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Best Blood Sugar Supplement (2021) Top High BP Support Pills

Blood sugar levels need to be managed properly for good health, but many people don’t actually know how balanced theirs may be. The only people that typically have this knowledge are the individuals that have to check it regularly – diabetics and pre-diabetics.

Using blood sugar support supplements can help consumers to keep their levels under control. In doing so, many people enjoy the natural effects of these formulas rather than having to take insulin or dramatically change their lifestyle. Even when used with a medication prescribed by a doctor, these types of supplements are incredibly helpful. The majority of these products use natural ingredients to create their desired effects, including chromium, cinnamon, and licorice extract.

Unfortunately, like other products in the market today, some companies seek to scam users. Throughout this guide, users will learn which are the best formulas to maintain proper blood sugar levels.

The Rankings of the Blood Sugar Support Supplements

Most products claim to offer the same control over blood sugar levels using exclusively natural ingredients. Ultimately, far too many of these products don’t do anything, which is why it’s important to know the top remedies on the market today. Here are the top-ranked formulas that this guide will highlight today.

  • Glucofort
  • 1MD GlucoseMD
  • Gluconite
  • Altai Balance
  • Sugar Balance
  • Blood Sugar Blaster
  • DiabaCore
  • Mellitox
  • Ceracare
  • Zenith Labs BP Zone
  • Zenith Labs Blood Sugar Premier
  • GlucoShield Pro
  • Frontline Diabetes
  • GlucoFlow
  • Glucafix
  • StrictionD

Read on below to find out the impact that each one can make on the body.



Glucofort is the top product on this list, focusing on the ability to keep the metabolism of glucose at a proper level. The body’s ability to metabolize glucose correctly is the only way for the sugar in the bloodstream to be properly maintained.

With every single meal, the body takes in all of the nutrients as it converts to glucose. While the average person can handle this intake, a diabetic lacks the proper insulin to manage the sugar that they take in. Without insulin to properly handle this sugar, the use of Glucofort can be incredibly helpful.

The formula includes many important ingredients for the maintenance of blood sugar levels, including chromium, guggul, cinnamon bark extract, bitter melon, and licorice. All of these ingredients have a natural impact on the user’s blood sugar levels, helping them to be moderated as necessary.

Users can purchase Glucofort for $69 per bottle. Learn More Here.

1MD GlucoseMD


Even though 1MD GlucoseMD is the second formula on this list, it is the only one that claims to have a doctor in the title. Much like Glucofort, the formula has many ingredients that are used to keep blood sugar levels under control, focusing on the way that glucose is metabolized in the body.

While this formula includes chromium (like the previous remedy), it also includes berberine and Gymnema Sylvestre to achieve this effect. This formula is not only capable of improving blood sugar levels but also of regulating metabolism, improving immunity, and supporting the health of the heart.

Just like Glucofort, the total cost of 1 bottle of this formula is $69. Learn More Here.



Gluconite seems to act rather quickly, claiming to correct the damage created by blood sugar imbalances overnight. The formula works while the user is sleeping, blended into a liquid of the user’s choice. The liquid state is incredibly helpful in the digestion of this product, meaning it can get to work on blood sugar levels much faster.

This formula not only helps users balance blood sugar levels but also helps them sleep better each night. Interestingly, this improved sleep is also important to blood sugar levels. Sleep allows the pancreas to continue to function properly, and it supports the production of hormones. Proper sleep allows the body to improve the defense that it has against problems like diabetes, and it triggers metabolism any natural way.

The total cost of this formula is also $69 for a one-month supply. Learn More Here.

Altai Balance


Altai Balance has beautiful packaging, but that is not the reason that it is on this list. It is much more affordable, and there are already 193,000 people that have experienced success with it. The main purpose is to provide the user with balance in their blood sugar levels, though it inherently helps with weight loss as well. It has already had incredible success in sales, focusing specifically on the way that weight can impact blood sugar levels.

