Best Air Purifiers on the Market (2022)

Polluted air is a significant health risk. Every day, you are surrounded by polluted air and breathe dirty air.

Every time you breathe, you could be inhaling mold and pet dander, allergens, and toxins. Using an air purifier is one of the best ways to protect you against stale air.

Today’s top air purifiers use proven technology to remove harmful pollutants from your home. So you can breathe harmlessly and enjoy a healthier environment. Plug in the air purifier, turn it on, and enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher air.

These are the finest air purifiers for you, based on hours of research.

The Top Air Purifying Devices in 2022

Knowing which air purifier will work best for you is hard without a thorough review. After a lot of research and thought, here is a list of the best air purifiers in the world:

Best Air Purifiers

  • Purifair
  • Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner
  • Blaux In-Home
  • Proton Pure
  • DivinAir Dehumidifier
  • Ion Pure
  • Air Protect Pro
  • Ioner Air Purifier
  • Air Cleaner Pro
  • CleanAir S
  • Air Cleaner
  • Safe Air X
  • Air Purifier X

Best Passive Air Purifiers and Deodorizers

  • AirJoi
  • PureAir Max

Best Breathing Improvement Products

  • The Breather
  • AirPhysio
  • Hale Breathing
  • FEND Nasal Mist
  • LifeVac

The Best Air Purifiers



Purifair is a device that removes particles in the air with negative ion technology. It can be placed in virtually any indoor space and is designed to be quiet and effective. Purifair offers convenience with ease of use, is affordable, and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals. Use Purifair daily to purify homes and offices!

The quality and efficiency of negative ions make them a popular and effective means of eliminating contaminants from the air. Purifair is a machine that cleans up dust and grime around small spaces like a room or office. It’s also very cost-effective, representing a bargain for what it does.

Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner


The Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner is a no-nonsense device that effectively filters various toxins. While it may not be the best to remove larger particles, it can efficiently remove a small number of air pollutants.

The air purifier has negative ion technology, so it attracts positively-charged particles. And it comes with an activated charcoal filter for more reliable filtration.

The device starts cleaning your air nearly instantly. It’s surprisingly quiet, and the small size makes it easy to fit the cleaner in any space you need – from a nightstand to a desk to any other room of your home.

Blaux In-Home


Blaux Air purifier is an all-in-one, replaceable filter and cleaner that gives the air you breathe a fresh new scent every time it runs.

Blaux In-Home’s 3-speed fan, a night light at the base, and sophisticated cleaning functionality set it apart from other air purifiers.

Through proven filtration practices, the unit can remove dust, smoke, pollen, and other contaminants. Through proven filtration practices, the unit can remove dust, smoke, pollen, and other pollutants. Placing the activated charcoal filter in the unit will instantly start the process of better air quality.

Proton Pure


Proton Pure scrubs indoor air using a three-stage purification process to quickly eliminate up to 99.7% of common indoor air pollutants

The Proton Pure Triple Filtration System removes particles such as bacteria and spores down to 0.3 microns in size, which help you enjoy a safer and cleaner indoor environment. Each pint-sized Proton Pure can clean 350 square feet of space, making it an ideal choice for your home’s medium- and large-sized rooms.

Proton Pure provides three mechanical filters for removing large particles and 99.7% of all microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns. These three filters cleanse your home and safely improve its air quality.

DivinAir Dehumidifier


If you live in a humid environment, the air can cause havoc in your home, raising indoor temperatures that result in moisture causing damage. DivinAir Dehumidifier is both an air purifier and dehumidifier, allowing quick humidity absorption.

With this handy AI, every corner of your home can be dehumidified. It offers 360-degree effectiveness, PTC heating and drying, silica particles for moisture absorption, and other perks.

Air purifiers remove particulate matter from the air, but DivinAir Dehumidifier also extracts moisture. It can work in up to 250 square feet of space and uses heating elements with thermal conductivity to suck moisture out of the air. The result is an environment that is more relaxing and comfortable.

Ion Pure


Ion, another company that manufactures air purification units, has created ION Pure, a unit that provides purified air to the home without maintenance. They have found problems with conventional purifiers like no spare filters and expensive replacement parts. The sleek design of this appliance is equivalent to having multiple portable hard drives in your home.

