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Therapy is the need of the hour today. With busy timetables, unconventional tasks, and modern complications hovering over the lives of the 21st-century population, they need a break now and then from these stressful conditions. Because handling everything altogether can overwhelm them and disrupt their thinking processes.

Online therapy is emerging as a new trend to help those individuals who pursue mental health services from the comfort of their homes. This type of therapy is that you can access it from anywhere. Licensed therapists offer these services over the internet through video conferencing, e-mail, phone calls, live chat, etc.

These online counseling sessions are preferred by people today because they are convenient, ensure privacy, and are cheaper than physical sessions. Whether you want intimate relationship counseling or teen counseling for your kid, you can trust the online counselor for legitimate suggestions.

Although many licensed therapists are offering their services online, you need to pick the one who is right for your specific needs. If you require financial assistance in therapy, you can visit the official websites of any of these programs. To help you with the process, our research team evaluated online platforms for therapy based on important factors like credibility, quality, and outcome. Learn to become better with medication management under the guidance of these therapists.

If you are considering engaging the services of licensed marriage and family therapists, look through our list to determine the best ones for yourself.

The Best Online Therapy Platforms in 2022

Choosing a suitable online counselor can be a daunting task for you. With so much information available online, you need to make a conscious decision about your therapy program. Thankfully, you have our careful analysis by an experienced team available to help you find worthy licensed therapists.

The therapy programs listed here offer excellent online psychiatry services that help you with various medical conditions and make you adept with quality medication management. Some even offer financial assistance to get access to better medical treatment.

Here are the top picks for online counseling programs that provide the best therapy services:

Better Help Supported by multiple communication mediums, the platform offers emotional health services in a very organized manner. They have over 19000+ certified therapists with years of expertise in therapy treatments.
Talk Space Avail of the services of Talk Space in just three simple steps. Their practitioners have expertise in medication management. They offer teen counseling, relationship counseling, and other online counseling services.
ReGain ReGain aims to bring back communication in relationships. They specialize in couples therapy and have licensed therapists who suggest effective ways of mending relations. Couples can speak together as well as separately with the therapist.
Brightside Brightside offers an effective road to inner healing. The site emphasizes mental problems like anxiety and depression and aims to make therapy more accessible and convenient to individuals.
Calmerry Calmerry provides advanced-level counselor matching to its clients. They offer low-cost therapy and include personalized treatment plans, digital worksheets, and daily support to improve the individual’s overall health.
Online-Therapy.com It provides access to several tools like journal exercises, meditation videos, digital worksheets, customized activity plans, and getting treatment from licensed therapists.
MyWellbeing MyWellbeing offers a special content corner to all its visitors. They regularly update this section to educate the readers about the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives. They also provide webinars and workshops to organizations.
Health Sapiens They have a team of licensed medical doctors who offer therapy and medication management services. Health Sapiens is known to provide online counseling at affordable rates.
Faithful Counseling Faithful Counseling provides therapy to those individuals who prefer emotional health treatment from a practicing Christian. It is much more affordable than face-to-face therapy.
Teen Counseling The platform is best suitable for those teenagers who suffer anxiety, bullying, peer pressure through the most crucial years of their life. Parents can also register for their children on the site.
Pride Counseling Professionals working in Pride Counseling specialize in treating emotional health problems in the members of the LGBTQ community who face daily challenges in acceptance.
Self-Therapy Journey The website offers a variety of options to its visitors to work on their emotional health on their own. They can also get treated by licensed therapists through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).
Cerebral Cerebral provides its client with regular health assessments to track their progress. They offer varied health care plans to suit every individual’s budget in online counseling.
Doctor on Demand By seeking emotional help from Doctor on Demand, you can take a step towards making your mental condition better. It has benefited over 98 million Americans and offers free login facility.
MDLive MDLive has several board-certified doctors where you can seek emotional help in just three simple steps. The site covers the health insurance benefits of over 60 million people.
7Cups The platform offers various free online counseling services where you can explore self-help guides and communicate with the support team 24 x 7.

