Best CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia— 2021 Buying Guide

Sleep may be vital for our health, but many of us have trouble regulating it. Some can’t fall asleep, while others wake up too early or have trouble staying asleep. Whatever the case may be, CBD oil might be a good solution to try. When I first discovered CBD, I was appalled that nobody had cared to mention it to me before. That’s why I’m here, to help all the sleep-deprived folks out there by telling them about the best CBD oil for sleep and its runner-ups.

Obviously, CBD oil itself can’t relieve the consumer of their sleep issues. Changing old and unhealthy habits and seeing an expert about them should be the top priority. However, CBD oil can help the user maintain their healthy new habits and improve their sleep by calming the mind and the body. That being said, let’s see what the market has to offer when it comes to CBD oils for sleep.

Best CBD Oils for Sleep to Buy in 2021

1. Royal CBD


Royal CBD may be a newcomer to the market, but they already have a significant number of regulars who swear by their products. A quick search online and it won’t be difficult to understand why even industry experts such as LA Weekly, HeraldNet, and Peninsula Daily News recommend them for sleep.

In addition, the less potent options come with a couple of flavor options such as berry, mint, and vanilla. The full-spectrum oil doesn’t come in any flavors other than natural, but, personally, I prefer this flavor over the others, as I find its bitterness and earthiness quite reinvigorating. However, each to their own.

Those who seek CBD tinctures for sleep improvement will probably find their full-spectrum 2500-mg oil most helpful, as it has the highest CBD content, coming in at around 83mg per serving.


  • The best tasting oil
  • Neat flavor options
  • 100% organic
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Few potency options
  • No 100% THC-free options

2. Gold Bee


The last contender for the best CBD oil for sleep is the Gold Bee full-spectrum tincture. In contrast to some other brands, such as Hemp Bombs, Gold Bee doesn’t have the same impressive array of various products.

However, what they lack in variety, they certainly make up for in quality and consistency. Gold Bee is highly recommended for sleep by a number of industry-experts such as Juneau Empire and CFAH.

Their CBD oil is a full-spectrum extract and it has a potency of around 10-40mg per serving, which is certainly enough of a sleep aid. What’s more, aside from the natural flavor, they have a kiwi-flavored honey-infused CBD oil option as well. Gold Bee also carries other delicious products, such as gummies and honey sticks.


  • 100% vegan, organic and additive-free
  • Honey-infused option
  • Third-party lab tested
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No potency options to choose from

3. CBDistillery


Aside from producing some of the best CBD products out there, CBDistillery is also one of the loudest advocates for CBD. Their aim is to popularize CBD by introducing people to it and educating them. Furthermore, their oils are of superb quality, extracted using CO2 from GMO-free hemp plants, and are all lab tested.

However, they really shine when it comes to sleep aid. CBDistillery offers, if not the best CBD oil for sleep, then surely the most potent, with a CBD content of up to 5000mg a bottle and 167mg per serving. Besides that, buyers can choose between various types of oils, from THC-free and isolate to full-spectrum.

In addition, CBDistillery is one of few brands that carry oils that contain CBN and CBG. One of such products is their CBN+CBD sleep tincture, which doesn’t have a high CBD content, but it does contain CBN, which has proven to have calming effects on the body. Much like CBD, CBN and CBG are also cannabinoids from the hemp plant, and they’ve also shown to have various health benefits.


  • The most potent
  • Plenty of potency options to choose from
  • CBN and CBG options
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Sourced from non-GMO hemp
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • No flavor options

4. NuLeaf Naturals


NuLeaf Naturals is a brand that has been around for more than 6 years now, and they’ve built a strong reputation in the meantime. They are known for being reliable and consistent with their products and producing a pure and smooth CBD oil that can compete with the best.

There aren’t too many options to choose from, but as far as sleep aid is concerned, NuLeaf Naturals doesn’t fall short. Their CBD oil is completely organic and additive-free, which has been confirmed through independent lab tests. With NuLeaf, consumers always know what they’re getting, which is also why they have an ISO certificate of quality consistency.

Their main product is the full-spectrum CBD tincture, which comes in five different bottle sizes, all of them containing around 30mg of CBD per serving.


  • The most reliable brand
  • The highest quality oil
  • Made from organic hemp
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Few product and potency options
  • The most expensive
  • No 100% THC-free options

5. CBD Pure



CBD Pure is one of those brands that value transparency and quality above all. On their website, visitors can read about each and every detail of the CBD oil manufacturing and testing processes. That ensures that each product they sell is free of any flaws and impurities, such as metals and toxins, and jam-packed with valuable cannabinoids. With CBD Pure, buyers can always be sure that they will get what they’ve paid for.

The CBD Pure hemp oil 1000 might be the best CBD oil for sleep, as it is the most potent out of the three options. Each serving contains around 33mg of CBD. The other two, less potent options contain 10mg and 20mg per serving.

CBD Pure also enables its buyers to return the purchased product within 90 days in case it doesn’t live up to its promises.


  • Transparency about its manufacturing and quality control process
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Made from organic hemp


  • Few potency options to choose from
  • No flavor options
  • No THC-free options

6. Hemp Bombs



And for those that prefer a multitude of product options, Hemp Bombs is definitely the go-to CBD brand. They have everything from CBD-infused tattoo ointments to dog treats. What’s more, they are known for their huge selection of flavor options. Therefore, those that aren’t fond of the natural CBD oil flavor might prefer acai berry, orange creamsicle, watermelon, chocolate mint, and others.