You can use Ion Pure to cleanse the air in your home by plugging them into a wall outlet. They come at a discounted rate, so you can buy more units and spread them throughout your home to provide adequate cleaning power.

Each Ion Pure produces zero pollution, consumes low energy, and is made from shock-resistant ABS material for enhanced durability. Negative ions produced by the unit cleanse your home’s air.

Air Protect Pro


Air Protect Pro is an air purifier that gives you clean, new indoor spaces with superior portability. The unit filters 99.7% of particles and helps improve indoor air quality.

The Air Protect Pro protects up to 215 square feet, ideal for everything from offices to bedrooms to medium-sized living rooms.

Just press the button on Air Protect Pro, and the unit will start to filter the air. Air Protect Pro has functional features: the three-level detector reflects air quality in real-time, making it easy to see how healthy – or dirty – the air inside your home is and when it’s time to run the purifier.

Ioner Air Purifier


The Ioner Air Purifier is a portable air purifier that you can wear around your neck to purify the air wherever you go. Instead of needing to plug in the air purifier or place it on a desk, you can enjoy on-the-go air purification with zero hassle.

The Ioner Air Purifier is a trusted source of indoor air quality because it can remove bacteria, odors, viruses, and allergens from the air you breathe. Ioner Air Purifiers help you stay healthy by eliminating illnesses-causing particles from the air. At least, it makes the air around you smell better.

For on-the-go protection against airborne contaminants, the Ioner Air Purifier can be the right choice.

Air Cleaner Pro


Inside your home, the Air Cleaner Pro uses negative ions to eliminate particulate matter responsible for bad smells and releases ozone to decompose bacteria. Moreover, this purifier will allow you and your family to breathe better.

The Air Cleaner Pro has a unique design with four buttons. Just plug in the unit and activate it to enjoy on-the-go protection.

With one Air Cleaner Pro, you can eliminate up to 50% of harmful nanoparticles and indoor air pollution from the air you breathe. It can effectively filter particles as small as 10 microns out of the air in your house, leaving it smelling clean and fresh.

CleanAir S


Clean Air S is an air purifier, ionizer, and disinfector that uses True HEPA H13 and carbon nano filters to eliminate toxins from the air.

These custom-designed cash registers quietly use low power levels and are easy to operate with a one-touch feature.

Like other portable air purifiers on our list, CleanAir S is designed to cleanse smaller spaces—and be a healthy addition to your home. According to the manufacturer, you can use CleanAir S in a central spot to help you breathe cleaner air.

Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner is a personal air purification system that cleans the air and protects your health while adding humidity.

It keeps your nasal passages moist and sneezy, keeping you comfortable all day long. If you do enough exposure to the dry climate in the desert, your skin will have a tough time. Air Cleaner ensures that your skin is as moisturized and soft as possible.

$55, the price of this gadget, comes with many features: a durable, portable size, easy to package up and charge through a USB port, and the power to clean the air without damage or harm. Get air for your phone along with an easier workout on budget.

Safe Air X


It comes with a companion app handy when you want to know if the air is safe for your loved ones. Safe Air X units require no assembly and are about the size of a regular sheet of paper.

Safe Air X has a high-tech system that detects carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels in the air, with an alarm if levels are above a certain level.

With Safe Air X, you can monitor the performance of a purifier or the health of your indoor air using GPS monitoring.

Air Purifier X


A portable fan capable of cleaning 99.9% of particles in the air with a motor nearly silent enough to barely be felt is available on Air Purifier X. The device can use ozone to conserve the environment using its small size, significant efficiency, and mobility.

The fans within Air Purifier X spread the ozone particles throughout the indoor environment. Unlike some air purifiers, those ozone particles latch onto the harmful particulate matter that can harm your health. Their straightforward design and modern colors are perfect for any room in your house.

Air Purifier X is a unit with custom design and function; the product’s large fan and a single button on top assist in cleaning your home with significant levels of quality.

