best” is a very commonly used proverb worldwide. And it is also very accurate, especially concerning our bodies.

No one can debate whether anything from nature will be better for your body than any other chemical or synthetic material. Natural elements such as plants and herbs are superior.

This brings us to the topic of today’s article. In today’s article, we will review the Lost Empire Herbs brand. Lost Empire Herbs is one of the most popular brands that have herbal products.

They use various natural herbs to help provide you with health benefits. In this article, we will be learning more about the aim of Lost Empire Herbs, who are the people who created it, money-back and shipping situations, and more.

We will also see what online reviews for the Lost Empire Herbs has to say about the brand and its products to analyze better if this brand is legit or not.

Read on to learn more about Lost Empire Herbs and their products:

Name: Lost Empire Herbs
Official Website: Lost Empire Herbs
About: Lost Empire Herbs is a manufacturer and distributor of supplements made using herbs. These are sold in the form of pills, formulas, tinctures, and more and are made from natural herbs.
People In-Charge:
  • Logan Christopher – CEO
  • Cloud Christopher – COO
  • Zane Christopher – CQO
  • Products Offered: Formulas, pills, pine pollen, tinctures, e-books, and more
    Best Sellers:
  • Pine Pollen Supplements
  • He Shou Wu Extract 10:1 Extract
  • Male performance boosters.
  • Mixed Mushroom Powder
  • Mixed Bundles
  • And More
  • Money-Back Guarantee 100% full refund on your purchases that is valid for up to 365 days from your initial days of purchase.
    Price: Starting from $15

    What Are Lost Empire Herbs? – About The Company

    Three brothers who share a love for leading a healthy, active lifestyle founded Lost Empire Herbs, a family-run herb business.

    The Christopher brothers – which is Logan Christopher, Cloud, and Zane Christopher, are the ones who started Lost Empire Herbs.

    As stated on their official website, Lost Empire refers to nature. They say that humans always try to step away from nature, thus forgetting how they were a part of nature. This value for the word nature has rapidly gotten lost in our modern world with all its technologies.

    Lost Empire Herbs also has a few mission statements. It’s a four-pointed pledge for quality where they aim to provide the best and most potent herbs to all their customers and their customer base with the best customer service.

    They also aim to expand beyond just herbs. The herbs are just the first step towards natural living, which is the company’s eventual progression. Other than this, they also always try to follow the following core values:

    • Nature’s Wisdom
    • Terra Firma
    • Unending Quest for Quality
    • Accepting Challenges.
    • Evolving Symbiotic Organism.
    • Rule of Gold

    With such solid ideals and some of the best products on the market, we can see why Lost Empire Herbs is so popular worldwide. This was created together by the 3 Christopher brothers.

    Before we learn about their products, let us look at who they are.

    Who Are The Founders Of Lost Empire Herbs?

    Logan, Cloud, and Zane Christopher, the three brothers who started Lost Empire Herbs from their kitchen table, are unique and have achieved crazy feats in their regard.

    Logan Christopher is the Chief-Executive Officer of the company, Could Christopher is the Chief-Operating Officer of the company, and Zane Christopher is the Chief-Quality Officer of the company. Together, they work towards making Lost Empire Herbs stand out individually.

    Logan, the CEO, has worked with countless fitness experts over the years and has gone on to develop his own physical and mental health. Over the last few years, he has pulled an antique fire truck with just his hair, ripped a phone book in half with his bare hands, and achieved many other similar physical feats, which is why he is often called a superhuman by the people around him.

    Cloud, on the other hand, started humbly as a truck driver. During his inter-state visits, he relied on an herb called shilajit instead of sugary energy drinks. This is where his journey of herbs started.

    Zane, who is in charge of the quality at Lost Empire Herbs, is very different from his brothers. He supports that modern civilization is not how humans were meant to be. He, too, has some crazy superhuman achievements like completing a marathon completely barefooted.

    What ties them all together is the fact that all the brothers had their individual unique experiences with herbs that changed their lives for the better. Now, they are looking forward to helping others experience this herbal healing with the help of Lost Empire Herbs.

    Keep reading to learn more about their products:

    What Products Does Lost Empire Herbs Offer?

    Lost Empire Herbs has a unique range of products. These are all made only using natural herbs, and most contain almost no chemicals. They don’t contain any unwanted chemicals or toxins to cause side effects. With each of their products, all you get is a strong dose of natural herbs.