Individuals who tend to carry more weight will struggle to control the amount of insulin that their body releases. Without the proper amount of insulin, the body cannot effectively manage glucose levels. Using this formula ultimately helps users to keep their blood sugar levels under control; the users will also get to see their waistline slim down while using it.

The total cost of this formula is just $49 per bottle. Learn More Here.

Sugar Balance


Sugar Balance is a remedy from PureHealth Research, and its primary goal is to help users reverse type II diabetes. With a blend of natural ingredients and herbal extracts, consumers are quickly reassured that this is not a product to cure the condition, but it is easier to use fairly quickly to get the desired results.

Part of the gimmick for this product is that users may not be able to find it how long because the mainstream industry has already found a way to blacklist the product. Consumers may not be familiar with the brand or the product itself, but that doesn’t make it any less effective.

To make diabetes easier to manage, this formula slowly eliminates the need for any kind of medication. There should be no more need to constantly check blood sugar levels, but any transition away from blood sugar medication should only be done up with the supervision of a doctor.

Users can expect to pay $69 for a single bottle. Learn More Here.

Blood Sugar Blaster


The next formula on this list – Blood Sugar Blaster – helps users to improve their energy levels, which can fluctuate significantly when blood sugar is not effectively managed. The formula helps users to improve their blood sugar levels, but it also supports better insulin sensitivity so that the body can naturally maintain glucose levels itself. With better balance, users will experience improvements in their sleep at night as well.

The creators prioritized the manufacturing of this product within the facility that is already registered with the FDA. The brand itself is led by a medical doctor named Dr. Mat Carter, boasting 25 years have experience. He recommends using this formula to manage blood sugar levels properly, thanks to the inclusion of Banaba leaf, alpha-lipoic acid, cinnamon bark powder, and chromium.

Like many other formulas on this list, a bottle of this remedy will cost $69. Learn More Here.



DiabaCore entices consumers by promising to correct their issue with type II diabetes. Like the formula before it, this formula is backed by a doctor that is self-proclaimed to be the enemy of Big Pharma – Dr. Thomas Sully. He states that this formula can help users to completely stop taking their medication, only taking a few weeks to make the necessary corrections.

Users won’t need much of this remedy for a single serving – just one capsule. The ingredients used include Banaba extract, Gymnema Sylvestre, and guggul. To get one bottle of this formula, users will need to head to the official website. Learn More Here.



Mellitox focuses on restoring the blood sugar levels that users need. According to the official website. There have been customers who have already reduced their blood sugar levels by two-thirds of what they used to be. Consumers also have found that they’ve lost a significant amount of weight with this product due to the natural ingredients used. The purpose of the remedy is to reverse diabetes entirely, based on a remedy that the creator found in Vietnam. Theoretically, this region has no diabetes diagnosis anywhere because of the herbal extracts that they constantly have access to.

To get the same combination of ingredients, the total cost of a bottle is $69. Learn More Here.



Ceracare is already a fairly well-known product, providing the body with antioxidants that will keep blood sugar levels under control. The creators claim that this remedy awakens a certain loop that circulates in the body, helping to control blood sugar and promoting improvements in healing. The creators claimed that this is possible for anyone and that only one capsule is needed to purge the body of toxins.

As well as promoting better blood health and an energy boost, users should also find that this remedy will be able to keep their blood sugar levels in check as well. It costs $69 to get a bottle of this formula, sharing the same price as many other formulas on the list. Learn More Here.

Zenith Labs BP Zone


Rather than supporting blood sugar levels specifically, BP Zone from Zenith Labs helps users to control blood pressure. The brand already has a rather reliable reputation, complemented by a medical advisory board that weighs in on every single product that the company makes. The reason that the company targets high blood pressure with this formula is that it is directly correlated to cardiovascular health. High blood pressure makes it difficult for the body to manage proper weight loss and to keep blood sugar levels under control.