The Best Passive Air Purifiers and Deodorizers

An activated charcoal air purifier can clean your air without expensive electricity. Bags can be purchased and placed in places with high contaminants, including your bedroom, a gym bag, or a laundry hamper.

With these passive air purifiers and deodorizers, you no longer have to worry about the noticeable or bothersome operations. They provide round-the-clock protection for you with the touch of a button.


AirJoi is the first air purifier on our list that works without electricity. Add the AirJoi bags to your room, car, or home to cleanse the air over time.

Air Joi works like baking soda to protect against the pollutants of moisture. It can also help filter out the dangerous contaminants from your car, bedroom, etc., and leave behind a fresh smell without replacing them with a new, not-so-fresh one.

AirJoi offers a convenient and time-effective way to remove toxins from your home by providing micro-porous activated bamboo charcoal.

PureAir Max

PureAir Max uses similar technology to AirJoi, offering passive protection from odors and toxins by using the power of activated bamboo charcoal. Just set a bag in a room, gym bag, or laundry hamper and enjoy protection for hours at a time.

Activated bamboo charcoal activates to clean your home because of its unique design, which grabs toxins in the air. Activated charcoal’s deep sinkhole contours create a chemical-free and perfume-free option that works throughout your house.

PureAir Max comes at a user-friendly cost of $49 and quickly cleans your home without worrying about battery or electricity-based costs.

The Best Breathing Improvement Products

Do you often feel like you are running out of breath or have difficulty staying active for extended periods? If so, it might be a respiratory condition.

The air is often tainted with harmful chemicals, so people living inside often breathe poorly. Some products exist for this purpose, but the best option would be to change the quality of your environment by moving outdoors. A product like Airexit can boost health and improve the overall quality of life.

Breathing improvement products offer advanced functionality, including for those with breathing problems. Here are the top-ranked products suitable for this specific customer base.

The Breather

A breather is a device that strengthens your breathing and increases oxygen intake through its capillaries. It is just like the ones used by athletes to improve performance.

You can adjust the resistance of The Breather to your desired level. With e-tailers now selling spa equipment, it is more convenient than ever to find equipment that helps you relax, sleep and breathe.

The Breather is a medical-grade device recommended by doctors and pulmonologists that uses RMT technology to help you breathe easier. The device has sold 1.5 million units worldwide, making it a scientifically-backed yet popular product.


An award-winning device, AirPhysio uses patented technology to help clear mucus from your airways. With OPEP, you have to experience better breathing because it helps remove mucus from your lungs.

Medical doctors and pulmonologists worldwide recommend other top-ranked breathing devices on our list. Pulmonologists use AirPhysio daily to help with asthma conditions, emphysema, and other chronic lung diseases past successful COPD.

Hale Breathing

A discreet device fits inside your nose and allows you to breathe better throughout the day. Of all the devices currently on the market, Hale Breathing is one of the easier ones to use.

If you struggle with taking full breaths, or if you find yourself frequently out of breath because of your nose, then Hale Breathing could help. If you wear a contact lens for your nose, it removes toxins and clears nasal passageways.

Some people use Hale Breathing for better daily breathing, while others use it to stop snoring or improve sleep quality. Whether you have tiny nasal passageways or trying to improve breathing in multiple ways, Hale Breathing is doctor recommended and backed by science.

FEND Nasal Mist

Fend nasal mist can filter allergens, carcinogens, and pathogens from the air you breathe. It works by spraying directly onto the nasal cavity. It works by spraying directly onto the nasal cavity.

Created with doctor-recommended ingredients, FEND Nasal Mist is a refreshing solution to protect your respiratory system from hazards. The mist can be sprayed around one’s face, keeping the world at arm’s length without a quick spray.

FEND Nasal Respiratory Mist uses its unique filtration technology to ensure you can breathe deep and clear for up to six hours. Spray the mist in your nose and mouth several times before heading out for a day at the office.


LifeVac is a lifesaving device to free up a blocked airway. A device designed to start saving lives on its first day and has already saved 370 people.

The lifesaving LifeVac has been proven effective both for children and adults. It was created to protect children from choking hazards and adults from drowning.

