Alpha Xtra Boost Review: Real Safety Concerns to Worry About

Alpha Xtra Boost is a supplement that reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction by nourishing the body with natural ingredients. The formula also comes with several tips that can help consumers naturally improve their bodies as well.

What is Alpha Xtra Boost?

Erectile dysfunction can plague any man, often caused by issues like stress, blood circulation, and more. Even though it plagues millions of men in the United States alone, it is still a problem that embarrasses them and makes many unwilling to seek support from a doctor. With a natural product like Alpha Xtra Boost, the ability to get the necessary support is much easier.

Alpha Xtra Boost was developed by a man named Richard Johnson, though the creators note that this name is a pseudonym for the actual creator. Richard proclaims that he isn’t actually a specialist or a doctor but a researcher. With his research, he has learned a significant amount of information regarding what can help users to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.

With only two capsules needed each day, Alpha Xtra Boost can help users reclaim their sex life.

Naturally Reducing the Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

Even though the supplement includes many ingredients that can help the user, Richard has included multiple tips on what the user can do to reduce their risk of erectile dysfunction naturally. The first solution is to remove the stress that could be triggering the problem. When the body is stressed, the body’s cortisol levels increase. These heightened levels will reduce the user’s sexual desire. Even though there are types of stress that are unavoidable, some people just need a few moments to collect themselves.

Some users may respond better to a little extra time to reach the point of climax. By engaging in fast interactions constantly, the body is trained to respond quickly to stimuli instead of lasting for a long time period; there are also exercises that men can do to increase the strength of their blood flow. Similarly, Richard expresses that it is best to reduce the amount of pornography that the user looked at regularly. It gives the mind an exaggerated idea of what these experiences can be like, which ends up bleeding users down about path ever instant gratification.

A healthy diet is important for proper blood flow and performance. While some people can increase the number of antioxidants they consume in their diet, reducing high cholesterol is one of the easiest ways to provide the body with increased blood flow to enhance performance. These newly healthy habits also include abstaining from alcohol or drugs.

How Does Alpha Xtra Boost Help?


The reason that this formula so helpful is that there are many ingredients that support this healthy diet that the creators recommend. More specifically, the ingredients include:

  • Pacific kelp
  • Blessed thistle
  • Fennel seeds
  • Dong Quai
  • Damiana leaf
  • Hops
  • Fenugreek
  • Saw Palmetto
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Mexican wild yam
  • Motherwort
  • Black cohosh
  • Oat grass

Every single ingredient comes from local growers that thrive on the purity they offer. The ingredients are completely effective and properly processed, and they have been manufactured within a sterile environment. Please read on below to learn about each of the ingredients and how they affect the body.

Pacific kelp

Pacific kelp has an incredible amount of antioxidants, which is why it is commonly included in cardiovascular health supplements. It reduces the risk of disease, and it provides minerals like manganese and zinc that can reduce oxidative stress. In some cases, it can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle has been around for quite some time, though its roots are in the Middle Ages. It was used to create a tonic for monks, and it even was included in the treatment of the bubonic plague. Even though the plague is not around today, this plant can stimulate appetites, and it’s prepared as a tea to treat a multitude of conditions.

Some of the conditions that can help with include cough, colds, bacterial infection, and diarrhea.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds provide relaxation to the intestines’ muscles. In doing so, this ingredient is incredibly helpful to individuals who want to alleviate constipation or reduce gassiness. It can also help individuals that suffer from acid reflux.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is primarily used by individuals who want to reduce menstrual cramps or make their symptoms associated with their menstrual cycle less severe. It can reduce hypertension, which is especially helpful to the circulation of blood to boost performance. It also helps users that suffer from joint pain or infertility.

Damiana leaf

Damiana leaf helps individuals that struggle with headaches, depression, or a nervous stomach, though it is also used to reduce the risk of nighttime urination and incontinence. It also treats issues with the sex drive, and it can promote better stamina mentally and physically. In fact, some people even introduce it to their routine as an aphrodisiac, feeling a sense of inebriation by inhaling it.


The most common reason that consumers are familiar with hops is due to the flavoring it provides beer; it can also help individuals with insomnia or hot flashes. One of the most common health benefits it provides is a reduced risk of heart disease.


Fenugreek is often used to reduce high blood sugar and increase testosterone. However, it is beneficial to women who are breastfeeding their infants as it helps with milk production. In some cases, using fenugreek can lead to lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation. Even though some suggest that it can promote better appetite control, this benefit has yet to be verified.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is rich with its own health benefits, targeting testosterone levels and improving the overall health of the prostate gland. It can reduce inflammation and can even reduce hair loss.


L-tyrosine reduces the risk of hairlines, and it eases inflammation throughout the body. It helps with the regulation of hormones like testosterone, and it can improve the functioning of the urinary tract. Most notably, it supports the health of the prostate.

Mexican wild yam

Mexican wild yam is often promoted as a natural solution for estrogen therapy, which is why it is commonly used in replacement therapy for this hormone. And reduces the severity of menstrual cramps, and it can strengthen the bones. It promotes improved energy for both men and women while increasing the sex drive.


Motherwort is a common remedy to help individuals with heart conditions, reducing the risk of heart failure or an irregular heartbeat. I can also slow a fast heartbeat and reduce the anxiety that can trigger a faster heart rate. It is used to common overactive thyroid as well.

Black cohosh

Black cohosh is traditionally used in Native American medicine, helping with issues like heart palpitations and sleep problems. Most commonly, that helps with the symptoms associated with menopause, specifically reducing hot flashes and alleviating the stress of night sweats.

Oat grass

Oat grass is the last of the ingredients, but it has also been used for years in medicine. It promotes improvements in brain health, and it can help individuals that struggle with ulcerative arthritis. It includes powerful antioxidants that promote improvements in digestive health; one of the main reasons it is so helpful is the way that it promotes increases in dopamine. With dopamine presence, the body is much less stressed, reducing one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Purchasing Alpha Xtra Boost


The only place that Alpha Xtra Boost is available is the official website, and there are a few options. Each package has a different number of bottles, giving users more control over what they order. Choose from:

  • One bottle for $69
  • Three bottles for $177
  • Six bottles for $294

For any other questions or concerns, send a message by filling out the online form at https://alphaxtraboost.com/help/contact-us.php.

Final Thoughts on Alpha Xtra Boost

Alpha Xtra Boost makes it possible for men to eliminate one of the most embarrassing problems they can experience in the bedroom. Individuals that regularly take this formula as part of their daily routine will notice impressive improvements that won’t require a serving immediately before any sexual interaction. Instead, it is incredibly discreet, and users don’t even have to visit a doctor to get it. To learn more, visit the official Alpha Xtra Boost website.

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