To bring down high blood pressure, this formula improves nitric oxide levels to widen the blood vessels and allow more oxygen to be delivered throughout the body. Hawthorn extract is one of the leading ingredients in this formula, combined with arjuna. The total cost of this remedy is slightly less than the other products on the list that just $59. Learn More Here.

Zenith Labs Blood Sugar Premier


Following the formula above for high blood pressure is another formula from Zenith Labs – Blood Sugar Premier. This formula is specifically made by Dr. Ryan Shelton, and it comes with a wealth of herbal extracts and natural ingredients that are combined with the influence of Chinese medicine. Rather than correcting blood sugar levels that are already out of control, this formula is for people who already have their glucose within a range that is completely healthy.

Users that take this remedy won’t be able to reverse diabetes or reduce high blood sugar. The creators don’t even promise to get the user off the medication they are currently taking for diabetes. Users that take this remedy will not likely be the individuals that already have any kind of worrisome condition, which is why the brand can use berberine, curcumin, and piperine to support the existing balance in the body.

This formula is one of the cheapest on the list at just $49 for a bottle. Learn More Here.

GlucoShield Pro


GlucoShield Pro is another creation by someone in the scientific community, but not a doctor. Gregory Johnson is a researcher that has found certain natural ingredients to have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. The creator includes remedies like lemon balm, skullcap, valerian root, hawthorn berry, and Rhodiola Rosea to manage blood sugar levels effectively. All of the ingredients are natural, and it is specifically made for individuals who already have a diabetes diagnosis.

Even though the brand highlights their inability to make a profit on this product, they still price fairly high, with the majority of these other formulas at $69. Learn More Here.

Frontline Diabetes


Frontline Diabetes is unique in the way that it helps users to support healthy blood sugar levels. It doesn’t technically qualify as a supplement because it offers users a plan to get back on track with their health. The creator specifically outlines a plan that users can take on to get them through this condition.

By following the recommendations, users can manage a current or potential diabetes diagnosis, and they can reduce the risk of the neuropathy that comes with it. Some users are even able to completely go off of their medication with the help of a doctor.

When users make this purchase, they will get 7 digital books that will describe everything they need to know about their type II diabetes. This program is just $27; the users are still able to take any of the supplements on this list to combine with this product. Learn More Here.



GlucoFlow might be relatively new, but it was created by endocrinologist Jonathan Garner with natural ingredients that can completely change the way blood sugar varies. Users only need to take one capsule, but the creators believe that it can reduce the symptoms associated with blood sugar fluctuations.

But this is one of the few remedies on the list that doesn’t tell users what the ingredients are without making the purchase. Instead, Jonathan says that there are clinical levels of all of the natural ingredients we used and that no other supplement offers it. The creators claim that they do not have any profit from the sale of this product, but it is still priced at $69. Learn More Here.



Glucafix Helps users that already have a diabetes diagnosis or some known difficulty with diabetes. Like many other remedies on this list, Glucafix is not just about helping users to manage their blood sugar levels. It also helps with weight loss, pushing the body to continue burning calories for up to 20 hours daily. That means users will still be burning through excess fat when they’re sleeping for several hours.

The ingredients are inspired by a Japanese ritual that helps to burn through fat, inherently affecting hormone levels and hormone production. Users are not provided with much information about the ingredients included, but the creators reassure users that clinical doses are used for each one.

The total cost of this supplement is $67. Learn More Here.



StrictionD is the final ingredient on this list, and it happens to be the only formula that specifically states that it can reduce blood sugar. It also claims that users will see lower lipid levels as they use the remedy, which is important to reduce high cholesterol. The formula also focuses on supporting a natural and healthy insulin response with a plethora of natural ingredients.

Using Banaba leaf, cinnamon extract, chromium, and other natural ingredients, users can get a refund within 60 days of the original transaction if the remedy doesn’t work out for them. The total cost of one bottle is $66, which still puts it on the higher side of this list. Learn More Here.

How Were the Rankings Determined?

