Intelligent Income Investor Reviews [Brad Thomas Wide Moat Research]

Intelligent Income Investor is a financial newsletter by Brad Thomas that helps consumers to improve their financial freedom and reduce their struggle. The subscription covers an entire year of use with monthly updates, and it comes with bonus content to improve their success.

What is Intelligent Income Investor?

Finding the right investments for any portfolio requires a lot of work and research, especially for people who have never broken into this industry. Still, investments are an optimal way for consumers to preserve their finances for the future, growing their savings and investment accounts so they have a cushioned future. However, there’s no way to break into investment without a little push in the right direction, and millionaire Brad Thomas decided to show his strategies.

With the direction from Brad Thomas, consumers might be able to learn what they can do to profit from hundreds of different companies. There’s no extra research they have to pursue, and there’s no special account that users have to set up for an expensive price. The methods and techniques are crucial to finding the best passive income, and Brad decided to compile everything into a monthly newsletter that he calls Intelligent Income Investor.

Intelligent Income Investor is unlike other programs because the recommended investments aren’t like other brands. These recommendations come from the knowledge that the creator has used to rebuild wealth. The recommendations are ideal for the market today, and users will get a new recommendation every week on Mondays.

Consumers who enroll in this subscription will also get access to the Open Recommendations from Brad, access to a special report (Real-Time Revolution: Endless Income from America’s Fastest-Growing Companies), and access to a bonus report (Retail Riches: Get Paid from 95 of the Biggest Private Companies in America).

About The Real-Time Revolution: Endless Income from America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

The Real-Time Revolution: Endless Income from America’s Fastest-Growing Companies is a new report from Brad Thomas that will show users about a potential investment that could make them a lot of money. This report shows users details about a company that is involved in fast-growing funds, making it possible for many investors to benefit.

The companies included in this recommendation are some of the fastest-growing brands in the continent. Plus, it offers reliable income that users can passively accumulate.

How to Buy Access to Intelligent Income Investor

With this purchase, consumers will get:

  • A one-year subscription to Intelligent Income Investor
  • Access to The Real-Time Revolution: Endless Income from America’s Fastest-Growing Companies
  • A bonus report
  • Users also get a 100% money-back guarantee that help users to get their money back on the investment if it doesn’t work for their needs.

Despite all of the content being worth almost $600, consumers will only have to pay $49 to access everything. When the subscription ends after 12 months, users will have the opportunity to sign up for another year of use if they want to keep receiving the tips.

Bonus Content

The bonus report offered by Intelligent Income Investor is Retail Riches: Get Paid from 95 of the Biggest Private Companies in America. In Retail Riches, consumers will learn about the ways that multiple privately held companies can profit from by using a single ticker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Intelligent Income Investor

Are users required to invest in the recommendations from Intelligent Income Investor?

Not at all. These recommendations are entirely optional, which means that consumers won’t have to worry about investing unless they feel drawn to the recommendation.

How many issues will users get with the one-time payment?

Users will receive 12 issues – one for each month of the year.

How often will users notice returns?

If the user follows the recommendations in Intelligent Income Investor, they should see profits each month.

What if the user finds that the Intelligent Income Investor doesn’t provide them as they expected?

This program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Essentially, if the user finds that this program is not the best option for their needs, they can get a refund.

To get a hold of the customer service team, call 88-415-6046.


Intelligent Income Investor provides users with plenty of tips on making their financial portfolio more rounded and profitable than ever before. With multiple reports and updates every month, consumers can accumulate passive income easily without any requirements. Users won’t have to commit to every recommendation, but they can choose the options they prefer.