Press the plunger down and place LifeVac over your mouth and nose for fast, safe removal of objects lodged deep in your throat, making it a trusted emergency device. Although it is not an FDA-approved medical device, it is available without a prescription and has sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

How We Ranked The Top Air Purifying Devices

Some air cleaners don’t do much to clean the air. Others offer filtration that meets medical standards. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good ones from the bad ones. But we did just that with the help of the following ranking factors:

Air Purification Effectiveness

We made an environment like the real world and then rated each air purifier based on how well it worked. The best air purifiers eliminate pollutants without making the room smell funny or leaving a film behind. The worst air cleaners didn’t do anything at all.

Technology Backed by Science

Oxygen can be extended to air filtration, negative ion filtration, carbon filtration, and other tried-and-true methods. We liked air purifiers that used technology that was backed up by science.

Effectiveness of Transparent Advertising

Some companies that make air purifiers claim that their products can remove “99.99 percent of particulate matter” from the air for no reason. We were wary of companies that lied about how well their air purifiers worked.

Targeting More Than One Particle

The best air purifiers eliminate germs, dust, pollen, allergens, toxins, etc. We liked air purifiers that could eradicate more than one kind of particle.

Life of the Battery, Source of Power, and Charging Capacity

Some air purifiers can run for 10 hours or more on a single charge, making them easy to move around your home. Other air purifiers need a power source always on, which is fine. Some portable air purifiers were ranked based on how long their batteries lasted and how fast they could be charged. We weren’t against air purifiers that needed a constant power source.

Simple to Use

Did it take a long time for the air cleaner to charge? Was the cord to charge it short? Was it hard to figure out how to use it? Or did the air purifier have one button that worked well? Easy-to-use air purifiers were good for us.

Price & Value

You no longer have to spend $300 to get a good air purifier; some of the best ones on our list cost less than $100. We weren’t biased against specific price points but considered price and value when ranking. You should get value if you pay a lot for an air purifier. Even if you pay a low cost, you shouldn’t have to give up on quality.

Air Purification Effectiveness

How long does the air cleaner last? Or does it break after just a few months? Do you always have to change the filters? Or does the purifier clean itself and keep working for years? We considered how long things would last when making our rankings.

Area Covered in Square Feet

Some air cleaners can clean the air in rooms or offices 100 to 200 square feet in size. Others cover 400 to 1,000 square feet, making them perfect for smaller homes, larger rooms, and apartments. We liked air purifiers clear about how many square feet they could clean.


Some air purifiers are very good at cleaning the air, but they are so loud that they are annoying. We liked air purifiers that worked well and were quiet, or at least had different speeds so we could choose how loud they were. Some air purifiers, for example, had three fan speeds or a night mode to help you sleep better.

Customer Reviews, Ratings, & Real-World Experiences

We put each air purifier on our list through its paces in our made-up testing room. People live in different places, though. The air you breathe is not the same as the air we use. It has different levels of humidity, dust, and other things. We also took customer reviews into account when making our lists. There are thousands of five-star reviews for some of the best air purifiers.

Complementary or Added Features (Like Night Lights or Carrying Handles)

Some air purifiers have night lights, handles, and other features that make them more useful. We mostly looked at how well the air purifiers filtered the air, considering any extra or complementary features.

Design, Look, and Aesthetic Value

Some air purifiers look cool and from the future. Some look boring and plain. Design and appearance were not the most critical factor in our rankings, but we did consider them. Since air purifiers are often put in places where people can see them, you want them to look nice.

Satisfaction or Money-Back Guarantee

A company that makes air purifiers shouldn’t be able to get away with not having a money-back guarantee. Today, almost all companies offer strong money-back or satisfaction guarantees, so getting your money back is easy if you’re unhappy with what you bought. We liked air purifiers with a long, flexible, and all-inclusive satisfaction guarantee.

Top 17 Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Air quality is a significant issue in today’s world, filled with contaminants and toxins. Despite this, many people struggle. Rather than pushing the case, you can purchase an air purifier on Amazon for $30 to decrease your chances of getting sick.