Determining how these products should be ranked was no simple solution. Since every supplement company claims to be effective in different ways, there needed to be a way to sort out which ones are good and which ones aren’t. The formulas chosen for this list had many different criteria that they had to meet.

The qualifiers considered were:

Ingredients with scientific evidence: Every ingredient – whether it was a vitamin, mineral, or plant – had to have benefits that could be proven by scientific evidence. Daily use of these ingredients had to be effective in managing high blood sugar.

Clinically proven dosages: Even though many supplements have the right ingredients, they need to have the right dosages as well. Proprietary blends tend to be an easy way for these companies to hide how much of each ingredient is included. There are even companies that refuse to show what ingredients are used at all. Supplements on this list had to include proper dosages of each ingredient to be effective, using amounts that have been proven through scientific studies.

Transparency: The ingredients used and how much of each ingredient is included are important for each of these supplements. The only way to be able to compare one supplement to the next is with honesty in the label, which is why formulas with this transparency rank much higher.

Support from medical professionals: Everything that an individual puts into their body can affect it in different ways. Most consumers want to know that the products they are using are backed by professionals, which also earned a place on this list.

Value for the cost: Consumers tend to spend a lot of money on natural products that can improve their bodies. A high-quality supplement can reach up to $70.00, though it isn’t unrealistic to have to spend $50.00 as well. Companies are aware of the value that they’re offering by using natural ingredients to manage blood sugar levels instead of insulin.

Natural sources for ingredients: Some supplements combined natural ingredients with synthetic alternatives. The synthetic ingredients provided are much more harmful to the body than can possibly be imagined. While users will not suffer from any side effects with a natural ingredient, it is much more likely when its synthetic ingredient is introduced. To reduce the risk of adverse effects, users should prioritize completely natural ingredients.

Health benefits that are promised to users: Consumers need to know that the promises made to them about a product are completely legitimate. Supplements are not allowed to claim to cure diabetes, according to the FDA. A supplement should be honest and clear about the benefits that they offer, which is why it is so important to pay attention to the claims.

The reputation of the brand: As important as these products are, users need to know they can also rely on the brand that is advertising them. High-quality products are often made in facilities that are approved by the FDA, while others are made and unlisted facilities that are incredibly sketchy. The last consideration for these rankings was the good reputation of the brand that makes them.

Who are the Best Candidates for Blood Sugar Support Supplements?

Simply put, anyone can use blood sugar supplements. Everyone needs to manage blood sugar levels appropriately, keeping their appetite and weight under control. Proper blood sugar levels can help users to think more clearly and improve focus.

The most common groups of people that take these types of supplements are diabetics and prediabetics. Individuals who are currently diabetic already have issues with managing proper blood sugar levels, keeping their natural insulin from regulating blood sugar properly. Diabetics often already have the help of a doctor to recommend different dietary changes and improve exercise, but the use of a supplement is another natural option.

Even for consumers who are not struggling with blood sugar issues, these formulas can help users improve weight loss, promote improvements in their hearts, and increase overall wellness.


What Are the Benefits of Using Blood Sugar Support Supplements?

The benefits of a blood sugar support supplement will largely depend on the ingredients used. All of the ingredients in the formulas listed in this guide are backed up with evidence to show how effective they might be. Consumers should not expect to take blood sugar support supplements with the intention of curing type II diabetes, but there is a chance of reversing these symptoms associated with it.

According to research, reversing diabetes often requires users to restrict their diet to exclusively liquids, limiting the number of calories to no more than 850 daily. This type of regimen must be followed for at least two months, though it may take up to six months to make a difference. Reducing carbohydrate intake is one of the most effective solutions, but it will only last for as long as consumers change their routine. That is why these supplements are much easier on the body and more effective in reversal.

