4Patriots Review

In today’s article, we will look at one of the best companies when it comes to helping you find all your survival food and essential emergency needs – 4Patriots LLC.

In this 4Patriots review, we will be taking a close look at the various aspects of this company that sets it apart from other brands.

Why exactly would one need emergency products? Well, for starters, emergencies can happen at any time. It’s always better to be prepared for it; we all know how the saying goes – better safe than sorry. So, to be ready for any adversary, it is a great idea to have emergency products handy.

In the modern world, emergencies are more than just natural disasters; they can also come in the form of grid or power failure, food shortages, and more. To better prepare for these situations, emergency essentials such as survival food, power cells, power generators, and more can be life savers. These survival products are widely available in the market today, but only a handful of companies do them justice.

Brand Name: 4Patriots
About: 4Patriots is one of the leading survival products retailers in the market today. They provide high-quality, long-lasting products that are ideal for emergencies, power cuts, etc.
Type of products:
  • Survival Food and Meals Kit
  • Solar generators
  • Solar Gadgets
  • Water filtration devices
  • Gardening Products
  • LED Lamps
  • And more
  • Website: 4Patriots
    Product Categories:
  • Survival Food
  • Power & Solar
  • Water Filtration
  • Home & Gardening
  • RV & Camping Gear
  • Best Sellers:
  • 3-Month Survival Food Kit
  • Patriot Power Generator (Platinum)
  • Butter Powder
  • Patriot Power Cell
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Price Point: Starting from $15 and can go up to $5000+
    Refund policy: A hundred percent full refund that is valid for an entire year.

    One of these is the subject of our discussion today. 4Patriots is one of the most beloved survival products retailers out there today. With a loyal customer base serviced by a dedicated customer service team, quality products, and other notable quirks, 4Patriots has taken the survival food and emergency products industry by storm.

    So, let us take a deep look at the various factors that make 4Patriots so unique in the 4Patriots review:

    What is 4Patriots?

    For some background, the 4Patriots LLC comes from Nashville, Tennessee. Over the last few years, they have provided customers with quality products that don’t cost much.

    Self-reliance and freedom are the two main ideas that 4Patriots live by, and self-reliance is precisely what all their products are made from. These products provide their customers with a reliable option for their survival and emergency needs.

    They believe that by helping people become self-reliant, they are helping them stay free and ready by reducing their dependency on traditional systems, which are susceptible to failure.

    From survival food to energy-based products, power cells, water filtration solutions to gardening and camping gear, you can find a wide range of things on their official company website, which is the best place to purchase 4Patriots products.

    All of the products offered by the company are not only backed by a one-year full refund policy but also endured by excellent reviews. Seeing a happy customer of 4Patriots is not a rare occurrence. The company is known for not just its products but also for its customer service team, which is always very helpful.

    Keep reading to find out more about the products that the 4Patriots company has to offer:

    What Products Does 4Patriots Offer?

    The products offered by the 4Patriots LLC company can be primarily categorized into six categories which are survival food kits, power & solar, water, RV & Camping, and home & gardening.

    One of the primary selling points of any products you purchase from this company is that they are made to last and have a long shelf life. Especially the survival food, like MREs used by the navy seal and military, can last for years.

    These survival food items are not just durable but also excellent to taste and can also provide you with a look of goodness.

    In terms of power and energy, they have power cells, solar generators, and other products to help you stay connected when everything fails. Food is an essential need during any survival situation, but so are things like generators, power banks, and solar panels, all of which are sold by this company.

    You would find self-reliance in addition to quality in all their products. These products help customers become self-reliant. That means it helps them become independent and frees them of their worries.

    These products are also ideal for camping, van life, and motor homes. You can take this on your next trip across the country or to your next wilderness retreat, be secure, and for the conveniences of it all.

    Some best-sellers are often back-ordered due to the high volume of orders from customers, and repeat customers are listed below:

    • 3-Month Survival Food Kit
    • 4-Week Survival Food Kit
    • Heartland’s Finest Powdered Milk Kit
    • Sun Kettle Solar Cookers
    • BugOut Solar Lantern
    • Patriot Power Cells
    • 72-hour Survival Food Kits

    These are the products that customers love to purchase. The company prides itself on the quality of all these, and the high volume demand, alongside the positive review stories on their site, is proof that 4Patriots LLC has some fantastic products.