Using an air purifier can change your life for the better. These are a few of the benefits people receive after running their air purifier:

Getting Cleaner Air with An Air Purifier

Besides helping with breathing problems, air purifiers can help clean the air of pollutants causing asthma symptoms. Pollutants like pet dander, pollen, and dust mites can cause asthma symptoms. An air purifier must remove these pollutants from the air to relieve those symptoms.

Improve the Quality of Your Home

Many people are breathing in toxic air, not realizing it. Many of them might have carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide particulate matter, affecting their health over time. Carbon monoxide exposure is deadly in high doses, but studies show that even low dosing over time of carbon monoxide could increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Beat the Air Quality

Urban areas have high levels of pollutants. An air purifier can filter out some contaminants, helping you breathe cleaner air even with your nose pressed against the window of a crowded bus.

Reduce the Spread of Airborne Diseases

Air purifiers can help prevent airborne diseases by filtering particles from the air before entering the room. Not only do healthier family members benefit from a better indoor environment, but so does someone living with a weakened immune system.

Get a Better Sleep

Air purifiers help with many factors. Research shows that cleaner air is related to better sleep. So, when you have poor air quality in your home, you’re more likely to cough, sneeze or feel congested overnight.

Get a Breathing Room

The world is filled with carcinogens. Some of the best air purifiers remove carcinogens from the air. So, the fewer carcinogens in your body, the lower your risk of cancer.

Expose Yourself to Cleaner Air

Asbestos was widely used as insulation from the 1940s to the 1970s. Depending on the age of your home, you could be exposed to asbestos every day. So, the best way to eliminate asbestos is through air purifiers.

Remove Pet Odors

With high-efficiency technology, air purifiers can clean the smell of a pet with just one. Check out these pet-specific options to clean all your homes with 1, 3, or 5 pets!

Add or Remove Humidity

Many air purifiers are also humidifiers or dehumidifiers. The air can help with cracked skin and wrinkles if you live in a dry climate. If you live in a humid environment, the low humidity in the air can cause mold. So, running an A/C can cause the home to dry, leading to flaky and cracked skin. Good air purifiers help by adding or removing humidity, depending on whether your home is dry or damp.

Control Seasonal Allergies

If you have seasonal allergies, an air purifier is a good idea. Air purifiers remove allergens from the air, which can aggravate your allergies.

Eliminate the Risk of Contracting Allergies

Do you constantly have to dust your house? Dust might accumulate if there is no filter. Most of the dust in your house is human skin flakes. So, after installing an air purifier, you might notice significantly lower dust levels around your home.

Use Cleaners to Safeguard Your Family From Serious Diseases

Air purifiers reduce strain on the systems that heat and cool your home as health devices. So, with regular use, an air purifier can add years to the lifespan of your HVAC system, as well as help you avoid allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

Reduce Stress

Studies show air pollutants raise stress levels. Your stress levels can increase whether exposed to air pollutants inside or outside. So, air purifiers help people remove contaminants from the air, reducing their stress and potentially causing weight gain and other health concerns.

Repel Mosquitos and Pests

Air purifiers can reduce the number of mosquitoes near you, including viruses. So, negative ions and ozone can effectively reduce pests when an air filter is used.

Air Purifier Helps Reduce Mold Infestation

Some homes are more likely to have mold in them than others. Maybe you live in an environment where the humidity is high. Maybe your home doesn’t have enough airflow. Whatever the case may be, a good air purifier has the potential to remove or control mold, which can save you thousands on costs for mold remediation and improve your health at the same time.

Help Protect Your Home From Allergies and Asthma

If you have frequent headaches, it may be due to high levels of toxins. A quality air cleaner can remove these toxins from your home and prevent headaches.

Boost Life Expectancy

Some air purifiers increase life expectancy by preventing particles from entering the body. Particles reach the body via the lungs and then spread throughout the bloodstream. The reduced risk of degenerative brain disease can increase your lifespan. So, filtering particles that enter the body cuts off this problem at the source, leading to an increased life span.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Air purifiers come in different designs and cleanse the air you breathe. So, these can use ozone or negative ion technology, for example. Others use carbon filters as well as mechanical filters.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters use the molecular shape of charcoal to trap odors and particles. This carbon is activated by using a natural charge to attract harmful particles into the air. The activated carbon tracks the particles within.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filtration captures the minor emissions, whether they are particles or gasses. Some of the air purifiers above use this technology, allowing you to filter any pollutants.