    Lost Empire Herbs has different categories of products; these are listed below:

    • Tinctures
    • Pine Pollen
    • Formulas
    • Male Health Supplements
    • Adaptogens
    • Mushrooms
    • EBooks
    • Others

    Apart from this, they also have two unique offerings, one is their product list & benefits page, and the other is their quick start quiz.

    The product list & benefits page is a dedicated page with a table containing all the information regarding the various products they currently offer. This also includes these products’ contents, uses, and who they are meant for. This makes it easy for people with no prior experience to find the ideal products as per their needs effortlessly.

    The free quiz on their website is similar, as it can help people better understand their needs. It asks you questions related to your health, and at the end of it, the quiz will suggest products that it thinks would work best for you based on your needs, as per the answers you had submitted.

    This, too, is a very consumer-friendly and intuitive feature. Now, let us take a look at what Lost Empire Review sells in the various categories we had earlier mentioned:


    Tinctures are alcoholic solutions of herbs, allowed to rest, so all the benefits are infused into the alcohol. This can then be used to apply easily and gain the help of the said herbs.

    Lost Empire Herbs has covered everything from tinctures to help you relax to those that will boost testosterone production. You can count the number of ingredients in these tinctures on the one hand, as they are only made from natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful substances.

    Pine Pollen

    Pine Pollen is where it all started for Lost Empire Herbs. It was the first herb the brothers ever sold, back when this was still a kitchen-top operation. From there, to this day, pine pollen remains their most in-demand and popular product.

    Pine Pollen is a very versatile herb. It is known to have a lot of health benefits. One of the primary uses of pine pollen is that it can be used in the form of supplements that can help improve sexual performance for men and give them the sex life that they once had back.

    Athletes can also use Pine Pollen to their advantage to improve their stamina and performance without having to rely on harmful chemicals that can be unsafe and even illegal in some cases.

    Pine Pollen is available in different forms on the official Lost Empire Herbs website, and they have tinctures, powders, formulas, and more.


    Lost Empire Herbs has a wide range of Formulas custom-made from a specific combination of highly potent herb extracts for maximum health benefits.

    The Lost Empire Herbs formulas can help women’s and men’s health. It can boost women’s energy levels and give them vitality, whereas it can provide support for improving the sex drive of men.

    Another great use of these formulas is that they can effectively replace your chemical-based pre-workout supplements with something natural.

    Male Supplements

    One of the most popular products, Lost Empire Herbs, has Male Supplements. These are nothing but herbs that have been used since traditional and olden times to boost natural testosterone production.

    Testosterone, the male sex hormone, declines with age, so as men grow old, it becomes difficult for them to perform in bed, and they lose their sex drive.

    These herbs naturally restore their sex drive and boost energy levels to make them feel as good as their youth.


    Substances that adapt to your body’s needs are called adaptogens. These are versatile and adapt to fixing the affected areas of your body with ease. Ashwagandha and Black Maca are two of the most famous examples of these.

    Lost Empire Herbs sells these powerful Adaptogens and other adaptogens that are difficult to come across. Adaptogens can help you effectively treat different issues if used as recommended.


    Lost Empire Herbs has an impressive range of Mushrooms that can help you boost your energy and immune system.

    These are generally sold as tinctures, supplements, and powders. They are made from drying up various healthy and rare mushrooms, which are then turned into powder or stored in alcohol for making tinctures.


    In addition to these potent herbal products, Lost Empire Herbs has a few eBooks, most of which Logan Christopher wrote.

    These E-Books can help you learn more about your body, herbs, how they two interact, and more. It can be helpful for those trying to lose weight or for those who need guidance in maintaining their body with the help of herbs.

    What Do Reviews Say About Lost Empire Herbs?

    Not just the ones on their official website but also the reviews on third-party sites such as Trustpilot suggest that Lost Herb Reviews is legit and the customers enjoyed their products.

    During our research, we came across a sea of positive reviews. While there were a few negative reviews as well, the Lost Empire Herbs customer service team quickly got in touch with these negative reviews to assist them with their issues.

    The customer service response was quick, to the point, and polite, which stood out to us. Her have selected a few reviews highlighted below to help you better visualize what real customers think about Lost Empire Herbs:

    “I noticed an immediate and positive boost to my energy and attitude after just two days of droppers. Will certainly need to correctly cycle this tincture on and off because of its strength and power.” – David W.

    “Excellent products, but I am a little frustrated that as an online, registered customer that LEH can’t just add coupon offers to my LEH account in an electronic/online way versus receiving a cardstock coupon for my next offer in the physical mail. I literally received the physical mail coupon a few days after receipt of my last order.” – Chris T.