Better Help

Product Overview
Appointment Type Live Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video Call
Service Highlights
  • Professional and licensed therapists
  • Multiple channels of communication
  • Information about therapists displayed on the website
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance None
    Price $90 – $120 per week

    Better Help is one of the best online therapy platforms to provide good services. The site offers comprehensive program sessions by health professionals. The company has bettered the lives of 200+ million people worldwide through its online therapy platform.

    They offer a host of online mental health services with the help of live video sessions, phone calls, and text video and audio messaging. These mediums allow easy access to those individuals who find it difficult to commute.

    The Better Help therapy platform offers its services in a very systematized manner. Their official website is divided into special categories to cater to individual needs. You can match with a licensed therapist based on your needs and preferences and get all the support you need via unlimited messaging therapy and live sessions.

    The platform displays mental health issues like anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, borderline personality disorder, among many others, on its welcome page to help you choose better. This makes it easier to deal with your condition and engage in interactive and fruitful therapy sessions.

    The best part about Better Help is that they have over 19,000 accredited and experienced therapists with diverse knowledge about mental health conditions. These licensed clinical social workers motivate you to strike a balance between personal and professional spheres of life and improve your overall standard of living.

    Get better help from these therapists and feel upbeat about your existence!

    Talk Space

    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Video, Messaging, Phone
    Service Highlights
  • Insurance benefits available
  • You can avail medication management services
  • Offers specialized therapy
  • Separate section for businesses
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance Yes, they accept insurance
    Price $65 – $99 per week

    Talk Space is an online therapy platform that allows you to sign up for sessions in three simple steps. You have to undergo a brief assessment where you answer some questions about your basic needs. Then, you get to pick a therapist from a list of licensed clinical social workers. Finally, you can attend live therapy discussions and begin your internal healing journey.

    Talk Space is one of the best online therapy platforms that allows you to take its services without changing your work schedule. Since you have its access at your fingertips, you can approach your therapist and share important stuff right away and seek immediate solutions.

    If you are unhappy with your therapist, you can easily switch to another licensed therapist at no extra cost. The platform has a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in therapy treatment. They make you adept in medication management so that you don’t forget to take care of yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

    Their mental health services are not restricted to any particular field. Rather, they have counselors experienced in relationships, psychiatry, teen therapy, etc. These experts address mental health issues with patience and extreme care.

    According to their official website, more than 80% of users found Talk Space more effective than face-to-face therapy. As a market leader in online mental health counseling, Talk Space also partners with organizations to make mental health care more affordable and convenient. You don’t have to empty your pockets to receive high-quality mental care.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Video conferencing, phone, messaging, and chat options
    Service Highlights
  • Specialization in couples therapy
  • Unlimited messaging therapy
  • Licensed marriage therapists
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance They do not accept insurance
    Price $90 – $120 per week

    The ReGain online therapy platform aims to help people bring back passion, communication, affection, joy, and trust in their relationships. All their therapists are licensed clinical social workers who specialize in working in different communities. They have a rich experience in providing engaging therapy discussions with visible results.

    The platform is one of the best online therapy platforms for those couples who have lost the charm in their relationship. ReGain is the most appropriate platform to mend relationships if you want to go for online couple counseling. They offer full confidentiality and intimacy whilst helping you overcome personal problems with your partner.

    The platform asks you to fill out a questionnaire where you have to provide primary information about yourself. You can also invite your partner to the same account. Based on your answers, the platform will assign you a licensed therapist that matches the most with your profile.

    You can participate in live video sessions with your partner or speak individually with the therapist on text video and audio messaging mediums. You can also speak with the therapist on phone calls to discuss mental health conditions, including eating disorders and their effects on your overall relationship.

    ReGain provides comprehensive mental health services about relationship problems. When you address these issues, you take a step towards improving your relations with your partner. The company has a suite of licensed marriage and family therapists who can reinstate communication and love in your marriage.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Video and audio sessions, Messaging, Live chat
    Service Highlights
  • Tools to track progress
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Medication management available
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance No
    Price $95 – $349 per month

    Brightside is one of the best online therapy platforms to overcome social anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, OCD, and other anxiety-related conditions. The platform offers customized treatment plans to all individuals who engage in mental health services. Their services are targeted at making people feel better about their lives within a short period.

