Grassdoor Reviews – Trusted Weed Delivery Service in California?

Grassdoor is a delivery service that ships cannabis within California. The service offers urgent and scheduled deliveries, ensuring users can get the cannabis they need or want within their time limit.


What is Grassdoor?

Cannabis is a major industry in California, and many other states are recreational and legal marijuana is legal. California is no stranger to legal marijuana, and dispensaries across the state offer various strains that consumers can purchase. However, some people don’t have time to get away and make their cannabis selections between work and personal obligations. That’s where Grassdoor comes in.

Grassdoor provides a unique service, allowing consumers to wait at home for their cannabis delivery at qualifying addresses. The brand prides itself on offering delivery services that take just 40 minutes for ASAP deliveries. Grassdoor offers the fastest deliveries of any brand, and they strive to be the leader in safety, friendliness, price, and stickiness for cannabis.

The management team for Grassdoor is comprised of experts in cannabis that spend hours and hours finding the best products to put on the menu, including flowers, vapes, and more. Some products are exotic and unique, while others are tried and true strains and products that are easy to handle. Anything on the menu of the Grassdoor website is compliant with California’s cannabis laws. They personally tested every brand of cartridge and pen available to ensure that consumers get products that offer incredible performance.

Even if consumers aren’t happy with the product they get from Grassdoor, they can reach out to the customer service team to fix the problem. This concern doesn’t often get addressed with a dispensary directly, but the customer service team wants to ensure every customer is happy and stands behind the products. However, they make one fact clear – customers cannot abuse the generosity of Grassdoor by making false reports, or they will not be allowed to use this service.

With deliveries available on any day of the year, consumers can set up their orders for today or any other day. The creators offer numerous strains and accessories to ensure that every person can get what they want from Grassdoor.

To enter the website, consumers must be at least 21 years old.

Brands Available Through Grassdoor’s Delivery Services

The creators of Grassdoor are passionate about cannabis. Therefore, they constantly try out brands that make it easy for consumers to get the top products on the market. Still, they only offer the top remedies and brands for their edibles, oils, resins, rosin, flowers, and diamonds. They go through every brand to ensure they have incredible quality, minimal side effects, and impressive medical properties.

When consumers purchase through Grassdoor, they have four leading brands that consumers will choose from – Raw Garden, Kiva, Select, and PAX. However, there are many other brands as well. Consumers can select any brands on their website to see what products they offer consumers.

Some of the notable brands also include:

  • Alien Farms
  • Alpine Vapor
  • Baker’s Cannabis
  • Bloom Farms
  • Emerald Family Farms
  • FloraCal Farms
  • Gold Drop

Grassdoor even offers a few of its own accessories on the official website, including universal batteries for vaping, rolling papers, and a pipe.

By ordering with Consumerscess to over 75 brands. The brands by calling a scheduled visit vary with the different dispensaries that consumers can browse for their delivery.

How to Order Through Grassdoor

When consumers browse the website, they must choose their address to see if they are eligible. Users can choose between ASAP and Scheduled delivery options, which determine how many products they have access to.

Choosing ASAP delivery will deliver the products as soon as they are ready. Most often, users can access 25-100 products with this fast option, spread across ten brands. The express delivery menu will only show the products that can be delivered immediately.

Scheduled delivery options give users access to over 500 products and over 75 assorted brands. Users can choose when they want their order to arrive, though their order needs to be placed by 2:00 pm for same-day delivery.

If the user finds that this platform is unavailable for their address, they can input their email address to be notified when it is available. Currently, this platform only serves California due to federal laws.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grassdoor

How old do customers need to be to use the Grassdoor website?

California law prohibits anyone under 21 years of age from purchasing recreational cannabis. Anyone with a medical recommendation from their doctor must be at least 18 years old.

Can users change their delivery address?

The only time that users cannot change their delivery address is when they have an order in process. If they want to change the address, they can log a new one on their account or cancel the order and resubmit it with a different address.

What’s the daily limit on what consumers can order?

A single purchase restricts adult customers to no more than 28.5 grams of flower or 8 grams of concentrates.

Is there a minimum amount that consumers must order?

Users cannot submit an order under $30 for delivery, which incurs a $5 fee for delivery.

Is there a fee for a single business day delivery fee?

Every order under $75 comes with a $5 flat fee. Any order that exceeds this amount has no delivery fee.

Is the tip included in the order total?

No. To include a tip, users will need to add it with their debit card to their order or pay their driver with cash.

What are the hours of operation for Grassdoor?

Any ASAP order can be placed from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm on any day of the year. For scheduled orders, users can select the window that they want cannabis to be delivered.

Can customers locate their driver?

Users will get a notification via text when their order is set up for delivery with a driver. Users can check on the live map for the location of their driver’s progress while they are moving.

What areas does Grassdoor serve?

Grassdoor’s services are available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other areas in California.

Consumers can contact the customer service team using the website’s Live Chat window.


Grassdoor provides consumers with a service only offered within the limits of California’s border. The service provides many types of cannabis, including flowers, oils, edibles, and more, sourced from over 75 assorted brands. Every brand and product is personally reviewed by Grassdoor, ensuring that users get all they need. Plus, they can get their order delivered whenever they want.



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