Flower Market Reviews: California-Based Cannabis Delivery Service (FlowerMarket.Delivery)

Flower Market is a cannabis delivery service that offers high-quality products without sugar or discrepancies in dosing. They offer a broad range of flower, drinks, and edibles with renowned brands.

What is Flower Market?

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes has been a hot topic of discussion for years as each state decides how they want to use (or not use) this plant. Scientific research behind it has led to many discoveries, and the industry has followed along with the launch of different brands and products. With Flower Market, consumers might expect to just find a delivery service, but their offers are much different.

Flower Market’s selection of products offer much more than what consumers have come to expect from cannabis. Their delivery service has established a relationship with specific brands that have proven themselves to be trustworthy. They have to meet certain standards for quality and safety to be listed, and all of the experts on staff have meticulously sifted through all of the brands on the market. This brand isn’t just about getting cannabis to users; they want a satisfied customer every time.

Cannabis comes with risk, and the creators at Flower Market understand that legalization doesn’t equate to safety or even support. All of the remedies with Flower Market are free of mystery doses and sugar. Instead, for the drinks and edibles, consumers will find adaptogens, organic ingredients, and natural botanicals.

Along with the services and products that Flower Market offers, they also want to educate consumers to make consumption safer. The information available right now is a little complicated, making it hard to determine what the best remedy is. However, with the blog offered by Flower Market, customers can make informed decisions about the best products for them. Plus, the cannabis guides provide in-depth answers to some of the most common questions that customers want answered.

This brand offers products that support the immune system, feed a party, and more. Everything is sustainably grown, and the menu offered is ideal for consumers who want to know anything that goes into their body before they use anything.

How It Works

To curate this experience, each customer is matched with a cannabis connoisseur that will match the right products to the user’s health and wellness goals. They also go over what the customer wants to get from their cannabis product.

Then, the user can input their address and fill their online cart with anything they want or have been recommended. When the cart is ready, they can schedule the best delivery time for the user. Some deliveries are available within an hour, though consumers can even schedule it the next day.

Rather than outsourcing the delivery to another service, Flower Market has its own drivers to ensure accuracy in delivery times and curation of the order. The first delivery locks in the user as part of the Flower Market family, and each order optimizes the recommendations available.

Collections by Flower Market

Consumers have their choice of three types of cannabis products – flower, beverages, and edibles. Read on below to learn about the selected brands and what they offer.



Though there are many companies that offer cannabis as a flower in its most basic form, the brand that won the hearts of Flower Market’s creators is Henry’s Original. This brand was originally launched with the idea of the people who journeyed to the Emerald Triangle to commune with nature. The people, known as the Originals, are the basis of the methods used by Henry’s Original today, using just the sun and good soil to make their cannabis.

Everything is packaged with earth-friendly methods, using glass jars and tubes to preserve the safety and health of the products. Users have many options to choose from, including pre-rolls and pre-packaged eighths. Some of the products from Henry’s Originals include:

  • 28 grams of Kush Mints or Cake Bomb for $95
  • 14 grams of King Louis XIII, Grapes N Cream, Wedding Cake, Trainwreck, or Alien OG for $50
  • 3.5 grams of Modified Grapes or Bubba Kush for $20
  • 3.5 grams of Runtz, Garlic Bud, Galactic Jack, or Hindu Cheese for $15
  • 4 2-gram pre-rolls of Strawberry Cough, Do-si-do, or Acapulco Gold for $15
  • 1 gram of Grape Ape, Chili Verde, or Blue Dream for $8.50
  • 1 1-gram pre-roll of Coast CBD for $7

Everything is made primarily out of Mendocino County in California, cultivating organic cannabis with wholesome practices. Everything is grown organically and harvested in small batches to ensure consistency and attention to detail. Everything is Clean Green Certified, which means that it follows the necessary practices for sustainable, natural, and organic methods. This certification is not easy to achieve, showing that the creators put users through many testing standards and requirements. In fact, Henry’s Original is one of the few cultivators that has earned this certification.



Cannabis beverages have gotten a bad reputation for their taste, but the creators at Flower Market aimed to improve their experience. Thanks to a collaboration with Artet, these beverages take away any alcohol to replace it with THC. Users can easily make cannabis cocktails for entertainment or while out and about.

The options include:

  • The Artet Starter Pack for $135
  • The Bar Cart Bundle for $100
  • The Spritz Party Pack for $90
  • The Classics Pack for $90
  • 75mg of THC in Founders’ Blend No. 1 for $48
  • 37.5mg of THC in Flagship Cannabis Aperitif for $40
  • 20mg canned cocktails like Tet & Tonic, Strawberry Basil Spritz, Rosemary Jane, or Mango Ginger Spritz for $18

Artet is the work of three family members (a cousin and two brothers) who wanted to find a way to make cocktails without alcohol. Using THC, users can get functional benefits while socially drinking without worrying about the hangover that comes with alcohol. There’s no alcohol involved at all, but the infusion gives the same notes that users expect from Italian and French liqueurs. It has the right balance that most drinks struggle to achieve, and users can even get the cocktail fully prepared.

The effects of the drink begin about 15-30 minutes after they start drinking it. The effect isn’t overwhelming because the drink is gently dosed. Users should have no problem tracking their dosing, and they don’t have to drink the whole serving at once. In fact, the creators recommend slowly sipping at it for as long as the user wants to get the support. All variations are low in calories, including 5mg of THC and CBD each in every serving.



The final frontier of the Flower Market experience is edibles, which are all made by a California-based brand called Pantry. All of the formulas are sustainably sourced from clean, plant-based products. They aim to offer plant medicine, using healthy alternatives to more intense remedies. Some of the edibles include:

  • Superfood Bundle for $80
  • 100mg THC chewable gummies in Good Day Bites, Glow Bites, Nite Bites, Cacao Keto Bites, Strawberry Lime Jellies, Peach Jellies, or Passionfruit Guava Jellies for $20

Every food from Flower Market is made by a real chef that focuses on improving health. There’s no need to smoke to get the same effect. Chef Mike Magliano is at the front of this effort, finding functional foods with plant-based ingredients. He previously worked at The French Laundry with Thomas Keller when it was at the height of popularity and performance. In conjunction with his work, Pantry also works with Dr. Kimless to make sure that all of these edibles fall in line with current research on edibles and cannabis medicine.

Every ingredient in Pantry is high in quality and benefits. Along with the THC involved in these edibles, consumers will get the support of adaptogens, antioxidants, and more from plants. It doesn’t matter if the user wants an edible to fall asleep or to stay alert during the day – the quality matches throughout every ingredient. The main ingredients found with THC in these products might include turmeric, ashwagandha, L-theanine, melatonin, ginger, and more.

Even though the edibles are great on their own, they can also be added to other foods. The company even has a list of different recipes that they can try out.


Flower Market offers a delivery service for cannabis that is unlike any other option. The products are different from what users get in dispensaries, and the delivery service area is rather broad. Plus, users get access to brands that they can’t get anywhere else, offering drinks, edibles, and flowers that users can include in their routine at their leisure.

To get ahold of the customer service team, send a text to 310-863-9338 or email Hello@FlowerMarket.delivery.



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