    Read on to see what you can find on their website:

    Survival Food


    You would primarily need survival food during an emergency, as procuring and rationing food is the most important thing to do. The Survival Food options that 4Patriots offers are some of the most popular and best-selling items on their website.

    These survival food options are made to last, similar to an MRE or a meal ready to eat. But what makes it better than traditional MREs is that it is delicious and packed full of the goodness of a good home-cooked meal.

    They have survival food kits and emergency individual survival food items. The food kit-based products provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one pack and contain various portions of different meals.

    The individual food items can help you build your kit or restock your emergency shelter or ration shed whenever necessary. These provide you with the everyday basics such as rice, butter, eggs, milk, etc., all of which are in freeze-dried form.

    From sugary drink mixes to potato soup to mac & cheese, you can find everything on the 4Patriots LLC website to help with your emergency needs.

    These survival food kits are delicious, nutritious, and effortless to prepare, so you don’t have to worry about cooking and storing. All you need is boiling water. Since these are primarily dehydrated food items, they work very similar to instant noodles or other instant food items. All you need to do is add them to boiling water, simmer for a while and enjoy.

    These survival food items have a great shelf life, so once you buy them, you don’t have to worry about years about them expiring.

    Other than emergencies, these survival food products are great for when you are on the go. They have a one-year-long kit, which can be great for anyone living out of a motor home, as they can sustain themselves for a year. Or you can opt for the 72 hours kit, which is great to bring along with you on your next camping trip.

    Let us take a better look at some survival food items you can purchase from the 4Patriots LLC website that you won’t find by any other brands.

    Long-Term Survival Food

    If you are in the market for survival food items, you are likely looking for something that will last you for a long time and that you can use for a long time.

    This is where the long-term survival food kits come into play. These are designed to help you sustain yourself anywhere from a couple weeks to a whole year. Many consider the survival food, meal kits, and other survival food-based products that this company offers the best in the market.

    They have a long shelf life which makes it ideal for you to store these products, so not only can you use them year long to sustain yourself, but they also will stay edible for years and years on end.

    These are the most popular kits on the company website:

    • 1-year survival food kit
    • 3-month survival food kit
    • Four weeks of survival food packs
    • 2-weeks & 1-week survival food kit
    • 72-hour survival food kit

    These items are made using freeze-drying technology, ensuring they stay safe for a long time. This method also provides that these products are free from pests, germs, and other unwanted material. This is the technology usually used in making MRE kits used by the military and that navy seal.

    The food packs by 4Patriots LLC are the perfect addition to any emergency shelter. According to many online reviews, these food items taste delicious.

    Every meal kit provides food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring you can have three meals daily. The food kit contains specific amounts of food; for example, the one-year-long food kit contains 2752 servings of different foods. This means that the one-year-long kit can feed two people for a whole year because it has around 7.6 servings per day. You can, of course, ration it out to last you longer than that.

    One of the major selling points of these food kit-based products is that they don’t have your typical bland food. Instead, these are flavor-packed recipes that everyone loves. Here is the type of recipes that are found in these food kit options:

    • America’s Finest Mac & Cheese
    • Cowboy rice & beans
    • Spanish Rice
    • Potato soup
    • Creamy Rice and Vegetable dinner
    • Grammy’s sweet oatmeal
    • Buttermilk pancakes mix
    • And more

    If you want to try out all these different recipes, you would have to purchase the one-year-long meal kits, as the smaller, 72-hour meal kit only contains a few of these recipes, and understandably so. The 72-hour kit comes with America’s finest Mac & Cheese, Creamy Rice & Vegetable Dinner, and Grammy’s sweet oatmeal.

    These kits also come with sugary drink mixes to help you get an extra energy boost and work as a quick and yummy refresher.

    Specialty Survival Food Kit

    Long Term survival food items are great for new people, but this might not be ideal for those with a pre-existing emergency food pantry or special dietary needs.

    This is why 4Patriots LLC also offers specialty survival food products. These emergency food products are not a part of any food kit but are sold as individual options. They are great for people with special dietary needs or those looking to restock their emergency food supply.