    It is straightforward to get started on their online therapy platform. You begin with filling out their evaluation form with a set of clinically-proven questions designed to comprehend your anxiety symptoms. Based on your answers, they recommend a personalized plan and match you with your licensed therapist. The therapist then prescribes medicines using computer tools and offers medication management literacy.

    Once you take their services, you will no longer have this question – Is online therapy effective? You can stay connected with your therapy provider 24/7 through phone calls and text, video, and audio messaging. Your therapist will also conduct live video sessions to understand your problems better and address them.

    With your therapist, you can track your growth and improvement to reach the set goals faster. Several users have praised the platform’s licensed clinical social workers for their skills in treating mental health conditions.

    With Brightside, you can have a clear path to inner healing at your fingertips. Far better than physical therapy, these remote sessions are convenient and affordable. No matter where you work or your frame of mind, you will always find support at Brightside online therapy.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Live sessions via audio, text, and video, chat options
    Service Highlights
  • Counselor matching using advanced technology
  • Variety of therapy options available
  • Flexible scheduling and digital worksheets
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance No
    Price $59.95 – $94.99 per week

    When you have to juggle between work, kids, social events, and household work, you hardly get time for yourself. And to think of visiting a physical therapy center to talk about your life seems impossible to achieve. This is where the Calmerry online therapy platform comes into play. Online therapy is effective because you can seek it without tweaking your existing work schedule.

    Calmerry offers therapy solutions that aim at improving your overall mental well-being. It is one of the few online therapy sites that offer a wide variety of services that include almost all mental health conditions – anger management, anxiety & stress, eating disorders, emotional abuse, family conflict, OCD, depression, grief & trauma, mood disorders, and so on.

    Their mental health services allow you to take more control of your well-being. Having instant communication with your therapist via text, video, and audio messaging provides a sense of comfort to individuals. You start seeing positive outcomes when you can share your problems immediately on phone calls with your therapist.

    While taking their assessment, answer confidently and choose the plan that will aptly fit your needs and budget. After being matched with a suitable therapist, you can schedule live video sessions and achieve a better lifestyle. All these sessions are confidential so that you can share your thoughts and feelings freely.

    Their plethora of mental health services makes Calmerry one of the best online therapy platforms. All the professionals here have huge experience dealing with such issues and addressing them with patience and ease. Still, if you are uncomfortable with a therapist, you can ask for a change and switch to another licensed therapist at no extra cost.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Messages, live video, audio sessions, and chat options
    Service Highlights
  • Specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Offers additional self-care resources
  • Provides discount on the first month of online counseling
  • App Availability No
    Accepts Insurance No, they don’t accept insurance
    Price $39.95 – $79.95 per week

    Online-therapy.com offers more than just live sessions. It is a complete toolbox that provides many services to improve your mental well-being. Online-therapy.com has many licensed clinical social workers associated with them for a long time. They understand the importance of therapy and allow you to access it within the comfort of your home.

    If you find it difficult to incorporate physical sessions with your therapist into your schedule, online therapy sessions are the right thing for you. Visit online-therapy.com and take a quick questionnaire to generate results about your health. Based on these results, get matched with a licensed therapist who provides high-quality therapy to individuals.

    You can get free online therapy at their online-therapy.com and address your mental health conditions. You can engage in live video sessions, unlimited messaging therapy, and calls with your care expert. Their free mental health services aim to improve your lifestyle and provide you with better control over your mind. Online-therapy.com offers meditation videos, journal worksheets, and activity plans to better your overall well-being.

    Top medical professionals endorse their online therapy programs. Here, you get all the support to become a happier version of yourself. All your information remains between you and your healthcare provider. There is no risk of anybody knowing that you seek treatment at online-therapy.com.

    Their therapy program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy that assesses your internal feelings and not your external stimuli. Using cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the best ways to tackle mental problems at online-therapy.com.

    At online-therapy.com, you have personal support from the beginning to the end. Keep reading motivating content, filling out worksheets, and receiving benefits from their unique treatment plans.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Video session, Messaging, Phone call options are available
    Service Highlights
  • A special content corner on the website
  • Conducts virtual workshops and webinars
  • Specialized therapy option based on the mental condition
  • App Availability Only to the citizens of the USA
    Accepts Insurance None
    Price $80 – $300 per session

    When you first visit the MyWellbeing online therapy platform, you are asked to take a quiz. If you require professional support, answer all the quiz questions. Based on the results, the site will recommend you a licensed therapist who will be the top match for your exclusive needs. By finding a compatible therapist, you can ease into the process of therapy.