Chromium is one of the most common ingredients to include in a blood sugar support supplement. Studies show that individuals who are deficient in chromium tend to have a greater risk of blood sugar issues. Furthermore, chromium is essential to insulin resistance. Taking up chromium each day will support the health of the cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Biotin is also a necessary part of many blood sugar support supplements. The primary purpose of this nutrient is to provide enough nourishment for the hair, skin, and nails. However, using this type of ingredient can improve control over blood sugar. If the user is already taking medication, there is a chance that blood sugar levels will drop too low, which is why users should discuss any supplements with biotin with a doctor first. It is important to check every ingredient list for every supplement since even multivitamins can contain biotin.

Guggul has centuries of evidence to back it up since it has commonly been used in Ayurvedic medicine. The use of guggul can improve the body’s control over glucose, and it has even been tested in diabetic rats to show the positive impact it has on blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and other areas of the body. It provides incredible antioxidants as well.

Bitter Melon can theoretically help with high blood sugar levels, but there is some debate over how effective it is. Some researchers suggest that it is no different than taking a placebo. One study in 2013 verified the anti-diabetic effects of this substance, but other researchers found very minimal effects. The peptides, extracts, and anti-diabetic agents are part of the reason that there is such positive support behind this remedy.

Licorice Extract is another common ingredient, providing users with multiple benefits for their overall health. The use of this extract can reduce the risk of diabetes with its natural compounds, much in the same way that cinnamon bark can help. Even just one gram of cinnamon extract daily substantially reduces cholesterol as well.

Alpha-lipoic Acid, also known as ALA, is found in many different supplements. Researchers have found many positive effects of this ingredient through the years, inhibiting certain enzymes as it activates AMPk. AMPk supports a healthy metabolism, ensuring that any process that requires energy in the body is efficiently performed.

Banaba Leaf Extract does not have many independent benefits, but some research suggests that even two weeks of use can reduce high blood sugar by approximately 10%. Unlike biotin, using banana leaves with insulin is incredibly beneficial in the control of blood sugar levels.

Amino acids like L-Taurine have proven to have a rather positive effect as well. Taurine specifically benefits cellular function and reduces diabetes symptoms. Even just a few grams of the amino acid can metabolize glucose more efficiently, alleviating the symptoms associated with type II diabetes.

Ultimately, the ingredients used simply have to be balanced in a certain way to have an incredible impact. Users should always check the ingredients on the label to determine if the formula is safe for their needs.

What Side Effects Are Typically Associated with Blood Sugar Support Supplements?

The majority of these products come with absolutely no risk of side effects. Natural ingredients are much easier on the body than synthetic substances often included in medications. The FDA requires that supplements only include ingredients that they have deemed safe, and these ingredients must be combined in the approved dosages for a product to be legal at all.

The best way to avoid any potential side effects is to only use the serving size recommended by the creators of the product. Users that experience any type of adverse reaction should speak with their doctor as soon as possible.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Blood Sugar Support Supplements?

The recommended dosage of a blood sugar support supplement will entirely depend on the vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients used in the formula. Every one of these products will come with specific directions that detail how to use the product. Products that use the encapsulated form of their remedy often only require a couple of capsules daily, though some may divide the servings into multiple times a day.

Certain ingredients are effective at different amounts as well. Chromium is an essential nutrient for the body, and most researchers recommend approximately 250 mcg daily. If the cinnamon extract is used, no more than 6 grams is needed daily to get the desired effect, even though the majority of these supplements use much less. Up to 3 grams per day is safe to use of most amino acids (including L-taurine), helping consumers to properly metabolize glucose to prevent major spikes.


FAQs About Blood Sugar Support Supplements

What exactly is a blood sugar support supplement?

These supplements specifically use natural ingredients to balance out blood sugar levels, keeping them within the proper range. The formula typically uses vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other plants to achieve this effect.

Who is the best candidate for a blood sugar support supplement?

The majority of these supplements specifically help individuals who already have diabetes or who may soon be diagnosed with the condition. However, these supplements can be used by anyone who wants to reduce their risk of blood sugar problems, supporting the health of their heart in the process.

