If you love Bellevue, thank Jennifer Robertson

Council member says Bellevue’s most exciting days are ahead

You can’t help but get excited about the future of Bellevue when you talk to Councilmember Jennifer Robertson.

The veteran Bellevue City Councilmember speaks quickly and confidently about building a regional aquatics center in Bellevue, launching a circulator bus in the downtown to help reduce traffic, meeting the homeless crisis head on, and how Bellevue should always be a “city in a park.”

Those who work with her at City Hall say that her constant energy, focus, and spirit of collaboration have shaped the City for the better.

“Jennifer has spent ten influential years on the City Council, and has truly shaped the City,” said Councilmember Jared Nieuwenhuis. “She’s helped make Bellevue the diverse, cosmopolitan city that exists today, and she has more passion for the job now than ever.”

Councilmember Conrad Lee, who has served with Robertson her entire tenure, also speaks highly of her experience and influence.

“Jennifer’s passion for protecting Bellevue’s neighborhoods and her experience on the Council have made this city one of the most livable in the world,” said Lee.

A Proven Leader

For Robertson, community service has always had a place in her busy life. She and her husband, Scott, spearheaded an affordable housing project for homeless veterans through their church, and she has been active in schools and Girl Scouts. All three of her daughters are products of Bellevue’s top-rated schools.

When speaking with Robertson, you realize that for her, leadership begins with quiet service, not shouting in a microphone. That quiet service, combined with her regional focus on issues like homelessness, public safety and transportation, has earned her the respect and endorsement for re-election of fellow Council members and other Eastside leaders, like the mayors of Sammamish, Kirkland and Issaquah.

Her leadership has guided City development plans, where her advocacy of Bellevue’s neighborhoods has kept fast-paced growth where she says it belongs…in Downtown and in the BelRed corridor.

Robertson says additional growth should also include providing for affordable housing.

“I’ve also fought hard to combat the housing crisis our state faces,” said Robertson. “We actually are on target to significantly beat our own goal of adding 2,500 affordable housing units over a 10-year period.”

Robertson says one of her most important priorities is to have the men’s homeless shelter be a year-round operation in Bellevue. This milestone was reached in September.

Progressive and Compassionate

Robertson says one of the things she loves most about Bellevue is that it is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse cities in the state.

“I will always work to keep Bellevue as an inclusive community that embraces everyone,” said Robertson. “Because everyone deserves a voice in our community.”

Bellevue Values

A recent survey done by the City of Bellevue showed that residents overwhelmingly love their city and believe the city provides excellent value for their tax dollars. Robertson says she wears that approval with a sense of solemn pride but emphasized her commitment to maintaining this level of service.

“We must continue to strive to maintain the trust of our residents and keep Bellevue one of the most livable cities in the nation,” said Robertson.

“We in Bellevue have a core set of values that is not like other cities in the region,” said Robertson. “We are both progressive in our values and we are pro-business. We invest in first responders, and we have compassion for those who need our help. I will continue to promote these values during my next term on the City Council.”

If you love Bellevue, thank Jennifer Robertson