    It is one of the few online therapy platforms that offers a content corner where individuals can look up solutions to their mental problems. Whether you have workplace issues or anxiety concerns, you can find plenty of blogs hereby licensed clinical social workers. These are written to provide you with solutions to cope better with trauma or stress.

    The site provides you with a therapist within 24 hours of your query. Sometimes when you can’t pull yourself up from trauma, it is better to take professional help. Rather than sinking into depression, you must allow and trust MyWellbeing to provide you with mental health care.

    MyWellbeing provides a host of virtual therapy options, including webinars and workshops to organizations. Their online mental health services aim to teach you to balance your personal and work life. They teach you to overcome stress using concrete methods and maintain healthy relationships with colleagues and friends.

    There are plenty of benefits of seeking professional online therapy. It saves your commute time to clinics, maintains privacy, and solves your mental issues to a great extent. The therapists at MyWellbeing offer tangible solutions to deal with myriad mental health conditions, including eating disorders that can disrupt your day-to-day lifestyle. Empower yourself and lead a happier life by addressing your mental concerns.

    Health Sapiens

    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Live video and audio session, unlimited messaging, phone chat options
    Service Highlights
  • Different login for businesses and individuals
  • Medication management services are available
  • Board-certified doctors offering online counseling
  • 80% of anxiety symptoms can be treated
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance They accept insurance partially
    Price $35 – $49.25 per week

    Getting therapy is no longer a hassle for working individuals. With Health Sapiens online therapy platform, you can get easy access to doctors and therapists and address your mental concerns like anxiety, depression, stress, etc. Speak with verified telehealth professionals and receive affordable online therapy at any time of the day.

    The best thing about online therapy platforms is that you can receive health care anywhere. The website has a plethora of licensed therapists who have years of expertise in treating mental health conditions. Individuals or couples can seek therapy at Health Sapiens and receive tangible results. Improve your overall health and live stress-free.

    They provide a special household plan for six family members at an affordable rate. This plan includes unlimited consultations with top health experts who are available readily. If you don’t like the specific doctor, you can cancel and switch to another licensed therapist at no extra cost. The site is very flexible in its operations.

    The doctors aim to teach you medication management to become the best version of yourself using the right practices. Sometimes, you need to take the help of licensed mental health professionals to address your concerns. Their rich experience in the field can prove beneficial for your overall health and fasten up your healing process.

    One of the finest online therapy sites, Health Sapiens, has licensed professional counselors to assist you in your therapy. They are equipped with the necessary knowledge to treat 80-85% of your anxiety problems and make you better at handling sudden panic attacks. In this fast-moving world, stop for a second and evaluate your health. You need to indulge in your mental health care and take care of your relationships independently.

    Faithful Counseling

    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Live video, chat and phone sessions, messaging options
    Service Highlights
  • Specialized therapy from a Christian perspective
  • Variety of therapy options including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Professionally certified therapists
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance Limited insurance benefits available
    Price $60 – $100 per week

    If you neglect your health because you cannot make time for therapy, we just have the right thing for you – online therapy. Connect with licensed therapists who can make your life better with productive solutions in the comfort of your homes. You can match with professionally licensed and informed therapists at Faithful Counseling and receive valuable treatment.

    Their online therapy platform displays a basic set of questions to all visitors to cater better to individual needs. You need to fill out your gender, age, country, and a few questions about your current health status. Your future therapist will have a fair idea about your choices and be able to comprehend you better. If they know you accurately, therapy sessions become easy and simple for you.

    These licensed professional counselors also provide spiritual wisdom from previous experiences and knowledge, apart from therapy. If you are a Christian and prefer taking online therapy from a fellow Christian, Faithful Counseling is one of the best online therapy platforms.

    Get assigned a licensed therapist and start with your sessions. After a few interactions, you will notice a change in your demeanor and approach to life. When you focus on your mental health care, you automatically feel a positive change in your perspective. You no longer feel hopeless or lost. You feel empowered and happier.