    Here are some of the specialty emergency food or survival food products on their website:

    • Plant-Based Protein Survival Food Kit
    • Heartland’s Powdered Milk
    • Butter Powder
    • Deluxe Scrambled Egg Mix
    • Meat & Protein Deluxe Survival Food
    • And more

    Products such as the Plant-based protein kit are perfect for having a vegan option in your survival pantry. Apart from that, basics such as butter and milk powder are abundant.

    If your family has young kids, having something like Heartland’s Powdered Milk would be great. All these food products are safe to consume. They also have berries, fruits, and vegetables that have been frozen and dried. These berries are generally considered superfoods and can be a good source of instant energy whenever needed.

    All these freeze-dried products are made to meet the highest quality and industry standards, so you can rest assured that they will come in handy whenever you need them. If you are looking for survival food products, we recommend you check them out.

    Buy 5 Get 1 Free

    On the 4Patriots website, you will also find an option for making your kit with different survival food items.

    The company offers a Buy 5 Get 1 Free option, with the help of which you can pick one of the emergencies mentioned above food products and get one extra for free. With the help of this, you can easily make your very own survival kit that has all the food items that you need.

    There aren’t gift gimmicks that you find many other companies doing; instead, it is a legit category that 4Patriots offers, which adds that extra layer of ease and comfort when shopping on their website. This lets you pick products based on what makes sense for you.

    You can pick whatever you need based on what you are looking for and save money.

    Home Freeze Dryers

    A brand new product that 4Patriots recently introduced is their heavy-duty, commercial standard freeze dryer.

    The 4Patriots Home Freeze Drying System makes it possible for you to freeze dry food items at your convenience in your home. With this powerful machine, you can make freeze-dried food anytime.

    This powerful freeze dryer is not cheap as it comes around over $4000, but from the looks of it, it is one of the best freezer dryers on the market today. No matter what you need to make the freeze-dried version of, this machine can help, you get it done in no time.

    Making freeze-dried food is very easy with the 3 step operation that this Home Freeze Drying system offers. Here’s how it’s done:

    • First, they include a heavy-duty chamber to keep your food chilled.
    • Next, you’ll get a high-end, oil-free vacuum pump to achieve the optimal zero-oxygen condition.
    • Finally, a heater induces the sublimation process, making your food moisture-free.

    After the food of your choice has been successfully freeze-dried, you can easily store it in bags with an oxygen absorber.

    Oxygen is needed to ensure that your dried products can stay fresh and edible for a long time.

    Power & Solar


    Besides survival food, 4Patriots also offers Power & Solar energy-based products and other survival equipment to help you survive any emergency, especially grid and power failure.

    From rechargeable batteries to solar generators and gadgets, and even lamps and led lights, 4Patriots provides a wide choice of survival equipment to fulfill your diverse demands.

    Solar energy-based products comprise the first portion of our list of survival needs. The energy we acquire directly from the sun is known as solar energy. Solar energy is one of the most sustainable and renewable sources, so it will always be available.

    Using solar energy and products that work on solar power makes sense when trying to survive in situations where traditional energy sources have failed.

    Like survival food items that 4Patriots sells, the survival equipment is made to meet the highest quality standards as these are just as important as the survival food.

    Solar batteries and solar cells are the devices used to harness the solar energy from the sun in the form of heat and sun rays. These batteries and solar panels trap the sun’s heat and convert it into electricity.

    The energy thus generated can either be stored in the cells or used for various purposes such as charging your phones, cooking, or heating water with the help of gadgets like the solar kettle.

    Apart from the solar-based batteries, you can also find AA and AAA batteries and 9v batteries that can be easily recharged using a built-in USB plug. These are one of the most innovative and convenient rechargeable batteries on the market today.

    • Patriot Power Generator 1800
    • Patriot Power Cell
    • Breezy Cube Portable Air Cooler
    • SunBuzz Solar Mosquito Lantern
    • Freedom Fridge

    The products mentioned above are some of their best sellers in this category.

    When looking for survival food items and the options for meals, don’t forget to check out these products, as energy and electricity are just as crucial during emergency times.

    Here’s what you can expect to find on their site:

    Solar Generators

    Solar-Powered generators are top-rated among the customers of 4Patriots as per the review they have left.

    These generators use solar energy to produce electricity which can later be used or stored as per requirement.