How does a blood sugar support supplement work?

The majority of these supplements specifically use natural ingredients. Herbal extracts have been particularly effective, especially when it comes to managing the hormone levels in individuals struggling to keep their blood sugar under control. Many of these supplements use ingredients like chromium, delivering minerals that diabetic individuals tend to be more deficient in than others.

Is it possible to reverse type II diabetes?

At this time, scientists suggest that diabetes can be reversed, which essentially means that users will no longer experience the same effects that diabetes causes in their bodies. Current research shows that heavily restricting caloric intake for up to six months may help the body properly produce the insulin that it needs.

Is type II diabetes curable?

Unfortunately, no. Even though symptoms can be reduced and eliminated, no drug or supplements can cure diabetes.

How should a blood sugar supplement be taken?

The majority of these supplements come with full instructions to detail the way they are meant to be used. The recommended instructions will detail how many capsules, how much liquid, or how many scoops of a powder should be used for each serving, and it is incredibly important to follow these instructions explicitly.

Is it safe to take a blood sugar support supplement?

Yes. The point of these products is to make them safe for all users, which is why they must contain only the ingredients that have been placed on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. The list also includes the safe dosages that each of the ingredients can be taken at.

Are any blood sugar support supplements approved by the Food and Drug Administration for public use?

No. The Food and Drug Administration specifically oversees medications and food products. A supplement is neither of these, which is why the FDA does not provide approval. Some companies do their best to adhere to the policies of this entity by creating their products within facilities that have been approved by the FDA instead.

Is a diabetes supplement legal? Can users legally purchase them?

Yes. Some creators attempt to scam consumers by carefully balancing their products on the line between legal and illegal. If users are unsure if the formula is going to help them, they should stay away from products that claim to treat or cure diabetes. In fact, users should stay away from products that specifically state that they can lower blood sugar, opting instead for products that support healthy blood sugar levels.

Most often, the FDA will go after companies that make any false claims, or that promised to help users in the same way that medication will.

What benefits can consumers reap from a blood sugar support supplement?

The obvious reason that consumers will take blood sugar support supplements is to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. These supplements also have other benefits that come from the improvements that healthy blood sugar levels offer, including improved circulation and improved blood pressure. The ingredients in some of these products may also help with the proper production of certain hormones, healthy weight loss, and a more controlled appetite.

How do users know if they are at risk for high blood sugar?

While it is easy to go to a doctor to get tested, some indications that the user’s blood sugar may be unregulated include increased thirst, nausea, stomach pain, dry mouth, fatigue, frequent urination, and a fruity aroma in their breath.

What are some of the symptoms commonly associated with diabetes?

Consumers that find that they have symptoms of unregulated blood sugar often later discover that they are diabetic or at risk of becoming diabetic. In addition to the above symptoms, individuals that may have diabetes may also experience excessive hunger, numbness in their extremities, dry skin, blurry vision, and extreme tiredness.

Is it possible to replace diabetes medication with the use of blood sugar support supplements?

Even though some of the fraudulent companies may claim this is a possibility, no changes to any current medication should be performed without the approval of the prescribing doctor.

Do doctors support the use of a blood sugar support supplement?

Many of the most reputable supplements have been made under the recommendation of doctors. However, the majority of these products are not approved by doctors as a treatment for any type of diabetes.

Final Thoughts

Blood sugar support supplements can be incredibly helpful to individuals who want to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It doesn’t matter if users are prone to diabetes or are currently diabetic; regulation of blood sugar can be difficult for these individuals, which is why these supplements are so helpful. They tend to work for individuals with high blood sugar or that simply have difficulty keeping their blood sugar levels within a healthy range.

The industry is filled with individuals and companies at launch scams, tricking consumers with their massive claims. However, the products on this list are extremely effective and safe, allowing users to visit their official websites and check out the formula for themselves. If users would prefer a different product, they can use the guidance in our rankings of the best blood sugar support supplements for themselves.

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