    The licensed mental health professionals at Faithful Counseling hold years of expertise in therapy. They are readily available for you on texts, calls, or video sessions. You can choose a communication medium that would be most convenient for you. In just a few days, you will see an improvement in your mental health conditions and overall well-being.

    Since the website has a suite of licensed marriage and family therapists, you can pick one that would be most suitable for your needs. If you are unhappy with your current therapist, you can make a switch if need be.

    Teen Counseling

    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Audio and video conferencing, unlimited messaging, phone
    Service Highlights
  • Specializes in children’s online counseling
  • Therapists have years of expertise
  • Therapy for both parents and teens
  • App Availability No
    Accepts Insurance None
    Price $90 – $120 per week

    Teenage is not a smooth period in any person’s life. Children undergo several physical and psychological changes that can greatly impact their overall health. They become rebellious and face temperamental issues during their teen years. To help children overcome this phase of their life, engage them in teen counseling.

    Often children can’t share everything that bothers them with their close family members. If they appear for teen counseling, they can confide their concerns to a professional therapist. Teen Counseling is one of the best online therapy providers for children suffering from depression, bullying, peer pressure, trauma, eating disorders, etc.

    The Teen Counseling website provides the visitors two options to select from – teen or parent. You have to answer a questionnaire, and based on your preferences, you will be matched with a therapist. Once you are assigned a therapist, you can sit with them in private and group sessions with parents. Unless there is a danger to your health, all therapy conversations remain confidential.

    As the name of the site suggests, they specialize in teen counseling. At adolescence, fears creep in and pave the way for life-long anxiety issues. You can prepare for a stress-free future by addressing these issues at the root and getting on board with licensed mental health professionals.

    Being one of the few online therapy platforms dedicated to teen counseling, they support open communication and better handling of mental problems from a young age. The team at Teen Counseling offers all their support to ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of the teen therapy at their platform.

    Children are under the supervision of licensed professional counselors who have years of expertise in teen counseling. They work to eradicate all the mental health conditions plaguing the lives of these teenagers. When children learn to indulge in mental health care from adolescence, they become better at adult relationships and communication.

    Avail of the best online therapy services at Teen Counseling and pave a better future for your child.

    Pride Counseling

    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Messages, live chat options, phone and video conferencing
    Service Highlights
  • Therapists specialize in the LGBTQ community
  • Licensed therapists
  • Daily mental support
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance No, they don’t accept insurance
    Price $90 – $120 per week

    If you feel lonely among your family and friends and struggle to express your emotions, you need to visit the official site of Pride Counseling to avail the best online therapy services. Pride Counseling offers a wide range of services to improve your mental well-being. They have trained mental health professionals in their team who have spent years bettering the lives of anxiety-stricken individuals.

    Online therapy is the right thing to seek if you want someone to be available 24 x 7 for you. Pride Counseling ensures that you receive help at the right time. It is the right way to move ahead if you don’t feel accepted enough in your community. Often, when you are denied approval from your loved ones, you develop mental health issues. It is important to sort them out as they can impact the other aspects of your life.

    Pride Counseling is an online therapy provider that makes this treatment more accessible and convenient to people. They provide you with a safe space to open up to resolve your internal conflicts easily. Pride counseling health practitioners use effective strategies to pinpoint your problems. After a thorough evaluation, they suggest an elaborate mental health treatment plan to boost your mental strength.

    Pride Counseling is one of the few online therapy platforms that deliver a full-fledged treatment plan covering all aspects of your well-being. After briefing them about yourself, you are assigned a professional therapist best suited for your specific needs.

    Pride Counseling excels in the treatment of the members of the LGBTQ community who face different and difficult challenges in their day-to-day lives. They are taught to accept themselves as they are and lead a happier life without worrying about the judgment of others.

    At Pride Counseling, making mental health care readily accessible to all the communities is a goal they have set to achieve with each session and therapy.

    Self-Therapy Journey

    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Text, live sessions, messages, and chat options
    Service Highlights
  • Variety of therapy options targeting specific problems
  • Can work on the site tool yourself
  • Track daily progress using tools
  • App Availability No
    Accepts Insurance None
    Price $35 – $40 per month

    Self-Therapy Journey offers a wide range of services to transform your psychological issues and boost your self-confidence and overall health. To make therapy an easier process, they have classified mental problems into different headings and listed them on their website. Users can choose their exact issue and seek help for the same.