    The Patriot Power Generator 1800 and the Patriot Power Generator 1800 Platinum are two of their best solar-powered generators. These come with solar panels and everything else you need, plus additional equipment and a warranty with this generator’s Platinum version. These can be ideal for blackouts and power cuts.

    These powerful generators don’t cost much, and you don’t have to spend money on fuel as they can charge for free using the sun.

    The Platinum version is even better as it comes with a military-grade EMP kit, the kind used by the navy seal, and it also has an extra solar panel for a hundred watts for a different generation. By default, the platinum version comes with a 3-year warranty which can be extended by buying a warranty extension.

    Solar Gadgets

    4Patriots also offers a range of solar gadgets to make use of the energy that you will produce using your solar generators:

    • Patriot Power Cell
    • Lantern
    • Sun Kettle Solar Cooker
    • Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio
    • 4Patriots SoLanturn
    • Freedom Fridge
    • HaloXT Tactical Solar Light
    • BugOUT Solar kettle

    Solar cookers can help you cook your survival food in no time when you are in an emergency, off-the-grid situation. The Sun Kettle Solar Cooker is one of the best solar cookers. And if you need it, they also have an XL option for this product.

    The Freedom Fridge, BugOUT solar lantern, etc., are ideal for emergencies and great for camping and the outdoors. The Freedom Fridge is compact and easy to carry around. It can supposedly last up to 30 thousand hours, making it insane. You can even set its internal temp to as high as 149 F, meaning that this fridge, if needed, can also keep your food warm.

    The BugOut solar lantern can not only provide you with light, but it can also help you get rid of pesky mosquitoes when you’re out in the wilderness.

    These products are made from high-grade ABS plastic to ensure durability and are worth the money.

    Lightning & Batteries


    If you are looking for the usual AA and AAA batteries, no worries, 4Patriots has you covered here. In addition to solar, they also have regular rechargeable batteries.

    You can easily connect these batteries to a USB brick for quick and efficient charging. These batteries are sold individually or in the form of kits, with which you can get more batteries at a lower price. The charging adapter is also included with these battery packs.

    These are the different types of batteries and battery kits the company has:

    • USB-Rechargeable AAA battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable D battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable C battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable 9V (9 volts) battery Kit

    The company also has various packs, making getting different types of batteries easier if that’s what you want to purchase.

    We recommend getting a variety pack as it can help you get everything you will need, especially if you are trying to purchase it for your emergency shelter. These variety packs are sold in 3 different sizes. The smallest one is their basic pack which has 12 batteries. The 24-battery pack is the one that makes sense if you are looking for something for regular use. But the Platinum pack with 50 batteries is perfect for survival needs.

    Survival Starter Bundle

    If you are overwhelmed or new to the world of survival-related products and all these choices are making you confused, then you can perhaps try out one of the starter kits that the 4Patriots company has to offer.

    These starter kits are great for beginners as they can help you get a good idea of how these essentials function and get you started. This is what a typical beginner’s kit comes with:

    • 1 Patriot Power Cell
    • HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight
    • 1 – 72 hours survival food kit

    This kit can also be great for your next trip when you are going camping as it has all the regular items that one would need on a trip outside. This kit can help you survive with ease for a few days in an emergency

    Home & Gardening Products


    4Patriots has also dabbled in the world of Home & Gardening products. Many customers have loved this move as 4Patriots has some of the best gardening-related tools. These include disinfectants, tools, storage solutions, and survival seeds.

    Per a 4Patriots review, the survival seeds are one of the best things to ever happen to your garden. These seeds can rejuvenate your garden and make it beautiful and colorful, with many pretty flowers that can grow with minimal care. These survival seeds are also long-lasting, just like their survival food item. They can last up to 5 years.

    The disinfectants and sanitization products from 4Patriots LLC have used UV ray technology to exterminate 99.99 percent of germs and viruses to keep your family safe.

    Another product that has received great reviews is the storage box they offer. This may seem simple, but many customers swear by it, and it is one of the most beloved products the company sells.

    Water Filtration Products

    Water is the fundamental need for all life. If there is no clean water, your chances of survival become next to nothing. Even in everyday situations, tap water can lead to many diseases as it is not purified or filtered.

