ColonBroom Reviews – Do NOT Buy Colon Broom Yet!

ColonBroom is a daily supplement that helps users eliminate colon issues to have regular bowel movements with ease. It is not a laxative, but it offers dietary fiber that naturally helps to push along the process.

What is ColonBroom?

When someone’s bowels aren’t working in the same way they should, there are many problems and discomfort that come with it. Most consumers start to feel heaviness along their gut, which may end up turning into constipation. They can also feel imbalanced in their intestines and colon due to problems like digestive upset and irritation. People even become fatigued and start bloating unnecessarily. To relieve all this pressure, some consumers turn to laxatives, but it won’t correct the problem that’s going on. That’s where ColonBroom comes in.

Since millions of people already suffer from constipation, the use of ColonBroom has managed to help over 100,000 people overcome it already. The remedy is designed to alleviate this uncomfortable pressure; it also allows consumers to cleanse their bowels and shed the extra weight that they may be holding.

By integrating ColonBroom, consumers will start to feel lighter in their gut and experience consistent bowel movements throughout the week. They will also be able to attain their weight loss goals much easier as they maintain a better mood and better energy levels. Overall, the formula works to improve the entire digestive system with just a single dietary fiber. Plus, everything is available in a powder, allowing users to blend it with liquid and drink it whenever they’re ready to do so during the day.


How Does ColonBroom Help?

The main reason that this formula is so effective is because of the use of psyllium husk. It is a dietary fiber, which means it functions similarly to the rest of fibers – absorbing water to become a compound that can help with bowel regulation. It even allows users to regulate their blood pressure and shares a little bit of extra weight in the process.

There are a few vitamins and minerals found in this formula, but the majority of the remedy can be credited to the use of psyllium husk. If users use one scoop per serving, the formula should last through 60 servings.

Purchasing ColonBroom

Once users figure out if this formula will help them in the way they hope, they will have the ability to either set up an order as a one-time purchase or to subscribe to regular shipments. Subscribing can save up to 59% on the total purchase price, depending on how many bottles are ordered at once.

The options include:

  • Six bottles for $34.99 each ($27.99 each with subscription)
  • Three bottles for $44.99 each ($35.99 each with subscription)
  • One bottle for $68.99 ($54.99 with subscription)

Along with the supplement, each user will receive a free diet guide that helps them to reduce inflammation. The company offers a 14-day refund if customer service is contacted first and the packages are shipped back in re-salable form.

  • Email: hello@colonbroom.com
  • Phone: +1 315-215-0872
  • Return address: UAB MAX Nutrition/Shipmonk, 6010 N. Cajon Blvd, San Bernardino, CA 92407

The ColonBroom Quiz

Before users can make a purchase, they have to start with taking the quiz. The quiz will help them understand their gut health and see how ColonBroom can help. They will enter information regarding their:

  • Gender
  • The current state of health (ranging from poor to great)
  • Symptoms they may be having (like bloating or constipation)
  • Frequency of bowel movements (from every day to less than once a week)
  • Additional symptoms they may be experiencing (like heartburn and mood swings)
  • Food sensitivities (like nuts or lactose)
  • Health conditions (including diabetes and high cholesterol)
  • Specific digestive system diseases (like gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Level of physical activity (ranging from daily workouts to completely inactive)
  • Amount of time spent doing leisurely activities (starting at less than 15 minutes)
  • Current age, height, and weight

In addition, women will be asked if they are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. The official website will review precisely how ColonBroom will change users’ bodies with all of this information. They will see how much weight they should expect to lose with the number of bowel movements recommended for their body.


Frequently Asked Questions About ColonBroom

Q: What ingredients are used in ColonBroom?

A: Though many helpful vitamins and minerals are included, the primary ingredient that users get from this formula is psyllium husk.

Q: Can ColonBroom cause bloating?

A: Generally, the fiber found in this remedy is easy for the body to handle. Individuals who are new to this formula may feel slightly bloated when starting the regimen. However, once the user has adjusted to this new fiber intake, the bloating will subside.

Q: Why is dietary fiber important?

A: Dietary fiber is necessary to the digestive system to move along healthy and consistent bowel movements. When users incorporate fiber, they often feel fuller for a more extended amount of time, and they can help them reduce the risk of problems like bowel cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Q: Can ColonBroom be used while on Intermittent Fasting?

A: Yes. It is easy to follow an intermittent fasting regimen while participating in ColonBroom supplementations. It will not break the fast, and the fiber complex is not digested. Instead, it moves down through the digestive system without adding any nutrients that would cause the user to be unable to fast. The company recommends using this remedy when the user is fasting.

Q: Is ColonBroom keto-friendly?

A: Yes. Since the body does not digest it, there are no macronutrients end dietary fiber. It goes through the stomach, intestines, and colon. There won’t be any additional carbohydrates added to the body, and it will not break down into sugar that increases glucose levels.

Q: How long does it take for ColonBroom to work?

A: Everyone’s metabolism is different, so it may take varying amounts of time to change. On average, consumers will notice a difference within 24 to 72 hours.

ColonBroom Summary

ColonBroom provides users with a way to eliminate their bathroom issues without getting the latest brand of laxatives from the pharmacy embarrassingly. There’s no need to get a prescription, and it works within about three days for most users for consistent results. Rather than purging the digestive system, this remedy helps strengthen it for the days ahead.