    As one of the leading online therapy providers, they provide treatment for mental problems, emotional wounds, and esteem issues. When you get help from licensed mental health professionals, you become free and powerful in life. By developing healthy habits like self-confidence, self-care, and assertiveness, you can feel whole again. What makes them one of the best online therapy platforms is that they let you take command of your personal life.

    At their portal, you embark on a journey of inner healing that can change your life for the better. You can work on their portal yourself or find a mentor to support your health. By registering for their services, you can schedule live video sessions with online therapists to understand the workings of your mind in real-time. You can engage with the therapist from a place of your choice without changing your daily routine.

    Self-Therapy Journey provides the best online therapy services with the help of checklists, meditation guides, journal exercises, customized task sheets, among many other tools. You can track your progress and make more positive amendments accordingly.

    If you require the instant assistance of their licensed professional counselors, you can make phone calls with them. You can also keep them updated about the recent developments of your life through text, video, and audio messaging.

    Get started to lower your stress levels significantly and release the pressure of carrying old emotional wounds. Live a fearless and stable life with increased self-awareness. With the online psychiatry services of Self-Therapy Journey, improve your ability for personal strength, love, creativity, and a sense of purpose.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Live video conferencing, unlimited messaging, phone
    Service Highlights
  • Covered by health insurance
  • You can avail both therapy and medication management services
  • Transparent about practitioner’s bio
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance Yes, they accept insurance
    Price $65 – $99 per week

    Working individuals hardly address mental conditions like anger, depression, insomnia, etc. They are passed off simply as temporary problems because of enhanced work pressure. But, these problems keep growing if they are not addressed initially. If you are on the lookout for professional help to better your emotional health, Cerebral provides the best online therapy services.

    With online therapy platforms like Cerebral, you can now personalize your mental care experience. Here, therapists work on your emotional well-being through exercises at your time and comfort. If you are running low on time, you can schedule sessions between your errands.

    You start with a quick assessment that measures your present condition. Based on this evaluation, you are matched with a professional therapist. Finding the right care counselor is extremely crucial as your compatibility will determine the efficacy of your online therapy.

    Once you start live video sessions with your therapist, you become freer about your expressions. As you start sharing your concerns, your therapist will design effective strategies to help you let go of your mental health concerns.

    Cerebral has various membership plans that you can choose from based on your budget. These plans are curated to suit the emotional needs of distressed individuals. You can select one from the following three options:

    • Medication + Care Counseling
    • Medication + Coaching
    • Coaching

    In the first two plans, you can learn medication management from the experts and become more disciplined and organized in life.

    As one of the best online therapy providers, Cerebral offers plenty of services to their clients. You can make weekly phone calls to your counselor and indulge in unlimited text, video, and audio messaging with your therapist.

    One of the multiple benefits of online mental health counseling is that you can work to improve your overall well-being from any place that you find comfortable. Don’t let your mental health issues haunt you in your personal or professional space, take a step towards bettering your lifestyle.

    Doctor on Demand

    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Video conferencing, phone chat
    Service Highlights
  • Covered by health insurance
  • Leading psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Eating disorders are addressed
  • Subscription is not mandatory
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance They accept health insurance
    Price $129 – $179 per week

    Doctor on Demand is a unique and personalized service from a reliable online therapy provider. What we love the most about Doctor on Demand is choosing single therapy sessions. That’s right. You don’t have to subscribe to a whole program if you are not interested.

    This is one of the few services that cater to mental health care in a unique fashion that does not require you to book a series of sessions just to avail of basic help to improve your mental health.

    Doctor on Demand connects you with leading psychiatrists and psychologists. However, the services are not focused on just mental health. You can find experts who can help you with overall wellness and physical health.

    Doctor on Demand connects you with reliable and trained mental health professionals whom you have the option of meeting again if you’re not satisfied with just one session. The choices are entirely yours whether you wish to continue with therapy or look for off-line options or just wish to switch platforms after one session.

    There is no compulsion of subscription. This is a video facility, and you can arrange video calls at your convenience with available professionals who are ready to listen and help you out.

