Blissful Brownies Reviews – Wellness Bakeries Bakery-Style Brownie Mix

Blissful Brownies are a mix for homemade brownies that are extremely low on the glycemic index. The formula only requires a few ingredients that are found in most kitchens, resulting in brownies that have just four grams of sugar.

What are Blissful Brownies?

Most people prepare for their diet by making a plan that keeps them away from extra sugar and calories, which means that dessert is on the chopping block. For decades, anyone who wants to get a smaller waistline has been told to cut out the excess desserts and indulgences. There are very few treats that have an exception, but these tried and true methods of creating a calorie deficit have become one of the only ways to get to the body that the consumer wants.

If dessert and extra calories are the culprits to avoid, chocolate takes the metaphorical cake as the biggest enemy of any diet. This food is an even bigger challenge as a brownie, but the creators of Blissful Brownies have managed to make this food into the best partner for anyone who wants to lose weight. Plus, it can even be used for breakfast.

Blissful Brownies aren’t like any brownie that consumers can find at the grocery store or a bakery. They are incredibly decadent and sweet, giving consumers the richness of chocolate without all of the downsides. While other treats are filled with unhealthy ingredients, the creator behind this product designed the mix to be grain-free and low-carb. In fact, even without all the dangerous ingredients, consumers still get gooey centers and the perfect chewy edge.

While some consumers might worry that there’s no truly good way to make a brownie without all the bad ingredients, the creators at Blissful Brownies have worked hard to find the right science to achieve it.

What Goes Into Blissful Brownies?

Like any other baked good, the key behind making the perfect mix for Blissful Brownies is the right science. The creators needed to find a way to develop the right powder without grains and with the exclusive use of low glycemic ingredients. These ingredients don’t work in the same way that gluten-rich ingredients do, so these ingredients can’t just directly be switched out.

After checking every factor – including baking times, oven temperature, and blending methods – Blissful Brownies were born with their exclusive baking mix.

  • Two types of almond flour
  • Dark chocolate chips (from unsweetened chocolate, sugar, vanilla, and sunflower lecithin)
  • Organic coconut sugar
  • Organic cocoa powder
  • Sea salt
  • Baking soda
  • Cream of tartar
  • Stevia

With this blend, consumers get just 120 calories in every serving, which only includes four grams. To put that low amount in perspective, even apples have more sugar than that. Each package contains enough of the formula to make up to 16 brownies.

Preparing the Blissful Brownies

When consumers want to create their brownies, users start by emptying the entire package into a bowl. They add a few other ingredients that the average person easily finds in their cupboards at home, though users won’t find out which ones are needed without their order.

Once blended, the tray of brownies can go right in the oven. The whole process takes just five minutes of prep time before users get their batch.

Purchasing Blissful Brownies

The only way that consumers will feel and taste the support of the Blissful Brownies treats is by ordering from the official website. Since no one wants to stop at just one brownie, the packages start with three pouches and up. The only way to get this product is through the official website, which offers the following packages:

  • 3 packages for $43.45
  • 6 packages for $83.45
  • 12 packages for $152.50

Consumers will have to cover a $8.95 shipping charge for the smallest package, though the other options come with free shipping.

Additional Content

Along with the packages that users order, they’ll receive a free copy of the Blissful Brownies Bakebook. This e-guide provides users with plenty of tips that they can use to create the perfect brownies every time. Some of the tips include the best ways to make brownies chewy, using an ice bath for the right cracking on top, and how users can make their batter ahead of time for incredible fudgy texture.

In this guide, consumers will read instructions for Caramel & Pecan Turtle Brownies, Coconut “Mounds” Brownies, and Salted Caramel Brownies. Users never have to have a plain brownie again, but they’ll also learn how to make a perfect basic brownie.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blissful Brownies

How many calories are in each brownie?

Every brownie contains 120 calories.

Why does Blissful Brownies help with weight loss?

The biggest selling point for the Blissful Brownies is their low-glycemic quality. Consuming fewer carbs has consistently been associated with weight loss.

Can diabetic patients indulge in these brownies?

With the limited sugar in each brownie, consumers with diabetes can more safely consume these brownies. However, it is best to speak with a doctor to determine if their particular diagnosis can safely indulge in these brownies with just four grams of sugar.

What if the user finds that this recipe isn’t a good match for their needs?

Consumers have up to 60 days to get a full refund by returning their packages.

The customer service team can be reached by sending a message to info@wellnessbakeries.com.


Blissful Brownies are a great treat for anyone who wants to improve their weight loss while indulging in a classic treat. The remedy is easy to prepare with just five minutes of the user’s time, and the limited sugar won’t add to the user’s waistline. Users don’t have to master baking to get the perfect brownie, and the limited sugar in these treats make them a great pairing for any diet.



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