BooUps Reviews – Is Boo Ups Breast Enlargement Serum Scam or Legit?

The BooUps Breast Enlargement Serum is a topical remedy that improves the size and shape of a woman’s bosom. The formula uses many ingredients that enrich the skin, like reduced stretchmarks and improved tautness.

What is BooUps?

Having a curvy figure has become one of the most coveted features for women nowadays. While some people are blessed with a small waist and an ample bosom, others aren’t as happy with what they’ve developed. The beauty world has come up with many ways to help women increase their perkiness or size, ranging from surgery to exercise to supplements.

All of these options come with advantages. Plastic surgery can give fast results and allow the patient to pick which size they want to be. However, implants don’t always provide a natural shape, and consumers must undergo a major medical procedure to handle it. Exercises can improve the muscles near the breasts, but a lot of work goes into maintenance without the promise of the same feminine figure. With BooUps, consumers get a topical serum that can be massaged into the breasts daily for a soft, pump, and perky look.

The reason this formula has become so effective is due to the nutrients and the consistency. While a cream helps to nourish the skin daily, using a serum is much stronger. They can deliver a much more potent concentration of ingredients, and the ingredients found in BooUps are incredibly helpful. All the nutrients penetrate the complexion deeply, ensuring that users get the most support from these ingredients possible. Plus, it won’t leave an oily or greasy spot on the clothing.

How Does BooUps Help?

To achieve the effects boasted by the BooUps creators, this formula contains multiple ingredients that nourish and firm the skin. It complements the use of a powerful ingredient called Adifyline™ hexapeptide, and it supports the structure and shape of the breast.

The ingredients include:

  • Asiatic pennywort
  • Walnut
  • Common medlar
  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter

Read on below to learn about the positive effects that these ingredients can have.

Asiatic Pennywort

Asiatic Pennywort is meant to support regeneration in the skin, providing the support needed for stronger blood vessels. It has a high amount of vitamin C, allowing collagen synthesis for better firmness. It is often used to reduce swelling and helps with the antiaging process.


Walnut has impressive moisturizing benefits, though it also helps consumers reduce the effect aging has had on the texture of the breasts. It forms a protective layer, and it provides users with Coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 is often used to smooth the skin and create firmness.

Common Medlar

Common Medlar provides users with vitamin C, a natural antioxidant and supporter of collagen levels. It improves users with luminosity and radiance while erasing wrinkles. It makes the skin taut to help with hydration and smoothness.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is rich with antioxidants, providing a barrier for the skin against damage. It creates better nourishment and regeneration support for the skin and prevents users from experiencing skin dryness. It helps cracks in the skin heal and creates the right environment to deal with abrasions. Individuals who have stretch marks will benefit significantly from this support.

Coconut Oil

Women often get stretch marks along their breasts because of fast growth, which can occur during puberty, pregnancy, and other major changes. Coconut Oil helps the user speed up the skin’s healing when there’s a defect, like a stretch mark. Coconut oil also helps the body to produce more collagen, reduce inflammation, and provide greater nourishment for the skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a major component in most moisturizing lotions and serums. It keeps the skin from drying, providing softness and firming to the skin. It also strengthens the skin, creating a healthier and more radiant texture.

Purchasing BooUps

The serum of BooUps is only found on the official website, BooUps.com. However, the creators offer many packages, which include:

  • One pack for $43
  • Two packs for $82 (Save 5%)
  • Three packs + 1 Free for $129 (Save 25%)

All three packages come with free shipping.


Frequently Asked Questions About BooUps

What exactly is BooUps?

The BooUps formula is a remedy to create a push-up effect on the breasts. It has many active ingredients to firm and enlarge the breasts, though it also moisturizes.

What is in the enlargement cream?

This serum includes many ingredients: walnut, argan oil, and coconut oil.

How should consumers apply BooUps?

Choose either the morning or the evening to apply BooUps. Using circular motions, massage it into the skin of the breast, starting at the base and working up to the neck.

How long will it take to see results with BooUps?

Every person is different, and people who already have some firmness might not notice as drastic of a change as others.

Is the BooUps remedy effective?

The ingredients involved in this formula are proven by scientific evidence, showing how effective they improve the firmness and texture of the breasts.

How long does it take for BooUps to be delivered?

Most people receive their order quickly as it goes out within one business day.

The customer service team can be contacted online or via phone: (+48) 221291113


BooUps provides users with a safe and healthy way that consumers can improve their bust. The formula won’t stimulate unnatural growth, but many of the ingredients are dedicated to improving the shape, size, lift, and even stretch marks along the skin. They must apply it daily to get the desired results but using it in the right way is the key to looking like they are wearing their best push-up bra every day. To learn more about BooUps, visit the official website at BooUps.com.