    Does Lost Empire Reviews Offer Money-Back Guarantee?

    Lost Empire Herbs offers a 365-days money-back guarantee, with the help of which you can get a 100% refund on your purchase, no questions asked.

    FAQs About Lost Empire Herbs

    Q: What is the difference between a tincture and an extract?

    A: A tincture is made from fresh herbs, while an extract is derived from dried herbs and is usually more potent than extracts because they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. Making an extract involves drying or pulverizing the plant material to remove most of its water content. This makes it easier to use in liquid form but less effective as a medicine.

    Q: What do you mean by “the mother”?

    A: The mother herb is the source of the plant’s medicinal properties. It can be used to make a tincture that has been standardized to have a specific concentration of active ingredients. The mother herb should not be confused with the “mother plant,” which refers to the plant species from which the seed was collected.

    Q: How long does it take to get results?

    A: Most people notice effects within 30 minutes after taking the first dose. However, some people may experience delayed results due to their unique metabolism. Some people also report that herbal remedies work best on an empty stomach.

    Q: Can I take my herbs with food?

    A: Herbal medicines are safe to take with any meal. Many people find that eating certain foods enhances the effectiveness of herbal treatments. For example, ginger helps digestion, and lemon juice aids the absorption of nutrients.

    Q: Is there anything special about using organic herbs?

    A: Organic herbs are grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They are harvested at peak ripeness and then processed quickly to retain maximum potency. Organic herbs are more expensive than non-organic herbs, but they will last longer and provide better quality products.

    Q: What if I don’t like the taste of the herbs?

    A: Many people enjoy the flavor of herbal teas, but others prefer to drink them straight. If you’re having trouble getting your herbs down, try adding a little honey or stevia (a natural sweetener). You can add other flavors such as vanilla, almond, peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, etc.

    Q: Do all plants heal?

    A: All plants contain chemicals called phytochemicals. These include antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, antiseptics, antivirals, antimicrobials, and cancer fighters. Many of these compounds help protect our bodies against disease and promote healthy cell growth. While we cannot say that any one plant cures everything, we know that most plants offer health benefits.

    Q: Does herbalism have scientific support?

    A: Yes! There are thousands of studies showing the efficacy of various herbs in treating common ailments. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine maintains a database of clinical trials demonstrating complementary therapies’ safety and effectiveness.

    Q: What if I’m allergic to something in the herbs?

    A: Some people are sensitive to certain types of herbs. If you think this might apply to you, talk to your healthcare provider before starting any new treatment. They can recommend alternative herbs or administration methods that won’t cause problems.

    Q: Are there any side effects?

    A: Herbs are generally considered safe to consume. However, some people develop allergic reactions to particular herbs. If this happens, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.

    Q: What are the benefits of pine pollen?

    A: Pine Pollen contains vitamins B1, B2, C, E, K, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, chloride, and sulfur. Pine pollen is often combined with other herbs to create a synergistic blend.

    Q: Does pine pollen come only from pine trees?

    A: No. There are several types of pines, including spruce, fir, hemlock, juniper, cedar, cypress, and pinus radiata. Every kind of pine produces slightly different amounts of pollen.

    Q: What are the benefits of adaptogens?

    A: Adaptogenic herbs work by balancing the body’s response to stressors. This includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges. Adaptogens help us cope with stressful situations by increasing energy levels, improving moods, soothing anxiety, and enhancing immunity.

    Q: How do adaptogens benefit my health?

    A: Adaptogens improve overall well-being by helping balance hormones, boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, increase stamina, and enhance endurance. Some adaptogens treat depression, fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and menopause symptoms.

    Q: What is the difference between adaptogen herbs and tonics?

    A: Tonic herbs are used to maintain good health and prevent illness. Tonic herbs may be taken daily to keep your systems running smoothly. They’re also helpful when you feel run down after overdoing it on the weekend.

    Adaptogens are used to address specific imbalances within the body. For example, an adaptogen herb like Rhodiola helps relieve stress and restore energy levels. It’s also useful for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

    Q: Is there anything special about the way adaptogens are prepared?

    A: Adaptogens are usually made into tinctures, teas, powders, capsules, and tablets. You’ll find them at most health food stores, natural foods stores, and online retailers.

    Lost Empire Herbs Final Verdict

    If you are in the market for herbs to help your various health needs, the Lost Empire Herbs are the way to go. With their wide range of products and excellent customer support team, you are in for a beautiful, natural experience.