Ozone Filters

Some common ways to cleanse the air are generating ozone that destroys bacteria, airborne chemicals, and odors. However, some portable air purifiers don’t require you to leave the room during use. They’re safe for use in any room. So, in some cases, commercial ozone filters need you to wait before entering a room because they might generate enough pollution that would be unsafe for anyone.

Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers

Some air purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria in the air. Ultraviolet light has a specific wavelength that deactivates a bacterium’s activity, destabilizing its cellular structure. So, hospitals clean surfaces with UV light, and some of today’s best air purifiers do the same.

Air Purifier FAQs

The air purifier experts we work with get many questions about air purifiers and how they work. Here are some of the questions that most of our readers ask us the most.

Q: How do air purifiers work?

A: An air purifier utilizes science-backed technology like activated carbon filters, ozone, and negative ions to remove particles from the air.

Q: What is a HEPA filter?

A: A HEPA filter specifically designed to capture 0.3 microns fine particles is used to capture harmful toxins and allergens in the air.

Q: Do air purifiers help with the coronavirus?

A: Air purifiers that use HEPA filters could capture the size of a coronavirus, which may help control the spread.

Q: What should I look for in an air purifier?

A: Air purifiers that you should look for are high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration and have a CADR rating. This specific statistic measures the area of air that can be filtered in one second by the unit.

Q: What is CADR?

A: The CADR measures the speed of an air purifier to remove harmful particles like dust, smoke, and pollen. Devices with high CADRs are more effective at removing these pollutants.

Q: How else can I improve indoor air quality at home?

A: Reduce indoor air pollution by keeping the windows open, often vacuuming, regularly changing air filters, using exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms, and minimizing the use of candles or wood fires around the home.

Q: How long does it take an air purifier to work?

A: Air purifiers can start to clean the air within minutes of operation. The maximum cleansing will take place in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Q: Where should I place my air purifier?

A: Place your air purifier in your room’s central, well-ventilated area – or on your desk or nightstand.

Q: Are air purifiers bad for you?

A: Commercial-grade air purifiers use high ozone levels to cleanse the air, so you must leave the room during operation. However, studies show that most ordinary air purifiers are safe and effective for anyone.

Q: Do air purifiers work?

A: Yes, air purifiers work! So, the best air purifiers are backed by science to capture a significant amount of particulate matter in the air you breathe, creating a more hygienic and clean environment.

Q: What’s the best air purifier?

A: Our list of the ten best air purifiers ranked by popularity includes Purifair, Blast Auxiliary Air Cleaner, Blaux In-Home, and Proton Pure.

Q: What are the symptoms of poor indoor air quality?

A: Poor indoor air quality symptoms include headaches, fatigue, and illnesses among children and animals.

Q: What is ACH?

A: Air purifiers continuously filter the air you breathe in and many, such as the best air purifiers, have an ACH of 6 to 8. It means they can cleanse all of the air in your room more than 6 to 8 times per hour.

Q: Are air purifiers expensive to run?

A: Most air purifiers are energy-efficient devices that cost a few dollars annually, even when used regularly.

Q: Are there side effects to air purifiers?

A: No known risks are associated with the safest and most effective air purifiers.

Q: How often should I run my air purifier?

A: Run your air purifier throughout the day to keep the room fresh. Some people turn their air purifiers on for a few hours each day, while others have them running all day.

Q: Do air purifiers help with allergies?

A: Good air purifiers filter out the immanent contaminants that can trigger allergic reactions.

Q: Do air purifiers help with asthma?

A: Many people breathe in pollutants that can irritate their lungs and make them feel sick. Correcting the air to eliminate dangerous particles may help people with asthma.

Q: Should I run my air purifier continuously?

A: Some research shows that running an air purifier continually cleans the air, while even airing it out is not as efficient.

The Top Air Purifying Devices in 2022 Conclusion

An air purifier cleans the air with microscopic particles called negative ions and other technological advances. Cleaner air can help you enjoy better health. Try a top air purifying device above today!