    You can choose to go for just one therapy session and discuss your mental health issues in this online mental health counseling session. If you feel that the experience was beneficial and you wish to continue, you can choose to avail of multiple sessions from many experts who are part of the platform.

    As we all know, online therapy cost is much lower than physical therapy. You can trust the experts on the Doctor on Demand platform.

    Doctor on Demand has professionals who can help you with issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, and more.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Video conferencing, messaging, phone chat
    Service Highlights
  • Insurance benefits available
  • Trained professionals with years of experience
  • Known for its flexibility in scheduling sessions
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance Yes
    Price $108 per session

    MDLive is more than just an online therapy provider. It can be best described as a comprehensive platform that caters to solving various health issues and brings telemedicine in a feasible and accessible manner to the general public.

    It connects you with some of the best experts in the field and top psychiatrists whom you can consult online at the comfort of your home.

    It is the best online therapy service for those suffering from mental health issues but wishes to deal with this in the privacy of their home.

    You can choose from different psychiatrists and professionals to help you with your mental health problems.

    A psychiatry division is dedicated to helping people out by providing therapy sessions and more with trained professionals.

    MDLive is a genuine and trustworthy platform. You can access it using a mobile app. Whether you wish to have it over a call or video, you can choose your therapy session.

    It is one of the most convenient online therapy platforms that cater to various health issues, including psychiatric issues such as anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, loss, etc.

    Getting registered on this platform is very easy. You will find that there are various experts for you to choose from, including licensed marriage and family therapists if that is what you are after. They have a wide network of psychiatrists for you to choose from.

    You can browse online and look for different options. There is no subscription-based service. The pricing is moderate, and the first session will cost you nearly $300. Compared to other providers, it has a high online therapy cost for the first session, but the subsequent sessions are cheaper.

    It is a convenient and comprehensive telemedicine service suitable for everyone.


    Product Overview
    Appointment Type Live video and audio sessions, phone chat, and unlimited messaging
    Service Highlights
  • Meet like-minded individuals
  • Confidential therapy treatment
  • Affordable online counseling
  • Separate section for businesses
  • App Availability Yes
    Accepts Insurance Partially accepts insurance
    Price $150 per month

    7Cups is easily one of the best-recognized names among online therapists, and it has gathered quite a fan following over the years for its unique approach. It is the best online therapy service if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford the services of expensive online therapy platforms. It has a variety of free services, unlike other platforms. You can also choose to avail the low-cost monthly plan.

    You get a lot of emotional support and counseling on this platform. The therapy sessions are usually conducted over text and chat. The emotional support volunteers on the platform address a wide range of mental health issues.

    However, if you wish to have live video sessions or text, video, and audio sessions with professionals, the services cost you money. You can choose to connect with licensed professional counselors if you have the budget.

    Some of the professionals’ areas of expertise on this platform include anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, addiction, substance abuse, parenting, etc. You can subscribe every month at just $150 per month and have phone calls with professional mental health experts.

    You can access free sessions with trained volunteers immediately. Still, if you wish to avail of the paid services, you will have to provide more information to be connected with a suitable expert who can help you out with your issues.

    You can also connect with other users and gain emotional support. But it is always better to go for the professional experts rather than settle for trained volunteers who might not be up to the mark, especially if you have serious issues.

    There is 24/7 support available by the volunteers. Sometimes, if you just need someone to talk to or someone to listen to you, then 7cups is a great option for you to connect with people who will not judge you.

    Bonus Online Therapy Program: Neuro Balance Therapy

    There is more to health than just obvious physical and mental wellness. You might have arranged online counseling sessions with top online counselor professionals in your area to attend to your psychiatric needs, but are you paying attention to your neurological health? Neuro Balance Therapy is a great option for people of older ages to take care of their neurological health and avoid issues with balance.

    Do you wonder why you keep falling or losing balance? It is not something to take lightly because there are over 28,000 people who suffer from fatal injuries every year due to this. Great institutions like Cambridge and Harvard researched this information.

    One of the main reasons you are experiencing falls and losing balance is that the nerves in your foot are not functioning like they are supposed to. In other words, your feet tend to fall asleep, and the nerves in your feet are barely active. You experience numbness and cannot move.