    You must use Water Filtration Products to keep your family safe and away from water-based diseases. 4Patriots has two very powerful filtration and purification devices to help you.

    First off, they have the Patriot Pure Aqua-Bright. This is a foldable water bottle you can easily take with you anywhere. This bottle comes with UV water-filtration built into it, which makes sure that you don’t consume any germs or bacteria when you are drinking water.

    What makes this foldable bottle even more remarkable is its LED lights, which can double as a night light whenever needed.

    They also have the Patriot Pure Pitcher, on-the-go water purifying pitcher. This made it easy to carry and portable. Lastly, you can also use the solar water heater, and cooker 4Patriots offers to boil your water.

    RV & Camping Gear

    Most of the products we have looked at can also work well for camping and remote living.

    4Patriots has some dedicated RV & Camping Gear, making your next camping trip easy. These products are very well suited for people who live in RVs or motor homes. RVs are generally very compact, making it hard to prepare meals daily; you cannot carry too much electric equipment.

    This is where the survival food items, food kit, ready-to-eat meals, and solar-powered gear came into use.

    What Do Customer Testimonials Say About 4Patriots?

    An honest review from genuine customers is one of the essential things that make or break the reputation of any company. 4Patriots has a lot of these reviews on their website.

    Many customers have left a positive or great review about the positive experience they had with 4Patriots products. But there are also a few bad reviews from unsatisfied customers who had not such kind words about the company.

    We have to take a look at literally dozens of these reviews, and out of these literally dozens of reviews, we have handpicked a few for you:

    “I finally ordered a package of these, and my family and I tried them on one of our “practice scenarios”. We all thought they tasted good and served their purpose. Would have been 5 stars if individually wrapped, but still worth every penny!” – Trent T.

    Some consumers with bad reviews reported that they had not yet received their goods or any information related to shipping times or tracking numbers, which according to the company, was due to the high volume of orders.

    “As I write this, I’ve been on hold for 2 hours and 8 minutes!!!! I thought I was tough but listening to this BS music and message over and over and over is about to leave me permanently brain dead. After 4 weeks and 4 days, I finally received 3 boxes for two, 3-month orders. Each order should be 2 boxes minimum. No packing slip, no shipping orders, nothing. I don’t even know which of the 2 orders shipped.

    Then today we got 2 more boxes, one was a tote and the other a smaller box. The smaller box contained paperwork for 1 order, the solar kettle, a dab of coffee and some cocoa, and 2 72-hour kits. So I guess I’m supposed to get at least one more small box. I have the same question someone else asked; why does each tote stink of “something”? If they’re all vacuum sealed there should be no smell whatsoever!

    And they are most certainly NOT vacuum sealed. I don’t know if I trust this stuff or not, not good. I got no seeds as promised and no idea if I’ll ever get the second small box with another solar kettle and 2 more 72-hour kits. Of course, there’s no way anyone could survive 3 days on one of those packages anyway! I’m on hold for 2 hours and 21 minutes right now. I’d hang up but this is personal now!!!!” – Anonyms

    “Don’t waste your time! Still haven’t received my order yet!!” – Alexander H.

    In response to this, a member of the customer support team from their online store had replied:

    ” Alexander, I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t received your 3-Month Kit. I do see you had spoken to Kimberly on 5/6 and had confirmed you had received your bonus shipment and the blue tote. A reshipment of your 2nd tote (red) is en route via FedEx here: 273000891122. For the delay, I have issued $25 off your order and should reflect in 7-10 business days. Best Regards”

    4Patriots says they love hearing from their customers, good or bad, as every single review helps them create better products. This is why customers express that they had such a positive experience when they called customer service reps of this company.

    According to our findings, the major issues highlighted in many reviews were primarily related to the shipping address, shipping times, tracking number issues, and more. In contrast, the customers were very positive about their products.

    The 4Patriots Refund Policy

    4Patriots believe in the quality of their products; this is why they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This is valid for a whole year from the date of your initial purchase, something that even A-list retailers don’t provide.

    If you aren’t satisfied with their products, you can get a full refund by talking to their customer service representative.

    4Patriots Final Verdict

    Hopefully, the 4Patriots review has helped you better understand the different offerings of the 4Patriots LLC. This is the best place to get your emergency essentials, survival food products, solar generators, and more. We would highly recommend 4Patriots.