Unlike the other brands on this list, Hemp Bombs doesn’t carry full-spectrum CBD oil, so those who seek the high potency and entourage effect should consider other brands on this list.

Moreover, Hemp Bombs doesn’t claim to be 100% organic, but the quality of all their products has been tested and confirmed by independent labs, so buyers shouldn’t be deterred by that fact.


  • The biggest and most exciting selection of flavors
  • A wide variety of products and potencies
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party lab tested


  • No full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Made from high-quality ingredients, but not 100% organic
  • No 100% THC-free options

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important, but, unfortunately, it is usually what suffers the most whenever any kind of stress comes along. However, whether a person got a good night’s sleep or not could mean a huge difference in their life — the difference between having a job or losing it because of an ignorant, fatigue-driven mistake. What’s more, it could also mean the difference between life and death. According to a common statistic, around 20% of fatal car accidents involve fatigue or sleep deficit, which is why it’s often called the silent killer.

When we sleep, aside from resting our bodies, we also process all the information that we collected during the day. Moreover, various hormone changes happen during sleep, such as an increase of the growth hormone and the decrease of cortisol. In essence, the body and the mind slowly repair themselves and prepare for the new day. Naturally, when a person doesn’t get enough sleep, especially if that happens on a regular basis, they will not have the necessary strength to take on the challenges that the new day imposes. Their cognition process will be slow and error-prone, they won’t be able to concentrate, and they will most likely be irritable.

Insomnia and other sleep-related disorders are closely linked to numerous other physical as well as mental problems. In fact, many psychological conditions are accompanied by insomnia, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

The Most Common Causes of Insomnia



Insomnia has 3 subtypes:

  • Sleep-onset insomnia (when a person can’t fall asleep)
  • Sleep maintenance insomnia (when a person has trouble staying asleep)
  • Non-restorative sleep (when a person feels tired despite a long sleep)

The most common cause of any sleeping disorder, insomnia especially, is stress. Problems at work, family crises, even positive events such as weddings and traveling can make the person unable to sleep, even if they are tired. Unfortunately, as life is full of such events, it’s no wonder that sleep issues are so prevalent. It is said that over 70 million Americans suffer from some sort of sleep disorder.

However, stress is not the only culprit. Even small, seemingly insignificant events and circumstances can bring about the inability to sleep. For instance, the cause could be a belated cup of coffee or tea, not to mention the use of alcohol, nicotine, and recreational drugs like cocaine. Jet lag and occasional night shifts are also common factors of insomnia.

How CBD Oil Can Improve Sleep Quality

Unfortunately, there is no single all-encompassing solution for low-quality sleep and insomnia, especially when they’re chronic and related to a health condition. On the other hand, there are many things one can do to try and improve the quality of their slumber. For starters, those who have underlying health conditions should first see the appropriate doctor or specialist. Also, healthier eating habits and regular exercise will always go a long way. Still, finding the right means to relax might be the most important thing a sleep-deprived person can do.

That’s where CBD oil comes into play. This cannabidiol works in many, still somewhat mysterious ways, but it can do wonders for a person’s sleep. First of all, it improves cellular communication and therefore helps the body maintain its homeostasis. Secondly, it reduces inflammation and alleviates pain. Finally, it also affects the GABA receptors, which then help slow down all neurological activity to relax the person and prepare them for a good night’s sleep.

Even though many people use it on a regular basis, there haven’t been too many studies with CBD due to its controversial past. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know the difference between recreational marijuana, which gets its consumers high, and CBD, which doesn’t. I hope that as time passes, more and more people and organizations will start to realize its potential and finally start researching CBD at full steam.

Sleeping Pills vs CBD

Obviously, sleeping pills have a direct and immediate impact on a person. There’s no doubt that a person will sleep after taking a sleeping pill. Still, these medications, such as Xanax and Valium, cause more side-effects than benefits. They make the person drowsy and confused during the day. What’s more, they are seriously addictive, causing tolerance over time and strong withdrawal symptoms when a person tries to give them up. CBD is not nearly as strong as sleeping pills, but it is a far more natural option. Plus, CBD isn’t addictive and it doesn’t cause unwanted fatigue.

Choosing the Right Oil

Best CBD Oil for Sleep main image

Now I’ll give the readers a few tips on how to pick the best CBD oil for sleep possible. First of all, the product must be from a reliable brand that works transparently, allows for third-party lab testing, and publishes the results. It’s not enough to trust the label, as it could be there just for show. By buying from reputable brands, a person can be sure that their CBD is pure and doesn’t contain any pesticides, toxins, and metals, but rather the right amount of cannabidiol, terpenes, etc.

Secondly, it’s important to choose the right type of oil — isolate, broad-spectrum, or full spectrum. The best CBD oil for sleep is full-spectrum CBD oil, as it’s typically quite potent and contains a wide range of cannabinoids that could prove to be beneficial when combined. That is called the entourage effect. Still, everyone’s case is different, so it’s up to the reader to choose.

Thirdly, there are CBD oils and other CBD products that have been enriched with melatonin, the hormone that essentially regulates the sleep cycles. Thus, people who have sleep issues should consider trying such products.

Final Thoughts

Lack of sleep or irregular, low-quality sleep can seriously harm a person’s physical, not to mention mental well-being. And instead of gulping down a bunch of pills, more and more people are turning to natural solutions for help. That being said, I hope this text managed to educate our readers about CBD and its benefits. Besides that, I’m confident that our pick for the best CBD oil for sleep will live up to its title.