    Peripheral neuropathy happens due to long-term diabetes mellitus, and you experience different sensations such as tingling in the foot, loss of sensation of pain and touch, and so on.

    This happens because there is a lack of proper communication between the nerves in your feet and the brain. Neuro Balance Therapy can help fix these issues and contribute to better neural health.

    It is a way of awakening the nerves and restoring their health. You do not need any special equipment to do this therapy, and you can watch the videos put forward by an expert in the field for reference.

    You can do the sessions in just 10 seconds and notice considerable improvement soon. It is available for a very reasonable price online and just costs $97 initially. You get a lot of bonuses along with the videos.

    How Are Online Therapy Services Better Than In-Person Therapy?

    If you choose online therapy services over in-person therapy session options, there are several benefits. Due to the pandemic and more, more and more psychiatry services have become available online to the joy of those who do not wish to step out of their house to seek professional mental health help.

    Knowing that proper psychiatry-related services are available at just clicks of buttons is a great relief to many people. It has several benefits that we have listed below. You can connect with licensed therapists and other mental health professionals online and do not need to step out just for this purpose.

    Cheaper Than In-person Therapy

    You will notice that the traditional therapy session that you choose to experience in person will cost you way more than an online therapist who provides you with the same level of help and support through the session. This does not make sense at all when you think about it.

    Why should you pay extra to meet medical doctors in person for your psychiatric care when you can do the same online at a much lower cost?

    An in-person therapy session costing more than what mental health apps provide can be attributed to the infrastructure cost of the doctor’s office, the need for multiple staff to provide psychiatric services, and many other reasons.

    However, by choosing to seek help online and getting rid of the traditional method, you can save a lot of money, and you have the option of numerous doctors from around the world who can help you out instead of just the ones near you. And all of this at a much lower cost.

    More Convenient Than In-person Therapy

    Let us face it. The pandemic has shifted everything around us, and we have all adapted to a continuous work from a home mode where we just don’t feel the need to step out for anything unless we absolutely need to.

    Convenience has become a thing of the present and the future, and why should it not be the case when it comes to meeting your therapist as well?

    An online therapist is way more convenient than undergoing a traditional therapy session at your psychologist’s office. You can be at home where you are comfortable and connect with your online therapist through any means.

    Medical doctors and numerous psychiatric services are available through various applications that you can use to connect with your online therapist. By choosing to stay indoors, you avoid the stress of going out and getting ready just to get psychiatric help.

    Besides, you can choose any time convenient for you and the expert.

    Provide the Same Effectiveness

    If you ask someone the difference between a traditional therapy discussion and an online therapist, you will notice that they only have positive things to say about the latter. There is no difference in the quality of psychiatric services you obtain when you choose to attend therapy in the traditional offline manner.

    Whether you seek relationship counseling or other psychiatric services, every option is available online in a convenient and accessible manner.

    You will receive the same level of effectiveness that you would by going to meet the marriage and family therapists in person. In fact, this is much better because now neither of you have the excuse of avoiding the counseling session by stating any inconvenience.

    You will notice that you experience the same benefits and wellness by attending the sessions online as if going to the therapist’s office.

    Options in Choosing the Method of Communication

    If you wish to conduct the session online, you have multiple options to choose from. Most psychiatric services are available through chat, phone, or video sessions. You can choose the mode of communication and decide whether chat, phone, or video conferencing makes the most sense to you.

    Whatever you choose, you will notice that the psychiatric services you get through these methods are the same as those you would get from the office, except they are a lot more convenient. When you choose the mode of communication yourself, you can ensure that you are completely comfortable.

    If you don’t feel like talking but just chatting, you have the option to do so. If you wish to talk but not see the therapist or show yourself, you can choose to communicate your issues via phone.

    You also have the video sessions if you need the personal touch but do not wish to step out of your house. It is completely at your discretion to communicate via chat, phone, or video conferencing.

    Online Therapy Platforms Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does health insurance cover online therapy?

    A: Health insurance coverage depends upon the therapy provider. If it’s included in their program, you can claim it.

    Q: Which health insurance companies cover online therapy programs?

    A: Better Help, Health Sapiens, Faithful Counseling, Cerebral, Doctor on Demand are some of the online counseling platforms that provide health insurance coverage.